Presidential Election 2008: Some Things Are Hard To Believe But They Are True!

Experience has played a big factor in this 2008 Presidential election along with which candidate is best qualified for knowing what the needs are of the ordinary working man. Sen. McCain claims to have had more and better experience than Obama, including especially the years John McCain was a prisoner-of-war. Yet, never in his entire life as a Naval Officer or Senator has John McCain had to worry about his income being cut-off because of a lay-off, down-sizing, illness, injury, or having his job out-sourced. Even all those years that McCain was a prisoner of war, he was still was being paid for all that time by the U.S. Government (sometimes referred to as the tax-payers money). John McCain has never experienced life as an ordinary American working man. That’s hard to believe but it is true!

John McCain is opposed to a US government operated and funded ‘universal health care program’, yet the US government has provided for the health care of John McCain during his entire life as a US Naval Officer and Senator; also, the US government provided health care for the entire life of John McCain’s father and his grandfather, who were both US Navy Admirals. That’s hard to believe but it is true!

Sen. McCain would like to privatize the Postal Service, yet our Constitutional forefathers, people like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, created the US Postal Service because they believed communication was too important to trust to private enterprise. That’s hard to believe but it is true!

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