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Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Had I spoken disrespectfully to my parents, grandparents, siblings, or anyone else, I would not deserve to be where I am today; but the truth of the matter is, that my parents showed me the same respect they wanted from me and thus it was that I “learned” from their role model.

My brother and sisters complained that I never got spanked, and my wonderful mother replied, “Dick, never needed one,” and she was right; I would never have done anything wrong that would have reflected on my mother, my father, my sisters, my brother, or my grandparents and neither would they.

Actually, I was taught that life was good if you did not misbehave and therefore, i refrained from being naughty; it just seemed the intelligent thing to do.

I was born seven years after my youngest sibling, so I was different. My brother and sisters were competing for attention and though they loved each other, some jealousy was bound to affect their behavior; but they ‘spoiled’ me and loved me.

Granted that I had an idyllic childhood that others did not have and I am thankful for that; I was never mistreated in my life until I was 6 years old and had a sadistic first grade teacher who “taught me” that people can be mean and sadistic.

Children are not born to be a pain in the ass, they have to be taught to be a pain in the ass.

So, I don’t pay much attention to parents and teachers who complain about the bad behavior of children or adolescents.

The first course in college psychology, teaches that the only way to teach good behavior is to be a role model for the student and punishment teaches with harmful side effects; the Bible teacher everyone to ‘love your neighbor’ and ‘love your enemies’.

In my own mind, parents, teachers, used car dealers, politicians, policemen, lawyers, judges, Presidents, etc. would all do well to forget about punishment and think first about love and being a ‘role model’.

When a person reaches that point where he sincerely believes that anyone else is entitled to do anything he does, say anything he does, treat everyone the way he does, that person has reached Nirvana and achieved happiness (contentment not pleasure). Just going to church on Sunday won’t do that for you.

God is good; and, I try to be, too!


Friday, August 22nd, 2014

I’m old enough to remember Adolf Hitler and Stalin; Putin is beginning to look a lot more like Hitler than Stalin.

It certainly brings back bad memories, only this time ending in a possible nuclear holocaust.

Personally, I say that the West should back off and invite Russia into NATO and treat Russia as well as they are treating China. Yes, it sounds like appeasement but that was not the intent.

Russia is a USA Neighbor that Palin sees from her kitchen window. Why isn’t the USA neighborly to Russia?

America’s mistake has been to allow Corporate America to dictate America’s foreign policy.

Americans need to understand that the US aggressive invasion of Iraq was to do what US would not allow Russia to do when Russia invaded Afghanistan; we established American dominance in the Mideast (which started with Desert Storm 1991).

Why do Americans think they can crap on their Russian neighbor and expect the Russians to cower? America has become the World’s bully; and, the American People don’t appear to realize it. But the rest of the world knows.

Look at the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and you will understand why the world does not trust America and fears America like they feared the Nazis in the 1930’s.

The PNAC was a Neo Conservative effort: Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney, Darrell Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, etc. And, the PNAC took over American government with the disastrous 2000 Presidential Election and the Neocon Republican Supreme Court majority in “Bush vs. Gore”.

And then, the bin Laden attack in 2001 was the pay back to America for Desert Storm; and, bin Laden’s attack gave the PNAC Administration of W. Bush, the excuse for invading Afghanistan and Iraq.

So, that is why America is where it is and why Russia is where they are.

Assuredly, the Russians picked up on Romney publicly stating in the 2012 election that, “Russia is America’s real number one enemy.” Fortunately, Romney lost the election, but the Russians got the message.

It is amazing what Americans do not know from the Corporate America owned and controlled news media!

Note: the PNAC “think tank” ideology was to use America’s military super power for the economic benefit of Corporate America; there is an obvious reason why most Americans know nothing about the PNAC. America, the PNAC ran America’s government for 8 years, 2000-2008, and Americans never heard of it. Arugggggggh!!


Thursday, August 21st, 2014

It would appear that there are essentially two kinds of Americans.

There are Americans who vigorously defend their Rights under the U.S. Constitution; then there are Americans who vigorously defend all Americans’ Rights under the U.S. Constitution. This is two distinctively different kinds of Americans.

For example, there are some Americans who believe all women should have a Constitutional Right to have a legal medical abortion, if they choose; then, there are some Americans who would never approve of an abortion their self, but they believe that no other American women should have a legal Right to have an abortion.

This is two distinctively different kinds of Americans. If no one is require to have an abortion, then why should any woman be deprived the right of a legal abortion; religious concepts should not be an issue since the First Amendment is the separation of church and State.

It would appear that if the U.S. Constitution is to be the legal determinant, it would be important to know what the Constitutional forefather’s had in mind. From the way the U.S. Constitution reads, it would appear that the writers’ were inclusive in their Rights for Americans; or, if your Rights are not being violated, do not restrict the Rights of others.

All of this is related to the differences in the terms freedom and liberty. Freedom appears to be a singular thing, and absolute freedom to do as you please; whereas, liberty appears to be inclusive and limited freedom, to the extent you do not deprive others of their freedom in exercise of your own freedom.

The American Constitutional interpretation of the freedom of the American People would appear to be, limited freedom, simply described as no American has the right to call out “Fire” in a crowded theater, to cause panic, injury, or death to the audience.

Legally, there should not be an issue in America. Unfortunately, some recent decisions by 5 Justices, a majority, on the U.S. U.S. Supreme Court has caused some question about liberty.
But every American should consider these issues.


Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Americans need to understand that the reason the United States has a United States Postal Service operated by the government is not because Benjamin Franklin or the Constitutional forefathers were socialists, it was because communication was too important to leave to the private sector that is primarily interested in profits and not communications for the People.

The U.S. Constitution says, Article I: Sect 8, “Congress shall have the power to . . . To establish Post Offices and post Roads.” Furthermore, nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it mention or use the world, “capitalism”; however, the first Amendments would appear to provide for citizens to profit from their own inventiveness and ingenuity.

Today, some Americans and some very wealthy and powerful Americans would have the American People believe that our Constitutional forefathers never intended for America to be a democracy. And, I have heard members of the U.S. Congress say that very thing on national TV.

For example, the John Birch Society Bluebook states p.124 “And democracy, of course, as the Greeks and Romans both found out–democracy is merely a deceptive phrase, a weapon of demagoguery, and a perennial fraud.”

(Continued in Footnote 25, p. 136.) “Our liberal critics would have you believe that this statement, for an American is practically heresy. This is because these same Liberals have been working so long and so hard to convert our republic into a democracy, and to make the American people believe that it is supposed to be a democracy.

“Nothing could be further from the truth than that insidiously planted premise. Our founding fathers knew a great deal about history and government, and they had very nearly a clean slate on which to write the blueprint for our own. They gave us a republic because they considered it the best of all forms of government. They visibly spurned a democracy as probably the worst of all forms of government. But our past history and our present danger indicates that they were right in both particular.”

The John Birch Society has been very successful in convincing may Americans that they are not living in a democratic Republic. History and Political Science scholars would disagree, of course.

One of the founders of the John Birch Society was Fred Koch, father of the infamous and extremely wealthy Koch brothers who financed the “Tea Party” and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), who have rallied to deprive Americans of their democratic Rights.

It is obvious that American news media very seldom or never mention some of these front groups or the John Birch Society in reporting the news of threats to American democracy.

The reason appears obvious, the news media is owned, controlled, and edited in America by a very few Corporate conglomerates; and,the American People have no rights to reliable, informative news in America.

The so-called “Freedom of the Press” is actually 4 words (or of the Press) in the First Amendment, “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech; or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

At the time this was written (1787), the only news media, the only press existing, were home-owned, home-town newspapers.

Today, the entire mass news media in America is primarily owned and controlled by a very few corporate conglomerates that have a common benefit from censoring the news that influences the Americans People.

The American media’s primary interest in the media is profits and controlling news, and not accurately informing the People of the news.

The results is obvious, once a person perceives the American news media for what it actually is.

There are very few controls or regulations for news media in America, largely because of those 4 words in the U.S. Constitution, “or of the press”.

Nothing in the US Constitution protects the People from being lied to, or intentionally being misinformed by the mass media. It’s a daily occurrence.

It would appear that in America, the power of the press has destroyed the power of the ballot.


Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Microsoft has been supporting the Koch brother, John Birch Society’s front group, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC):

Meanwhile, ALEC has had Republicans elected with “Citizens United” funding, enact legislation to eliminate democracy by eliminating Public Schools, eliminate Labor Unions (the only voice of the American working Middle Class), and suppress voting Rights of working Middle Class, minorities, and poor in every State of the Union that “bought Republican control” by virtue of the US Supreme Court decision “Citizens United” in 2010.

These things did not “bother” Micosoft until the Fossil Fuel 3rd richest men (individually), the Koch brother’s, ALEC took a swipe at Microsoft’s renewable energy, then Microsoft decided not to invest in the John Birch front group ALEC anymore.

And American People buy that “hook, line and sinker”?

“What fools these mortals be.”

Perhaps the People of the United States of America deserves to be a new Third World Nation in the Twenty First Century.
Can this be democracy in America?

The great American democratic Republic, became an imperialistic aggressive plutocratic oligarchy, and “Jesus wept”!

Where have all the flowers gone?


Monday, August 18th, 2014

About legal abortion, let me assure you that I know that women in our society are human beings and women should be treated as human beings; and human beings have written laws. Also I hasten to add, mankind is described as Homo sapiens, ‘the human animal’. And among intelligent human beings, there is still a distinct difference between a chicken and an egg. I would indeed think it strange, to be invited by a host for a chicken dinner and be served scrambled eggs, instead.
. . . . .
Youthful talent and creativeness, is one of America’s greatest assets; to educate only the wealthy, is not the most intelligent thing for a society to do, since wealth in itself is not a meaningful qualification or purpose. America spends too much money educating the wrong students who can afford high tuition; America is ignoring and denying the People of the most qualified scientists, artists, and professionals . It is painful for me to look to my physician for health care and discover that he became a physician only for profits.
. . . . .
On the matter of right or wrong of female masturbation, if God had not wanted women to masturbate, He would have put their vaginas in the middle of the back where they couldn’t reach it. God is good!


Sunday, August 17th, 2014

I would ask you to listen to this short video:

In the video interview, Mike Wallace, a White Man (actually kind of light pink), asks Morgan Freeman, a Black Man (actually, more chocolate color, milk chocolate that is), what Freeman is going to do for Black History Week.

“Nothing,” Morgan replied, “What are you doing with your week.”

In an exchange, Wallace explained that he has no week and says he is Jewish, but he doesn’t want a Jewish History week.

“I don’t want a Black History Week, either,” Morgan says, “Black History is American History!”

“Then how are we going to stop racism?” Wallace asks.

“Quit talking about it,” Freeman, came back.

“Tell you what, you are a White man and I am a Black man, and I will quit calling you a White Man and I’ll ask you to quit calling me a ‘Black Man’.” Freeman explains.

Morgan Freeman in a few simply words made a huge and moving statement; he said that for a perfect world, People must practice love and eliminate hate. This is also what religions say they do, but in religion’s next breath they are admonishing their believers to hate those that disagree with their faith and practice a ‘different’ religion.

If man is to achieve perfection, it will have to be done by man and not religion, I’m sorry to say. Morgan Freeman never mentioned religion; but he said man’s love of man would make the world perfect.

About all I can say about the Wallace interview with Morgan Freeman, is that the video made me love and respect Morgan Freeman, the man; and to me, Morgan Freeman is a “real man”!

I truly believe in the power of love! Love is sooooo easy, and it feels soooooo good! I hate no one or anything, but I do detest any and all of that which is standing in the way of love; just think for a minute, what is it that stands in the way of love? And now, how can I possibly detest money, power, jealousy, property, ownership, possession, and on and on and on; how can I detest these things, you say? It’s easy when love is the objective.

Man does what he has to do to survive; like, eat, drink, have shelter, etc. But I don’t love those things and in my lifetime I have, at times, had to do without “necessities of life”; I don’t detest these things for what they are, I detest them for prohibiting love and standing in the way of love. And, I say detest and not hate; meaning that I disapprove.

Also, I don’t deny God. And, I don’t deny the necessities of life and I recognize needs.

But most of what I see in my world, today, is hate, war, greed, sadism, avoidance, and basically, these are the denial of love. And I believe what Morgan Freeman is saying, is that to make the world more perfect, there must be faith, hope, and love in this world, and the greatest of these is love (as someone else once said). I agree!

I love you, whoever you are (even if you are a Republican)!

What if? What if employers loved employees? What if employees loved employers? What if Republicans loved Democrats? What if Democrats loved Republicans? What if the rich loved the poor? What if the poor loved the rich? What if capitalists loved socialists? What if socialists loved capitalists? What if businessmen loved customers? What if customers loved businessmen?

One of the most moving stories I can remember about my oldest grandson, is related to love and it was when he was very young and had to write a story about how he could show that he ‘loved his enemies’ (as school assignment).

My grandson ran to his mother hysterically and literally screamed, saying, “I can’t do this! I can’t, I can’t!”

His wise mother comforted him and said, “Yes you can; just think about it and you will find a way.”

He responded hesitatingly, “I guess that I could hug my enemies; but they would probably sock me in the mouth!”

Oh how I love that boy!


Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Today, I’m reading about, “Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson (R), the GOP nominee for governor of Minnesota, said Wednesday that increasing the minimum wage isn’t necessary, and workers should find higher-paying jobs instead.”

It is apparent that Jeff Johnson and indeed the entire Republican Party, is totally uninformed about the ordinary working Middle Class or poor American that is for obviously good reason, insecure in all matters of his employment relating to his responsibility for providing for his wife and children.

The American worker has always been and is even more so today, totally dependent upon this employer who is in reality totally unrestrained by law, in regard to treatment of workers and employment, and disregards existing labor laws with impunity, by using the threat of firing employees in lieu of complying with the law. Further, that same employer is in business and motivated exclusively for his own profit, greed, and selfish interests.

Labor Unions are the only voice that working Middle Class and poor have, and 5 extremist Republican Supreme Court Justices, the Republican Party, and Republican Congressmen have done everything in their power to eliminate Labor Unions and their power, and include using tax-exempt, non-profit corporations and ‘Educational entities’, like the John Birch Society and their front groups: The Tea Party, The American Legislative Exchange Council, and Americans for Prosperity to brain-wash Americans and convince them that Labor Unions are corrupt and should be eliminated.

The Guilds (forerunner of labor unions), were responsible for creating a middle class out of the Medieval Feudal System, and presently the Republican party would set civilization back hundreds of years in America and reinstitute a 21st Century Medieval Feudal Society and plutocratic oligarchic government, and eliminate democracy.

God is good for the common working man; Republicans are not!


Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Life as a mortal, on planet earth and in America can be and is at times totally frustrating; and, if we are honest with ourselves, life is totally frustrating. Some of us try to comprehend the whole and others of us just look at the ‘now’ and try to figure how to get out of the hole (quit digging is a good recommendation).

The overwhelming problem is that we all need our society that is less than perfect. We know we can’t retire alone to Walden Pond, because without society we are helpless and doomed. We can’t be always ‘socially correct’, because that would require that we disregard personal guiding principles that are our whole reason for living.

At some point in our life, we simply have to resolve the issue of conflicting personal values, social requirements, and survival in an American predatory economy and a rapidly, vastly diminishing democracy (neither of which I approve); given a choice, I would choose ‘Valhalla’. Valhalla is sadly not a viable choice and it is necessary to find the next best thing. The alternative is whining in self-pity, criminal behavior with risks, dementia, or becoming a terrorist.

We either comply to a degree with social mores or we die; and, from man’s very birth, he knows that he is certainly going to die sometime, anytime, and man never knows when. Personally, I never buy green bananas! However, if man spends his life fearing death, he will never enjoy a full and satisfactory life (but never fail to observe a traffic sign that says “YEILD”).

Adolescence is normally when we first ponder these things and personally, I never grew up. But at an age when you are neither a child nor an adult, you become fully aware that you cannot be controlled by any force physically while alive, you have total freedom (with consequences) to revolt against anything and everything, you have the potential to personally contribute to society and mankind, and you have the will to actually make decisions and chose.

As a perennial adolescent myself, I do a lot of thinking because: I am not a fighter, I’m scared to death of intimate and erotic love, and I have never been taught to hate. In my adolescent dilemma, I devised a plan I still follow today; however, I do not recommend it, because each being has to make their own decision in life.

Therefore, my own plan is that while at work, I conform as deemed a necessity. In my social milieu, I conform for the mere privileges thereof. And, when at home alone I live entirely for myself; at home, I close out the world, I run around naked, I eat how and what I like, I provide for my own sexual satisfaction, I drink as much wine as I want, I enjoy banned books and movies, and my home is my Nirvana. My front door is the door to contentment, satisfaction, and meaningful life for me.

Unfortunately along the way, I have discovered that there are times that matrimony can put a crimp on Nirvana, often resulting in divorce (while engaged in a state of matrimony, it is best to arrange for each individual to have their own space).

Having children, also requires some alterations, but not a lot; children too, should experience a wholesome life style without fear.

As a high school teacher, I considered my job to be teaching kids how to confront life, how to be their own master of their fate, and be assured that everyone else in the world, is ‘in the same boat’. Also of necessity, students need to learn a little American History, to provide them with examples of how other Americans in the past, broke all the rules, and lived a full life without regret; that is why they are in history books.

Life is tedious.


Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Oh my, I will never forget many years ago, I was visiting San Francisco and my niece Debra who lives there, went out for dinner. It was about 8:30 PM and we had finished dinner and Deb, said, “If you would like, we could take in the late 9 O’clock show at the comedy club.”

We did go and were standing in line waiting to get in and a little guy in a cape and a cap walked by us and went into the club.

“Do you know who that was?” Deb asked.

“Of course I do,” I told her, “That was Robin Williams! Everyone knows Robin Williams!”

So, we went in and saw 3 comedians perform and after the third comedian, Robin Williams came out with the other two and they all 4 did improv comedy until late into the night.

It was impressive to watch all four of them and Robin Williams was fantastic.

Robin William’s first film was “The World According to Garp”, I believe. It was my favorite book by John Irving, and I read that Robin Williams had pleaded for the part because he liked the book so much. They told him no because they feared he would start deviating from the script and doing his ‘schtick’. He reportedly told them, “No, no, no. I’ll do whatever you say, just give me a chance. I want that part!”

He got the part and personally, I thought he did a great job in the movie.

Then, he broke totally broke me down emotionally, after seeing him in, “Dead Poets’ Society”.

Oh, how I will miss Robin Williams; he always made my day. Yes,I will really miss Robin Williams.