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Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

Today, I was reading, “Twelve years before he was elected by his colleagues as House majority whip, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) spoke at a conference hosted by the white supremacist group European-American Unity and Rights Organization. . . . According to another Stormfront post, the National/International EURO Workshop on Civil Rights was held from May 17 to 18, 2002, at the Landmark/Best Western Hotel in Metairie, Louisiana. The conference was also listed on an Anti-Defamation League list of extremist events for that year”:

Republicans like to pretend NOT to be the racist party; Republicans would have your believe that racism is ‘conservative’ and ‘conservative’ is a politically correct term for racism; it really isn’t and it gives real ‘conservatives’ a very bad and undeserving name.

However, the fact is that the Republicans would have you believe that ‘conservative’ also means complete freedom to pass laws that deny other citizens their freedom and the word ‘democracy’ means lazy liberals eat from the table of the righteous wealthy and, America was never meant to be a ‘democracy’.

And, racist ‘conservative’ Republicans would have you believe that the national news media is ‘liberal’ when actually the entire ‘main stream’ established national media is owned by racist ‘conservative’ Republican Corporate conglomerates, that censor the news to their own benefit, and use the ‘Freedom of the Press’ to censor, lie, and misinform the public.

In democratic countries outside of the U.S.A., news media competes with other news media in being first with the real news, because they make a profit from selling papers that inform the People; in America, the new media conglomerates have a monopoly and make their profit from other Republican corporate advertisers and not subscribers who they ‘dumb-down’ with misinformation instead of news.

As a consequence, in America racists are called respectable ‘conservative’ Republicans, and the people are ‘dumbed-down’ by an all ‘conservative’ Republican corporate conglomerate news media that convinces the People that wars for the benefit of corporate profits from overseas investments are ‘moral’ wars to make Iraq and Afghanistan a ‘democracy’, by the efforts of an America that they claim was never intended to be a ‘democracy’.

The American majority, working Middle Class and poor People, have a long way to go, to regain their democracy and their power of the ballot.

They have to begin, by realizing that they have been ‘had’, and to win they must unite and form a union of working Middle Class and poor voters, who can deny the ‘conservative’ Republicans and their news media propaganda machines.

The majority of the People must deny the ‘conservative’ Republicans use of the racist media to divide them, and learn the truth by producing their own news media network, basically using the internet, and word of mouth, and People to People.

The American People must organize and stand united, disregarding race, religion, creed, sexual preference, and gender to counter the power of wealth.

America must once more become a government of the People, by the People, and for the People instead of a tool for profits for the Wealthy.

There is an old American saying, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Racism, discrimination, and elitism only favors the wealthy ‘conservative’ Republicans and corporate conglomerates and divides the ‘common man’, American majority.

The working Middle Class and poor Americans, must realize they are the ‘common man’ and be proud of it; as a different, ‘good’ respectable Republican, Abe Lincoln, once said, “God must love the common man because He made so many of them!”

God bless America!


Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Today, I felt a huge urge and a calling to write this post for my blog. Perhaps I’m having illusions of grandeur, but I felt like Thomas Paine; of course, you may not agree at all, but I would like for you to give me the opportunity to discuss American political needs in the 21ST Century with you.

Our Constitution is 227 years old; as much as I love it, I have come to the conclusion in its present form, our Constitution is not providing Americans with liberty, fraternity, and equality in the 21ST Century.

Thomas Jefferson would do it differently in the 21st Century

This is not intended partisan in any way, as I see it; I believe it to be a necessary coming together of all the American People, for our common benefit and needs as Americans.

Research has indicated that about one third of America’s population are extremist political nuts and will never change their mind, regardless of facts and/or evidence.

That does however, sound reasonable, when you consider that in the 2014 midterm elections, two thirds of the voters did not vote. In the midterm elections, the extremist political nuts, who always vote, apparently won a majority of both Houses of Congress with approximately 16% of the qualified voters support, and that was with extremist, wealthy John-Birch-nuts pouring tons of money into elections of candidates most voters had never heard about; it was accomplished by virtue of the 5 extremist John-Birch-Society-Nut Justices of the Supreme Court’s, 5 to 4 majority’s, ‘Citizens United Decision’, allowing Corporate America and individual special interests to buy candidates and elections at whatever the price.

There was a record of spending on elections, in the midterms elections of 2014! Two Thirds of America’s voters, protested by staying home from the polls and not casting any vote; the voters actually had no other choice, they had been betrayed by the U.S. Supreme Court! The power of the ballot was now up for bid for corporate and individual wealth! The score will always be, Plutocrats 1, the People 0!

And therefore, now the American working Middle Class and poor American majority are stuck with extremist Nut oligarchic control of both Houses of Congress and the Supreme Court; the only person standing between the People and the elimination of democracy in the American democratic Republic is President Obama, twice elected by a majority of American voters. It will be a harrowing, cruel, and crucial two years until 2016 Presidential and Congressional Elections.

Among other things Americans should be thinking about, is our Constitution that provides for Congressional elections only every two years and Presidential elections only every four years; this served America in 1787 without our modern electronic technology, but in the Twenty-First Century, the People need to respond to their government more quickly, by cell phone if necessary.

A second reform measure necessary, is the life-time appointment of Supreme Court Justices; the lifespan of man has increased considerably since 1787. Our Constitution needs to change accordingly; our forefathers never expected our justice system to be decided by Justices one hundred years old, or by justices who were appointed by virtue of unnatural circumstances and allowed to remain in that sensitive position until they die in the next century.

My personal suggestion for Americans to improve our self-governing, is to consider a Federal National Elections Bureau, a non-partisan agency similar to the Justice System and, allowing the Federal Government to provide for National Elections for President, developing a different parliamentary system of legislature, and above all provide for a national referendum by all voters on exceedingly important legislative issue; this was not possible in 1787, but with electronic technology today, it is absolutely possible for America to have a national referendum.

The other necessity of America, is a Federal Identification Bureau that keeps electronic records of every citizen of the U.S.A. from birth until death, and certifies their voting right, certifies their right to employment in the U.S.A., and is used as census for determining any kind of Congressional Representation.

Basically, Americans must also consider whether or not the American People should be thinking in terms of a United People of America, instead of a United States of America; it is indeed questionable whether or not the American nation, divided by State diversity, is even tolerable in the Twenty-First Century.

As time and technology moves on, it is obvious that State/Federal competition divides the American People, as a nation, and this is definitely not to the advantage of the People; State/Federal competition only serves petty politics which is certainly not needed in the 21ST Century.

America simply needs to address the Twenty-First Century, if the American democratic Republic is to survive! It is obvious that the voters are totally disillusioned with the present Do-Nothing Congress, the petty political shutting down of government, and basically, opposition Party obstruction of day to day necessary progressive legislation! America is desperately in need of reform, if it will serve all the People.

Today, respectable and capable citizens refuse to be candidates for election because of the sacrifices to their good name and reputation, not only of their selves, but also their families. Today, political candidates spend fortunes to defile their opponents, instead of making the most of their own virtues. Unfortunately, this encourages the worse of candidates to be elected to office.

What America most needs today, is leadership of highly respected citizens without selfish interests involved, to come together and make sacrifices in their lives, for serving and for the salvation of the American democratic Republic; and, they need to lead us to a more democratic nation that represents the interests of ALL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, and not for the benefit of any particular class or ethnic heritage of citizens!

Today, American is obviously being controlled by a plutocratic minority; the American democratic Republic is in serious jeopardy of the working Middle Class and poor People totally losing their power of the ballot.

America cannot afford to be divided into classes of lords and peasants in a Twenty-First Century Feudal System; in our American democracy today, we have become divided by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision and, the increasing inequitable distribution of wealth. The American People deserve better.

“These are the times that try men’s souls!”

God Bless America!


Monday, December 29th, 2014

President Obama has declared American hostility in the sovereign nation of Afghanistan over; American combat troops have now been removed from Afghanistan:

Finally, the thirteen year ‘War Against Afghanistan’ is over; we’ll never know if America won, because Americans have no idea why we invaded Afghanistan in the first place and there was no declaration of war, as required by International Law.

International Law requires that a Nation declare a recognizable approved purpose for invading another sovereign nation that is a threat to their security. So, thirteen years after the American invasion of Afghanistan, the Afghan conflict is simply and American invasion of the sovereign nation of Afghanistan purportedly to get the terrorist bin Laden, who we now know hasn’t been there all this time.

Most Americans tell me that Afghanistan started the war by bin Laden’s terrorist attack on September 11, 2001; then I have to remind them that the sovereign nation of Afghanistan had nothing to do with bin Laden’s attack. Bin Laden was not an Afghan, he was a Saudi Arabian citizen, hiding in a remote part of Afghanistan that was in the throes of a civil war, which had nothing to do with bin Laden, and bin Laden was not a Taliban Muslim.

Actually, bin Laden’s motivation for attacking America was because he believed the United States had defiled Muslim Saudi Arabian, religious Holy Land in 1991, by placing infidel (American non-Muslims) soldiers there and building an American military base there, against the will of all Muslims and especially Muslim clergy, and additionally, the American purpose was to wage war against another Muslim Nation, Iraq (Desert Storm).

Bin Laden was not a part of the government of the sovereign nation of Afghanistan.

Previous to the invasion of Afghanistan, America “carpet bombed” (American military terminology) Afghanistan with B-52 bombers with anti-personnel “cluster” and “incendiary” bombs, despite the fact (according to Vice President Dick Cheney who claimed it was a waste of bombs) there were no military targets and many thousands of innocent civilian men, women, and children were killed or maimed and many thousands of Afghan homes were destroyed; Afghanistan at that time, was still devastated by the recent Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

And, in 2001, many of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims voiced disapproval of the American bombing of the civilian Muslim population of Afghanistan, by non-Muslim American military, citing religious discrimination. Afghanistan soon became a “religious war” to many of the 1.8 billion Muslims in the World and it also it became a religious war to many of America’s Christian leaders.

Since there was no formal declaration of war, the cause of the war was never clearly understood; therefore, it is not clear what “winning” or “losing” would require. The religious Taliban opposition to the American and NATO Forces is more of a religious opposition than a “Afghan” national military force; the Taliban is a Muslim religious sect and the Taliban resistance is made up of primarily Taliban and some non-Taliban Afghans protecting Afghanistan from the invading American forces.

This is basically the history of the Afghan War; it is not my opinion.

Unfortunately, most Americans simply believe Muslims, Afghans, and Taliban are all natural enemies of the USA and the battle is about the September 11, 2001, heinous bin Laden attack for whatever bin Laden’s reason.

Personally, I can only believe the Afghanistan War to be about nothing specifically; and for that reason, I have personally opposed the war since before it ever happened. I do confess to having both Afghan and Muslim friends and I have Muslim relatives; I love them very much and I do not blame them for bin Laden, the Afghan War, the Iraqi War, or anything else. However, it has noting to do with my opposition to the Afghan War.

Some of my American friends and relatives believe me to be a traitor to America; I’m not! I am an American professional historian and history teacher and I have served as a conscript, in the U. S. Air Force, in peacetime, considering it to be a moral obligation of mine as a citizen.

And, I am proud of my two grandsons who served in combat in Afghanistan in the Afghanistan War.

I love the American democratic Republic.

ME USAF 1949-50

the author


Monday, December 29th, 2014

Today I watched a Aziz Elali’s (of ‘Dumb and Dumber’) video: AMERICA THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, and was totally impressed by it; the video was about the fact that America is not the greatest country in the world and I DARE EVERYONE TO WATCH AND LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO!
Here is the link:

Wow! this is a must see for every American, but especially Republicans and Republican politicians; hey, just what has the Do-Nothing-Republican Party even tried to do for the last 6 years to make America better? Twenty-percent of American children are living in poverty, and Republicans in Congress voted to cut food stamps for the poor and voted to subsidize the Oil Industry.

Of course, you are not aware that this is what I have been saying for years now and everyone keeps telling me to shut up!

Americans spurn reality and our Corporate American owned and censored news media is fantasy; Americans get no real news. American news media is only about profits and controlling the news, it is not about informing the People! It really isn’t.

For example, most Americans do not know why bin Laden launched his heinous attack on America in 2001; and bin Laden has been all that America is about, since 2001.

America at one time was great, but the video explains why America is no longer the greatest country in the world; watch it!

America is not the greatest country in the world!

And oh yes, it wasn’t headline news, but I also read today that America officially ended its war against the sovereign nation of Afghanistan, that had nothing to do with the Saudi bin Laden’s terrorist attack! Link:


Saturday, December 27th, 2014

Today, I read in the headlines, “Obama hopes to enlist GOP in push for trade pact, despite Democratic resistance”; I panicked, then wrote to President Obama as follows:
Dear President Obama,

Be aware that I have supported you, voted for you twice, and appreciate all you have done for the nation.!

However, I implore you to give up promoting the Trade Agreement that is definitely devastating to the huge majority of Americans, the working Middle Class and poor; it cost jobs.

Personally, I live on the border in San Diego and I have seen the miles and miles of new American manufacturing plants in Mexico using cheap Mexican labor to produce goods sold in the USA, as a direct result of NAFTA, which was a disaster.

For example, the Polaris Corp moved their entire operation to Mexico; it benefits corporate profits and cost America jobs. If you have not seen all the American companies now manufacturing with cheap Mexican labor as a result of NAFTA, I ask you to go to Mexicali, turn south to Mexico and see for yourself.

Trade agreements are a disaster for American labor; and organized labor unions oppose it for good reason.

Mr. President, Labor Unions are the ONLY voice of the American working Middle Class and poor; unfortunately, your administration has not benefited organized labor and I have had to excuse you on that issue, but I ask you to forget the Foreign Trade Agreement you appear to favor. Headlines in the news was, “Obama hopes to enlist GOP in push for trade pact, despite Democratic resistance”. I beg of you! Don’t do it!

I have never forgiven President Clinton for signing the NAFTA treaty, even though he did not negotiate it.

It was devastating to we the working Middle Class and poor Americans.

President Clinton can be admired for other reasons, but to working Americans, they will always remember he signed NAFTA in defiance of working Americans. Don’t make the same mistake, please.

Sincerely, Richard, representing America’s working Middle Class and poor.


Friday, December 26th, 2014

Merry Christmas everybody; this turned out to be a wonderful Christmas for me; I have much to be thankful for. When God made me, He made me a survivor. Regardless the challenges of life in 2014, I have survived, and I am healthy, vigorous, and looking forward to tomorrow. I have three wonderful children, 10 wonderful grandchildren, and 3 wonderful great grandchildren. They are my life and my legacy. And, I still have 1 friend; but, I can’t remember his name.  Let it be known that I am enjoying my Christmas immensely.


The Blankenburg clan.


Friday, December 26th, 2014

Today I read about more police killing of Black men and protests.

The policeman said the man was armed and drew a gun on him; fortunately the policeman had a camera to wear but unfortunately he wasn’t wearing his camera nor was the police car camera on because the police car blinkers were not on. So policeman is the only witness, are we to believe the police officer or the dead Black man? Who does our individual history teach us to believe?

Very simply, if police want respect, they need to give up their “take no Black prisoners” policy for one thing; it is beginning to look ingrained in them!

We need cops that are responsible, compassionate, and not sadistic and gun obsessed!

Unfortunately, police work is not a job that attracts only compassionate people; same problem with teachers and physicians.

What police need is a compassionate Chief that is responsible and demanding of compassion and active on the job.

However, police chiefs are chosen by politicians, who are usually wealthy businessmen who prefer ruthless authoritarian type chiefs to enforce the law and protect the assets of the politicians; they seem to prefer sadistic chiefs of police, as properly qualified for the job.

We had a great police chief in San Diego for many years; I have seen him in action on the job at night, personally, when he could have been home with his family. And he was so obviously appreciated by law abiding citizens.

Protests simply do not occur without a cause.

Once I moved to Milwaukee for a time and the first thing I noticed when I was downtown, a cop was walking a beat in a helmet and wearing boots and boot pants; I had a sickly reaction to his attire.

My reaction turned out to be accurate; in my estimation, the chief was obviously sadistic! I will never forget seeing on TV some of my university students who were peacefully protesting, being dragged out of a historic church by their feet and their head bouncing on the rock steps; the next day they showed up in class at Marquette University with cuts and bruises on their faces.

The chief of police said there had been a bomb threat reported by the university and they were called to the Catholic university many times because of trouble; our President, a priest, replied that Marquette University had never found it necessary to call for police in all his years there. It was true that many protests met at the university because they felt safe there and they respected the university.

Personally and I am not Catholic, I believed the President; he was a very compassionate man of God!

As for me, I had to be taught that many police are sadistic; I wasn’t born that way!


Thursday, December 25th, 2014

Americans are complaining again this year that Christmas has become totally a shopping and spending mania for benefit of Corporate America. And, the people complain that Christmas does not honor the religious aspects of Jesus birthday; it has been commercialize by Corporate America.

Is it fair for Americans to blame Jesus for Christmas mania and Corporate profits and Middle Class and poor indebtedness? And no, other civilized countries actually do suffer shopping trauma and Post Christmas Depression like America; it is primarily an American Capitalistic inflicted disease.

For starters, is December 25, really Jesus Birthday; no one has actually seen His birth certificate.

Perhaps it is time to quite blaming Jesus for Christmas and refer to it as a “Happy Holiday” (or “Happy Corporate America Day” or “Corporateprofitmus” or “Walmartmus”) and leave the religious celebration quietly to the Church.

In all probability, why shouldn’t Jesus approve? He isn’t narcissist; He is regal and loves the children of God.

After all, He was a Jew and in Islam Jesus, “is considered to be a Messenger of God and al-Masih (the Messiah) in Islam who was sent to guide the Children of Israel (banī isrā’īl) with a new scripture, al-Injīl. The belief that Jesus is a prophet is required in Islam. This is reflected in the fact that he is clearly a significant figure in the Qur’an, appearing in 93 ayaat (or verses), though Noah, Adam and Moses appear with even greater frequency.”

“Because gift-giving and many other aspects of the Christmas festival involve heightened economic activity, the holiday has become a significant event and a key sales period for retailers and businesses. The economic impact of Christmas is a factor that has grown steadily over the past few centuries in many regions of the world. . .

“While the month and date of Jesus’ birth are unknown, by the early-to-mid 4th century, the Western Christian Church had placed Christmas on December 25, a date later adopted in the East, although some churches celebrate on the December 25 of the older Julian calendar.”

Argue with Wikipedia! And, not with me!

And above all, don’t kill the messenger!


Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Today I read an article about the Sony attack; the article and all the news media used the same rhetoric, “President Barack Obama called Sony Pictures’ choice to cancel the release of ‘The Interview’ in the wake of threats made by hackers a ‘mistake’.”

This infuriates me. I watched and listened to President Obama make his comments. What President Obama actually said was, “I THINK, Sony made a mistake; I WISH they would have talked to me first,” which is quite different from the media saying the President denounced Sony, saying, “Sony made a mistake.”

The President did not denounce Sony for their decision; the President is not stupid, he had nothing to gain and everything to lose, had he denounced Sony for cancelling their film.

This misinterpretation of the President’s statement, was (ironically?) the same interpretation of all the new editors of the entire Corporate American, owned operated, and Controlled (and censored) news media. Was it intentional? The same misinterpretation of the President’s words came from every major source.

There is a monumental difference in “Sony made a mistake” and, “I THINK Sony made a mistake; I wish they would have talked to me first.”

So in the article that I read Lynton, the Sony CEO, is quoted saying, “I think actually the unfortunate part is in this instance the president, the press and the public are mistaken as to what actually happened,” Evidently, the Sony CEO thinks, just as President Obama does.

And, in his statement, I do not hear the Sony CEO condemning the President; I see Sony “Thinking” perhaps the President did not have all the facts yet. Actually, the President admitted in his remarks that the U.S. does not have all the facts, when he made his disputed statement; just perhaps that was what the President was alluding to when he said, I wish Sony would have talked to me first.”

Cyber-attacks by North Korea are infuriating to me; however, I am equally infuriated by the American News media putting words in my President’s mouth that he never, never uttered; I find the American news media distorting the news, every day and the President is most often the victim.

This is exactly why I do not trust American news media; Corporate America owners’ purpose in not to accurately inform the People, instead Corporate America’s purpose in being in the news media business is to make profits and tell lies, misinform, and deceive the consumers (you and me) for Corporate America’s own political advantage and the advantage of their advertisers.

Now about America’s ‘Freedom of the Press’; the words “and the Press” were written in 1787, to give leverage to newspapers, which was the only media of that era, and each newspaper was locally owned by one person and had only a local circulation, and the newspaper made profits from sales of newspapers, not advertising. The purpose of the Freedom of the Press was to stop political opponents of the newspaper from closing it down on trumped up libel charges.

Today, America’s ‘Freedom of the Press’ creates the problems of distortion of the news. The entire American news media today is owned and controlled by a very few CEOs of Corporate conglomerates, like Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and 21ST Century Fox, second largest conglomerate in the world.

In America, the Party that controls the news media practically controls the country; both parties talk only about campaign contributions, particularly since “Citizens United”. But in reality, no advertising can compete with the party who controls the publicity provided free of charge by the media.

Democracy is being compromised and eliminated today by the Fourth Estate, the American news media. The People through their ‘Government of the People’, need to regulate and control the News Media; and that will probably require making some changes in the Constitution.

If the founding fathers were alive today, I’m sure that they would be aghast at the way the media misinforms and controls the minds of the People; if they saw American television, they would re-think inserting “and the Press” in the First Amendment.
In America today, the Freedom of the Press does not entitle the People to any freedom; simply, the Freedom of the Press implies that the News Media has the right to lie and misinform the People.


Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Today, I read about President Obama’s legacy and what the President will be doing with a Republican majority in Congress during his last two years as President:

It was an Interesting article by Glenn Thrush, and I especially liked this, “and, most importantly, he’s (Obama) increasingly untethered from what he views as a petty, geriatric Democratic establishment he originally crusaded against as a presidential candidate in 2007”.

For what it’s worth, I agree and am excited about it; President Obama’s appeasement of the petty, geriatric Democratic establishment has irked me and other liberal progressives since he first took office.

At first I thought the President’s concern for Establishment Democrats was a mistake and was disappointed, but of course, then I came to realize the President had to have the Democratic vote for Obamacare to become a reality; he ate his pride to get Obamacare for the People. Otherwise, his Obamacare legacy would have ended in the first days of his term. And, for that I have always believed the Democrats were their own worst enemy.

As I see it, the day that Obama drives home from the inauguration of the new President in 2017, is going to be one of the happiest day of the President’s life. A legacy isn’t worth it. And I disagree that Obama is all about his legacy; I just don’t believe that.

On Inauguration Day in 2009, his legacy as the first Black President of the United States was established; he needed nothing else for his legacy, but that didn’t stop him from creating Obamacare, as the law of the land.

With Obamacare the President became the First U.S. President to succeed in the impossible by getting a form of universal health care for Americans. Obamacare was huge, but it was only the ‘icing on the cake’ to the miracle of Obama becoming America’s First Black U.S. President.

It would not appear to me that President Obama is nearly as concerned about his legacy as he is concerned about accomplishing positive things for the benefit all of the ‘People’ (now, including Cuban People) and believes the accomplishments of the United States of America is more important than his own legacy. As President he has been consistent in use of the pronoun ‘we’ instead of ‘I’, as many other Presidents have.

Further, the rest of the World looked at America in a different light, when America elected a Black American to the Presidency; and the rest of the Civilized World loves President Obama as much as the majority of Americans who elected him twice, do. And, foreigners are aghast at the vile Republican opponent’s rhetoric directed at the President; it actually appears, un-American to them.

And, it is my guess that President Obama’s legacy in the future will be established by his foreign policy, which Americans and Republicans appear to either dispute or ignore entirely.

As for me, President Obama is about a close to being “Superman” as any American President.