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Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Today, I’m reading, “Obama Fires Back at Elizabeth Warren and Trade Critics, Escalating Democratic Feud’:

President Obama is a scholar, a lawyer, and he politically captured the hearts of the common everyday hard working Middle Class and Poor; but on the issue of trade agreements, President Obama appears to be obsessed, possessed, and out of his mind.


My own humble analysis is that the President knows of the working American’s place in life from observation, but he has never experienced the fragility of the working American’s existence; the President can sympathize but not empathize. The President hasn’t actually been there, as a humble employee of an employer who thinks in terms of his own profits, without regard for the tenuous existence of his employees and their family.

A job, Mr. President, is really all that an employee ever has in this life; and, employment is a fragile commodity. An employee whose job is making hula hoops for sale, is never secure in his lifetime; no American worker is ever secure!

Trade agreements take jobs away from working Americans, we have seen that and we know that; when the Polaris Company moved its entire manufacturing operation from Minnesota to Mexico because of the NAFTA Trade Agreement, American workers were left without jobs. And, that is what Trade Agreements are all about for America’s working Middle Class and Poor.

American workers cannot afford to be concerned about the American trade deficit, the American worker is and is required to be totally occupied with putting bread on the family table.

Unless you are totally responsible for your spouse and children’s very existence, and found yourself unemployed, you have absolutely no concept of what it is like to be an unemployed American worker. And for every American worker, there is a constant threat of unemployment and trade agreements that create unemployment.

President Obama said, “When I just keep on hearing people repeating this notion that it’s (his trade agreement) secret — I gotta say, it’s dishonest. And it’s a little concerning when I see friends of mine resorting to those sort of tactics.”

It really hurts me to hear the President say this, because I thought he was my friend and I honestly do not know what his trade agreement is all about, it is a secret that he has not shared with me.

And President Obama said, “The notion that corporate America is going to be able to use this provision to eliminate our financial regulations and our food safety regulations and our consumer regulations — that’s just bunk,” Obama said. “It’s not true.”

Honestly, I do not know what is true because the President’s Trade Agreement is a secret and all I know is that it is a trade agreement; and, I do know that too many of my fellow American workers are unemployed because their employers move out of America to use foreign workers who work for less than American employees did. And I certainly know for a fact that if the employer was making profits when an American was working for him, he used an American trade agreement to make more profit using foreign workers, and that is his only reason for leaving American workers unemployed.

Furthermore, it is well established that Corporate America does favor President Obama’s Trade Agreement and would prefer to see it become law today, if possible; Corporate America seems to know what is in the Trade Agreement and they like it.

Personally, I love my President and I voted for him twice; but now, he is ‘bullshitting’ me! And I am devastated by it.


Saturday, April 25th, 2015

This morning, I sent the following letter to President Obama; I urge all Americans to spread the word. It is not party politics; it is working Americans politics. Here is my letter:

Mr. President, I voted for you twice and believed you to be a liberal, progressive who would respect the plight of the American working Middle Class and Poor; trade agreements have been disastrous for the American Working Middle Class and poor.

Our average wage is down, unemployment is up, inequity in income favors the wealthy, the stock market is at a record high, the working Middle Class and Poor has dwindled, families living in poverty has increased, 50% of American children live in poverty, and food stamp funding has been reduced but subsidies for the oil industry is retained, and the tax on inheritance by the wealthy has been eliminated.

You have the gall to say this about “your trade agreement”, “When people say that this trade deal is bad for working families, they don’t know what they’re talking about . . . I take that personally. My entire presidency has been about helping working families.” Mr. President, we the working people do not know what the hell is in your trade agreement, it is a secret. But, statistics do not lie; the average U.S. wage had decreased and U.S. corporate profits have increased to a record high because of U.S. trade agreements.

America’s workers are suffering because of U.S. Trade Agreements; I’m suffering!

POVERTY 1959-2011
POVERTY 1959-2011

Polaris Manufacturing (snowmobiles) has moved entirely to Mexico from Minnesota to produce products to sell American consumers because of The NAFTA trade agreement. Take a ride Mr. President, east from San Diego where I live, to Mexicali and then south into Mexico and see all the new American Manufacturing Companies now producing products for Americans, in Mexico with cheap Mexican Labor; then the products are hauled north for American workers to buy! I have seen this with my own eyes!

Do you want to know what’s wrong with immigration, Mr. President; employers no longer have to hire illegal Mexicans in America, employers moved the jobs to Mexico and legally use cheap Mexican labor, don’t pay taxes, and then fight your immigration policies in America.

You say, “America’s workers don’t know what they are talking about?” What we do know is that trade agreements cost us jobs and wages! They cost us lots and lots of jobs and wages.

Every day, American workers go to work at the mercy of employers and totally dependent upon their employers, hoping and praying to keep their job and to be able to earn enough to provide bread and a roof for their family; many working poor, work full time and are still living in poverty and qualify for food stamps that Republicans refuse to fund. Mr. President, you don’t experience that; we do.

Mr. President, what have you done to support Labor Unions, it is the only voice that we the working Middle Class and Poor have. Are you even aware of the Republicans’ elimination of labor unions in Wisconsin and other States? Where was your voice?

Mr. President, I fought for your election; I am being betrayed! END

NOTE: Spread the word; here is the President’s email address:


Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Today I read about, “Sir Ken Robinson On What Makes An Effective School”:

“The culture of education literally is all about standardizing, Robinson told CBS. It’s alienating teachers, it’s alienating kids, and it’s not doing the job. Schools need to make education more personalized, Robinson said. Because everyone is different, they learn in ways that need to be individually addressed. He said there are ways to do this, even in large classrooms, by motivating students creatively.”

Basically, what Sir Ken Robinson says it true; but it is the tip of the iceberg. Personally, I have been some form of ‘school teacher’ my entire life; teaching was a gratifying experience for me; and I was determined to reform education to meet the needs of the students, and I failed miserably in my quest but my effort was gratifying and rewarding.

In my lifetime, I have seen public schools go from the ‘pride of the community’ to the ‘crapper of humanity’; yet, students have not changed, some schools are better than average and some are worse than average as they always were, but the public schools are still turning our physicians, teachers, plumbers, auto mechanics, used car dealers, sanitary engineers (garbage collectors), and custodians. The effectiveness of public schools hasn’t changed.

However, headlines read that ‘Public Schools are a Disaster’, ‘Public School Graduates are Ignorant’, and ‘Teachers Overpaid, Public Schools Bankrupting Taxpayers’. None of it is true, but it is in the interests of some Americans to destroy the public schools, and many reformers of the Public Schools System are charlatans, extremist politicians, dim-wits posing as experts trying to make a buck, and special interest groups including the business community.

The victims are the students, parents, devoted teachers, democracy, and humanity.


What is new in public schools, is the nature of detractors of the public schools that were not a viable factor in the schools when I first started teaching in the early 1950’s. These opponents of public schools are the extremist politicians and special interests who want to eliminate public schools and privatize education for their own ideological benefit. Today, these enemies of public schools are very powerful, exceedingly wealthy, and they have ‘bought’ political influence to empower them.

Here is the one, most important factor for parents, citizens, voters and all those with an interest in the education of American youth, to be aware of. America has always had a duel education system; free public schools supported by taxation and private schools of private interest groups (primary religious groups) funded by private sources and ordinarily requiring tuition paid for each student. This dual system is not problematic; it has always been there to serve the interests of all of the People. The People have had this choice.

Public schools are free of tuition, funded by community and State taxes, and are required by law to be democratic, non-partisan, be tolerant of religion and free from Religious bias of any kind, treat all students equitably, and public schools were prohibited from indoctrinating students in any ideology, religious, political, economic, or whatever; public schools were, however, encouraged to educate the future electorate of the American democracy and teach students the benefit of our Constitutional democracy and the democratic Republic as well as academic subjects.

Private schools on the other hand, were established primarily for indoctrinating student in some ideology (usually religious, but sometimes political, racial, or economic) that the public schools prohibited. This is the basic difference between public and private education in America.

Furthermore, it has always been considered unconstitutional for any tax money be spent on subsidizing private schools indoctrination of students in any ideology. Unfortunately, the present controversial Republican appointed 5 Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court decided that taxpayer funds could be used for ‘vouchers’ for private schools in 2002:

Zelman v. Simmons-Harris 536 US 639, 2002: The decision was 5-4, with moderate justices Anthony Kennedy and Sandra Day O’Connor and conservative justices William Rehnquist, Antonin Scalia, and Clarence Thomas in the majority. Under the Private Choice Test developed by the court, for a voucher program to be constitutional it must meet all of the following criteria:
the program must have a valid secular purpose
aid must go to parents and not to the schools
a broad class of beneficiaries must be covered
the program must be neutral with respect to religion
there must be adequate nonreligious options

Opponents of public schools now believe Zelman v. Simmons Harris made it possible to use tax funding to support private schools of special interests.

And, it is very important for Americans to know that the efforts to eliminate public education and privatize education in America is for one purpose only, to control the minds of the students. Regardless of what opponents of public schools say is their incentive for trashing public schools, eliminating public schools, or privatizing education, the real purpose is ultimately control students’ minds.

In all of my years of involvement in education, I have known that some parents will object to having their children ‘learn about’ an ideology or subject they disapprove of (racial, religious, economic theory, or whatever); I always welcomed the complaints and objections and tried my best to convince the parent that while we learn about controversial things, we make every effort to be objective, and allow students to make up their own mind; I would try to convince the person objecting that it would be wrong for the schools to censor history, political, or religious thought.

When a political group is organized against the public schools is for the ‘parents’ and the ‘people’ to determine what is taught in ‘their’ schools , you can be reasonably sure they are a special interest group that wants the students to be indoctrinated in an ideology or want to censor or revise history and social mores.

Attacks on public schools today is an insidious attempt to control the minds of students; unfortunately these who would eliminate our public schools often take the form or reformers of public education. Always check on the sources of information about public schools.

Never have our public schools been so endangered and threatened; the opposition is exceedingly wealthy and politically powerful. We teachers and our unions are not the enemy. Be aware that you will not find an article like this one, very often, in the national news media. But if you have an interest in America’s public schools, be aware of what the incentive is for those forces that oppose public schools and want to eliminate the public schools.

God bless American and its Public Schools.


Saturday, April 18th, 2015

I’ve had Republicans give me hell for hating Republicans; I don’t hate Republicans. Actually, I refuse to hate Republicans. When I tell Republicans what it is about Republican Party behavior that I oppose, they tell me I’m expressing hatred for Republicans and Democrats do the same thing; Democrats don’t do the same thing, Democrats aren’t doing the same thing, and when Democrats do misbehave, I oppose Democrats with the same fervor that I oppose Republican misbehavior and I don’t hate Democrats either.

Lately, I have found it difficult for me to contend with Republican blatant expressions of hatred; Republican hatred is not a figment of my imagination, it is real.

Boehner And McConnell Address The Media At The Capitol


Lately for example, Republicans have actually been passing laws expressing their hatred for poor people, hatred for things poor people do, hatred for the things poor people like, and hatred for the things poor people spend their very little assets on; and the laws Republicans have passed lately, appear to me are expressly for the purpose of forcing poor people, by law, to behave like poor people, which is to have the ‘poor’ appearance that Republicans want poor people to have.

I could never hate poor people, I’ve been one and in essence I am still a poor person that refuses to act the part. But that is another story.

Statistics show that today, 50% of all American children are living in poverty; I think that is shameful. And in the State of Missouri, Republican State Legislator Brattin has introduced “House Bill 813, making it illegal for food-stamp recipients to use their benefits to purchase cookies, chips, energy drinks, soft drinks, seafood, or steak.”

Personally, I can think of no hatred so bizarre as that of depriving a poor kid a cookie when the poor kid has an opportunity to savor a cookie purchased with a food stamp. A cookie is a food. Actually, a cookie is my own food of preference.

So I conclude that Republicans are the experts in hatred of poor people and as an American I am ashamed of American Republicans because I think hatred is the most negative behavior ever and I don’t like for all the rest of the world knowing that America has an elected government that hates its poor people, hates their President, and hates other asunder things.

And, Republicans unashamedly have expressed their particular hatred for President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. Oddly enough, President Obama and Attorney General Holder are both of African heritage and a dark complexion; not that it has anything to do with Republican hatred for them. Republicans have made it very clear that the only thing they do not hate are African Americans (Presidents and Attorneys General are exceptions, however).

So, Eric Holder asked to be replaced and President Obama appointed Loretta Lynch, a respected attorney to replace Holder and Republicans could find no reason to hate Loretta Lynch.

However, Republican Senators and Republican Mitch McConnell have refused to approve the appointment, though they have no objection to it; to me, this is very strange Republican behavior and must represent a hatred that just cannot be explained. If Republicans did not find anything to hate in Loretta Lynch, it is logical that they would just approve her appointment

Oh yes, Loretta Lynch is also of African heritage and has a dark complexion, not that it has anything to do with Republicans not approving her appointment; everyone knows that Republican Speaker of the House Boehner, has a very dark complexion and Republicans love Speaker Boehner (most of the time); but then Speaker Boehner is purportedly not of African decent, he just has a dark complexion.

Republicans insist they don’t have any reason to hate Lynch and they only hate President Obama; and, Republicans have no plausible reason or hatred for making the American People live without an Attorney General for the last five months and still waiting. So what exactly have the American People done, to deserve, depriving them of an Attorney General? I think there is something funny going on here.

As for me not hating anyone or anything, I have to explain that my reason is a very selfish one, on my part. When I tried hating someone or something in the past, it made me feel so bad that I just had to stop hating because I just couldn’t tolerate hate; by not hating, I have selfishly led a very happy and contented life, for the most part. And I have also keenly observed that all the People that hate most, like the Republicans hate, never appear to be happy.

Actually, Republican Missouri Legislator Brattin doesn’t really appear happy, now that he has deprived poor kids of having a cookie. And I have never actually seen Republican Mitch McConnell happy, ever, and it seems to me Republican Speaker Boehner is always crying when he hates his best.

As for all the current Republican candidates for the Presidency in 2016, I can’t think of a single thing that they have indicated they are happy about but they have been very expressive in their hatred for things like Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, and all sorts of things that most other American people like.

America does not seem like fun to me anymore. And quite a lot of foreign countries have expressed as much hatred for our American Government as Republicans say they hate our government. That’s sad.

In conclusion, I have a confession to make; I do not feel guilty or unpatriotic for being happy, content, and not engaging in hate. I’m exceedingly critical of Republicans because they deserve it and I tell them why, but I don’t hate Republicans.

In fact, I have been thinking of starting a fund to provide poor kids with a cookie (preferably chocolate chip). Damn! I’m convinced that Republicans are going to hate me for that!


Friday, April 17th, 2015

Today I read about, “Senators Reach Deal On Massive Free Trade Bill No One Has Seen”;

President Obama is about to make the same mistake President Clinton did when Clinton signed the NAFTA trade treaty into law. If you want to know where American jobs went because of NAFTA, just go east from San Diego, where I live, to Mexicali and then turn south into Mexico, where you will see mile after mile of new American built factories in Mexico, to use cheap Mexican labor, to produce products that will then be shipped into America without paying tariff, for American consumers to purchase.

I’ve been to Mexico, seen that, and will never forgive Clinton for approving NAFTA nor will forgive Obama for his projected TPA Trade Agreement.


American workers have been screwed by their own Presidents, who were supposed to be protecting the workers employment and the worker’s family’s livelihood.

Presidents Clinton and Obama have turned out to be ‘scabs’, to labor who supported them. Shame!


Friday, April 17th, 2015

Today I read, “Michigan Car Repair Shop Owner Says He Will Turn Away Openly Gay Customers … And That’s Legal”:

Quote: “Brian Klawiter is the owner of Dieseltec in Grandville, Michigan. On Tuesday, he took to Facebook to announce in a verbose post that he has no problem refusing to serve gay customers on the basis of religious freedom. (Guns, however, are allowed and customers who bring in their firearms are eligible for a discount.) ‘I am a Christian,’ he wrote, in part. ‘My company will be run in a way that reflects that. Dishonesty, thievery, immoral behavior, etc. will not be welcomed at MY place of business. (I would not hesitate to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons. Homosexuality is wrong, period. If you want to argue this fact with me then I will put your vehicle together with all bolts and no nuts and you can see how that works.’) ”


My response to Dieseltec (Brian Klawiter) is that Dieseltec owns a business only because he has a business licenses from MY government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, and for the PEOPLE and yet Deiseltec believes he has a legal right to refuse service for people in need, to ME and to any other PEOPLE he disagrees with, who provided him with a license to do business in OUR democratic American society. Dieseltec is wrong, legally wrong, and terribly wrong.

Dieseltec says, “I am a Christian”; well, I am an ‘American’ and as an American I have a First Amendment Right and Fourteenth Amendment Right that protects my liberty from bigoted Christians and Christian businessmen like Dieseltec. And, Constitutional law is the law here in American, and not Christian Canon Law, which means Dieseltec’s Christian Canon Law is not recognized by the Courts of Justice in America or the U.S. Constitution.

My personal answer to Dieseltec’s idiotic post about what his rights are to refuse to provide me services of his business when I am in need of them, is for all of those denied Dieseltec’s services, to shove Dieseltec’s ‘business license’ up a place where the sun doesn’t shine and it cannot be read and tell him it is against the law to do business in American without a visible business license from us, the American government.

Dieseltec needs to ‘legally’ be put out of business; Dieseltec has no American Right to be a Christian bigot businessman.

And there is a special place in hell for bigoted Republican Legislators who recently are enacting State legislation providing businesses the unconstitutional right to refuse services to customer they don’t like or disagree with on religious issues.

NOTE: Amendment I: “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech; or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Amendment XIV: (Equal Protection Clause) “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive and person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor to deny to any person within its jurisdiction THE EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW.”


Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

“American police killed more people in March than the entire UK police have killed in the last year:


Bronx Shooting

God help America!


Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Today, I’m reading about, Hillary Clinton announcing her candidacy for the purportedly prestigious office of President of the United States of America and “Hillary Clinton Takes Road Trip To Iowa For First Campaign Event”:

And, I was fascinated by this comment on the article, made by a reader, “This is the best the Democrats have to offer, another Clinton? Seems like a letdown after Obama.”

House Foreign Relations Committee Hearing On Secretary of State Nominee John Kerry

So, I felt obligated to respond to that comment, and I did; here is what I said:

To answer your question, no Hillary is not necessarily the best that Democrats have to offer, but maybe the bravest, most responsible, most patriotic and Hillary is the first candidate Democrats have to offer for 2016 and perhaps the only candidate that Democrats will offer. Today, the very best candidates that the Democrats have to offer, balk at the ridiculous sacrifices necessary to serve their nation and the People as President.

Unfortunately today, the Presidency of the United States of America is less of an honor and more of a burden of brutal, slanderous, relentless trash talk, hatred, racial slurs, wrongful untrue condemnations, and threats by today’s Republicans and Republican elected officials; and, continuous threats of assassination as a result of Republican trash talk, and the total sacrifice of common happiness and contentment of a normal life, primarily a result of the Republicans brutal condemnation of a President of the opposite political party.

Today’s sitting American President has received more threats on his life than all combined previous Presidents of the United States of America.


Most of all, America’s Republicans make it next to impossible to induce the most competent, intelligent, and capable Democrat candidates to accept the burden of the Presidency, because of the Republican public reaction to the election of a President of the opposite party.

In other democracies of the world, the citizens partake of elections, and after elections they respect and honor their President; but not the Republican citizens of the United States of America. American democracy is unique.

Recently, I was amazed at watching Switzerland’s Presidents marching in a huge parade without secret service, no police, walking and waving to the cheers of all of the citizens lining the parade route, and not a single ‘boo’ from anyone; how fortunate Swiss people are and how deprived American People have become.

And therefore, Americans as a People are now and forever destined to always have second rate Presidents! Pity.

America used to be a historic great democratic nation; not so today. God forgive America!


Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Today I am reading about, “Ex-US guards face long prison sentences for Iraq shootings”–politics.html

“Four former Blackwater security guards face decades in prison when they are sentenced Monday for their roles in a 2007 shooting of Iraqi civilians.’


My heart goes out to every GI ever deployed in these Mid East Afghan and Iraqi U.S. wars of aggression for the PNAC and their Corporate American foreign investments. Among those GIs were my own grandchildren who I prayed would survive and thank God they did; but they carry wounds from their ‘service to their homeland’ forever.

However, I have no sympathy for those U.S. Government contracted ‘goons’ who brazenly profited from these illegal (by International Law) wars by wanton sadistic ‘elected’ leaders who waged war for profits with impunity and sadistically tortured America’s own prisoners of war; compare Black Water Goon ‘defendants’ in Iraq to America’s prisoners of war who have been tortured and rotting in Gitmo for over a decade without even being charged with a crime.


America, you are no longer “beautiful” for me!

ADDENDUM: Note this late development by the American Court; “Former Blackwater Guard Sentenced To Life In Prison For Baghdad Shooting”:


Monday, April 13th, 2015

Today I read, “OPINION: Is Hillary Clinton progressive enough for progressives? Yes.”; Blue Nations Review:

Actually, I disagree that Hillary is ‘enough’ liberal progressive.

House Foreign Relations Committee Hearing On Secretary of State Nominee John Kerry

Hillary actually is a Centrist DC Establishment Democrat and not at all liberal progressive, and she is being forced to pretend to be a little liberal progressive candidate in order to impress the American majority and win the Democratic Primary; Hillary learned in 2008, that she cannot beat a liberal progressive candidate like Obama in the primary. And now Hillary must do everything she can to keep a liberal progressive Democrat out of the primary election; that is Democrat Party Centrist DC Establishment strategy.

Personally, I realistically have to judge Hillary on her past record and that just doesn’t satisfy me as a liberal progressive. Working for a French employer doesn’t make you French and Hillary working for liberal progressive President Obama as Secretary of State doesn’t make her a liberal progressive.

Unfortunately in 2000 and 2004, the Democrats seemingly never learned that a Centrist DC Establishment candidate can control the primary but a liberal progressive majority does not support a Centrist DC Establishment candidate, in the general election; many liberal progressives refuse to cast a vote for the lesser of 2 evils in the general election or they vote for a liberal progressive third party candidate like Nader (remember 2000?).

The Democrats made the same mistake in 2014 when they had a chance to change America but instead 2/3 of the voters DID NOT VOTE because they were totally disgusted with both parties, and the Democrat candidates did not want to be associated with the Black President Democrat who won two elections for the Presidency. So, the Republican winners in 2014 represent the 16% of the population that are extremist radical Neocon Republican who always vote and always seem to have extremist radical candidates to vote for.

Liberal progressives never appear to have a candidate to vote for; Obama was an exception. The Centrist DC Establishment believed a Black man like Obama could never win, so they dismissed Obama as not being a legitimate viable candidate. But Black Obama beat White Hillary in the primary, instead!

The Democrats are their own worst enemy.

Liz Warren could win the whole show in 2016, but the Centrist DC Establishment Democrats will have none of it. And of course, Warren wisely does not want to waste her valuable time and energy fighting the Democrat Centrist DC Establishment of her own Democratic Party. Warren appears to be the only Democrat in office with an ounce of sense and impeccable character.

One big problem of democracy is that nominations are not democratic; before I have a choice between Hillary and a total idiot, I would like to have a choice between Hillary and Sen. Warren.

Unfortunately, I see Centrist DC Establishment Hillary and the Democrats as potential big losers in 2016, because the liberal progressive majority have become accustom to having a liberal progressive President Obama, and they will balk at the switch to Hillary, a candidate that they have already defeated in the 2008 primary.