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Friday, January 30th, 2015

Today, I read more about the new movie, “Sniper”, and how the NFL Patriot football team really enjoyed the movie. And I note the connection between sports and resolving the conscience of people injuring or killing opponents in combat. “Patriots View ‘American Sniper’ As Team, Give It Enthusiastically Positive Reviews”,

Very interesting, because in the book, “Trained To Kill”, a real life book about the study of veterans having post combat psychiatric problems about killing people, the problem most combat soldiers had was that they enjoyed killing the enemy and celebrated when they killed, and that bothered their conscience.

Then psychiatrists traced the joy for killing to experiences with combat veteran’s fathers when they were young, and fathers encouraging their sons to win, as in sports like football, and telling them to “go out and kill your opponents on the playing field.”

The combat veterans then blamed their father for teaching them to enjoy injuring and killing opponents; it was their way of resolving their psychiatric problem and their conscience.

So, this reminds me of the National Football League teams paying a bonus to players who injured opponents and put them out of the game. Consequently, I would expect many of the NFL players to enjoy “Sniper” and it’s message of justification for killing.

This take on the “Sniper” does not mean that it was a bad movie, nor does the fact the movie tends to justify the President W. Bush’s unjustified wars of aggression; this take on the movie “Sniper” simply means that it is only a movie, movies are make-believe, and unfortunately movies sometimes have greater effects on a movie goer’s psyche than real life. It doesn’t mean a movie is ‘bad’.

And, I have not seen the movie, but when I do I will remember my own experiences and my research and know that it is alright for a combat veteran to resolve his own questions about killing in combat; everyone is different and everyone has to find his own solutions to problems with their conscience. The same is true for citizens justifying their conscience for their nation’s justification for unjustified wars; it is an individual thing.

Historically, the post-Civil-War movie, “Birth of a Nation”, was used by a multitude of White citizens of the United States to justify racism and the KKK; this is obviously historically true, but “Birth of a Nation” was like “Sniper”, just a movie.

Unfortunately, or perhaps not so, politicians will chime in on the effects of “Sniper” on the populace; and, possibly someone needs to convince the People that a movie is just a movie even when it is based on real experiences, the movie is fiction. However, convincing People that movies are fiction, just doesn’t seem work.

The same is also true of political books like Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’, Marx’s ‘Communist Manifesto’, and the John Birch Society’s ‘John Birch Blue Book’. They are just books; the effects are real history.

Artists deal with the unreal; excellent artists are convincing and that is a mark of excellence!


Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Today, I read about the President giving up his efforts to make a college education available for all QUALIFIED students, rich or poor. “White House drops plan to scale back college savings plans,” Yahoo:


Let me tell the world, I have been an educator in public schools and universities, all of my long life until retirement 28 years ago, and when I was young, a college education was for rich kids, and truthfully, it still is today.

The only way I was able to go to college, was that I worked 8 hours every night 5 nights a week at hard labor for all four years of my college and that is not easy; I did not do as well in college as I would have liked because I worked 40 hours a week and slept 4 hours a night.

My parents were apologetic for not being able to help me attend college; it broke my heart and I assured them that without their help I could not have done it since they fed me, housed me, and most of all encouraged and inspired me to get my education.

And, the fact is that poor parents still cannot save enough money for their kids to go to college; and to give them a break on their income tax is not helping, because they do not earn enough to save for anything, they have no savings account, and they do not earn enough to use anything but a standard deduction. Politicians need to get a brain.

The problem of college costs for poor kids from poor families is the fault of politicians and the colleges their selves.

If politicians were half intelligent and committed to improving the American Republic, they would provide FREE college education for QUALIFIED STUDENTS, regardless of economic class or status like other civilized nations in Europe and Cuba. When a State or a Nation has qualified citizens with a technical education that can support business and industry success, everybody benefits from it.

My State of California did have FREE Community Colleges available for all students in every part of the State until 1984, when a Republican Governor was elected who had immigrated from New York; it was Governor Deukmejian. He insisted legislature that disagreed, enact college tuition for Community College Students, be paid for the purpose of lowering taxes; the Governor used extortion to force the legislature to require tuition for Community College Students, saying he would approve of no funding until the legislature met his demands of tuition.

California at that time, enticed a lot of business and industry to move to California because California had a large well educated labor source with a technical education. California was the richest State in the Union.

Institutions of higher learning in America benefit from the financial support from wealthy parents of their students. Students of wealthy parents do not always qualify for a college education, but colleges can always make an exception in admitting students of wealthy parents to their college; consequently, they often spend a lot of money and resources on unqualified students, while qualified poor students cannot afford to attend.

This is not opinion, it is a well-established fact. Another well-established fact is that no one seems to listen to dedicated educators.


Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Today I read about a Republican Legislator who wants to eliminate ALL legal marriage in the State of Oklahoma; with this in mind, consider a life without legal marriages: Addicting Info, “Whiny Oklahoma Republican Can’t Stop Gay Marriage, So He Wants To Stop All Marriages”:

It sounds ridiculous, however I gave it some thought and based on my own life experiences, I just wonder what life without legal marriage would really be like. What if the people had to accept responsibility for relationships and children without legal enforcement and duress?

Stopping ALL legal marriages just might be innovative; think about it. Limited to just religious marriages by choice, without legal implications for either the bride or groom, would be interesting to experience.

It just might create an enlightened world without alimony or child support which is a huge problem in America.

And, children would have only one parent legally, a mother; of course begetting children is not too definitive when it comes to fathers. Since fathers are never really assured of their own fatherhood, too often too many fathers try to find excuses for not taking responsibility for their progeny (before DNA).

If both parents ‘chose’ to raise the child as father and mother, the relationship would be based ONLY on faith in each other and not a legal requirement; that might actually be a good thing for the children and make the mother totally responsible legally, mothers would have no alternative.

Personally, I am a feminist and believe in gender equality; however, I am not sure that American marriage law is actually beneficial to women, and think about that for a moment.

On the surface, eliminating legal marriage sounds like it is demeaning of women but I am not convinced. It would appear to me that women are quite capable of handling total responsibility for their selves and their children. And too often the male of the species appear to show the consequences of their lack of responsibility and ovaries.

I’m certain that this dimwit Republican Todd Russ, who proposed eliminating legal marriages, did not see any advantages at all in his proposal. What fools these mortals be!


Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Today, I read about a popular but controversial movie, “American Sniper”.

“Clint Eastwood’s hit film “American Sniper” has reignited a bitter debate about the US invasion of Iraq and one of its most famous warriors, with conservatives hailing the movie as a long overdue tribute to veterans. . . . Critics on the left have slammed the popular film as an attempt to whitewash the history of the American occupation of Iraq and say the subject of the movie, former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, deserves no hero treatment for his handiwork as a deadly sniper”: ‘American Sniper’ triggers angry debate; AFP, Dan De Luce, January‎ ‎21‎, ‎2015:

Based on my own expertise on the subject, I would have to disagree with Dan De Luce’s analysis (above); De Luce seems to think liberals are critical of “Sniper” and conservatives praise it. To me, the differences of opinion are not political differences, but rather philosophical individual differences, based on every individual’s experiences and personal philosophy and not their political ideology.

As for my own expertise of the matter, it is probably especially important because it doesn’t really matter (contradiction intentional).

My guess is that my particular expertize is valid only because I am a professional historian and psychologist, based on my being exceedingly over-educated in the subjects in my opinion and my having too many years of teaching experience in both subjects.

Further, I do have some limited military experience, though peacetime, and I was taught to kill, as every soldier is and I am definitely not a pacifist. And in my lifetime, I have had serious conversations with combat veteran from WWI, WWII, the Korean ‘Police Action”, the Vietnam Debacle, and the American undeclared wars of aggression that were all inter-related, Desert Storm of 1991, Invasion of Afghanistan 2001, and the Invasion of Iraq 2003. As for my own bias, I have opposed all the wars since Korea, as have many other Americans.

In my discussion with combat veterans, I found that combat veterans of all of these wars that I talked to, did not want to talk about the people they had killed, and that includes very close relatives who are very dear to me; this doesn’t necessarily reflect negatively, on the Navy Seal sniper, Chris Kyle, who wrote the book on the subject of killing people in war explaining his own philosophy on the subject.

One of the best book on the subject of soldiers’ reaction to killing that I have read, is the little-read book “Trained To Kill”, by Theodore Nadelson, Chief of Psychiatry at Boston VA Medical Center. It is basically about a Federal Government research project, dealing with combat veterans who experienced some psychological problems due to their experience of killing the enemy; the book is about the research that resulted from the phenomenon.

For me, the most interesting aspect about “Trained to Kill” was that the problem experienced by the veterans who had killed other human beings in combat, was that they enjoyed the killing at the time, and in retrospect, they were feeling guilt for enjoying “the moment”.

Many of the soldiers blamed their fathers for their enjoyment of killing enemy soldiers, reflecting their father’s encouragement, for their sons to always be aggressive in life, as in sports, and the, “go out there and kill your opponents on the football” attitude.

In my own experience and study of the morality and attitude regarding soldiers taking the lives of other human beings, I concluded that each person has their own philosophy and in war, people are purposely killed and people are required to purposely kill other human beings.

Every person also has their own concept of life; some have a fear of death and spend their entire life worrying about death and desperately doing everything they can to avoid death and stay alive. Others are of the Buddhist philosophy that every person who is born is destined to die, no one knows when, there is noting a person can do to prevent it, and each should lead the best life possible in the meantime. And of course, there are many other concepts of life after death that affect most people’s concept of death and killing.

However, anyone interested in analyzing the phenomenon of a soldier taking human lives, should realize that there is a great deal of difference between career military soldiers and citizen soldiers that were conscripted (drafted) to serve; the career military personnel are soldiers because it is their choice, and the conscripted soldiers are soldiers only because they ‘have-to-be’ and because they feel a moral responsibility to be soldiers and serve.

Our most recent wars have been waged by exclusively using only career soldiers like Chris Kyle; therefore these wars cannot be compared to the Vietnam War, the Korean ‘Police Action’, or WWI and WWII.

It would appear to me that if a society totally depends upon a standing army of career soldiers who are risking their own life for the protection of the People and America, then those career soldiers should not be criticized for how they kill, if it meets the world’s code (International Law) of honorable and merciful killing on the battlefield; that is what honorable war is all about (regardless of how an individual feels about the honor and mercy of warfare in a Twenty-First Century).

In reference to those who believe that a sniper is not an honorable means of waging war and killing people, I would refer them to the Minute Men of 1776 at the Battle of Lexington and Concord, where the American Minute Men defeated the disciplined British Soldiers who march with traditional discipline and honor into the forests where the Minute Men, hiding in the trees, picked off the British marchers one at a time. The Minute Men learned to kill from the Native Americans.

And a sniper cannot be distinguished from an airplane pilot dropping bombs and firing rockets at the basically defenseless enemy below or to drop an atomic bomb. Personally, I find it extremely difficult to find an honorable way to kill people in a war.

In conclusion, I would certainly be the last person to judge Chris Kyle on how he killed the enemy, nor would I criticize Sargent York the most decorated soldier of WWI, or criticize Audie Murphy the most decorated soldier of WWII.

And further, I cannot judge the movie, because I haven’t seen it yet; and frankly, I’m rather “burned-out” on war movies and would prefer enjoying a comedy instead. It is in all honesty, not for me to judge the “Sniper”. RIP Chris Kyle.


Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Today I read about a guy who lost a half pound a day by changing diets ever five days for fifty days, “I Tried 10 Diets In 50 Days — Here’s What Actually Worked”:

Nothing amazing here, so he changed diets every 5 days for 50 day and lost a half pound a day; a long time ago, I discovered that if I don’t eat anything, I lose a 1/2 pound a day and if I start eating, I gain a half pound a day.

Personally, I have lost thousands of pounds in my lifetime just by not eating every day.


Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Today, I read the front page of the “New York Daily News,” across the whole front page, “Sunday more than 40 leaders marched with 3M people in Paris to defy terror, none of these men showed up (here there were pictures of President Obama, Vice President Biden, Sec. of State Kerry, and Attorney General Holder), You Let the World Down”:

Also, I read in “The Jewish Daily Forward,“ headlines “Why Benjamin Netanyahu Attended Paris Anti-Terror March Over France’s Objections”:

And the “Huffington Post” quoted President Obama’s press secretary, Josh Earnest, saying “”I think it’s fair to say we should have sent someone with a higher profile,” said Earnest. “There are some who suggested that the U.S. presence at the march should have been represented by somebody with a higher profile than the ambassador to France”

Was this whole issue, an insult to the U.S. Ambassador to France?

For 5 years, 2000-2005, I lived in Europe and twice President Bush flew to Europe for conferences; his plane arrived secretly, he was hurriedly secretly taken to a secure secret place, attended the exclusively private conference, and secretly flown out of Europe and the public never caught sight of him; once after I had left Europe, President Bush secretly went to Europe, he did attend a public news conference and a reporter threw a shoe at him.

When President Bush gave speeches in the U.S.A., it was always before servicemen on a military base and never in public forum that I can remember; I made a not of this.

On 09/11/2001, bin Laden’s heinous terrorist attack, President Bush was nowhere to be seen, he safely was flying in circles over America on the advice from the Secret Service; it was the prudent thing to do in my estimation.

During the WWII bombing of London, the Queen of England was walking the streets of London. Neither the news or the People condemned either President Bush or the British Queen for what they did.

Further, I thought that was very wise of the Secret Service and President Bush to take adequate care for the President’s safety and I certainly was personally thankful that President Bush took every precaution to protect his person, for it was always my fear that something would happen to President Bush and the much more sadistic Dick Cheney would become President of the United States of America; for eight years, Dick Cheney was a heartbeat away from the Presidency, and I personally did not trust Dick Cheney to be my President.

President Obama has been to Europe, Asia, and Africa many times, before and since he has been President and he consistently appears in public giving speeches, and/or meeting the local people; frankly, it is very discerning to me.

Since President Obama has been President, it was reported that he has received more death threats than all other Presidents in American history; yet, President Obama is always showing up in public places, giving speeches in public parks at night to thousands of people, he is presently traveling across country giving speeches at public forums, and occasionally he is going into McDonald’s for a hamburger and talking to the servers and customers.

Frankly, it scares the crap out of me, because in case no one noticed, President Obama is African-American, and in America, even White policemen and neighborhood watch volunteers in the United States, shoot unarmed African-American men with impunity.

What is particularly scary in America, it to see the Republican extremist hate-filled Tea Party, NRA advocates having a political rally with AK-47s strapped over their shoulders and I remember one such incident, when one showed up at a town hall meeting of President Obama with a rifle over his shoulder. These are things that I never witnessed in America before, in my lifetime.

About neither President Obama nor members of his cabinet being at the Paris Rally Against Terrorism, it should be understood that this was a quick spontaneous spur of the moment demonstration, it is an 8 hour flight to Paris from Washington D.C., much preparation has to be made for an American Officer of State to travel, and President Obama made his position on terrorism very clear in the Sony Hack situation and the hate-filled Republicans and the all Republican news media, condemned him for interfering with the private sector Sony’s business.

Seems President Obama just can’t win Republican favor for anything he does.

And to be totally correct, Attorney-General Holder purportedly was in Paris during the demonstration and was working at that particular time on preventing terrorist’s attacks.

To the Corporate American, Republican news media President Obama is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

Corporate American news media is obviously censored for the benefit of Corporate America and that is, of course, also the Republican Party’s interests.

What do the American People think?

The majority of the American People voted for President Obama, twice, and the American People voted for all the things that President Obama has accomplished that Republicans condemn, and two thirds of the American voters, in disgust, did not even cast their vote in the 2014 Midterm Elections in which 16% of the American voters elected a Republican majority of both Houses of Congress.

The vast majority of the American People are working Middle Class and Poor; the power of the ballot of the working Middle Class and poor has been denied them recently, by the 5 extremist Republican Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ‘Citizens United Decision’, Voter Suppression laws enacted by extremist Republican State Legislatures, Republican Party Gerrymandering, and the few Corporate American Conglomerates who own, control, edit, and censor all of the American news media that ‘dumbs-down’ the American People.

The American democratic Republic has become a radical Republican plutocratic oligarchy and the common People of America no longer have a voice in their government; in 2014, the American common People were so devastated that they did not even vote!

President Obama did not walk in the crowd of a million demonstrators during the Paris anti-Terrorist demonstration; but, no one can question where he stands on the issue and certainly not the ‘New York Daily News’.


Sunday, January 11th, 2015

Today, I am reading about the American “Christian Leaders” reaction to the Paris terrorism: “This Week in God, 1.10.15” by Steve Brenen,

This article about so-called “Christian Leaders” reaction to the Paris tragedy of Charlie is worth reading and reinforces my belief that these extremist radical “Christians”, Muslim haters, are no more Christian than the Paris “Muslim” terrorists are Muslim.

Americans and the American corporate censored news media do not call the “Christian” terrorist Roeder, a Christian Terrorist though Roeder was “Christian” and assassinated abortion physician Tiller for “Christian” purpose; yet, the Christian terrorist Roeder, who assassinated abortion physician Dr. Tiller, in Tiller’s own Lutheran church where he ushered, was never labeled, a “Christian” terrorist; why is that?

The American terrorist Timothy McVeigh, a member of a “Christian” militia, was never called a “Christian Terrorist”, as the Oklahoma City Bomber.

We Americans seemingly have a “Christian” Twenty-First Century Inquisition going on in America; these “Christian” leaders are not Christian in my eyes and Jesus Christ would agree with me.

Americans should take another look at history and determine if they want a Twenty-First Century resurgence of the “Christian” Inquisition and the “Christian” Crusades.

Let me assure you that Muslims very well remember the Inquisition and the Crusades; Muslims have not forgotten and they fear the American “Christian” PNAC “Christian” wars of aggression, Desert Storm in 1991, Afghanistan in 2001, and Iraq in 2003, being fought in their Holy Land and against exclusively, those People of the Muslim Faith, and Muslims remember the American “Christian’s” sadistic torture of Muslim prisoners of war.

Further Muslims all over the world read what American “Christian” leaders are saying in the news today, news is electronically transmitted into even the most remote parts of the world.

Personally, I was brought up a Christian and received Christian training, but I was not taught “Christian” hatred for those of other religious beliefs; and when I did encounter “Christian” hatred for “others” later in my life, I exited the “Christian” church but not my faith.

Both Muslims and Christians believe in the “Golden Rule”, and most practice it and live together in peace and in harmony without even realizing their neighbors are a different faith, in both America and in Paris; these are truly Christians and Muslims.

Religious extremist terrorists, are not religious zealots, they are using their religious opinions as an excuse for political terrorism; it is pure and simple, a revival of the sadistic Medieval Christians Crusades.

This is all a matter of historical fact


Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Today, I am reading about the terrorist attack in Paris, “Masked gunmen attacked the Paris offices of satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, killing 12 people before fleeing”:

One of the terrorist purportedly shouted Mohammad’s name.







American Gov. Howard Dean voiced his opinion that this attack should not be considered an attack by “Muslim Terrorists” but instead “Extremist Political Terrorists”, because they do not represent Mohammad or the 1.6 billion other Muslims in the world including 2 million American Muslims who are our neighbors:

Dean is of course right.

The terrorists who call their self “Muslim” or call out Mohammad’s name, are using religion to justify ghastly deadly deeds, and are not one that Mohammad would consider a Muslim and certainly not a “Muslim Terrorist”, they are only political terrorists.

These terrorists obviously do nothing for Mohammad or the Muslim faith; they defile it.

And, in America, Dr. Georg Tiller was shot through the eye and killed by extremist Christian anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder, as Tiller served as an usher during the Sunday morning service at his church in Wichita Kansas. The assassin Scott Roeder was never considered a “Christian Terrorist” in news accounts in America.

Timothy McVeigh the American Oklahoma City bomber was a member of a secret extremist American “Christian Militia”, but McVeigh would not be and was not considered a “Christian Terrorist” and would not be considered a Christian by Jesus Christ or most American Christians.

Unfortunately, too many Americans tend to be religious bigots, however, and Dean is actually addressing that issue.

Personally, I have lived in Paris along with many, many ‘Parisians’ who were of the Muslim faith; they are simply ‘Parisians’ that I respected just like any other ‘Parisian’.

I agree with Gov. Dean and, JE SUIS CHARLIE.


Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Today, I read about, “California Just Broke Ground on a $68 Billion Project That No Other State Has:

Yes, I’m a railroad nut; I have always liked trains and traveling by train! But I’m not stupid. I would not be for bullet trains if I thought it was not beneficial for the People. But actually, I see ‘Bullet Trains’ as actually a necessity for America in the 21ST Century!


California Bullet Train Project: LA to San Fran!

Let’s go back in history sixty-five years; World War II has ended, America has not built any new cars during the four years of war, and now millions of America’s soldiers are home from the war wanting a new car. And, the auto, steel, and oil lobbies are desperately making America an automotive society and discouraging public transportation; America’s progeny are literally being conceived in an automobile.

The railroads which were built with government subsidies are now competing with trucks for hauling freight; the trucks are using public highways for free, highways built by the government for cars, and the railroads are stuck with maintaining the rails and paying property tax on railroad property where the rails are laid. Freight hauling is competitive and railroads are losing.

Railroads and street cars are competing with buses for passenger service; buses are using government built highways made for cars and the railroads are having to maintain rails and pay property taxes on the railroad property where rails are laid. Private public transportation is competitive.

The People and their government are subsidizing trucking and buses by building more and faster highways without expense to trucks and buses.

And don’t forget the auto, steel, and oil lobbies are working day and night.

The American People are being convinced that there should be a car in every garage, every person should have their own car, and car ownership becomes a ‘man thing’, every man wanting the biggest, most powerful car on the market, it’s become a status symbol.

Railroads accept the inevitable; competition is to the death: the death of rail passenger service.

For railroads, the profits are bigger and better hauling freight than passengers.

The government and the law requires railroads provide passenger service for as long as the public needs rail passenger service; after all, the railroads were subsidized to provide transportation for the People.

So, the railroad reverse the competition for rail passengers; now the railroad must discourage passengers, they want no passengers, and with no passengers they are no longer required to provide passenger service.

Trains run late, passenger cars are not maintained, passenger trains are held to let freight trains pass. It was a concerted effort and successful.

In a short time the railroads destroyed their own passenger service and there was no passenger service available to the public.

The Federal government conceived ‘Amtrak’, to console those who needed rail transportation! There was much opposition in congress; it was the same old auto, steel, and oil lobbies and now the railroad lobby.

Amtrak was ill-conceived; the railroads held up Amtrak trains for freight trains to pass.

During this time, I personally remember taking Amtrak from San Diego to New Orleans; the train was four hours late getting into New Orleans, and that was not unusual.

For Amtrak to be successful and efficient, it would be necessary for the Federal Government to nationalize the railroads and, nationalize is a dirty word to most capitalistic indoctrinated Americans. However, nationalization of the railroads is a necessity if the railroads are going to serve the People; it is no different than cities providing bus service, it is more economical and efficient for the government to provide public transportation than the private sector.

Competition between railroads is obviously not in the best interests of the People or public transportation; the private sector is motivated only by profits and the government is in business to provide services for the People. It’s that simple!

America is far behind most of the rest of the world in rail transportation, Bullet Trains, and public transportation; and, Americans are apparently totally unaware of it. For someone who has traveled abroad, it is obvious that America is far behind the rest of the world.

In Europe, a passenger can take a Bullet Train from downtown London, under the English Chunnel, and arrived in downtown Paris in less than three hours; and they can sit comfortably having a martini along the way and they don’t have to stand in line to go through airport security, suffer airport traffic, and raise their seat and put away their tray for breath taking landing and taking-off.

If America had Bullet Train service as they have in Europe, China, Japan and other civilized countries, here in California, People could go from San Diego to Los Angeles in an hour (including stops), in about the same as flying, without having to wait in line at security for thirty minutes; and if People had to drive to Los Angeles by car, it would be stop-and-go, bumper-to-bumper, on the freeway for hours to get there and they would more than likely be late for their appoiintment.

Unfortunately, America is no longer the greatest country in the world. And if America had the trillions of dollars spent on needless war in Iraq, to build Bullet Trains in America, the American People would be in a much better mood than they are today, stopped and sitting on the freeways. Californians should keep track of all the hours they spend stopped and sitting on the freeway.

The only objection I have to California’s Bullet Train Plan is that it does not include rail passenger service from San Diego to L.A.!



Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Universal medical care is a sign of responsible government of the People, by the People, and for the People; it is doing for the American People what they cannot do for themselves alone. And, that is the only purpose of government.

Medical care for my neighbor and his kids, is good for my own health, also. Illness is contagious!

Universal Medical care is a necessity for American, and is a given; to deny it is ignorance personified.

All western civilized nations have had universal health care, ahead of Obamacare. America is last to recognize the need; America is not the greatest nation in the world, anymore!

Thanks you God and President Obama for caring!