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Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Today on facebook, I read a post shared by Howard Dean, from Rolling Stone, “Inside the Koch Brothers’ Toxic Empire”, and the ‘catch phrase’ was, “Together, Charles and David Koch control one of the world’s largest fortunes, which they are using to buy up our political system.”

And, I would like to make one correction.The post ‘catch phrase’ read, “Together, Charles and David Koch control one of the world’s largest fortunes”; that is incorrect.

The truth is that ‘individually’, the two Koch brothers are ‘each’ tied for being the third wealthiest men in the USA and they have other wealthy brothers.

Politicians need to understand that working Middle Class and poor people like myself have some difficulty contemplating this kind of wealth and the ‘power’ it commands in our government of the ‘dollar’, by the ‘dollar’, and for the ‘dollar’.

We are normally, ourselves, relegated to understanding the difference between premium hamburger at the super market and plain, ordinary hamburger; further, we do not normally carry paper money in our wallets in $50 bills, instead, we deal in ones, fives, and sometimes around payday, twenties.

Our real political problem is that we have been taught in school that America is a democracy and to believe in democracy, but because we spend at least forty hours per week earning our plain, ordinary hamburger, we seldom get all the news, and when we go to the polls we vote based on candidates’ name recognition, without associating that name with what it has to do with ‘hamburger’.

As voters, we are victims of Madison Avenue’s droning of names during the commercials of our favorite ‘family show’ on television that we watch to relax, and those commercials are political ones bought by the 2 Koch brothers who are ‘individually’ TWO of the richest people in America, each with over forty billions of dollars in their wallets in one billion dollar bills (which are not printed and why should they, because we cannot even comprehend a $50 bill).

We were taught in school that we live in a democratic Republic but in reality we live in a plutocratic oligarchy, which are two words that we never see or hear in the news or commercials.

If either Democrat or Republican candidates believe in democracy, they will have to change their approach to voters and speak our language; because in America, the news media is controlled and censored by owners and operators who are individually the same wealthiest People in America as the Koch brothers, and they are very careful about which politicians names are used in the news. And, since commercial are costly, only names of the wealthy candidates are available for voters to see or hear.

Voting based on name recognition is not voting intelligently, but all we poorer folks know is what we read or see in the media; and, we do not stop to think about who controls the media. If there are any politicians out there in America who believe in democracy, would they please speak the language of we, the voters who believe in democracy.

If candidates who believe in democracy are going to win in November of 2014, they will have to spread the news by word of mouth, because they will not enjoy the huge campaign contributions of those “wealthiest people in the world”; America’s wealthiest prefer government by the dollar and not the vote.

“Where have all the flowers gone?”


Friday, September 26th, 2014

Today, I checked my email and I received a periodical report that Speaker Boehner sends, apprizing me (and anyone else that is interested) of what he is doing for us in Washington. I take these reports seriously.

Today, Speaker Boehner was reporting on what he was doing about the troubled VA medical care for vets; I am of course interested in this issue myself. And, I took issue with some of what Speaker Boehner said; so, I wrote a letter to him and ask for clarification. Here is that letter:

Dear Speaker Boehner,

Thank you for your update (September 26, 2014) that I received by email today, referring to the VA episode in which Veterans health care was subject to unconscionable delays. As a Veteran myself, I have a great interest in this problem.

Sir, I was troubled by 2 aspects of your report on this matter that as a citizen and veteran, I would like to have clarified for me.

In your report, you stated, “As you may know, we recently passed reforms to begin addressing the abuses that led to preventable deaths at hospitals around the country.”

Sir, I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the VA medical care problem investigative report.

When I read the results of the investigative report in the news, it stated that indeed there were unconscionable delays in providing health care for veterans, however, the report also said that there was no viable evidence of ‘resulting deaths’ from those delays as previously reported (and you reported here).

Your assessment does not reflect that official investigative report and I would like to know, why? I would be interested in any other conflicting investigative reports you can reference.

You further indicated: “So I’ve sent a letter to the new VA Secretary, Bob McDonald, recommending that this audit be done by health care experts from the private sector – not government.

“The message in the letter is simple: if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it right. That means relying on the best experts with real-world experience – not the same old government voices.”

Thus, you have indicated that VA investigations in the future should be done using medical professionals from the private sector, indicating that the USA military doctors and the VA doctors are less capable than doctors in the private sector. Personally, I have to respectfully disagree.

In my experience in being treated by both Army and VA doctors I have found them to be even more devoted to their patients than doctors in the private sector; I had personally attributed that to military and VA doctors having a greater incentive for treating their patients than those I have experienced in the private sector and military and VA doctors treat military-type health care problems that doctors in the private sector never see.

Therefore, I would have to disagree with your assessment, though not knowing what your own experience has been, being treated by military or VA doctors; but, if your own personal treatment by military or VA doctors was less than adequate, I assume that you reported it and would be willing to share that report.

Thank you for your updates on Washington news. I appreciate first hand reports and take them seriously. It is my belief that my own personal contributions, of my analysis, is equally important to you, as a public servant, providing you with my citizen’s reaction’s to public issues.

Respectfully, Richard Blankenburg

NOTE NOT INCLUDED IN THE LETTER: It is my belief that we Americans need to keep our elected government informed of what we think on important issues; I try to do that with this blog (which I forward to President Obama, and my Representative and my Senators) when it involves issues related to what they are doing in Washington.

Personally, I believe that with modern electronic technology, America is capable of establishing a national election network, governed and operated by a non-partisan highly regulated agency (similar to the courts) that would allow all American citizens to vote in Federal elections for legislators and President, and also provide for national referendums on important Federal issues. (Officers of this Federal “Election Agency” would themselves be elected for specified terms in a non partisan Federal election.)

This modern electronic technology is technology that the original Constitutional forefathers did not have; today, I think those same Constitutional forefathers would approve of a popular vote and national referendums, today.

We need to have a Constitutional Amendment to have this happen; and, it will only happen if we the people demand it. Such a procedure would improve our government which is in deep trouble with the citizens today; the threat of a national referendum would certainly put the fear of God into politicians, which would be a “good thing”.

If you agree that this is a good idea, write your Federal elected officials and tell them so!


Friday, September 26th, 2014

ISIS is really the problem of the Arab World and the Arab World has done little or nothing about it.

True, ISIS is not an American Problem; however, historically ISIS is the direct results of America’s wars of aggression against Iraq solely for the benefit of Corporate American interests in the Mid East, in the Senior President Bush’s Desert Storm in 1991 and the President W. Bush and PNAC’s Weapons of Mass Destructions War, in 2003.

This is a matter of history, all of the world knows it! Consequently, for that reason America is “not loved” or respected by the rest of the world; and, these victims of previous American aggression seek revenge for America’s wars that killed their families and destroyed their homes. These foreigners become terrorists, and now attempt to make terrorist attacks on America, for revenge. That is history. That is normal behavior for victims of war of whatever religion (religion of the victims is not the factor).

Iraq’s Saddam of course, were he alive today, would have eliminated ISIS in Iraq brutally and instantly. Saddam would have, if he had not been deposed and executed by President W. Bush. Saddam was never a threat to America; Saddam was a threat to ISIS. It is a matter of history.

So historically, the American majority is suffering today for America’s wars under W. Bush and his PNAC Administration, which no one, and especially Republicans, want to own up to today; but it is clearly a historic fact. It is not opinion.

As for blaming the American People for the threat of ISIS, it is a historic fact that a majority of Americans voted against President W. Bush in 2000; the majority of the American People are not to blame for ISIS, or what the PNAC Administration of W. Bush and the Republican Party did to America, to the Mid-East, and to the world. And, that is fact and not opinion.

The majority of Americans were the victims in 2000, when their elected choice for President was defeated by corruption and the courts; that majority of Americans are the victims, still today. It is a historic fact; it is not my opinion or anyone else’s opinion.

History does not lie.


Thursday, September 25th, 2014

“The ultimate source of comfort and peace is within ourselves,” the Dalai Lama said.

I love the Dalai Lama and his philosophy; he puts life in perspective. And I believe this above all, “The ultimate source of comfort and peace is within ourselves.”

So, I have had a very happy contented life and, I have absolutely no one to blame for making me or my life, something to complain about. To accomplish this, it was necessary for me to adopt a very selfish policy to not hate anyone else, for causing misery in my life; because, hatred is a direct cause of misery and despair.

Also, I have discovered that happiness is contagious; when I can do something to make another person happy, it makes me ‘feel’ happy and I discover that I am actually happy. In fact, I can derive happiness just by watching children at play, having fun. I can derive happiness listening to the surf on the beach. It is all my own doing!

It is a simple as that; you have to provide for your own peace and comfort.

I’ve certainly had my share of trials and tribulation and what other people have said of me is that I am a survivor; it is true, I am.

Whenever I am tempted to fall into wretched despair, I always go to the store and buy a new hat; and today, I find that I am very old, I am content, I am happy, and I have a whole lot of hats.

This is most certainly true.

“God is good.”


Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Today, I read about, “Hundreds of students walked out of classrooms around suburban Denver on Tuesday in protest over a conservative-led school board proposal to focus history education on topics that promote citizenship, patriotism and respect for authority, in a show of civil disobedience that the new standards would aim to downplay.”

Personally, I am so proud of these high school kids, and thank God; they are the hope for restoring intelligence, compassion, and democracy in the United States of America.

When you look back to the turn of the Century, in 2000 and you see the U.S. Supreme Court overturning the will of the American People, and the PNAC W. Bush Presidency created from corruption lying to the world, aggressively invading 2 innocent Nations in the name of the 911 American tragedy for the benefit of Corporate America, violating all International Law and code of common decency, torturing captives, starting a religious war, seizing power with Diebold voting machines, making the rest of the world enemies and creating foreign terrorists, it is refreshing to see occupation Wall Street and these high school kids seizing their own civil rights to demonstrate their own importance as America citizens and striking down the Neocon Republican threat to eliminate democracy in America.

Adolescents are People, they are intelligent beings, they are American Citizens, and they have rights despite their state legislators, despite their schools, and despite their parents. And God created adolescents in his own image; God is great!


Sunday, September 21st, 2014

Well, I finally figured out why the American economy is so bad and not recovering; Stocks are up, corporate profits are at a record high.

And also, the average wage is down, workers are unemployed, jobs have been outsourced due to NAFTA and Trade Agreements, numbers of Americans in poverty is rapidly rising, and everything for sale in America is made in China.

So the real problem is that there is no money circulating at all, because the wealthiest 1% has all the money and it is stuffed in the mattresses of the wealthiest 1% and is not being used by anyone.

There isn’t any way that all the money stuffed away is going to get back into circulation; the 1% already have everything they want and need. And, all the money that the 1% spends to elect Republicans to make sure they keep their wealth, is going to tax exempt, educational non-profit corporations like the Tea Party, ALEC, and the Christian Moral Majority, and the campaign money is then spent on political advertising for Republicans, and goes to the media which is owned by the 1%.

Obvously, the only way working Middle Class and poor are going to survive, is to live in their car, don’t drive it, plant carrots in the car trunk, and use the toilets and drinking fountains in the park.


Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Today in the news, I read about, “Arne Duncan Responds to Gov. Jindal’s Lawsuit Against the Obama Administration”:

The discussion was about the Federal Government’s controversial “Core Curriculum”.

Personally, I disagree with Jindal, Duncan, and Core Curriculum and I think my reasoning is probably in agreement with most competent professional teachers and opposed by the formidable powers who have other selfish interests, as well as incompetent teachers who consider teaching a job, and not a profession by choice.

To quote the Federal Government, “the Common Core State Standards provide clear and consistent learning goals to help prepare students for college, career, and life”.

For me as a school teacher and my colleagues, the “Common Core Curriculum” is a horror story for students; and, obviously the common Core was devised by someone who had never been a competent well trained teacher and represents the interests of business, industry, and colleges instead of students. Public Schools were not established for the selfish interests of colleges or employers.

The first thing a journeyman teacher would say about “Core Curriculum” is that every student is different and you adapt the curriculum to the student; secondly and related, students learn fast and easy if they are learning something they want to learn and something they know their selves that they need to learn; but students see no need for ‘busy work’ and learning something they interpret as “busy work” required by business, industry, colleges, core curriculum, and the Federal Government.

Kids have to believe they need to learn something, before they are willing to excel in it; that is obvious to a competent teacher. Core Curriculum is something the students see as something someone else (business, industry, and colleges) wants them to ‘have to know’. Every kid isn’t going to college nor does he need to go to college, and the public schools do not exist to train students to be employees of business and industry, despite what business, industry, and the colleges would like for parents and students to believe.

Our forefathers believed Public Schools as essential in a democracy, and the Public Schools are for the explicit purpose of our democracy having an informed electorate; public schools are a necessity in a democracy.

Public Schools do not exist to prepare students for life; Public Schools are a part of life for students and it should be productive and pleasant accomplishment. A professional teacher accommodates the students; the Federal Government Common Core wants the students to accommodate the Federal Government.

Core Curriculum stifles learning and teaching in the Public Schools. The Federal Government needs to know that kids are not stupid and kids already know what they need to learn to succeed if they want a happy, contented life; students are intelligent and capable of rational thinking and they would try to learn on their own, if they didn’t have the help of a public school teacher. That’s what teachers are for.

The public needs to know that our Public Schools are not totally failing the taxpayer nor the students. There has always been good and bad teacher and good and bad schools. Most important, there has always been a shortage of competent professional teachers.

Some critics have tried to compare American Public Schools with foreign schools to show American teachers and schools are inferior. That is not true and this is why?

For five years, I lived in Europe and have seen their schools first hand; like America they have good and bad schools and good and bad teachers and good and bad school boards.

On basic difference that I did find, was that Foreigners do have more respect for teachers than Americans do today, and teachers are paid comparatively more, and foreign teachers are valued more by the public, than American teachers, are; but foreign schools still have good and bad teachers.

To compare American schools and teachers with those in foreign countries requires empirical evidence and the result depends entirely on the evaluation device used and comparability of the students. As a professional teacher I would have to tell you that there is no acceptable evaluation device. Scores on standardized tests evaluate individual students’ intellect and incentive and do not evaluate their schools or their teachers. Teaching is an art and a science and has too many unmeasurable variables to adequately compare teaches.

What I saw in Europe is good foreign teachers and incompetent foreign teachers. I also saw good school board presidents and extremely selfish and sadistic school board presidents, and School Board Presidents had total control of hiring and firing teachers (just like American school boards).

Here is how I would evaluate American Public Schools and teachers; in America we still produce intelligent and highly educated student graduates. Unfortunately none of our best and most qualified student graduates ever become politicians and run for office, it is beneath their dignity. This also explains the invalid criticism of education by politicians.

Americans have totally missed the cause of today’s American “educational problems”, and this is the way I see it.

Today, America is under the influence of some exceedingly wealthy men who believe America is not a democracy, was never intended to be a democracy, and America should not be a democracy. They believe democracy is ‘mob rule’ (their words).

These wealthy opponents of democracy in America, need to control student minds. And they know fully well that America’s Public Schools are democratic and public schools are not allowed to legally indoctrinate students; and further, they are aware that private schools exist in America for the primary purpose of indoctrinating students in religious, political, or other ideologies (for example, religious private schools indoctrinate students in a particular religion, this is acceptable and there is nothing wrong with it).

However, those men who want to eliminate democracy from America also need to eliminate public schools and privatize education that their private schools will allow them to then indoctrinate students in their anti-democracy ideology and control those students’ minds.

These wealthy men are united in the non-profit, tax exempt John Birch Society “educational organization” and their manifesto is clearly written in the John Birch Society Bluebook, 1961; more information go to These opponents of democracy and Public Schools work through front group organizations like the Tea Party, ALEC, and other educational reform organizations that they can control (including the Republican Party, as in Wisconsin).

It is these people who are the primary critics of American Education and want to control it through their “Reform” organizations. This is an insidious conspiracy, proven by history and fact that is slow to being exposed. Most Americans still appear not to be aware of it. It gets no publicity in the Corporate America media news.

In conclusion I would have to tell you that a good American teacher is just as good as a good Japanese or German teacher or any other teacher. America’s schools are still graduating well educated students who become excellent professionals and day labor who are content with their lives. And that is what our Public Schools are established to do.

Some American schools and teachers are excellent and some American schools and teachers are inadequate, as has always been the case.

One huge problem of American schools is the fact that Boards of Education in America are totally responsible for the hiring and firing of teachers, and they often find incompetent teachers more economical than talented teachers; furthermore, there is and always has been a shortage of excellent and competent teachers. In that teacher shortage, school boards feel compelled to hire second choice teachers, who consider teaching simply a job and not a profession serving students. The problem in America is the lack of competent teachers devoted to student welfare.

And potential teachers, who want to be teachers, do not see a lot of incentive to make the teaching profession their life’s ambition. The reputation of teachers, due to the current criticism of Public School teachers, has sunk below that of the lowest professions, and the income and working conditions are worse than other jobs or professions.

What America needs most of all, to resolve our problems in education, are competent teachers to serve the needs of students.


Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Today, there appeared on my facebook page, a very nasty condemnation of anyone of the Muslim Faith, from a radical extremist Christian Website,

On my facebook page (and many others, I’m sure), these extremist Christians described Mohammad thus, “. . . he was a Jihadi warlord, a thief, a slaver, a rapist, a pedophile and a mass murderer.”

Immediately, I wondered how that group of extremist Christians would react to a site that describe Jesus Christ as a 33 year old man who had never married and wandered around the countryside with twelve male companions?

Then there was the Christian Inquisition and the Christian Crusades to consider: how would these radical Christians describe and defend these very Christian events, featuring sadistic torture and tormented death for Muslims and other non-Christians.

Today’s Christians in America that are extremely vocal Muslim haters like are today’s reincarnation of the Christian Crusades.

And of course there is that great Biblical passage, Deuteronomy 17:2-5: “If there be found among you…[a] man or woman…[who] hath gone and served other gods and worshipped them…then shalt though bring forth that man or that woman…and shalt stone them with stones, till they die.”

Of course Deuteronomy is Old Testament, I am not a theologian, and I don’t want to get into the Christian, Muslim, Jewish wresting match over Yahweh. Of course, I’ll let Yahweh handle it himself, but He and I do joke about when we talk privately.

Eight million Americas are of the Islamic faith; these Muslim Americans serve in America’s armed forces, some are elected by American voters to Congress, they go to work every day to earn a living like I do, they love their kids and families, and they appear to be protected under the First Amendment but not under Christian Canon Law. However, Christian Canon Law has no more legality in democratic America than the Koran and Christian Canon Law fails miserable as far as exhibiting any compassion whatsoever for Americans or anyone else of another faith.

These radicals at are simply extremist Christians attempting to incite American Christian militias and Christian terrorists to violence against Muslims and they operate in America as a legitimate tax exempt non-profit corporation by the IRS, just like a Christian Church.

There is one sentence (disclaimer) on the Islamic hate website that make absolutely no sense at all to me, “There is a distinct difference between Islam (macro-level) and individual Muslims (micro-level), and Islam Exposed does not discriminate against Muslims; nor do we condone any acts of it by others.” Their facebook page makes this statement total BS and a lie.

Their disclaimer is for one purpose only, to protect their non-profit, tax exempt status and the disclaimer appeared no where on their facebook entry.

This is available to be read by all Muslims in this world, in even the most remote parts of the world by satellite; and, this is the impression Muslims get of American Christians and Americans in general.

Web sites like is what makes Muslims and every other person in the world that does not share this kind of Christianity, fear and hate America and the American People; it is the kind of thing that actually creates terrorists.

If American Christians want to do something positive to stop fanatic Islamic terrorism, they can start by not giving those terrorist a reason for terrorism. Some bonefide Christian leader needs to stand up exhibiting Christian love of neighbors and compassion for enemies, and try to convince people of other faiths that does not represent the bulk of American People.

Christian fanatic extremist spewing hatred for Muslims are not just the enemy of Islamic Terrorists, they are the enemy of America and the majority of Americans who want world peace.

It is time for reasonable American Christians to speak up and denounce religious hatred and American extremist Christian terrorist like the U.S. American Army General Boykin. Rest assured that all the Muslim world knows about Gen. Boykin. As an American, you need to know about Boykin and his works.

Find out for yourself?


Monday, September 15th, 2014

Today, I read an interesting news article about Hillary not running for the Presidency in 2016:

This was a very interesting article describing Hillary Clinton not running for the Presidency, because Hillary always makes a very good perennial candidate for becoming the first female President of the United States, which would certainly be an interesting bit for historians and a first.

Hillary always offers engaging competition in the Democratic Primaries every four years; and, she has the distinct advantage of being married to the only former President who actually was the recipient of oral sex in the Oval Office (the name, ‘Oral Office’, has nothing to do with former President Clinton accepting oral sex from an intern).

Republicans however, are laughing at the prospects of facing a female Democratic candidate in the Presidential Elections of 2016; one highly regarded Republican who asked not to be identified commented, “Hillary is hardly legitimately a ‘woman’, since she is neither pregnant nor barefoot nor does she carry a gun; she is absolutely no match for Sarah!”

An unidentified Democratic Party strategist contends, “How can Hillary possibly hope to beat Sen. Warren in the primary; Sen. Warren is a true female liberal candidate that wears dresses and talks back ‘nagging’ Senator Cruz, and when Hillary in 2008, could not even beat a Black lawyer that wears a beige suit, for the nomination.

Hillary always adds a lot of color to the Democratic nomination for the Presidency, only being outdone in 2008, by her last previous opponent, Barack Obama; however, Hillary will not have Obama to contend with in 2016. President Obama is a “Lame Duck” President, or “Lame Turkey” depending on the season or the President’s favorability rating.

Mrs. Clinton does have a lot of experience as a wartime political entity; she responded very well to the Monica Wars at the end of the last Century and of course as Senator, she did cast her favorable vote for the Iraq War Resolution. As a result, Clinton could possibly be the recipient of the exceedingly valuable contributions and endorsements of the powerful military industrial complex.

Hillary has beat all other potential Democratic candidates for the Presidency, to being the first to not run for the Democratic Presidential nomination.


Sunday, September 14th, 2014

Flash! Hillary is running! Holy crap!

All due respects to Hillary Clinton, the last thing the Democrats need in 2016, is a centrist and a former Sen. who voted for the Iraq Resolution, like Hillary, running for President; even I will have to force myself to vote and choose between Hillary and the Devil, it will be hard to do.

But then the Clintons lost track of reality when they tried to be progressive and lost when Bill became President.

Bill Clinton had an exceptional Presidential career with Monica, Hillary will not be so blessed. Hillary is a centrist, establishment Democrat, the same as Gore and Kerry, both of whom lost their elections, of course.

Gore rejected liberal progressive Naderites and lost because of it, and Kerry threw Howard Dean under the bus and lost because of it.

Right now the working Middle Class and poor do not have a candidate other than Sen. Warren that is a viable liberal progressive candidate. And the working Middle Class and poor are liberal progressives and a majority.

Hillary, of course, still does not understand why she lost in 2008; Holy crap! Hillary, let me say that a lawyer just does not understand the working Middle Class and you are not sexy and charming like Bill; forgive me, but no one is dying to give you oral sex sad, and capture the public’s interest.

One third of the population that does not vote in a Presidential election is progressive and liberal Working Middle Class and poor; they do not vote because they have never had a truly liberal, progressive candidate to vote for. They won’t vote for Hillary even if she wins the nomination.

In 2008, Obama gave the impression he was different from Hillary and won because no one of the traditional non-voters, had ever had a progressive, liberal candidate to vote for before, since Adlai Stevenson.

Of course, neither Adlai nor anyone else could have defeated Ike, the WWII savior of humanity, who chose to run for President and serve the Military Industrial Complex that he said the People should not support.

Ike of course, was the oldest doddering President ever elected and he ran as a Republican only because he was upset at Truman for firing MacArthur for disobeying orders. It pissed Ike off for a mere President and Commander in Chief to have the balls to fire a four star General who thought he was God.

Ike was unfortunately militaristic, and didn’t know what the hell a civilian was or what a civilian had to do to earn a living. But everyone loved America’s hero, Ike, even when he was sober.

Unfortunately, all Hillary can think about is making Bill relegated to first hubby of America with her in charge, and she doesn’t have a clue as to what an employer is or how to raise a family on wages (and particularly on minimum wages).

If Warren is not the Presidential candidate and Howard Dean is not the Vice Presidential candidate, democracy and the working Middle Class are dead in the water and we Americans will revert to a 21st Century Feudal Plutocratic Oligarchy, with Sonny Boy Gov. Walker of Wisconsin as Lord of the Flies (if he can stay out of prison), and there will be only peasants and Corporate CEOs existing in America; no working MiddleClass will exist, only Corporate CEOs and Americans in poverty.

Currently, in 2012 ‘only’ 16% of Americans are living in poverty and 20% of America’s children are living in poverty. If you are not good at math, that is about 1 in 5 American children are living in poverty.

Hey, is anyone still reading this???

Hey, are you going to take the time to vote?