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Monday, March 30th, 2015

Today, I read, “Mike Pence Dodges Questions On Anti-Gay Discrimination In Indiana”:

“Pence appeared on ABC’s “This Week” to defend his decision to sign a controversial piece of legislation intended to protect religious liberties that critics say will enable discrimination in the state. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act would allow individuals and corporations to cite religious beliefs in private litigation. Pence’s decision to sign the bill into law has sparked backlash against the state.”

Gov. Pence like all other Republican Right Wing-Nuts, is self-centered, without any sense of compassion for others and totally misunderstand the meaning of liberty in a democracy like our American democratic Republic. ‘Liberty’, in not absolute ‘freedom’; liberty is freedom only to the extent that one person’s freedom does not infringe of the freedom of others as Pence’s Indiana law does.

Abraham Lincoln, my hero, ‘misused by unscrupulous Republicans’.

These selfish Right Wing-Nuts like Gov. Pence think that in America they have the freedom to deny others their freedom; and, that is not true unless we the People allow it.

Further, these political extremists who have taken over the Republican Party of today, are not ‘Conservatives’ in any sense of the word; they are selfish extremists who give conservatives a reputation as evil and that is not true. The Webster Dictionary definition of conservative is: “Disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions; moderate cautious.” ‘Conservatives’ like ‘Liberals’ are decent members of our society that can be and are for the most part compassionate, responsible citizens dedicated to our American democracy.

It is indeed unfortunate that the Grand Old Party of Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Earl Warren has been taken over and is being used as a ‘front group’ for the plutocratic, oligarchic secret John Birch Society, that is determined to eliminate the American working People’s labor unions, the American People’s public schools, and the American People’s democracy and these Republicans are utilizing hatred, evil politics, and their hoard of wealth to accomplish their purpose, and ‘hiding behind’ the reputation of Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Earl Warren.

America needs to understand the threat of modern day Republicans for what it is; and, to restore American liberty, fraternity, and equality, patriotic Americans are going to have to rid their self of Republicans like Gov. Pence, his evil and selfish legislators, and their ilk.

I mourn for the previous Grand Old Party.


Friday, March 27th, 2015

The time has come to break up this union of States; America needs to make massive Amendments to our Constitution that our Constitutional forefathers would make, were they alive today, with technology we have today. Distance, travel, and communication is no longer rudimentary and prohibitive to democracy, as it was in 1787.

Today, we are capable of being more directly democratic than we were in 1787 and we have the technological capability of separating our citizens from noncitizens, and further we need to amend the Constitution to reflect it; and we need to take a major step forward.

We the American People need to create a nonpartisan agency for a Federal voting procedure that allows every American to vote for their self on our most pressing issues in a democratic fair and accurate election; and, we need a national Identification system that follows citizens from birth to death and qualifies those citizens eligible to vote in all elections, and establishes a responsibility for each citizen to vote.

Thomas Jefferson

That Identification system should also qualify each citizen’s Right to employment, their Right to vote, and separate citizens from noncitizens and legal residents eligible for employment from illegal residents who are not eligible to be employed in America.

Then we need to change the name of the United States of America to the United People of America; and if any state is unwilling to comply, they should be allowed to become a separate nation from the United People of America and responsible for their selves and their own security.

If this nation is to have certain inalienable Rights, those Rights should be for all people regardless of race, gender, beliefs, or heritage regardless of where they live. And those Rights should not allow any citizen to deny another citizen of their rights nor infringe upon the rights of another citizen.

Our 1787 forefathers perceived America of individual States because there were no immediate means of communication, television, cell phones, jet travel, or satellites to bind us; but our communications were so important for us that our Constitutional forefathers provided for our Post Office in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately, we have not continued to provide federal provisions for electronic communications.

Today the United States of America needs to have a new Twenty-First Century Constitutional Convention. Our people are so disgusted with our corrupted governing system, selfish and greedy candidates, and the systematic disenfranchisement of the People, that in 2014 only one third of the People considered the mid-term elections significant enough to cast their vote; the American People are disillusioned.

Today, America needs a union of the People, with each one of the People casting their own vote on the important issues in a national referendum, without having to trust representative candidates to think for them. And with electronic technology as it is, it is possible to have national referendums and direct democratic elections on short notice.

We need our legislators to have less power than the People. We need a President elected by all of the People and not elected by surrogates or Supreme Court decisions.

America needs an America of the People and not the States; America needs a law of the People and not, State laws that overrule our Federal Laws. A State should merely be an administrative division government of the United People of America; one People, one government, one law.

America needs the People to rise and recreate a new American union, establish a united system of Justice, insure united domestic tranquility, provide for a united common defense, promote the general welfare of all the citizens of the union equitably, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to our united People and our Posterity, in our Twenty-First Century Constitution of the United People of America.

God bless America!


Friday, March 27th, 2015

With all due respect, I finally found what I recognize as “Republican understanding” in regard to Republican Sen. McCain’s enjoinder, “Bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran!” and some Democrats as well; and, I have to fight off my inclination to call it stupidity or Corporate American greed, which is much easier to understand.

However, instead I have tried here to take a more intellectual approach to America’s “Iran policy”; the intent is to support President Obama’s attempt to negotiate a peaceful solution to Iran’s efforts to develop atomic weaponry instead of more war, and bring Iran into a peaceful world community, if that does indeed even exist today. In reading this, please consider threats of atomic war as opposed to peace on earth!

Republicans and Democrats appear to have a total loss of memory and have forgotten history, in terms of ‘why things are’.

Unfortunately, we Americans are victims of our own ‘doing’. And, it all goes back to 1953 when a Republican President Eisenhower was President; however Republican Ike was ‘elected’ by the American People and U.S. policy was and is American, and not just Republican, it is truly American. Here is our history from Wikipedia; I would ask all Americans to use their imagination and put their own feet into the shoes of an Iranian citizen, while considering the effects of history on events of 2015:

“1953 . .. U.S., organized coup removes Mosaddeq . . . Iran was ruled as an autocracy under the shah with American support from that time until the revolution. . . The Iranian government entered into agreement with an international consortium of foreign companies which ran the Iranian oil facilities for the next 25 years splitting profits fifty-fifty with Iran but not allowing Iran to audit their accounts or have members on their board of directors. In 1957 martial law was ended after 16 years and Iran became closer to the West, joining the Baghdad Pact and receiving military and economic aid from the US. In 1961 . . . Iran initiated a series of economic, social, agrarian and administrative reforms to modernize the country that became known as the Shah’s White Revolution. . . However the reforms, including the White Revolution, did not greatly improve economic conditions and the liberal pro-Western policies alienated certain Islamic religious and political groups. In early June 1963 several days of massive rioting occurred in support of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini following the cleric’s arrest for a speech attacking the shah.

“A border dispute between Iraq and Iran was resolved with the signing of the Algiers Accord on March 6, 1975.The Iranian Revolution, also known as the Islamic Revolution, was the revolution that transformed Iran from an absolute monarchy under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, to an Islamic republic under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, one of the leaders of the revolution and founder of the Islamic Republic. Its time span can be said to have begun in January 1978 with the first major demonstrations, and concluded with the approval of the new theocratic Constitution—whereby Ayatollah Khomeini became Supreme Leader of the country—in December 1979.

“In between, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi left the country for exile in January 1979 after strikes and demonstrations paralyzed the country, and on February 1, 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Tehran to a greeting of several million Iranians. The final collapse of the Pahlavi dynasty occurred shortly after on February 11 when Iran’s military declared itself “neutral” after guerrillas and rebel troops overwhelmed troops loyal to the Shah in armed street fighting. Iran officially became an Islamic Republic on April 1, 1979, when Iranians overwhelmingly approved a national referendum to make it so.

“An early event in the history of the Islamic republic that had a long-term impact was the Iran hostage crisis. Following the admitting of the former Shah of Iran into the United States for cancer treatment, on November 4, 1979, Iranian students seized US embassy personnel, labeling the embassy a “den of spies.” Fifty-two hostages were held for 444 days until January 1981.”

In that time period, America also has officially favored Iraq’s Saddam Hussein’s war against Iran (1980-1988) and the U.S.A. under President Reagan provided Saddam with war materials for waging the war, including gas warfare against Iran. Then in 1991, America under the first Republican President Bush, turned against Iraq in “Desert Storm”; and then in 2003 under the second President Bush, forced a regime change in Iraq, and the Iraqi dictator Saddam was executed (in violation of International Law).

So, America today appears unfortunately opposed to both Iran and Iraq, and the entire Mid East and the world ponders American policy motivation.

However, with the new ISIS threat in the Mid East and Iranian negotiations, I would ask Americans today to please consider America’s history with Iran, try to feel as an Iranian would feel towards America, atomic weaponry, and the world’s attitude toward the Mid East and especially Iran. Chances are, without considering history, an American’s attitude toward Iran and the People of Iran would be exceedingly different than based on just what goes on today.

Now, try again to think like an Iranian; would you and other Iranians prefer to become an integral and equal part of the World Community and the World Economy or would you prefer to nuke the United States of America. This is the question currently being negotiated with Iran by the U.S.A. and other Western nations (note it is not just the U.S.A alone doing the negotiating).

And now, as an American, would you prefer a friendly relationship to Iran, and an exchange of culture and trade with Iran, or join Sen. McCain in “bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran!”

Note that President Obama is not alone in negotiations with Iran; America is only one of a number of the world’s nations negotiating with Iran to have Iran join the world as an equal, or destroy the world and their self in a nuclear disaster.

President Obama is currently not only negotiating with Iran, but negotiating at the same time with other nations for a solution to Iran’s nuclear bomb research, and unfortunately seemingly negotiating with the U.S. Congress and “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”.

In the end, it is up to us, the American People, to let our President and our Congress know whether we support or oppose their concept of America’s (and the world’s) relationship with the sovereign State of Iran. And let us all also listen to what Iran really wants to be and do.

Remember that Iran has a history and a civilization that predates that of Europe and America; Iran is not a nation of naked natives in opposition to a civilized culture. Iran is a Persian civilization that Europe and American embraced and built upon.

Please America, respect Iranian culture today that is obviously traditionally somewhat different from ours but equally entitled to our respect; think of history before coming to any conclusions about who to support politically. And remember, America is a small part of the entire world.

Meanwhile, God bless President Obama and his efforts to restore World Peace and Prosperity and eliminate atomic war and pestilence.


Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Today, I am reading about, “Chelsea Clinton On Bill and Hillary As Grandparents”: see also:

Actually, I must admit that this bit of Clinton News hits me right in the heart; not that I totally love or always agree with Bill or Hillary Clinton, I don’t, but I do have to respect them for what they are. And, I always loved Chelsea Clinton unconditionally, simply because I see her as a child having had to put up with of two very intelligent, crazy, unconventional adults to be admired and right and wrong, all at the same time (so they’re actually, somewhat normal, exceptional people I guess).

Bill Clinton was probably the most intelligent President of the United States of America ever, at least in my lifetime, until President Barrack Obama (or not); and, I have known a lot of Presidents.

So, when Chelsea talks of Bill Clinton changing his granddaughter’s crappy diaper, I have to admire him because he comes through as a doting grandfather, and admittedly, I never thought I would see the day. Oh Bill, if only you had not put your signature to NAFTA and cost me my job!

So Chelsea has to confess that Bill and Hil think their granddaughter is the most beautiful, intelligent child ever. It brings tears to my eyes and I don’t have the heart to tell them that my own grandchildren, are actually the most beautiful, intelligent children ever, and their little Charlotte Mezvinsky grandchild has to be satisfied with second place.

“Mezvinsky?” Bill, Hil, and I appear to share bizarre but different surnames of our grandchildren; but, what the hell, that is the American ‘melting pot’ way.

Can you imagine an American President with the name, ‘Charlotte Mezvinsky’? As a U. S. History teacher, I always struggled, teaching about Millard Fillmore’s Presidency, but ‘Charlotte Mezvinsky’?

So, I can easily love Chelsea nee Clinton Mezvinsky and her daughter Charlotte Mezvinsky unconditionally, just because I respect them, I know Chelsea’s parents, and can easily identify with the family; I sincerely feel for papa Marc Mezvinsky because he is bound to forever be known as Charlotte’s father, just as I am known as my children’s father. It is however, a good feeling of pride, though!

Bill and Hil Clinton are easily recognized as highly intelligent, capable, and elegant in their own way, as national political personalities.

But it is kind of warm, snuggly, and comfortable for me and other compassionate Americans to have fond memories of our brilliant President, Bill Clinton, up to his elbows in Charlotte Mezvinsky’s poop, while changing his granddaughter’s diaper; you know, perhaps even a nice Republican could learn to love Bill.


Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Today, I am reading about, “Benjamin Netanyahu Says He Regrets Warning About Israeli Arabs Voting”:

I would very much like to believe Netanyahu, when “Netanyahu said he recognized the comment hurt Israeli Arabs, and that it was not his intention to do so, as Haaretz first reported.”

However, Netanyahu’s remark was deliberate and effective enough to allow him to barely survive his election BEFORE HIS APOLOGY, which causes me to seriously doubt his sincerity in this instance and also in his obvious other questionable behavior like his addressing the U.S. Congress to undermine President Obama, which Netanyahu says was a ‘misunderstanding’; it is impossible for me to accept Netanyahu’s explanations for misspeaking in light of his questionable election efforts.

Netanyahu’s close election leads me to believe that many Israelis would agree with me.

In fact, Netanyahu’s behavior was so blatantly anti-Arab and anti-American that I could personally never accept any of his apologies; his behavior is without honor. And, personally I have applauded, respected, and supported Israel from its beginnings in 1948 until now, and believed that Israel could inspire Arab’s wanting democracy in the Mid East, by Israel’s example; however, I cannot support the present-day Israel of a theocratic authoritarian State that persecutes its Arab citizens without any sign of compassion.

Netanyahu is not to be trusted in my opinion; he is the head of Israeli government, therefore Israel unfortunately cannot be trusted in my opinion, in spite of the many, many Israelis that are compassionate, honorable, and believe in democratic fraternity, equality, and liberty.



Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Today I’m reading about, “Cruz launches campaign at world’s largest Christian college”:–election.html?clear-cache

Can you imagine, Sen. Ted Cruz going to Liberty University, a Christian religious college founded by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, and a ‘religious tax exempt nonprofit Corporation’ and excitedly telling American voters, “Imagine abolishing the IRS.” It makes me want to vomit! Liberty University should LOSE their religious tax exempt status.

“Cruz addressed his religious faith, his father’s Cuban roots”; pray tell what is Cruz’s Cuban Roots going to do for America and that is why the Constitutional forefather’s made it a U.S. Constitutional requirement that “No Person except a natural born Citizen . . .shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

Our forefathers wanted the President to be of American culture and not a foreign one; Cruz was born in Canada of a Cuban father an ‘American’ mother living in Canada and is not a ‘natural born citizen’ (a natural born citizen is a person born within the borders of the U.S.A., by historic definition) which makes his candidacy questionable based on the Constitution.

Personally, I do not care if Cruz is a Christian Holy-roller or that he knows all about Cuban dictators and Texas, I’m already convinced that Cruz doesn’t know didley about the Senate, Congress, U.S. Government, or working Middle Class Americans and knows ONLY about ‘shutting-down’ the government of the United States of America (something even foreign terrorists have not been able to do). And I find Sen. Cruz to be an enemy of the government of the United States of America, a blot on U.S. History, and his election to the Presidency would devastate the United States of America.

How could the Grand Old Republican Party of Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Earl Warren come up with a Presidential candidate like Sen. Cruz; how could the Grand Old Republican Party come up with a Senator like Cruz. Cruz should instead be deported to Cuba he loves so much.


Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Today, I read about “John McCain Tells Obama To Get Over ‘Temper Tantrum’ On Israel”:

After reading it, I read the comments and then made a few comments myself; here are three comments I contributed:

Obviously, the comments here today is not a conversation but spamming by the John Birch Society “Comment Writing Committee”, who gather together to write comments that emphasis the news that benefits the John Birch Society ideology by writing comments that are JBS talking points.

If you are not aware, the John Birch Society is a secret organization of extremely wealthy members like the Koch brothers that is determined to eliminate labor unions, public schools and democracy in America, and establish an American plutocratic oligarchy ‘Republic’.

In their manifesto, the John Birch Society Blue Book, they have described how they intend to destroy American democratic government and take over, and one device is ‘comment writing’ or writing ‘letters to the editor’; John Birch Society Blue Book: “We would institute the organized planning and control to make full and effectively coordinated use of the powerful letter writing weapon that lies so ready at hand. . . Letter writing of the kind that builds opinion exactly the way single grains of sand build a whole barricade. . . we would keep a million men working every day . . . ” pp. 66-8.

Those ‘million men’ are certainly evident here today, Obama bashing and spamming!

Just saw Sen. McCain in a state of apoplexy berating Sen. Durbin on the Senate floor the other day; McCain is bound to implode soon.

What I saw our President Obama do was what he always does, calmly and cooling expressing the feeling of most Americans that Netanyahu has defined Israel as a State discriminating against Arabs and persecuting them for being Arab and promising his Israeli people that he would never ever approve of a separate and equal Palestinian State for Arabs; and, that is not my President Obama having a temper tantrum, that is President Obama making foreign policy that is saying that America and Americans believe that Arabs too have Rights, being “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” and Netanyahu is wrong in the sight of America and I agree.

Sen. McCain causes me to wonder about what McCain believes that my own Constitutional Rights in America are today! I’m getting tired of excusing McCain because he was a POW and is older than Methuselah; his excuses are running out.

The President of the United States is responsible for making foreign policy according to the US Constitution; the President stated calmly and cool that America does not go along with the persecution of Arabs by Netanyahu and Israel and we will have to rethink our foreign policy because America does not want to also be responsible for persecuting Arabs. I agree!


HISTORY OF IRAN; 1953: U.S. organized coup removes Mosaddeq
“Shortly thereafter on August 19 a successful coup was headed by retired army general Fazlollah Zahedi, organized by the United States (CIA)[99] with the active support of the British (MI6) (known as Operation Ajax and Operation Boot to the respective agencies).[100] The coup—with a black propaganda campaign designed to turn the population against Mosaddeq—forced Mosaddeq from office. Mosaddeq was arrested and tried for treason. Found guilty, his sentence reduced to house arrest on his family estate while his foreign minister, Hossein Fatemi, was executed. Zahedi succeeded him as prime minister, and suppressed opposition to the Shah, specifically the National Front and Communist Tudeh Party.

“Iran was ruled as an autocracy under the shah with American support from that time until the revolution. The Iranian government entered into agreement with an international consortium of foreign companies which ran the Iranian oil facilities for the next 25 years splitting profits fifty-fifty with Iran but not allowing Iran to audit their accounts or have members on their board of directors.”


Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Today, I’m reading, “If everyone voted, progressives would win”, Al Jazeera English:

Al Jazeera English is the best of all news media; I can depend on Al Jazeera English as a reliable unbiased source of news. And as a political scientist, I agree with Al Jazeera that a majority of Americans are working Middle Class who are liberal and progressive, acknowledging that ‘there is only one purpose of government, and that is to do collectively for the People, those things that the People cannot do for their self, alone’; that is an axiom of government and is written into the preamble to the US Constitution: “We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, insure domestic tranquility, PROVIDE FOR THE COMMON WELFARE, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

The Constitutional forefathers also gave the People, the United States Postal Service: U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8: The Congress shall have Power . . . To establish Post Offices and post Roads.”

Consequently, the American working Middle Class majority are ‘liberal progressives’ and when it comes to voting, the voting majority almost never have a liberal progressive candidate because the DC establishment of the political parties believes that you have to be ‘centrist’ to win an Presidential election and that is totally wrong. And further, therefore the majority of voters only have the lesser of two evils that they can vote for, or they just don’t vote; so many do not vote (about 1/3 of the voters) and they are liberal progressives. All Right Wing Extremists normally vote (about 1/3 of voters based on research).

The Democratic Presidential race of 2008 is the best example of how the majority votes; everyone thought that Hillary, a Centrist DC establishment, had the nomination sewed up and a Black Male Candidate could never win; however, when given a choice in a primary of voters, the liberal progressive Black man beat the Centrist DC establishment White Hillary. And, President Obama won the general election with big majorities of the popular vote . . . twice!

If the working Middle Class has a liberal, progressive candidate to vote for, they will go to the polls and vote for that candidate. If liberal progressive Sen. Warren enters the Democratic primary against Sec. Clinton in 2016, Sen. Warren will win it all.

All the Republican candidates since 2000 are and have been extremist Right Wing-Nuts; but the Democrats lose the elections when they try to be more like the Republican extremist Right Wing-Nuts, ‘centrists’ (like Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004). The liberal progressive majority had no liberal progressive candidates to vote for so many just did not vote (or in 2000 voted for liberal progressive Nader).

In 2014, Democrat candidates (many Centrist DC establishment) didn’t want the help of liberal progressive President Obama who just won 2 successive Presidential election by big majorities, the Democratic candidates wanted to be Centrists; the result was two third of voters did not vote and the Republicans won with support of about 16% of voters (which means even half of Right Wing-Nut Republicans didn’t vote either). What a sad commentary (but consider the record of the previous ‘Do Nothing Congress’ of a Republican House majority and filibustering Republican Senators).

Democrats are their own worst enemies! Al Jazeera has it right; the American majority longs for a legitimate ‘liberal progressive’ candidate they can vote for with a clear conscience; the majority ‘gets no respect’.


Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Today I read about, “As Gov. Scott Walker ramps up his 2016 presidential campaign, he’s using Wisconsin to show what he’d like to do to the entire United States of America.”
“Scott Walker’s plan for Wisconsin education: Slash it to the bone”:

What most Americans do not understand about Gov. Walker, the Koch brothers who made him Governor, and the Koch brother’s John Birch Society is that the purpose of destroying and eliminating the public schools is to privatize education so the John Birch Society can indoctrinate students in their ideology and control their minds; that is the purpose of private schools as we know them, usually, parochial schools, to indoctrinate students in a particular religion for parents who wanted their kids indoctrinated.

Public Schools are required to be democratic, impartial, nonpartisan, and treat all kids equitably. Granted is doesn’t always work that way, but legally and Constitutionally that is a requirement of public schools and they can and have been taken to court often when they violate the law.

Private schools have traditionally been used to indoctrinate students in a religious belief, and were primarily Catholic, Lutheran, or Episcopalian; however after integration of the public schools, many parochial schools of various faiths were founded primarily to avoid integration and provide alternative segregated private schools.

But the primary purpose of the John Birch Society is to provide private schools to indoctrinate the students in the John Birch Society ideology that America was never intended to be a democracy; John Birch Society Blue Book, p.124 ” . . . democracy is merely a deceptive phrase, a weapon of demagoguery, and a perennial fraud.” (Continued in Footnote 25, p. 136.) “Our founding fathers . . . visibly spurned a democracy as probably the worst of all forms of government.”

And, Public Schools are required to teach students the value and benefit of living in a democracy like the American democratic Republic.

So the John Birch Society and their followers like Gov. Walker intend to systematically trash public education, provide false reformers, ultimately eliminate Public Schools, and privatize education so they can have their own schools and indoctrinate students in JBS ideology. It is not am opinion, it is history; read it if you can find it!

The John Birch society works secretly through “Front Groups” like ALEC, Tea Party, and other such tax exempt organizations. You cannot believe the news media who never mentions the John Birch Society despite the fact that is what they are actually reporting about; the news media is almost totally owned, operated, and edited (censored) by Corporate Conglomerates who share the opinion of the wealthy, powerful JBS membership (which is secret). Americans are subsequently “dumbed-down”.

But Americans should research the facts and make their own decisions. I was a career educator and suffered through this history and I’ve made my decision; please be thorough in making your own decision about our schools.


Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Today, I was reading about the values of ‘going naked’, “There’s Good News for People Who Just Love Being Naked”:

When I was a child and growing up, women were required to wear a hat to church, and as a child, I always wondered what it was about women’s heads that God did not like; so, I studied women’s heads and I didn’t find them very attractive but thought God must have a better reason not to want to see women’s heads. Surely God would not be unfair.

Also, I have always wondered why people had to wear clothes?

Adam and Eve

And, I always wondered why men could expose their nipples and women couldn’t; to me, nipples were nipples even if I never found a use for my own, they just looked like nipples to me.

Personally, I always thought women’s elbows were less attractive than their nipples and all women exposed their elbows all the time except when they wore long sleeves.

As for me, I love to be naked; I feel more comfortable naked. I sleep better naked and it is more convenient for me to shower naked.

For a time, I thought God opposed nudity because maybe God didn’t like naked people; but then God made an appearance on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, naked as a baby jay bird, letting it all hang out. Of course that made me feel much better about God. And till then, I was never sure quite sure whether God was male or Female but after seeing God there on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, there was no doubt in my mind. And, I no longer feel God objected to nudity or the top of my mother’s head.

As for going around naked all the time, a very intelligent woman once told me, “I can’t understand why women can’t go around naked, they have nothing to expose, like men do!”

Well, I certainly couldn’t argue with that; and I did feel sorry for this wonderful woman, because I thought that women must suffer penis envy and feel inferior. Though I can’t truthfully say that my having a penis ever made me feel superior, I always considered myself being somewhat short of superior.

Personally, except to keep warm, I can’t understand the social necessity of clothing. However, I do conform to society for purely social reasons and to avoid arrest, not any intelligent reasons, and I appear legally clothed when necessary. However, the same people who would not approve of my nudity, disapprove of the fashion of my choice of clothes.

There appears to be no intelligent reasons for the clothing requirement or many other of American social mores.

God bless naked people!