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Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Today, I’m reading, “Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Organization Could Overshadow Enthusiasm For Bernie Sanders In Midwest”:

The title of this news, does not quite represent the content; the title should read the Democratic centrist DC Establishment’s campaign may beat out Bernie Sanders in the Midwest, instead of “Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Organization Could Overshadow Enthusiasm For Bernie Sanders In Midwest”.


Hillary has confessed recently, to proudly being “moderate” and bragged about it; and moderate of course, is centrist, or neither liberal progressive nor conservative. It is the belief of Hillary and the Democratic Party centrist DC Establishment, that she and they can attract both liberal progressive and conservative Neocon Republicans to vote for Hillary.

Unfortunately, past history has indicated that the centrist, being neither liberal progressive nor conservative, actually appeals to neither liberal progressive nor conservative (note the losses of Gore and Kerry because Democratic voters did not vote, they had no candidate to vote for).

And, Hillary was the Democratic centrist DC Establishment candidate in 2008, touted to win the nomination hands down; she lost the primary to the voters! Liberal progressive Obama won the Presidency.

Democrats win when Democrats all go to the polls and vote. Most Democratic voters are liberal progressive working Middle Class and Poor, liberal progressive meets their needs. Without a liberal progressive candidate, they don’t vote.

This Democratic primary is between liberal progressive Democrat Bernie Sanders, who has had to run for office as an Independent in order to survive the centrist Democratic DC Establishment Democrats of the Democratic Party, and the Democratic DC Establishment candidate Hillary Clinton.

So Hillary and the Democratic centrist DC Establishment, want to claim Bernie is an Independent and not a Democrat, yet to defeat the Democratic Establishment, Bernie has been required to run as an independent and get the vote to beat the Democratic Establishment who controls the primary elections.

However, Bernie has always caucused with the Democrats in Congress, been appointed to head Congressional Committees by the Democrats, and in 2002, Rep. Bernie Sanders in the House of Representatives voted against the Iraq Invasion Resolution with Democrats and “moderate” Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Senate voted for the Iraq Invasion Resolution with the Republicans in the Senate. Which one, I ask, is the ‘good’ Democrat?

The Democratic Party is two separate parties, and it is all about money and power. The liberal progressive half of the Democratic party, are the voters who are working Middle Class and Poor and Labor; the other half of the Democratic Party are “moderate” centrist DC Establishment Democrats who want Wall Street’s support in contributions and the votes of working Middle Class and Poor who are willing to vote for a candidate that promises them some few concessions in law and economics but no power.

And the Republican Party has grown into a party of inane extremist racist holy-rollers, that represents the hate population of America. So in 2016, Americans have 4 choices for president, vote for a Republican hate candidate, just don’t vote out of disgust, vote for Hillary, or vote for Bernie.

I’m very sorry to inform you, but at this point I can’t predict who voters or non-voters are going to elect in the primary to lead this land of liberty in 2016. And in the general election, Republicans have the money and Democrats have the disagreements, bizarre controversy, and total lack of unity. I think Republican money has the edge right now.


Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Ocean cruises are extraordinary vacations for me; I like them and so does Marlisa; and so it was that we took a cruise in February to the Western Caribbean and Mexico.

But to get to New Orleans from where the cruise embarks, we were required to fly to New Orleans, one of my favorite cities, because I love Dixieland Jazz, and Preservation Hall in New Orleans is the altar of Dixieland Jazz.

Unfortunately, to get to New Orleans you have to fly; and the only non-stop flights from San Diego to News Orleans is Southwest Airlines, which does not have reserved seats and you have to fight other passengers for an aisle seat.

Now I used to love to travel and fly, but it is no fun anymore in America. American air travel is by Airlines who are only interested in profits, don’t give a damn about customers, and put seats in the airplanes designed by the same company that produces kindergarten furniture.

So, Marlisa and I were lucky enough to each get aisle seats across from each other, the seat between me and the window was empty, and the guy in the window seat with me was quiet and ‘fastidious‘. He arranged his little belongs like water, I-pad, cup, ect., in perfect line on his tray, and used the tray between us, of the seat next to usk, for much of it. His hair was perfectly coiffured, he was well dressed, and wore bright red shoes.

He hardly spoke the whole trip, but he was pleasant and well mannered.

The guy sitting next to Marlisa was Asian, Japanese, young, and immediately fell asleep leaning against Marlisa, which does not set well with Marlisa.

What happened next, was bizarre; the Asian sitting next to Marlisa, woke up, told Marlisa he was sick, he had not eaten in two days, he had no money, and he was white as a sheet and she thought he would throw-up on her; so she called the flight attendants who removed her and the window occupant, and announced over the loudspeaker they needed emergency services of a doctor, nurse, or EMT to volunteer and assist attendants.

So, Marlisa took the empty seat between me and ‘fastidious’ guy for the rest of the trip, while the Asian guy who turned white (which is greatly interesting to me, for an Asian to turn white) was laid out on the three seats and treated for the Bubonic Plague. As we left the plane in New Orleans, Asian guy had recovered and apologized to Marlisa for almost getting sick on her.

Then lo and behold after we had boarded our cruise ship, on the next day, Mr. Fastidious Guy, sitting by the window next to Marlisa and I on the plane, also showed up on the ship as a passenger; he recognized us, and greeted us loudly like long-lost friends, told the People with him, “These are my good friends from San Diego”.

Mind you, he had hardly uttered on word or said anything to us, all the time when we were on the plane next to him. However, on several other occasions aboard ship, he greeted us with great gusto.

Then, when we were disembarking from the ship at Cozumel Mexico two days after leaving New Orleans, I was standing in line while Marlisa was buying some bottled water, and the sick Asian walked by me with a couple of other guys and got off the ship with us at Cozumel.

CRUISE 2016 2

But I digress. When we got to New Orleans, our hotel was very nice, and we were surprised to find ourselves in the middle of Marti Gras. We joined the throngs, fought for beads, dodged drunks, and the next day boarded our ship, Norwegian Dawn. I thought it was interesting that for the first six hours, we were making our way from New Orleans on the Mississippi River, to the mouth and the Gulf of Mexico.

We found our stateroom, which was like a child’s playhouse, with a balcony which was roomier than our bathroom and toilet, which required a knowledge of yoga to use, and use very carefully.

But, we were on our way with our luggage intact. The ship was nice, dining is quite good, and basically we were comfortable.

The first day after departure was spent at sea, with all kinds of inane programs to occupy us and a quite good stage musical production after dinner. Personally, I enjoy the time at sea, I appreciate the fresh salt air and sunshine; Marlisa prefers port calls.

Our first port of call was the island of Cozumel Mexico, where we took a ferry for thirty minutes to the mainland, to playa del Carmen, and to the Tulum Mayan temple ruins; I had been there forty years before on a similar cruise, and it was now was an entirely different experience.

Now when Marlisa and I travel, we are most interested in other cultures, art, and history. So, I remain very interested in Mayan ruins at Tulum, history, and culture. And, forty years ago, I had an actual Mayan guide who was very knowledgeable of history and still slept in a hammock (Mayan people slept in hammocks and apparently still do) (I’ll skip the hammock humor).

This time around, our guide was a personable Mexican national, who claimed to be an Aztec descendant (another ancient Mexican culture), and was probably actually part Spanish, part native Mexican, and who advised us that he spoke four languages, but I perceived that English was not necessarily one of them; I could hardly understand him. Fortunately, I learned to speak broken English from my German immigrant grandparents and was able to understand much of what he tried to say.

Our guide was very proud of the Mayan heritage of his Mexico, and the fact they were learned in astronomy, mathematics, the four seasons, and writing before other ancient cultures were. His favorite English phrase was, “And do you know what?” which he seemed to believe we English speakers said to begin each new sentence.

We arrived at the Mayan ruins and it looked entirely different from when I was last there, over forty years ago. The first time I was there, Tulum ruins stood amid a space cleared of Jungle growth, where Tulum was hidden for five hundred years and only recently discovered, hidden in the dense jungle.

Basically, the ruins consist of huge blocks of rocks piled up into a pyramid shape, with a flat top where young virgins were sacrificed as offerings for the Mayan Gods. The thought entered my mind that none of the women in our tour group actually qualified to be offered to the Mayan Gods; pity.

CRUISE 2016 5

So, this time I came to Tulum, the ruins had been landscaped and planted with palms and shrubs, with sidewalks, to look park-like, and I hardly recognized it. Actually, I preferred seeing it as it must have appeared to the first people who discovered it hidden in the jungle, just standing there next to the ocean with all foliage cut from around it.

But our guide explained to us, “And do you know what?”, how different parts of the ruins had building with windows where the sun shined through at sunset on the first day of Spring, another window on the first day of summer, and another on the first day of fall meaning it was time to harvest. Oh my God, it was exciting to discover that the sun shined every season.

Actually I loved the whole tour and translating for Marlisa what the guide was saying in English, and I appreciated being able to be in Tulum again.

The next day of our cruise, we were in Roatan Honduras (pronounced Row Tan by natives); we had never been in Honduras before. When we disembarked our ship Norwegian Dawn, we were greeted by an African dancing group, and it surprised me, to be greeted by Africans; I was expecting to find Latinos in a Central American country.

We had booked a tour to see the Roatan culture; Roatan is a Honduras island off the coast of mainland Honduras.

Our guide was a very interesting African native of Roatan, who was an attractive young African woman, intelligent, and very knowledgeable woman about Roatan and Honduras history and politics; the guides name was Samantha, and I liked her very much.

What I learned was that the native Honduras citizens of Roatan spoke English as their native language, as opposed to the people of Honduras on the mainland who spoke Spanish. These African citizens of Honduras were originally brought to Honduras (presumably as slaves) by the English and their native tongue was English, while Spanish was a second language. I was fascinated by this history of Roatan Island and the people; I would like to learn even more.

We made four stops on the tour; at each stop, natives sold wares they made their self.

At our first stop, we boarded a small boat and went by boat to the barrier reef and back, saw ships that were wrecked on the reef and shore, had a drink at a bar, and used the best restrooms on the tour, according to the warning of our guide.

On the second stop we were entertained by locals presenting an African dance show for us, with music by drum, conch shell, tortoise shell, etc. Three of the musicians were about four or five years old and there were three female dancers and one male dancer in native dress.

One of the female dancers went into the audience and tried to get members of the audience to join in the dance; I was quite disappointed that my fellow tourists refused and then I was overjoyed when Marlisa agreed to dance with the natives. As I said, I was disappointed no one else would volunteer to dance with the natives, and was thinking about volunteering myself; thank God Marlisa saved me the embarrassment.

Marlisa was great and the dancers were appreciative. Of course Marlisa is a very good dancer and she shook her very nice ass just like a real Honduras native; she was a great hit with the natives for her performance and became a celebrity on the cruise ship as a result of her dancing exhibition. I was very proud of her, of course.

At the next stop, we were at a very primitive village where they had exhibits, sold their hand made wares, and gave free samples of a gruel of herbs and coconut that made you ten years younger.

Our very nice guide helped hand out the samples of gruel and of course I felt obligated, took one, ate it, and instantly felt ten years younger (which still isn’t very young for me).

Our guide explained that natives depended upon medicinal herbs from the forests for the health care. She said that the natives now take pharmaceuticals from medical doctors, but still rely on herbal medicine from the forests.

Personally, I’m now wondering how I am going to get ten years off my age, on my California Driver’s License, after consuming the Roatan ‘gruel of youth’.

We saw several schools on the tour and our guide explained some were public schools for the natives, and some were “private schools” for the wealthy from other countries who live on Roatan; she explained, some more wealthy residents live there only in season and some all year around.

Our guide explained that the schools are now empty because the kids are now on summer vacation because summer starts in February, so obviously the schools are on summer vacation; this is when I suddenly realized that we were now very close to the southern hemisphere and seasons are not exactly the same time of year from what I am accustom. This explains my title, “What I did on my summer vacation in February”.

Of course I became enthralled with the People of Roatan. The only work for the people is fishing and there is not a lot of that available. I also discovered from our guide that the people of Roatan are treated “differently” by the government, from other Honduras citizens on the mainland.

We were further informed by our guide that there is hardly any crime on the island, and wealthy people are buying land and building huge estates, all fenced in, because they feel safe on Roatan; however, I noticed, the mansions all had high fences, and the wealthy weren’t taking any chances while taking advantage of this beautiful island.

According to our guide, the Honduras government collects taxes from the Roatan people and spends the tax money on the mainland. Of course as a revolutionary, I was fascinated
by the People and our guide, who I encouraged to write a book about her life on Roatan and the history of Roatan.

On Thursday, we were in Belize City, Belize; Marlisa took a tour on a river boat through the jungle to more Mayan ruins and I took a day off to rest and write this piece about out cruise. Personally, I’ve had enough of Mayan ruins of piles of rocks for sacrificing virgins, I’m feeling ten years younger from the mystical herbal gruel that I ate, made by natives of Roatan, and now I just chose to appreciate the salt air and the opportunity to do some writing.

Marlisa has a great tour on a river boat, and she saw monkeys, alligators, flowers, trees, birds, and bats, cruising there by river boat, on the river through the jungle. She enjoyed it immensely.

Our last port of call was Costa Maya Mexico. The natives there were Mayan, spoke Mayan and not Spanish, and there were more Mayan ruins for us to see.

Marlisa and I took different tours in Costa Maya; her tour was a strenuous walk and climbing the ruins of an ancient Mayan Temple and mine was the “Level 1” tour for old folks, invalids, and rather immense people in both categories. My tour consisted of about 50 people on a bus with a toilet (a very small closet with a hole in the floor).

Now remember that I am personally diagnosed as clinically obese and I have nothing but sympathy and compassion for other overweight human beings. But I have to admit that I have never seen group of so many heavy-weights like my fellow travelers on this tour; at times they obliterated the sun. And they did not walk down the aisle of the bus, they squeezed down the aisle hitting seats on both sides of the aisle.

Actually, I mention this because I became fascinated by the attitude of my enlarged fellow tourists; they appeared to flaunt their tonnage. It rather made me feel “obese inferior“.

Our tour promised, “On this tour you will witness the reality that these remarkable people face as their ancient culture collides and blends into the Modern World.”

We would also discover the Mayan community, a fascinating ruins, visit a Mayan house and eat lunch there, and find out about Mayan medicine, Mayan food, the sacred Mayan tree and “its role in the cosmos as well as legends lore, and prophecies written in the Mayan calendar“.

CRUISE 2016 3

The houses we saw were thatched roof domiciles and rather primitive, equipped with one fluorescent light bulb, not tube, bulb, no windows and no doors.

In one building, the guide pointed out a tableau of a huge Virgin Mary statute, some flowers, and a doll, symbolizing Baby Jesus, and the whole alter was hidden from view by two of my huge fellow tourists standing in front of it, whom I nick-named “Mike and Molly“.

When the guide pointed the alter out, the couple turned around to see it and it was still hidden from view from the rest of the group and it was all I could do to suppress my laughter.

The point of the guide was to observe that the Mayan Gods had since been replaced with Catholicism; time marches on! No more sacrificed virgins!

Basically, I would say we tourists got a lot of legend, and a chicken taco, from our guide who spoke broken English too fast to comprehend.

A good time was had by all, as we took a good look at the Mayan ruins, a pile of rock again dedicated to sacrificing young Mayan virgins of the past that no longer exist today.

Marlisa’s tour was a purely one hour walking tour and climbing a Mayan Temple ruins in the rain. But she is hardy, and enjoyed it.

Costa Maya was our last port of call. Our next day was spent at sea, and Sunday morning we would end the cruise in New Orleans, just in time for Mardi Gras.

We spend four days in New Orleans before returning to San Diego. We made plans, but instead were forced to limit them, because of Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras.

CRUISE 2016 4

Marlisa took a tour on the Bayou and I stayed at the hotel; It was unusually cold for New Orleans and she didn’t see any alligators on her tour but she did see wild boar and bats.

On one day we took a fantastic tour of New Orleans with an extraordinary guide, who was a New Orleans native. We learned a lot and saw a lot about Hurricane Katrina. Also, we toured the cemeteries and saw a lot of the city.

While in New Orleans, we enjoyed a lot of Gumbo, of course, and other local food.

The flight home was uneventful and it was good to be back in San Diego. We had a delightful summer vacation in February.


Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Today I am reading, “We Absolutely Could Give Reparations To Black People. Here’s How”:

I am a decedent of Native Americans, Cherokee, to be exact. My own great-great Grandfather, Elias Walker, was driven from his home in Tennessee by President Jackson and his “law” making all “citizens” with native American blood move west of the Mississippi River. Elias moved to Shelby County Illinois ahead of the “Trail of Tears”.


In 1838, Elias went back to Tennessee to conclude some family business and was assassinated by an unknown assassin. He was not robbed and he was identified by a check in his pocket for his service to the United States of America for fighting for this country in the War of 1812, against England.

My being survived Elias, through my Great Grandpa Marion Walker, Grandma Ada Moore, and my blessed mother, Hazel Blankenburg.

As a decedent of my Native American great-great Grandfather, Elias Walker, am I entitled to reparations from those White Supremacist Looney Tunes Republican Congressmen? My chances for being provided reparation are about the same as for Black Americans, and that is about the same as as getting a glass of ice water in hell!

In honesty, I am still not accepted as being entitled to my U.S. Constitutional Rights as an American citizen today, but not because of Grandpa Elias being a Native American, but because I am a simple working Middle Class and Poor American voter; I’m being persecuted by the wealthy 1% of Americans who control the Democratic AND Republican Political Party Establishments and buy political candidates and elections including the Primary Election of 2016.

Lynching of Rubin Stacy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, July 19, 1935, United States, New York, Schomburg Center. (Photo by Photo12/UIG/Getty Images)

Lynching of Rubin Stacy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, July 19, 1935, United States, New York, Schomburg Center. (Photo by Photo12/UIG/Getty Images)


As for me, I say, “The hell with reparation for the past, I’m joining Bernie Sanders’ Revolution to getting my democratic vote to count for something and somebody who represents my “working man’s interests”.

Personally, I am sympathetic to the Black American cause, the Native American cause, the Jewish American cause, and the cause of the working Middle Class and Poor cause.

I am privileged to have been able to vote for America’s First African president, Barack Obama, I am proud to be a decedent of Grandpa Elias Walker, and during the Civil Rights Movement, I was part of a 1960’s commission to eliminate housing discrimination against Jews in La Jolla California.

Today, I take extreme pride is supporting the little Jew, Bernie Sanders, his Revolution for the benefit of me and the rest of America’s working Middle Class and Poor, and his quest to be the first Jewish President of the United States.

How dare anyone attack my choice for President of the United States of America to lead a revolution for rights of the working Middle Class and Poor! I’ll make my own reparations for Grandpa Elias.


Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Today I’m reading, “Civil Rights Legend Says Sanders Supporters Yelled ‘English Only’ At Her”:

So, a Democratic caucus was held in a casino, and “Dolores Huerta, a civil rights leader who has endorsed Hillary Clinton, complained that Bernie Sanders supporters shouted ‘English Only’, when she wanted to speak Spanish”.

“Susan Sarandon, an actress supporting Sanders, tweeted that she was also present at the event and none of his supporters had yelled “English only.”

Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., center, joins hands with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., right, and Dolores Huerta, of the United Farm Workers union, during a rally in San Jose, Calif., Friday, Feb. 1, 2008. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., center, joins hands with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., right, and Dolores Huerta, of the United Farm Workers union, during a rally in San Jose, Calif., Friday, Feb. 1, 2008. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

To me, this is just another indication that this is not a legitimate ‘primary election’.

The Democratic Party is obviously broken, just as the Republican Party is broken. Wealth has taken control of both parties, and Americans desperately needs a revolutionary new method of selecting a President ‘by the People’.

Primary elections were originally instituted to prevent the Party Establishment from controlling who will be party candidates. Since Primary Election reform, the Party Establishment have done whatever is necessary to insure the Party Establishment candidate becomes the candidate, and when voter don’t vote (in 2012 Congressional Elections, 2/3 of voters did not vote because they were so disgusted with the Party Establishment candidates), the Party Establishments cries and sobs because party members DON’T VOTE!

Instead of crying because Democratic voters voted for Nader instead of Gore, the Establishment should try to find out why, but they didn’t vote for Gore. In 2004, the Establishment Kerry threw the popular anti-Iraq war candidate Howard Dean under the bush, and then cried when Democratic voters did not vote in the 2004 electon. The Democratic Party Establishment is the greatest enemy of the Democratic Party; and let us not ignore the fact the motivation is graft, dollars, and power.

As a Democratic voter, I positively feel that the Democratic Party wants my vote and wants to control who in the hell I vote for in the primary, using any ploy they can muster: debate scheduling, petty attacks like charging Sanders voter of yelling “English Only”, or calling Bernie Sanders a “non-Democrat”.

Personally, I don’t give a damn what language Americans use, and I don’t even understand my grandchildren’s English, but if people want me to understand what they are saying in a political debate, they have to speak English for me.

Some of my best friends are Latino, but they know if they want me to understand them, they must speak English because unfortunately I am not bilingual. And it has been my experience that people use a foreign language in front of me, specifically so that I don’t know what the hell they are saying.

Hillary complains Bernie attacks her instead of debating the issues, because Bernie uses issues like the comparison of his vote on the Iraq Invasion Resolution with hers in 2002; Holy crap, the Iraq invasion IS A HUGE ISSUE FOR ME! And, I’m sure it will be an issue for the Republicans in 2016 if Hillary is the candidate.

And Hillary’s vote for the Iraq Invasion Resolution, took Hillary thirteen years for her to change her mind (2002-2015) and she never fully explained her reasoning for taking so long to change her mind except she had to change her mind to get elected in the primary; Hillary will apparently do anything to get elected.

I’m not a Hillary hater; I question whether or not I can trust Hillary based on her fib about how she and Chelsea had to dodge enemy bullets running from their plane on the Bosnia airport to the terminal; videos showed them being met by a young girl with flowers and walking leisurely into the terminal.

What did Hillary gain by saying that? Hillary later said, “I misspoke”. I accept her apology, if that is what it was, but do I want to trust her with my grandson’s lives when they are sent to Iraq to war; no I don’t, based on Hillary’s history of being ‘hawkish’! Hillary recently stated that she would not put attacking Iran off the table; was it really necessary to tell Iran that? Not for me it wasn’t.

I don’t agree with President Obama on public education and foreign trade agreements; however, I voted for him twice, would vote for him again, and would have voted for him if he had been the Republican candidate with the same opponents; I just do not follow the party line, I think for myself and vote my conscience. That is my prerogative!

So, I have a choice in the Democratic Primary election; I trust Bernie Sanders’ record more than I trust Hillary’s and Bernie is my choice for the Democratic candidate for becoming President of the United States. For me, that is a big deal.

If Hillary wins the primary, I will have to make a choice of who I can with a clear conscience vote for, or if I should protest and vote third party, or not vote at all, refusing to vote for the lesser of two evils. Not voting is a wasted vote, I know; but not voting can also be a vote of conscience.

I’m not a disloyal Democrat; I’m not a good Democrat. And I understand Bernie fighting against the corrupted Democratic Party Establishment, and beating it by running and winning as an Independent candidate and behaving politically as a good Democrat.

Personally, I am sick of America’s absurd politics of hatred and baloney; a curse on both parties.

America needs a revolution; Bernie Sanders has been condemned for ‘leading a revolution’. How can any American condemn any revolution for the welfare of the People.

America’s forefathers said in the Preamble to the US Constitution: “We the People in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure the domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

And it is a truism that the ONLY purpose for even having a government is to do for the People collectively, all those things that the People cannot do for their selves as individuals.

So, I personally have not changed my mind about my choice for President, since 2008.


Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Today I’m reading, “The year of ‘enormous rage’: Number of hate groups rose by 14 percent in 2015”:

“America is getting angrier.

“For the first time in five years, the number of hate groups in the United States rose in 2015, according to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a legal and advocacy organization known among other things for monitoring extremist activity.

“The number of such groups spiked 14 percent in 2015, a year characterized by levels of polarization and anger perhaps unmatched since the political turmoil of 1968, the center said in the report on hate and extremism released exclusively to The Washington Post on Wednesday.

“Swelling numbers of Ku Klux Klan chapters and black separatist groups drove last year’s surge, though organizations classified as anti-gay, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim saw small increases, too.”

Being a political animal, I have surmised that the hatred basically is derived from the Neocon Republican Party which is not related at all to the “Grand Old Party” of my beloved Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Earl Warren. I’m appalled by the herd of Republican candidates for President in 2016, who are universally unacceptable to anyone who subscribes to our U.S. Constitutional government.


Today’s Republican Party is the party of “Watergate”, “Iran Contra”, and killing Afghans, Iraqis, and Muslims, who had nothing to do with the Saudi Arabian terrorist bin Laden and his heinous terrorist attack on my beloved native land, the United States of America, my democratic Republic.

There was a political coup in America in the year 2000! The U.S. Supreme Court, led by a total partisan Supreme Court Justice, Antonio Scalia, disregarded the democratic election in Florida, and with his 5 to 4 Neocon Republican majority, pronounced W. Bush, the chief executive of the United States of America despite the voting favoring his opponent, and led us into ridiculous unexplained wars with the sovereign States of Afghanistan and Iraq that had nothing to do with the Saudi Arabian terrorist attack on January 11, 2001.

NOTE: Dissent of Justice Stevens in the Bush vs. Gore decision of 2000 is a must read: “One thing, however, is certain. Although we may never know with complete certainty the identity of the winner of this year’s Presidential election, the identity of the loser is perfectly clear. It is the Nation’s confidence in the judge as an impartial guardian of the rule of law.”

America today stands on the precipice of, plutocratic oligarchy or Constitutional democracy!

The 2016 General Election will determine the fate of the United States of America; the Neocon Republican Party would shut down our democratic government as they have in the immediate past, and replace it with a dictating government of their ‘elite’ and establishing a 21st Century Feudal System of two kinds of Americans, the Wealthy and the Peasants, the 1% and the 99%.

The Neocon Republican Party would eradicate the U.S. Constitutional Preface, ““We the People in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure the domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELAFRE, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

God bless the American of 1776!


Saturday, February 13th, 2016

This is what I read today, “1,400 people learn their jobs are moving to Mexico”:

“A crowd of Carrier manufacturing workers erupted into anger Wednesday as they learned their plant was being relocated to Monterrey, Mexico.

“Carrier, an Indianapolis-based heating, ventilation and air conditioning company owned by United Technologies, announced in a statement on Wednesday that the plant would undergo a three-year transition to Mexico starting in 2017.”

And that ladies and gentlemen is the issue you should be thinking about, while listening to all these Presidential candidates telling you why they are the one you should choose to be President of these United States; where will you make a living, where will you work?

Personally, I live in San Diego on the Mexican border; I have driven to Mexicali, turned south into Mexico toward San Felipe Mexico and have passed by miles and miles of new factories, all belonging to Corporate America who have moved to Mexico for cheap labor, low taxes to manufacture good which will be shipped north across the border free of tariff, for sale to working Middle Class and Poor Americans, thanks to NAFTA (North American Fair Trade Agreement), the Trade treaty signed into law by Democratic Party President Bill Clinton.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. meets with former President Bill Clinton in New York, Thursday, Sept. 11, 2008.  (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. meets with former President Bill Clinton in New York, Thursday, Sept. 11, 2008. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Last year, the Polaris Corporation moved lock stock and barrel from Minnesota to Mexico, to manufacture snowmobiles, to ship back to America and sell to working Middle Class and Poor Americans.

This just might solve America’s ‘immigration problem’ that candidates are arguing about; have you considered that aspect of the issue. Of course NAFTA might create an immigration problem for Mexico, if Carrier and Polaris employees start illegally sneaking across the Mexican border to get their old jobs back.

More recently, President Obama completed TPP Trade Agreement with Asian countries, to provide even more cheap labor, sans labor unions and labor laws, to attract Corporate America to move to those countries.

Now it is true that these treaties were the ‘brain child’ of Republicans (and Corporate America), but President Bill Clinton was not a Republican President (officially). And, President Barack Obama is not a Republican President (officially).

But you have to imagine that these Democratic Party Presidents must somehow benefit from the Trade Agreements they are responsible for approving, after listening to their explanation for American jobs fleeing America, for the benefit of Corporate America.

One can only wonder if the benefits of Trade Agreements made by Democratic Party Presidents and politicians, do not “trickle down” to those Presidents and these other Democratic Party politicians.

Try explaining the benefits of Trade Agreements for Carrier and Polaris employees.

So when you working Middle Class and Poor voters are listening to Presidential candidate debates, find out how candidates stand on Corporate America’s Trade Agreements. Also, find out how the AFL-CIO Labor Union stands on America’s Trade Agreements; whether you are a labor union member or not, labor unions are the ONLY VOICE OF AMERICA’S WORKING MIDDLE CLASS AND POOR.

President Nixon is always being praised for opening up trade with China; have you ever wondered why everything Walmart has to offer for sale, is stamped, “Made in China”!

Henry Ford used to pride himself in the fact Ford employee’s parking lot was filled with Ford Automobiles; today, some Ford Automobiles are powered by Japanese Automaker’s motors. And yet, Ford advertising keeps saying, Americans should buy American autos; huh!

In 2016, vote; and think, before you vote. Oh yes, and be careful what you wish for!

And if you are lucky enough to have an employer, by all means, remember that your employer is all that stands between you and poverty!

So, the most important American political issue of all, is this: employers are a necessity of America’s working Middle Class and Poor however, nothing is produced by employers; products and services are only produced by American working Middle Class and Poor. That is, unless they are produced by citizens of Mexico and/or Asia.


Saturday, February 13th, 2016

Today I am reading, “Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Can’t End Systemic Racism, But They Care”:

Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders speaks about the Workplace Democracy Act on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on October 6, 2015.     AFP PHOTO/JIM WATSON        (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders speaks about the Workplace Democracy Act on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on October 6, 2015. AFP PHOTO/JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

For me, 86 years old and lived through the Great Depression, WWII, White Supremacists, and the Civil Rights Movement; this article is pure nonsense and half-truths.

And for me, someone who lived through the Clinton era and Civil Rights Era, I’m reminded of Dick Gregory’s response to Bill Clinton saying he was the biggest, for Civil Rights; Gregory said, “Bill Clinton is not really Black”!

The more Hillary gets down and dirty, the less respect I have for her. Hillary is a self-proclaimed “moderate”, and to me that means “Republican Lite”.


Personally, I want and a majority want a working Middle Class and Poor want, a champion of the People; Hillary is not and Bernie is! Hillary says we must go slow and piecemeal, and Bernie wants revolution; the American People are suffering and they cannot afford to go slow.

As a child of a poor working person in the Great Depression, I know that my President, FDR, fed me when I was hungry; that has great meaning for me; I have not forgotten. FDR is more than a historical character for me. FDR was like Bernie, revolutionary! Except, Bernie was poor and a Jew; and it seems obvious to me, for anyone to say that a Jew is not sensitive to discrimination is pure nonsense. Ask the KKK!

So, I cannot with a clear conscience support Hillary. Hillary is an opportunist and not a savior of the working man and woman, she merely uses the working man and woman for her only goal and the Democratic Party goal, to get Hillary elected!


Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Today I read, “Hillary Clinton Relying On Minority Voters, But They’re Not All Relying On Her”:


Personally, I believe that just as Sec. Clinton found out in 2008, Hillary will discover that she is actually not Black!

Hillary will also discover that she is not actually Latino or Jewish, but she is a “woman”; however, Hillary will discover as she did in New Hampshire, that women do not cast their vote based on gender, like macho men voters do, women cast their votes intelligently for the best candidate for them and their family.

Besides being female, women are also working Middle Class and Poor voters who vote liberal progressive in their best interests; and Hillary has made it clear that she is a “moderate”, meaning she is “Republican Lite”.

Just as a majority of women voters are working Middle Class and Poor, so are African and Latino voters working Middle Class and Poor; and they too, vote in their best interests.

And the best interests of America’s working Middle Class and Poor is neither Bill Clinton and his NAFTA treaty which sent American jobs over the border to Mexico, nor was Hillary’s vote for Corporate America’s, Iraq Invasions Resolution in 2002 for Corporate America’s foreign investments and oil, in the best interests of the working Middle Class and Poor.

Democratic voters have not forgotten the 2008 Democratic Primary, when Hillary attacked the Black guy, Obama, that Hillary said didn’t have sense enough to answer the House phone if it rang at 3AM, and she also said the Black guy, Obama, could never win the general election in America’s White Supremacist society.

As a White liberal progressive Democrat voter, my own conscience will not allow me to vote for any candidate in 2016 other than Bernie Sanders, the little Jew who has championed the working Middle class and Poor and minorities his whole life, and has defeated not only Republican candidates but also Democrat Centrist DC Establishment candidates by running as an “Independent” when spurned by the Democratic Party “Establishment”.

Bernie Sanders owns the voters’ respect and he has consistently won over all the odds against him. God bless my candidate BERNIE SANDERS!