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Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

In today’s news is the story of a retired American General in the US Army, enjoying all the rights of US Army retirement and the prestige of an American US Army General, retired; his name is General William “Jerry” Boykin, MSNBC, “This Week in God”, Steve Benen,

Most Americans have never heard of him and that is actually one of the saddest stories from a shameful era of the history of the American democratic Republic.

My first knowledge of General Boykin, came while Boykin served President W. Bush Administration 2000-2008; reports of Boykin’s behavior was reported in the New York Times 04/06/2003, “Church Event Set for Base Stirs Concern”, by Laurie Goodstein.

General Boykin’s shameful behavior was made public to the world at that time, but the Corporate American controlled press kept it virtually a secret from the American People for all of these years, while General Boykin continued to enjoy his privileged assignment with impunity as a military representative in the US State Department, dealing with, of all things, foreign entities in time of American wars against Muslim sovereign foreign nations Afghanistan and Iraq, 2001 to the present. Gen. Boykin continued to serve America in his very sensitive and responsible position, until his retirement (with honor) in 2007.

My advice to any American patriots and believers in American democracy who are interested in this matter, to thoroughly research the career of General Boykin their self, and make their own decision about Boykin’s behavior during this era of American history and the American “religious” wars of 2001-2008 (or “Crusades” as President W. Bush once uttered publically but was stricken from historic record though the world’s Muslim population never forgot).
Here are some news items to look into:
New York Times 10/18/2003, “Struggle for Iraq: Pentagon; U.S. General Apologizes For Remarks about Islam”;
New York Times 10/17/2003, “Rumsfeld Praises Army General Who Ridicules Islam as ‘Satan’ “;
New York Times 08/20/2004, “General Said To Be Faulted Over Speeches”;
New York Times 08/26/04 “Holding the Pentagon Accountable; For Religious Bigotry”;
New York Times 08/27/2004,”Shopping For War”, by Bob Herbert; New York Times 03/04/2005, “Report Urged Action Against General for Speeches”, by Douglas Jehl.

General Boykin became one of the biggest secrets that the W. Bush Administration and the Corporate American controlled media have virtually kept from the American public; just imagine, Boykin was exposed years ago (2003), during the W. Bush Administration, but retained his sensitive position as a US Army General working in the US State Department until his retirement when W. Bush left office in 2008.

Even worse, today, Gen. Boykin continues to espouse his religious bigotry against the world’s Muslims, including the five million American Muslims and including those American Muslims serving in the same US Army with Gen. Boykin.

Boykin in my mind, is a disgrace to America and to Christianity and ever so sadly, Americans today never heard of him before; I would assume the Corporate America News Media will continue to again hide this man’s record of an American General in the US Army, who made public appearances to right wing church groups, in uniform with general’s rank, and told those Americans how he, “enjoyed killing all Muslims” (because they were Muslim). Even today, he continues to spread his venom.

Gen. Boykin is a disgrace to America and to Christianity and today, yet he is celebrated as a hero in America by America’s religious fanatics and political extremists.

In reality, Boykin is an example of the worst of American democracy! The saddest part of the story is that the entire world is aware of it, except for the American People; and Americans wonder why some foreigners don’t like “America. I would admonish Americans who believe in America and American democratic principles to thoroughly research this case of General Boykin and his religious fanaticism for their own edification.


Friday, February 21st, 2014

So, I went to the movies and saw the movie, “Philomena”, starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan; it was an absolutely a fabulous movie. Dench and Cogan’s acting was perfection, the script is perfect, and the true story is captivating.

The movie, both leading actors, and script are my picks for Academy Award winners; actually nominate in 2014 from “Philomena”, are Dench best actress, the best picture, best music original score, and the best screen play.

Oddly enough, lead actor Steve Coogan was overlooked for his excellent acting in an exceedlingly difficult role but Coogan was nominated for writing the best screen play. Coogan obviously and brilliantly interpreted the role he wrote unerringly.

The movie has tremendous meaning and repercussions for anyone who has had real life experience with adoption and looking for unknown biological parents or children; the movie is based on a true story and a book by the same name.

Of course I am biased and have not seen the other nominees, but “Philomena” was an emotional and moving experience of great magnitude for me, based on the story itself, and brilliantly portrayed; but then, I have often been called an emotional old fool!


Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Today’s news is about the Republican Party interceding in American workers ‘democratic’ vote for a labor union to represent them in negotiations with their employer. “GOP intervention tips scales in unionization vote”, Huffington Post, 02/17/14,

It is unheard of, for a respectable labor union like Walter Reuther’s United Auto Workers to be defeated in a fair and democratic vote of workers; labor unions are the only voice of the American working Middle class and unscrupulous employers like WalMart continuously manipulate workers to prevent elections, but never has the State Legislature before, intervened itself to deny workers their only voice in the economy, their labor union (except, perhaps, for the hideous Taft Hartley Act of 1948 provisions that allow those States, like Arizona, to evoked Taft-Harley, creating states like Arizona where workers are the worse paid employees in America).

In the case of the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga Tennessee, it is obvious that the Republican Party and the Republican legislature threatened Volkswagen and even more important the Volkswagen workers, to change the outcome of the election for establishment of the union and collective bargaining; threats against their livelihood are the only possible reason, other than ignorance, for why an American worker would oppose “better pay” and “better working conditions”.

Workers in Tennessee have been condemned to relive the history of labor in America and fight for the worker’s equality under the law. American workers have been set back 100 years by Republican politics in Tennessee; this Republican Party today is definitely not the Grand Old Party of Abe Lincoln and the famous “Trust Buster”, President Teddy Roosevelt. The Republican Party has become the Corporate American monarchy that reigns in America and reduces American workers to feudal peasantry.

Corporate America employers have definitely become dictators in parts of the American democratic Republic, like Tennessee today, and Corporate America has used the Republican Party as its devise. It is past time for working Middle Class Americans to eliminate the dictatorial powers of the Republican Party in individual American States and time for America to become a united democratic Republic. There is no excuse for workers in some United States to have Rights denied workers in other States.

Historically, it was the labor unions in the form of gilds in Medieval Europe that was responsible for the creation of the Working Middle Class; and today, labor unions are the only voice of today’s American working Middle Class.

Without a doubt, the American Working Middle Class is disappearing today, Americans living in poverty in increasing, Corporate Profits are at a record high, the average wage is going down, the inequity in wealth in America is favoring the wealthiest 2%; this is not opinion, America, this is statistical history. Read the historical facts.

It is common historical knowledge and never before in my lifetime has the Republican Party ever been brazenly anti-labor union, until now; previously it would have been political disaster for a responsible, viable political party to be opposed to labor unions which are the only entity that is beneficial to the great majority of American voters, America’s working Middle Class.

What kind of science fiction reality causes a working Middle Class American to oppose a labor union that is their only voice in the American political and economic life? This defies reality!

The Corporate American owned and controlled media has brain-washed many working Americans to believe “labor unions and union leaders are corrupt”; but it is not union leaders or unions that have been convicted of corruption, rather it has been corrupt corporations and banks and their corrupt CEOs that have been convicted and sent to prison. Very frankly, there is not a lot to steal from labor unions whose only finances comes from the wages of underpaid American workers.

Where is the evidence, for the Corporate American owned and controlled media to claim labor unions are inherently corrupt; there is none. It is historically obvious that the Corporate owned and controlled media have and do use their democratic American privileged “Freedom of the Press”, to publish lies and misinformation about labor unions, with impunity.

America’s “Freedom of the Press” establishes no freedom whatsoever for the People; America’s “Freedom of the Press” simply allows the American Media to publish lies and misinformation with impunity, to control the minds of American voters and “win” elections for Corporate ‘lackey’ political candidates.

None of this can be dismissed as simply one person’s opinion; it is history, read it and analyze today’s news!

American society has regressed; this is evident in current and past Labor History. The American working Middle Class is disappearing in a cloud of Corporate Monarchy! This is the “New Modern American History”!


Sunday, February 16th, 2014

The 2014 Winter Olympics are here and I am always fascinated by the athletic competition. Though never a class athlete, I have always been athletic; as an adolescent I even had Athletes Feet from high school physical education classes at Mt. Zion High School!

However, having been raised in Central Illinois we never had much experience in winter sports; we never had that much snow and the ice never got thick enough on the pond to hold a person’s weight. Our most exciting winter sport was trying to get to the car without falling, after a night’s freeze in winter; the only hill in town for sledding was on Nelson Park’s Golf Course and it had to accommodate the entire neighborhood.

It was when I was over fifty years old that I learned to ski and I loved it; it became one of my favorite, most exhilarating things to do other than playing Solitaire. I thoroughly enjoyed my attempt at skiing down the slopes without breaking my neck.

When I reached the ripe old age of 70, I had both my knees replaced with titanium knees and my doctor said he would prefer I give up skiing and preserve his surgical masterpiece; reluctantly, I obliged him. Thus ended my skiing career.

As an adult, I was lucky enough to live in Switzerland for five years; in winter when American men are watching football games on TV, the Swiss men and women are watching ski races. I acquired Swiss habits.

So, when the 2014 Winter Olympics started, I decided to watch the results.

The first Olympic event I watched was Women’s Ice Hockey; and, I kept my eyes glued to the Women’s Olympic Hockey matches. It was fascinating to watch women punching each other out to get a puck. It was much more interesting than our usual professional American hockey matches of grown men having a tantrum on ice.

In no time at all, I found myself fantasizing over a Swedish female hockey player; that in itself was a most interesting diversion for me in these golden years. Certainly it was more exciting than watching Lawrence Welk on PBS.

Unfortunately, I must register my disapproval of American NBC coverage of the winter Olympics; I was spoiled from watching the winter Olympics in Switzerland.

In Switzerland, the Winter Olympics are covered on TV without commercials and showing all the winners regardless of the nation they represent. In contrast, the American NBC coverage shows only great praise for American participants (many of whom end up losers) and fail to show all winners on the podium. For a real American Olympic enthusiast, their favorite winter sports athletes are not necessarily American. It is not a crime to like foreign sports heroes.

Swiss coverage of the Winter Olympics is about the competitive endeavor of all the participants and Swiss coverage honors winners and losers alike, regardless of nationality.

Another problem I find with American Olympic coverage in America is that the listener has to suffer through watching some agonizing footage of a video of an American athlete’s mother, currently recovering from surgery for some dreadful medical problem, who is watching her American son or daughter, competing in the Olympics while Mama watches on TV from her hospital bed; the video is usually followed by cameras focusing on the American athlete falling on his ass, half way down the ski slope. Meanwhile, you missed the long program figure skating.

These Winter Olympics are in Russia, America’s neighbor whom Gov. Sarah Palin can see from her kitchen window. You would expect Americans to watch the success of their neighbor and wish them well. That doesn’t seem to be the case. Many Americans appear to wish the worse for the Russians and seem to enjoy complaining about every little problem.

Actually, it would be nice to see the events take place in order, see all the winners on the podium, and be able to cheer your sports heroes on regardless of their nationality. American media seems to believe that in America they are required to use up most of TV air time, telling the people that Americans are expected to win every event and they only lose when fate intervenes. Then, of course, there are the poorly timed commercials.

As for me, I can show pride for my American athletes when they do well in their performance and complain about the judging when I’m inclined, without having the announcers touting American performers and making decisions about events for me.


Saturday, February 15th, 2014

In the news today was the story of the very wealthy Tom Perkins. “Tom Perkins: People With More Money Should Get More Votes.” “Huffington Post”, 2/14/2014.

Perkins was quoted saying, “But what I really think is, it should be like a corporation. You pay a million dollars in taxes, you get a million votes. How’s that?”

President Harry Truman once said a long, long time ago, in answer to Perkins, that in Missouri at one time, a citizens had to have $50 worth of property to vote and a man owned a jackass worth $50 and so he could vote. The man’s jackass died and the next day the man could no longer vote; who was actually voting, the man or his jackass?

Americans should remember this when they vote in 2014; working men and women need to know that they should not vote for the candidate they know only from ads they saw on Corporate owned and operated TV, paid for with political contributions from by men like Tom Perkins.

Working Middle Class Americans should be sure they know who they are voting for, in 2014; to preserve your ‘power of the ballet’ vote for members of Congress who know the issues confronting working Middle Class Americans and not the ones spending billions of ‘Citizens United’ dollars to benefit Corporate America.


Monday, February 3rd, 2014

The news today is still people moaning and complaining about the Government interfering in their “Constitutional Privacy”; the Constitution doesn’t mention privacy, because there is no guarantee of privacy in this world and, there never has been. How in the name of God could the Constitution or anything else guarantee anyone’s privacy.

Some of these same people moaning about NSA stealing their privacy want Hispanics in Arizona to have to carry their birth certificate or their passport with them or they go to jail.

It is in the Peoples’ interest and in the interests of the US Government to have personal information about the People, such as were they live, where they were born, who they are married to, etc. Yet, the People do not want Americans to have National Identification Records so the government and employers know who is eligible to work in America and who is not able to work in America; if Americans had National ID they would not have an Immigration Problem. No immigration law will be effective unless American adopts a National Identification System like other nations have; our immigration problem could be resolved with adoption of an National Identification System.

Americans even avoid the census takers because they want to maintain their privacy and in doing so deprive their state of proper representation in Congress; another excellent reason for National ID. The American census is Constitutional Law!

Personally, I want my government to have information on every citizen in America and the resident aliens too; think about it!

There is certainly no privacy today in the Era of Electronic Technology, so forget it. Madison Avenue already knows all there is to know about everyone.

Privacy is not mentioned in the Constitution; in America’s beginning if you wanted privacy and had something to hide, you moved to the frontier where “no questions were asked”, it became part of the culture.

The Constitution protects property, not privacy. My forefathers had to move to the frontier for safety from the people AND the US Government who were prejudice against them because of their Native American heritage and the Government and the Europeans persecuted them because they had “some” native American, Indian ancestry in them.

The US Government took away their homes and their land in TN and VA and put their relatives on a reservation in the dessert of OK in the “Trail of Tears”.

My Great-Great Grandfather was assassinated because of his “Indian blood” (1/4)!

And Americans today are pissed because the Government found out what telephone numbers were called from their telephone, with a court warrant and the Patriot Act legality, to save their ass from terrorists. What is their big secret they cannot divulge?


Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

The current criticism of Obamacare is total baloney, cheap insurance with no benefits was always available before and it was a curse; that is why Obamacare has to do with reform and this latest criticism of Obamacare has nothing to do with real reliable affordable Health Care Insurance and the elimination of fraudulent health care gouging.

Go to the court case, Goodrich vs. Aetna, for the reality of facts; Goodrich is a landmark court case, largely hidden from the general public by the Corporate American owned and controlled media that supports the old corrupted medical insurance industry.

A principal of any insurance is, the bigger the base, the more efficient the insurance; America needs government provided insurance for the whole nation, a national base, which Americans are too ‘dumbed down’ and misled by the “press” to comprehend.

Using the market value of capitalism, America needs to produce an exorbitant number of qualified physicians (like they over-produced qualified engineers in the Sputnik Era and engineers had to re-train) and then, when qualified physicians are a dime a dozen and have to compete for profit, medical costs will subside and Americans will be healthier; I
t is called the ‘good old American capitalism’ of supply and demand.

The only thing standing in the way of the government producing more physicians is the physicians’ own labor union, the American Medical Association that conspires to keep production of physicians down; the AMA is a corrupt Labor Union unfortunately not regulated by other Federal Labor Union legislation like Taft Hartley.

The Federal Government providing for production of more qualified physicians would be Constitutional “Providing for the General Welfare of the People”, just as providing more engineers in the Sputnik Era was.

Mass producing qualified physicians would also eliminate all of those terrible medical doctors who choose the medical profession because it has the highest income of any profession and choose that profession for profit only, having no real interest in healing; and, those physicians, solely for profit, are a curse to the health of the People. Now that would be real reform.

If America is really a democracy and the land of equality, fraternity, and liberty, is their any reason why physicians should be rewarded at a much higher rate than a teacher, secretary, electrician, attorney, or sanitary engineer? Are physicians really Holier than thou?


Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Millionaire Kevin O’Leary uttered words yesterday that made national news in America: “It’s fantastic. And this is a great thing because it inspires everybody. They get the motivation to look up to the one percent and say I want to become one of those people. I am going to fight hard to get up to the top. This is fantastic news and of course I applaud it. What can be wrong with this?” — Millionaire investor Kevin O’Leary about the fact that the wealth of world’s 85 richest people is equal to the three and a half billion poorest people. 1/23/14

Well, I don’t know about others of America’s working Middle Class, but for myself I can say that my concern as a working Middle Class American has always been that I hope and pray that my employer doesn’t go under and I have no means to support my family; I’m going to bust my butt to help him succeed, because my family needs to eat.

I have never in my working career been considered and equal by my employer, but when I had time to consider my own ‘American Dream’ it has been to raise a prayer to Heaven that my employer succeed in ‘earning’ big profits so that I can put bread on the table for my family. My American Dream was found there in my prayers every night, “Thank you God for allowing me to earn more than minimum wage so that my family can have bread on the table.”

Americans like Kevin O’Leary make me feel ill; not because they have millions and billions of dollars but because they have no idea what is going on in the minds of their fellow Americans who actually earned those dollars for them and they know nothing about struggling humanity trying to put bread on the table for the family.