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Friday, May 30th, 2014

In today’s news, “Former Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke: Bush, Cheney Committed War Crimes”:

Why didn’t the American People pick up on ex-President W. Bush canceling his trip to Switzerland for a speaking engagement because there was a summons waiting for him accusing him of war crimes against humanity.

W. Bush is at least technically innocent until proven guilty, but American opponents of W. Bush have compromised their American values for various reasons and refuse to prosecute W. Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld

This is typically American. President Ford pardoned Nixon for Watergate, and President Papa Bush pardoned all witnesses to President Reagan’s Iran/Contra crimes (to which Reagan pleaded ignorance). Republicans love to pardon Republican sins.

Obviously, W. Bush represents America’s blackest sins of all time and America’s downfall in the Twenty-First Century; America as I once knew it, will never recover.

Constitutional America was not brought down by Terrorists; America was brought down by 5 highly questionable Republican appointed, US Supreme Court Justices, who decided “Bush vs. Gore” and then by President W. Bush who the US Supreme Court made President, who appointed more John Birch Republican Supreme Court Justices who decided “Citizens United” that gave a Republican minority control of the House of Representative today.

America is hated in the world today, for its aggressive Bush PNAC wars against Afghanistan and Iraq for the benefit of Corporate America; those wars can be directly attributed to the absence of justice in America and the John Birch Republican appointees to the US Supreme Court.

If there is no justice in America, there is no beautiful, American democratic Republic; and, That is where all the flowers have gone.

NOTE: Richard Clarke’s book, “Against All Enemies” is an excellent and the best source for 911 in Washington DC and for the incentive for bin Laden’s heinous attack (Papa Bush putting a military base in Saudi Muslim Holy Land in 1991; don’t overlook that chapter). Clarke was an exemplary witness at the US 911 Commission hearings. Richard Clark is a Republican who served in Papa Bush’s Administration; President Clinton’s Administration, and in the beginning of President W. Bush’s Administation. Clarke was responsible for warning W. Bush and C. Rice of the 911 attack, which both Rice and Bush ignored. He was subsequently fired by W. Bush and passed over. Clarke is a brilliant and fascinating personality in recent American History. Chapter one in “Against All Enemies” is the best description ever of the 911 attack from the American Washington D.C. point of reference; I highly recommend it.


Thursday, May 29th, 2014

For your edification, here is Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki (from Wikipedia):

“Eric Ken Shinseki (/ʃɨnˈsɛki/; born November 28, 1942) is a retired United States Army four-star general who serves as the seventh United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs. His final U.S. Army post was as the 34th Chief of Staff of the Army (1999–2003). He is a veteran of combat in the Vietnam War, where he sustained an amputation of part of his front foot from a landmine explosion while serving as a forward artillery observer.

“Shinseki was born in Lihue, Kauai, in the then Territory of Hawaii, to an American family of Japanese ancestry. His grandparents emigrated from Hiroshima to Hawaii in 1901.[2] He grew up in a sugar plantation community on Kaua’i and graduated from Kaua’i High and Intermediate School in 1960.[3] While attending Kaua’i he was active in the Boy Scouts and served as class president.[3] After high school, he attended the United States Military Academy and graduated in 1965 with a bachelor of science degree and a commission as a second lieutenant. He earned a master of arts degree in English Literature from Duke University. He was also educated at the Armor Officer Advanced Course, the United States Army Command and General Staff College, and the National War College.”

“Shinseki has served as a director for several corporations: Honeywell International and Ducommun, military contractors; Grove Farm Corporation; First Hawaiian Bank;[15] and Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.”

NOTE: To those Republicans calling for privatizing the Veterans Administration, I would like to point out Sec. Shinseki’s experience: “served as a director for several corporations: Honeywell International and Ducommun, military contractors; Grove Farm Corporation; First Hawaiian Bank;[15] and Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.”


Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Bad news today, “Obama To Keep 9,800 Troops In Afghanistan After 2014”:

Without delay, I posted a message to President Obama and encourage everyone to do the same.

With all due respect, Mr. President, I vehemently opposed the American invasion of the sovereign nation of Afghanistan in 2001, because the sovereign State of Afghanistan was not responsible for 911 nor were the Afghan People responsible. America could gain NOTHING OF VALUE from invading Afghanistan and after 13 years of killing tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children and maiming even more in B-52 “Carpet Bombing” of Afghanistan using anti-personnel and incendiary bombs WHERE THERE WERE NO MILITARY TARGETS, during invasion, and killing tens of thousands more Afghan Peopl in the violent, cruel American occupation of Afghanistan, America accomplished NOTHING except gaining hatred from the Afghan People, the Muslim world, and most of our former friends and allies.

The United States lost the respect of most of the entire planet.

America tortured Afghan captives and violated International Law that America is committed to, by virtue of Senate approved treaties of International law. Many American Christian leaders and some American military leaders (Like Gen. Boykin) have condemned and humiliated 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and 5 billion American Muslims, solely for their religious belief . American President W. Bush himself, approved of torture of Afghan prisoners of war in violation of International Law. Former President W. Bush cannot travel outside the US for fear of subpoena for violation of human rights.

Don’t trust the American military, Mr. President; they were politicized by the PNAC Bush Administration in 2001.

A majority of Americans elected you, Mr. President, based on your promise to leave Afghanistan completely; do it!


Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Today is another of many, many Memorial Days for me; it gives me pause to reflect.

As a child in the 1930s, on Memorial Day I remember being required to accompany my mom and dad, and my grandpa and grandma to the cemetery to decorate graves of my ancestors who had died; we five piled into my dad’s car, along with hoards of peonies cut from our yard and grandpa’s yard. In those times, peonies were grown in my families’ yards, specifically for decorating graves on Memorial Day, which was something difficult for a kid my age to understand.

Dying however, was something I understood as a child. One of my elementary school classmates had drowned over one summer vacation; my mother insisted that I attend his funeral with her. At the funeral, I learned about death, saw it with my own eyes viewing Jimmy’s forever lifeless cadaver. It was then that I learned, death was permanent and I wondered why God chose Jimmy, instead of me.

My mother, in all her wisdom, described my heritage to me, during those annual visits to the cemetery, on Memorial Day, by explaining to me just who these people were, whose graves we decorated.

Mother’s beloved youngest brother, Roy Moore, died of influenza in Fontainebleau France, in 1918, while serving with the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I; Uncle Roy was very close to my mother. So, as a youngster before World War II, I knew all about war, even before I experienced America at war in 1941 at the age of eleven; and, it was not just because of Uncle Roy.

When I was ten, World War I had been over since the Armistice of 11:00AM, November 11, 1918; I knew that as a child, because every November 11th, at 11:00AM, all the whistles, sirens, and bells would sound in Decatur Illinois where I grew up, celebrating peace on our national holiday, Armistice Day (today, Americans call it Veterans day, and never ring the bells at 11:00AM).

However, what impressed me most as a child that related to WWI, were the veterans of WWI in our society in Decatur, Illinois; these were heroes and respected citizens that we knew, many of whom were recognized as WWI veterans by their air of stupor and apathy from wounds of thoughts of war, displayed still, two decades after the end of their WWI military heroics; we Americans referred to these American war heroes, as “shell-shocked”, a common condition of combat veterans of WWI, who had been subjected to artillery shells and enemy poison gas.

Lately, I have thought about these “shell-shocked” heroes of World War I, referred in history in those days, as “The War to End All Wars”; the reason I thought about these WWI veterans this Memorial Day, is because God blessed me with two wonderful grandsons, who heroically served the United States of America, in combat, in America’s Afghanistan War of from 2001 to now, 2014, a war which I vehemently opposed (my personal opposition to the Afghan war has no effect whatsoever, on the pride and love that I have for my grandsons and their war heroics).

Thank God, my grandson’s survived the terrors of the Afghan war. But no one experiences the terrors of war, and escapes without suffering consequences. And, America’s war heroes today, do not portray the “shell-shock” of WWI veterans that I knew as a child; today’s war heroes suffer from what Americans are calling, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), that is existing in epidemic proportions.

Today, Memorial Day 2014, I am thinking about live, modern day American military heroes like my grandsons, with wounds of the soul, how will they be recognized two decades from now, and on this Memorial Day, I’m not celebrating the memory of dead American heroes. On this Memorial Day, I don’t feel like celebrating; I feel like hugging my PTSD grandsons and their comrades.

“Where have all the flowers gone!”


Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Today’s news: “President Barack Obama vented his anger Wednesday over allegations of misconduct at Veterans Affairs hospitals and vowed to root out anyone responsible”:

I am proud of my President of the United States of America; he is outraged by the scandal perpetrated by war Veterans not being able to be seen by VA doctors and it cannot be tolerated!

President Obama ultimately is responsible, but it is important to note that the mistreatment of war veterans was not brought to the attention of the President and/or the People by the VA or the VA doctors, it was brought by the veterans; and, that is the scandal and what is disgraceful. Doctors treating veterans obviously were aware of the problem and the VA knew the problem. So, who benefited from a cover up?

VA doctors are responsible for the care of veterans and that responsibility includes letting the doctors employers know the circumstances preventing them from doing their job, and We the People, including the doctors, veterans, and the President are the VA doctor’s and the President’s employers; we the People are the employers.

Employees are responsible for making their employer look good. A cover up like the VA scandal makes the employer look bad, and the cover up is only to make the employees look good! Any cover up does not benefit the President.

There was definitely a cover up within the VA; I’m sure there were complaints from the many fine VA doctors in the VA, but those complaints did not reach the People or the President. And, it is right that the veterans themselves make their problem known; but it’s a problem of all of us and especially the VA and the doctors responsible for the veterans care.

Who actually benefits from a cover up? Certainly, not the President of the United State of America, but the President is the top executive and, as President Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here! “With this in mind, it’s obvious that any cover up does NOT benefit the President of the United States. Yet, the political hatred existing in America, today, causes our People to avoid reason and blame the VA problem entirely on President Obama.

War veterans not getting adequate medical care is an American tragedy; it is not a political campaign issue!
So, President Obama has every right to be outraged; but the President is not and should not be the victim, war veterans are the only victims. Just fix it!


Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

America desperately needs Immigration Reform and should look to other nations for what is most effective, instead of insisting that everything in America is best and superior to all other nation’s laws; we’re not! Here’s an all-inclusive proposal for immigration reform and other government reform.

A Citizens’ National Identification Registry of the USA that follows the individual from birth to death, is an absolute necessity to Immigration Reform. The law would require very citizen must have his Citizen’s ID registered in the county and State where he currently resides. Alien Residents must also be registered as resident aliens, noting whether or not they’re entitled to employment in USA.

A Law should be enacted stating that no person can receive pay for employment unless they have been certified to work by the National Identification Registry of the USA; the same law should establish that employers who employ uncertified employees are guilty of violating the law and the punishment should be a viable deterrent, such as imprisonment (current fines for violations of this law are ineffective). This law would essentially eliminate illegal immigration for employment which is the basic problem. This would allow the border control to concentrate on smuggling and terrorist issues.

This Citizens National Identification Registry of the USA would also serve as a census that would be used to determine Congressional District distribution among States. The Registry would also serve as voter registration for all national elections. The Citizens Registry could send notices to each citizen of forthcoming elections. (Personally, I would prefer voters without legitimate excuse, be required to vote and fined if they do not; Americans need to accept responsibility of citizenship.)

A Citizens National Identification Registry is possible with 21st Century Electronic Components.

Adopting such a Citizens Identification Registry would require a new Agency of the Federal Government; it would have to be non-partisan and unbiased similar to the requirements of the US Justice System. Costs of such an agency would be justified in reducing current cost of voter registration and census taking for example. A Citizens Identification Registry is much needed in America.


Monday, May 19th, 2014

In the news today: 60 Years After Brown v. BOE, Mostly White Reformers Try To Fix ‘The Civil Rights Issue Of Our Generation’ “Huffington Post: Black Voices”:

In the comments on this article, I entered the fray. For me, that exchange got at the heart of the issue and I’m posting it here. My lifetime career was that of a public school teacher; elements in America today would destroy public education for selfish reasons. The public is being bilked; and, public education is a necessity in a democracy. Today, Public Schools are threatened and only we the People can save it.

My original post: Unfortunately most “School Reformers” today are trashing public schools, misusing SATs for evaluations, forming “Charter Schools”, pressing for “school vouchers”, all of which is for the purpose of eliminating public schools and privatizing education in America. Public Schools must be democratic, treat students equally, be unbiased, and are forbidden to indoctrinate students. Opponents of public education want their own private schools, using taxpayer money, to indoctrinate students in religious, economic, and political ideology. That is why private schools are called “parochial”.

Reply: “My 3 girls all go to charter schools. The waiting list to get into them is long for a reason.”

My Response: Follow your reasoning, good students from “public schools” are leaving to go to “charter schools”; that explains why “public schools” have bad students and are being trashed as “bad schools”. This insanity of you who want to eliminate all public schools and privatize education in America, have screwed up America’s public schools. Be advised, the purpose of “for profit” charter schools going “into the school business”, is to make profits, not better educate students; empirical evidence concludes that private and charter school education is no better than public schools’. “For-profit-charter-schools” are predatory corporations, like Enron, and will do anything to make more profits or destroy competition; in the “for-profit-charter-school” scenario, public schools are competition. Public schools are required to be democratic and educate every kid in the neighborhood; charter schools recruit only “nice”, “smart”, “white” kids for “their school” to the detriment of public schools. Historically during integration, private ‘Christian Schools’ were created to indoctrinate the students in their form of Christianity and their Christianity was “White Christianity” and If Black Christians wanted their kid taught Christianity in school, they had to start “Black Christian” Schools”. Today, some reformists that seek to eliminate public schools are racists, some political and economic extremists, some are predatory capitalists, some are ignorant, and some just stupid. Note: ignorance is the fault of the teacher, whoever it is, and there’s no cure for stupidity. You’re why there is a line to get in “charter schools” and public schools get trashed! Public schools are worth saving!


Thursday, May 15th, 2014

The Benghazi and IRS scandals are both-man made scandals that never existed except in Rep. Darrell Issa’s mind and they were fabricated by Darrell Issa who lies with impunity.

In case you did not know, Darrell Issa is privileged, read Article I section 6 of the US Constitution, “The Senators and Representatives……for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.”

And, when Darrell Issa is quoted in the media, the Corporate American owned and controlled media are free to misinform and lie to the People, by virtue of the Media’s First Amendment “Freedom of the Press”.

American People are “dumbed down” by both Congress and the Media and their US Constitutional privileges for Congress and American Media, which provides no Rights for the People!

Hey, “The truth shall make you free”!


Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

The news today is looking forward toward the 2016 Presidential race; it is obvious that Republican candidates Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan are sicko, and have carried the “Keep Women Barefoot and Pregnant” mentality into the 21st Century:

The United States of America has become a Christian Canon Law nation, “Wives submit to your husbands (and male boss)” throw-back, to Medieval times.

That is not all, economically today, America has developed a 21st Century Feudal System of Lords and Peasants; eliminating the working Middle Class and the Labor Unions that historically, first created the working Middle Class and stifling minimum wage, and allowing the wealthy to “buy” American elections and candidates.

There is no longer an American working Middle Class; it disappeared with the US Trade Agreements.

And, America basically has the US Supreme Court to thank: Bush vs. Gore and Citizens United among the Court’s many other of their undemocratic decisions. American democracy has been replaced with Corporate American, plutocratic oligarchy.

The US Supreme Court and the Bill of Rights was created by the US Constitution to uphold liberty and democracy, and to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority in America; now the US Supreme Court is controlled by the minority 1%, of America’s wealthiest individuals. The US Supreme Court has now basically and effectively denied the American Majority of the people, their “power of the ballot”! Fifty years ago, I personally remember that Americans said, “It could never happen here”! Now it’s fait accompli!

America is now in the hands of the wealthiest Americans; there are no jobs, no Working Middle class, and what is more important to wealthy industrialist, ‘no consumers’! The working Middle Class Americans ‘used to be’ the consumers. To whom will American Industrialist sell their Chines Products? Ninety-nine percent of Americans will have no money.

America’s future is a Charles Dickens’ society! American democracy loses, the British monarchy wins in the end!


Sunday, May 11th, 2014

In the news today, the VA is failing to meet the needs of US war veterans. “The claims are the latest to emerge as VA hospitals around the country struggle to handle the huge volume of patients who need medical attention, including aging vets and a newer influx from wars over the last decade.”

I hate to have to inform Sen. McCain and the other PNAC Republican War Hawks who perpetrated the oil wars of US aggression on the United States of America, but the American economy will never ever be able to provide for all the American military casualties of those needless senseless wars of two decades and still raging; there is not enough money in the whole of the former US democratic Republic to heal all of those wounds.

What money that America does have, is in the hands of the Wealthiest 1%, and they do not believe in spending “their” money on “other” American citizen’s health care.

Our heroic troops were duped by all those Republican lies, which are now haunting America’s casualties of Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq. It would be easy to blame the voters who elected good ole President W., but in the case of Afghanistan and Iraq, all the blame goes to the 6 extremist Republican Justices of the US Supreme Court and their “Bush vs. Gore” decision, in 2000; in 2000, the American People voted for the other “guy” and world peace.