America Is Now Officially In A Period Of Low Economic Activity

      It appears to me that America is now in ‘a period of low economic activity’.  I looked it up in the dictionary and that is the definition of a economic depression.  I know that we cannot be in an economic depression, like the Great Depression that I remember as a child, because all the political leaders have said, ‘America cannot have another Great Depression, because regulations have be put into place to prevent it’.

     But then I am old now and forget that Presidents Nixon, Reagan, and two Bushs have convinced Americans that those regulations hamper business activity and everything in America was deregulated: banks; airlines; stock market; utilities; telephones; everything.  When I was growing up, banks in Illinois could not even have branches (that has changed too).

     Guess there are not many of us left who remember that Great Depression.  But, I have decided the last couple of days that there is something to say for experience, even bad experience like living through the Great Depression.

     Now Mr. McCain, a current candidate for the Presidency, has spent his entire adult life working in a government job; he has no experience in the job market, so he doesn’t know anything about economic  depressions.  McCain is the son of an Admiral who was the son of an Admiral and for sure does not know anything about being poor or jobless.  John McCain, however, does have experience of being a prisoner of war; I am sure that was depressive, but he was getting paid all that time he was a prisoner of war, he just couldn’t spend it at the time.  I feel sorry for any person who was a prisoner of war and respect their service to their country, but being a POW did not teach them anything about economic depressions.

      One thing that really makes me mad about McCain, is that he is one of three generations of McCains who worked their entire life for the government and never had to worry about losing a job and not be able to feed the family or pay the Mortgage; yet, he wants to eliminate government workers and privatize the Post Office, Amtrack, public schools, and everything that is government run, except the U.S. Navy.

      Personally, I can’t help but believe that hose things should be government operated because I think it is in the best interest of the American people.

      Our Constitutional forefathers thought that communication was so important for the people that the government could not trust private companies with the mail.  George Washington had the Postmaster General in his cabinet.

      Now, thanks to Republican deregulators, I have dozens of telephone companies to choose from, but in all honesty, I don’t trust any of them; lately I discovered that my telephone company has violated my trust and allowed the current renegade President to listen to my phone conversations and read my email without a warrant, despite my Constitutional rights.  It makes me want to say, “goddamn my American government for spying on me.”  It would be unacceptable to all of today’s American Presidential candidates, for me to say that, but I’ll bet that Thomas Jefferson would agree with me.

      And, McCain and his Republicans oppose universal health care; they think it is better for profit-making companies to provide health care.  But, Aetna Medical Insureance Company let my best friend die because providing surgury for her would not be profitable for Aetna.  That is why I only trust my own health care to Kaiser Permanente health insurance company, which is a non-profit corporation provider; I chose Kaiser because it makes me feel a lot better about getting the necessary health care that I need.  I wouldn’t care if the government took over Kaiser and I’m sure that Kaiser wouldn’t care either. Based on my best friend’s experience, I am a little queasy about trusting capitalists who profit from other peoples tragic illnesses.

      Actually, I have always believed that capitalism should be another human right, that allows an American citizen to profit from their own creative ideas.  However, I never worried about socialism being bad, if that term is applied to something that is owned by the government, like schools, because it is in the best interest of the people.

      In school, we were taught that the only reason that government exists at all, is to do things  for us collectively that we cannot do for ourselves as individuals.

     But it appears that too many Americans have been brainwashed to believe that capitalism is Holy and ordained by God.  Capitalism is not ordained by God, but I have always maintained that the organized church is just another business and a big business at that.  The organized church is in the business of selling salvation; nothing in this world is free and salvation doesn’t come cheap.  I guess you could say that the organized church is a kind of an insurance company with a big overhead and people’s contributions are like insurance premiums and church membership is a hedge against spending eternity in Heaven or Hell.

      Actually, the organized church is not a bad investment in times of ‘low economic activity’; at least churches don’t go bankrupt (unless they are found guilty of child molestation).  Of course the church doesn’t offer any dividends that can feed the family or pay the mortgage.

     Hey, I have another tip for investors in this current depression; hang on to your gold teeth because gold is the only thing increasing in value today.  Heck, people don’t smile much in a depression anyway!

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