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Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

America obviously needs to rewrite much of the 1787 U.S. Constitution, which was written for a different age, a different concept of the United States of America, and archaic language. The preface of our Constitution, however, needs to be retained however just the way it is, eternal and perfect.

Preamble to the U.S. Constitution: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure the domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the General Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America.”

The problem in rewriting the Constitution, is that both Republicans and Democrats are so unpatriotic, undemocratic, and totally lacking in compassion and understanding for each other and the People.

Both political parties could not, and would not be able to rewrite a bi-partisan workable Constitution for our American democratic republic.

In rewriting the United States Constitution, we the People need to understand that because of the little differences between State and as a People, America needs to become a UNITED PEOPLE OF AMERICA, instead of a union of states. State boundaries are no longer significant (and that was why we had a civil war.

Americans need to feel the UNION OF THE PEOPLE and DE-emphasize State differences (size, weather, population, economic differences and needs). We are one People. In spite of being a diverse people; we are a people more alike than being different. AND WE NEED TO ACCEPT OUR DIFFERENCES OF RACE, SEX, AND RELIGION.

We need to have a Constitution that emphasizes EQUALITY, FRATERNITY, AND LIBERTY! Our new Constitution definitely needs to make COMMUNISM, FASCISM, AND WHITE SUPREMACY ILLEGAL IN OUR ONE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY!

Our present Constitution provides for what we have come to call “socialism”, because socialism is the only actual purpose in even having a nation.

The only purpose of any “nation” is to provide collectively for the People all those necessities of life that the People cannot provide for their self as individuals. This includes an army, navy, public schools, streets and highways, and a postal service; and, because of the complexity of modern technology, there are more needs today, for those things “citizens cannot provide for their self as an individual because of exorbitant costs, such as MEDICAL CARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY.

Socialism is based on cooperation of the People! The People need to provide for the necessities of the People that the People cannot provide for their self as individuals. However, our American Constitution also provides for “capitalism”!

Our American forefathers provided for both American socialism (a necessity) and American capitalism; socialism and capitalism is not exclusive.

And so, our Present Constitution also provides for what we have come to call “capitalism”, because we need to preserve “the right of individual citizens to prosper from their own ingenuity and creativeness. In our present Constitution, “capitalism” is provided for in the Fourth Amendment.

Amendment IV; “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Capitalism is based on competition between the People. And, capitalism needs to be preserved, and it is, in our Constitutions’ Fourth Amendment.

President Teddy Roosevelt, “the trust-buster” however, realized that extreme competition could also be to the disadvantage of the democracy and the People, and therefore he said it was up to the government “to control corporations”.

Teddy Roosevelt said, of corporations: “Our aim is not to do away with corporations; on the contrary, these big aggregations are an inevitable development of modern industrialism. . . . We are not hostile to them; we are merely determined that they shall be so handled as to sub serve the public good. We draw the line against misconduct, not against wealth.”

A new viable Constitution must provide the means for preventing the misconduct of wealth. For example, wealth and/or corporations should not be capable of “buying” political candidates nor elections, nor to become a “monopoly” to the deterrent of the People and free trade.

Americans need a new Constitution for a United People of America.

However, Americans today is so torn apart with hate, cheating, fascism, and misconduct that the People cannot trust their fellow citizens come up with a “more democratic Constitution” today that protects the individual differences of the People. Pity!


Saturday, October 13th, 2018

The John Birch Society was founded December 9, 1958, by a group of exceedingly wealthy Americans led by Robert Welch. They were founded as a fascist organization opposed to democracy and the “John Birch Society Blue Book” is the John Birch Society manifesto. Read it!

John Birch Society Blue Book, p.124 ” . . . democracy is merely a deceptive phrase, a weapon of demagoguery, and a perennial fraud.” (Continued in Footnote 25, p. 136.) “Our founding fathers . . .visibly spurned a democracy as probably the worst of all forms of government.”

The John Birch Society uses character assassination to eliminate their enemies. John Birch Society Blue Book, “…we should start shocking the American People. Let’s make what we are talking about a little clearer by illustration. There is the head of one of the great educational institutions… whom at least some of us believe to be a Communist. I doubt if we could prove it on him. But—with just… the proper amount of careful research . . . I believe we could get all the material for quite a shock. . . . we would run in the magazine an article consisting of questions to this man, which would be devastating in their implications. The question technique, when skillfully used in this way, is mean and dirty. But the Communists we are after are meaner and dirtier, and too slippery to put your fingers on them in the ordinary way.” pp. 73-4. “…we would have to be prepared from the beginning for a lot smearing…and possibly also, no matter how carefully the job was done, for a lot of nuisance libel suits. . . . But it is to be remembered that libel suits also give added publicity to the charges, which is one thing we would be seeking and which the Left would be most anxious to avoid.” p. 79

One other device the John Birch Society uses, is letter writing committees, created to write letters to the editor or “facebook” etc. : John Birch Society Blue Book: “. We would institute the organized planning and control to make full and effectively coordinated use of the powerful letter writing weapon that lies so ready at hand. . . Letter writing of the kind that builds opinion exactly the way single grains of sand build a whole barricade. . . we would keep a million men working every day . . . ” pp. 66-8.

The John Birch Society believes in using “Front Groups”. John Birch Society Blue Book: “We would organize fronts—little fronts, big fronts, temporary fronts, permanent fronts, all kinds of fronts”. . . p.68-73

The Republican “Tea Party” was founded February 19, 2009. “Within weeks, Tea Party chapters began to appear around the United States, using social media sites such as Facebook to coordinate protest events. They were spurred on by conservative pundits, particularly by Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck. The generally libertarian character of the movement drew disaffected Republicans to the Tea Party banner, and its antigovernment tone resonated with members of the paramilitary militia movement.”

The Tea Party was financed by the John Birch Society, exceedingly wealthy Koch brothers, their father was a John Birch Society founder, and the “Tea Party”, is a front group of the John Birch Society.

In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court Republican Majority in “Citizens United”, eliminated the law limiting contributions corporations could make to political candidates. In 2012, with the help of corporate funding, the Tea Party won control of Congress and control of local and State governments.

The John Birch Society Koch Brother, financed a nonprofit organization, “The American Legislative Exchange Council”, which helped Tea Party State governments to Gerrymander congressional districts for the Tea Party to win Congress and the Presidency in 2016.

Today, the President, the Congress, and the Supreme Court Republican Majority appears to be “fascist” by definition; Webster Dictionary definition of fascism: “A political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation, often race, and stands for a centralized, autocratic, often militaristic government.”

So, don’t just believe me, check it out for YOURSELF!

Have you ever heard President Donald Trump mention the value of democracy to the United States of America? President Trump obviously lies with impunity, the president is a White Supremacist who spouts hatred for minorities, and he believes he is all powerful. But you must check out the history for yourself; use responsible sources only! Do not use for resources, John Birch Society propaganda like Fox News!


Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

Today, I read a piece, “How to Talk to Your Kid about Periods, The what’s and when’s of talking to your daughters and sons about menstruation”, By Taylor Pittman.

This is my response. I am a retired teacher; I became a teacher for what I believed about ignorance, understanding, misunderstanding, stupidity, good teachers, bad sadistic teachers, and ignorance of parents who were not to blame for their own ignorance.

The purpose of public schools is to teach students what they need to know about various school subjects AND LIFE for them to live a happy life. Schools are not for the purpose to teach kids how to be good employees, though it does in essence.

Happiness of the People and becoming good citizens is the answer for why we have public schools. In our American culture children grow up being very ignorant, because through no fault of their own, their parents are made ignorant by their ignorant parents,about our society and its morays! Teacher are not able to answer all the students questions either, and I’ve tried. I never intentionally punished any of my students because, if they did something wrong it was because I didn’t teach them the right way! There’s no place in the public schools for punishing students. Teachers teach!

Psychologists say the best way (only way) to teach behavior is for the teacher to be an excellent (perfect) role model; being a good role model is the most difficult part of teaching!

I’m a male and was ignorant of female menstruation until an age beyond which I should have been aware. Women are made aware of the female menstrual period, unfortunately too many times, unaware until they have their first period (many times, while they are in school and have a ignorant male teacher).

I ask my mother where I came from and she told me, “God brought you to us!” I gathered from that, I was an immaculate conception! In my time, immaculate conception meant according to the Christian churches that “the mother Mary” was not married and made pregnant by God! God’s friend Joseph took the blame for Mary’s pregnancy and married her!

Another thing, in all the pictures that I have seen of Adam and Eve, both have Adam and Eve have had navels (belly buttons); why?

Personally, I attended a “school attended by city kids” and another “school attended by farm kids”; the farm kids knew a helluva lot more about sex than the city kids. Why?

It would appear that I’m at the end of my life, I have no regrets, and have lived a very happy life, intentionally! When I was 17, I was most happy at that age and, decided not to get any older; I didn’t. And I end each day finding something to be happy about.

I’ve never said I was too old to do something; however I’ve tried to do some things and failed, concluding that I was too damn old to do it and so I failed.

Now, I’m 88 years old and I would like to have a lot of 17 year old friends; I’ve tried to make 17 year old friends but all they want to do is help me cross the damn street. I don’t want to cross the street; I live on this side of the street!

So I’m old and still enjoy life; I’m still learning, I’ve been married and divorced 3 times and still have a lot to learn about sex. I still do research on sex whenever I can. Unfortunately, there are still no complete experts on sex!