Once when I was young, my father told me, “I have lived in some amazing times;  I dated your mother in a horse and buggy and I watched a man walk on the moon on television.”

My father’s statement came back to me today, when someone wrote to me, “President Obama is inept!”

Thinking back in more recent times and then beyond, I penned this answer:

President Obama is obviously exceedingly intelligent, educated in the best universities in America, has experienced living in Indonesia and experiencing other and foreign cultures, the President  is fluent in the Indonesian language, he has experienced living and working in the working Middle Class American culture during trying times for those people, he appeals to a majority of the voters, and President Obama possesses  something that our immediate past presidents, Democrat and Republican, for the last fifty years have lacked, and that is compassion for all People, even — ugh, cough, gag, Republican idiots and dullards. 

Every positive thing that President Obama has tried to do for our Nation and our People, he has been opposed by selfish, crude, and cruel, Republican (and some Democrat), opposition.  In spite of the opposition, since he has been in office our President has kept his promises to provide the People with universal health care, he ended the War in Iraq, he made getting bin Laden his priority and bin Laden is now dead and gone, he eliminated the inequitable “don’t ask don’t tell” disgrace from the US military, and many other positive changes.

Personally, I do not always agree with my President, and I always write and tell him that I disagree and with what I disagree.

However, it appears ludicrous for me to hear any American describe my President as “inept” or worse; and, I just can’t have much respect for any person who refers to our president as “inept”.  I’m sorry if I damaged  your psyche by telling you this!

After expressing myself, I began to think again about the times in which I have lived; and, I was amazed at what I had just written without mentioning the fact that my President Obama, is “black”.

Personally, I have always been appalled by American racism, even and especially in my own family; I lived precariously during the Civil Rights period and the strains of the tune, I shall overcome ,still moves me greatly, choking me up, when I hear it.

So, when I belatedly remembered that Americans expressing rather ridiculous forms of hatred for President Obama, were in all probability motived by racism on their part, I went into shocked because I had forgotten.  Momentarily at least, I forgot that basically Americans are motivated by racism.

While I was discussing the merits of the first Black American President, I needed to be reminded that Americans are motivated by racism.

Sometime soon, I must remember to tell my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, “I lived in some amazing times; when I was young, there were no cell phones, and I lived to see a man of African heritage elected to the Presidency of the United States.”


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