BERKELEY, Calif. — Famed Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg had harsh words for the Obama Administration during an event here Tuesday evening, charging that the rapid expansion of government surveillance since 9/11 has left the country “a turnkey away from a police state.” (Huffington Post, 6/12/13)

Ellsberg is a relic and dreamer.  It is not a matter of America becoming a “Police State”; instead, it is a matter of America being any State in the Age of Electronic Technology. 

In this Electronic Technology Age, people who “leak” or “whistle blow” are NOT A SOLUTION TO ANY PROBLEM nor are they necessarily heroes despite what your personal opinion is.  In this Age there is no such thing as privacy!

No one in the currently controversy has come up with a solution for how People or States should behave to, survive, and be satisfied with life in the Age of Electronic Technology.  No one has a solution, however, one solution would be to develop a totally transparent, “Open Society”; but, everyone should be warned about, “being careful what you wish for”. 

In all this controversy, no one has heard one American say that they wanted a totally open and transparent Society; all anyone has heard is that the government or somebody else should be blamed for something legal or illegal.  It would appear that every American living being has something that they desperately need and want to hide.  No one in America is willing to stand and tell the world, “Here is something that I never wanted anyone to know about me?”

God is good but God appears to have no control over “what fools these mortals be!”

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