Pondering; Pandering! Election Eve 11/04/08

 California homophobes have a compulsive interest in other people’s marriages and the consummation of those marriages.


After Obama’s inauguration, former President George W. Bush can go back to whacking weeds on his ranch in Texas and the only difference will be that now the taxpayers are not paying him a salary while he is doing it.


American racists are having a dilemma trying to determine if President Obama is half African or half Caucasian.


Sarah Palin made a big impact on the Republican Party as the Vice Presidential candidate; now Republican men are fantasizing her as a Playboy centerfold.


The 2008 Presidential Election Eve was a historic one, but one thing was missing; the sitting President was not seen on TV the whole night.  You can take a lame-duck President to water but you can’t make him swim.


President-Elect Barack Obama has caused chaos on American computers; Spell-Check spells Barack with two rs.


It was fascinating to see President-Elect Barack Obama addressing a crowd  of two hundred thousand people in Grant Park in Chicago and comparing it with President Bush’s speeches made in an auditorium with a security check at the door; but, don’t go there!


It is interesting to contemplate Vice President-Elect Joe Biden ‘biding’ his time presiding over the Senate; it sounds like stuttering.


When election results came in, there was a report of Republican Lemurs heading for ‘Lover’s Leap’, muttering, “Obama is not ready!”


Actually, Sen. John McCain was supposed to win Ohio, but there were so many Democrats voting so fast that the Diebold computerized voting machines did not have adequate time to change their votes from Obama to McCain; the National Republican Committee vowed to switch to DSL.


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