Resolving the Bush Depression of 2008; Reflections of the Past

     George Will, notorious conservative commentator, noted on ABC’s, ‘This Week’, that President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal confused capitalists at the time of his election in 1933, and kept them from making lucrative deals that could have lessened the effects of the Great Depression.

     As a survivor of the Great Depression, I hasten to respond to George Will’s malicious rewriting of American History. 

     First of all, the leading capitalists of the time were jumping out of fourteenth story windows and could not have made a lucrative deal if one were presented to them.

     Secondly, FDR’s concern at the time was for the American people and feeding them and it was not about lucrative deals for capitalist; the Great Depression was about ‘Hungry American People’.  Americans were going hungry and there was plenty of unsold food in the farmers’ fields, going to waste.  The Roosevelt Administration bought ‘farm surplus’, put it in boxes, and gave it, yes gave it, to hungry Americans in a program the people came to know only as “Federal Relief Boxes”.  I was one recipient!  

      When confronted with a terrible problem of hunger in America, President Roosevelt came up with a rather simple plan, feed the people.

      Had it been President George W. Bush, President Herbert Hoover, or George Will, instead of FDR, their solution would have been to lower taxes for the wealthy to generate food for the hungry.

      Looking back, my entire family wept when news of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s death reached our door; at this time, I do not recall President Herbert Hoover’s death.

     My mother taught me that “God marks each sparrow’s fall.”  I try to live by that statement; I think it is important.  Yet, I do not recall President Herbert Hoover’s death. 




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