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Thursday, January 30th, 2014

America’s greatest problem today is the inequitable distribution of wealth in America and it was basically created by extremist Republicans who have eliminated labor unions and labor laws and filibustered Obama’s appointees to National Labor Relations Board so there is not even a quorum; the extremist Republican controlled 5 US Supreme Court Justices and they have eliminated the Peoples power of the ballot.

No Labor Unions, lower wages; low minimum wage, even lower wages.

Today, Corporate profits have never been higher and the average wage goes down, down, down. Prices continue to go up.

At the same time Republicans repealed all the regulations for businesses and the Anti-Trust Legislation.

The poor and working middle class have lost their power of the ballot to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United and Voter Suppression decisions; elections today are bought with Corporate campaign contributions and the Corporate owned and controlled media that controls the news and publicity.

America is eliminating democracy, equality, fraternity, and liberty and America is becoming a plutocratic oligarch; the working Middle Class is disappearing and Americans in poverty is increasing. We will soon have a 21st Century Feudal system of two classes, peasants and plutocrats. Republicans have taken America back to the Middle Ages.

America needs a new Revolution to throw off the yoke of the Republican Corporate American Plutocrats.


Monday, January 27th, 2014

Today, I read of Rand Paul’s condemnation of my President Clinton as a sex predator: “Rand Paul Says Bill Clinton’s Behavior With Monica Lewinsky Was ‘Predatory’”, Huffington Post, 1/26/14,

Personally, I think Rand Paul would do well to keeping his ‘dirty mind’, comments, and politics out of other ‘consenting adult’s’ bedrooms.

Are we to believe Rand Paul to be totally pious and limits his own behavior to “the missionary position” for the sole “purpose” of reproduction; is that the thought Paul is trying to plant in the electors minds?

Also, I would remind Paul that in terms of the ‘Monica Episode’ involving my President Clinton, the oral sex that was involved features a consenting, of age Monica as ‘predator’ and my President was a consenting, of age ‘victim’; Monica was the ‘oralsexer’ and Clinton was the ‘oralsexee’ and not the other way around! And, I might add, the event took place in the privacy of under the President’s desk.

Further, I would remind Paul that President Clinton enjoys a very high approval rating today; whether or not it is because of or in spite of the Monica episode during Clinton’s Presidency has never been determined, ‘polling voters’.

Whatever, it would appear that some voters, like myself would indeed take exception to Paul’s wrongful condemnation of President Clinton, who is better remembered and known for balancing the budget with a surplus in the Treasury and prosperity in America than he is for being recipient of the pleasure of Monica’s charms.

God Bless America!


Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

In the News today, Glen Beck, formerly of CNN and Fox News, said in an interview with Fox News Megyn Kelly, “that he has some major regrets about his time at Fox News, ‘ I made an awful lot of mistakes, and I wish I could go back and be more uniting in my language. . . . I think I played a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the country apart and it’s not who we are.’” See Glenn Beck: I Played A Role In ‘Helping Tear The Country Apart’, Huffington Post :
Beck is uneducated beyond high school and he has had no other life experiences that would qualify him to comment on anything, yet the Corporate American owned and controlled media gave Beck a national forum for his sensational outrageous philosophical concepts without any supporting evidence. Beck was incapable of doing reliable journalistic research.

Also, Beck relied on the Constitutional “Freedom of the Press” which has been interpreted to allow the media to lie and misinform.

Therefore, Beck was empowered by Corporate American media and ‘Freedom of the Press’ to fill the minds of the American People with his ignorance; this is not how a democracy is supposed to work and democracy must rely on an informed electorate. That was originally the purpose of ‘Freedom of the Press’ and it has failed; and “Freedom of the Press” has allowed the electorate to be instead “dumbed down” by people like Beck.

“Freedom of the Press was written in 1785 when the ‘media’ consisted of individually owned newspapers in each town and city that competed for news; today national media is owned by a few corporate conglomerates that are in business solely to make profit from corporate advertising and not to compete for news and inform the electorate. Constitutional “Freedom of the Press” needs amending!

The ultimate result is that the American democratic Republic is broken.

Certainly a college education does not necessarily qualify a commentator or a politician, but satisfactory and competent commentators and politicians must have some kind of learning experience to be qualified; a college education is not the only means of learning but ignorance is totally unacceptable in news commentators and politicians.

Author, Louis L’Amour never finished high school but he read excessively, he traveled across the nation working as a cowboy, and he traveled around the world in the Merchant Marine. (See his book, “The Education of a Wandering Man”).

L’Amour was educated by experience, he was intelligent and he did not attend college; Beck is intelligent and unfortunatrely almost totally uneducated and lacking in qualifying experience.

Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh of Fox News are other examples of commentators that are uneducated beyond high school and have no other qualifying experience. They have also contributed their ignorance to the decline of the American democratic Republic.

Glen Beck did finally get one thing right; the American democratic Republic is broken.


Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Martin Luther King day, 2014, came and went without much ado, as usual, this year; and, like every year, the holiday left me a little testy. Being a great admirer of Dr. King, I find it agitating to have a special celebration of the man and then have people making asinine references to the man’s memory.

The greatness of King continues to be a well-kept secret. In my opinion, it is unbefitting of the man to have politicians and TV commentators stand up on Martin Luther King Day and over and over mutter the standard phrase of reference, “I had a dream”.

Martin Luther King having a dream doesn’t describe the man, his life, or his actual dream, or his contribution to American Society. King’s “dream” was nothing special, other than beautiful thoughts and words; it wasn’t unique to King. Martin Luther King’s dream was the same dream of every disenfranchised person in America.

King’s “I Had a Dream” speech made Americans feel good; it made Americans feel like they single-handedly had eliminated injustice in America. But dreaming is not what Martin Luther King was all about.

The reason for America’s Martin Luther King Day is better found in “Martin Luther King’s Letter From Birmingham Jail”:

It is in “Letter from Birmingham Jail” where Americans will find the reason for Martin Luther King Day. But, on this day, I never see anyone on TV or read anyone in the news media, quoting from the “Letter from Birmingham Jail”.

Martin Luther King Day is about the conscience of White Americans. “Letter from Birmingham Jail” is what made King a hero of mine. Before King, Gandhi had been a hero of mine; not because they were pacifist, but because they moved mountains eliminating injustice, using compassion and civil disobedience instead of hatred and violence.

Personally, I could not do that. I am not a pacifist; I do not have the strength necessary for pacifism.

Today, I look at the unabashed hatred that I see and hear every day, directed at my duly elected first Black President, and I think that Martin Luther King’s accomplishments that are responsible for his being honored with “his day” has perhaps been in vain. I read that my first Black President has had more threats on his life than all other Presidents combined.

If Americans were sincere in the establishment of Martin Luther King Day, then “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and not King’s “I Have a Dream” would be required reading for school children (along with Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address”) in celebration of Martin Luther King Day.

And so, today was Martin Luther King Day and I did not celebrate with a barbeque and beer. Instead, I sat down and wrote a blog post about what I did not like about this holiday.


Sunday, January 19th, 2014

IN THE NEWS: “The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer told his audience that in the 18th century, only property owners were allowed to vote – and according to Fischer, that’s still a sensible policy for a democracy.”
MY RESPNSE: Good old President Harry Truman told the story about the time when a man had to have property worth $50, to qualify to vote. A man owned a jackass worth $50 and could vote; one day the man’s jackass died and the man couldn’t vote. Which was doing the voting, the man or the jackass?
IN THE NEWS: “A gasping, snorting Dennis McGuire took 26 minutes to die after the chemicals began flowing Thursday — the longest execution of the 53 carried out in Ohio since capital punishment resumed 15 years ago, according to an Associated Press analysis.”
MY RESPONSE: Personally, I am sick and tired of hearing Americans talk about capital punishment and a nice way of killing “bad boys”. There is always a reason for a boy being bad, just as there is a reason for my being a “good boy”. The reason a “bad boy” is bad is never eliminated (or executed); the “bad boy” takes the reason to his grave. The whole purpose of punishment is to . . . accomplish something for somebody? “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord”. If America is going to have executions, they should be televised on national television, in prime time, for all of America’s enjoyment.


Friday, January 17th, 2014

It is true that I have a clinical interest is human hair, including pubic hair. Pubic hair is specifically the subject of this story and since it is a sensitive subject to some, it is therefore appropriate that I begin my story with a disclaimer. There is no intent for this story to be considered pornographic and I do not personally have a prurient interest in pubic hair.

This story came to my mind while I was reading a news article entitled, “American Apparel Pubic Hair Mannequins Stop Pedestrians In Their Tracks”; it is a story about a women’s apparel store, ‘American Apparel’, using mannequins endowed with public hair to display lingerie in their shop window and sell it. A store associate stated, “They’re aimed at drumming up sales around Valentine’s Day, and it would appear it’s already working.”

This news article reminded me that once I had an intellectual discussion with a couple of card playing female friends of mine about female pubic hair; the subject arose while we were innocently playing a heated game of Canasta.
One of the women was simply perplexed, regarding God’s purpose for providing women with pubic hair.

The next time we played cards, the other women enlightened us with the scientific answer to our previous question, and to wit, “Pubic hair carries and enhances the female scent for the purpose of attracting the male of the species.”

While that bit of information surprised us all, it did make sense and that sort of shot down the whole purpose of today’s deodorants and cologne for women, in my own inquiring mind.

Of course I am male and based on my own experience over the years I have developed somewhat of a clinical interest in pubic hair, including female pubic hair.

It has been some time ago that I was fascinated to read about Hollywood making a movie in which the heroine has a frontal nude scene in the movie; it was a historic period film, and the actress had removed her pubic hair whish did not match the historic period of the film. Her lack of pubic hair created a production problem.

For realism in the film, the actress was required to wear a ‘pubic toupee’, called a merkin (this is no joke, google it).

Further, it appears that since the removal of female pubic hair has become popular in recent times, it has created a market for merkins. One creative woman reportedly had a pink merkin custom made for herself and that caused a fashion trend of creating assorted tones and shades of merkin hair.

It appears that in today’s society, pubic hair is, ‘hair today and gone tomorrow’.

Now personally, I think it is healthy to have a public discussion regarding pubic hair; I can’t really say that I find it offensive in any way. There are those who will dispute me on that issue. However, in reality, hair is simply a fact of life; hair has figured in my own life from my very beginning; I didn’t have any in the beginning.
Pubic hair is a well-kept secret in American culture; when I first discovered my own first public hair it was rather scary, I wasn’t expecting it and didn’t know why?

When I entered the U.S. Air Force at the age of Eighteen, I had never shaved; my superiors insisted that I shave daily whether I needed it or not, I obeyed my superiors and have shaved daily ever since.

For assorted reasons, I decided to grow a beard at age forty, and nothing happened. It took years for my beard to be notices but I have had one on and off ever since.

But a funny thing did happen to me relative to my pubic hair when I was sixty-one years old; I had to have an emergency hernia surgery.

In my preparation for surgery, a young timid nurse approached me with a huge supply of safety razors and shaving cream informing me that she had to shave me in preparation for surgery.

“This is the first time that I have done this,” she informed me, “But, don’t worry, I have a lot of razors and I will be very careful.”

Now, I had never been shaved by someone, not even by a barber; I had never had surgery before. And therefore, I laid very, very still for her, while that nurse shaved my whole body from my nipples to my knees.

“Is it necessary to shave my whole body,” I inquired tentatively at one point.

“Yes,” she replied mustering authority, “They told me all the hair had to come off.”

I went into surgery, totally hairless, nipples to knees.

Needless to say, I was the brunt of a lot of jokes from an array of friends, family, and medical staff when they heard about it, in the aftermath of my surgery; I literally bristled with discomfort.

Thus, I discovered what life was like sans my own pubic hair; I found myself in a very ‘sticky; situation.

So for me, I cannot understand what the great attraction is for a woman to want to rid herself of her pubic hair; but then, I do not understand a lot of things about women, or anatomy.

Once I was discussing nudity in art with a very bright young woman; we were discussing how some people found nudity in art to be offensive.

“I can understand how some people might feel uncomfortable at the sight of a nude man,’ she told me, “but, a nude woman has nothing to show.”

To me, that young woman showed some very astute observation; she assumed that a nude woman would be modestly cloaked in public hair. God is good.


Thursday, January 16th, 2014

As a supporter and voter who voted for President Obama twice, I do not hesitate to say that President Obama is totally WRONG in his support of Trans-Pacific Partnership; President Obama’s support of Trans-Pacific Partnership is throwing the working Middle Class and Labor under the bus.

For reference I can point to the American factories that I have seen lining the highway south of the border lined with the factories built since NAFTA using cheap Mexican labor to manufacture goods sold in America to American workers; Polaris, who manufactures snowmobiles, popular in America and sold here, was one of the last manufacturers to move totally to Mexico.

Trans-Pacific Partnership would without a doubt take the food out of American workers mouths.

Shame on President Obama; to whom does he owe his support for Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Like all Americans who voted for President Obama, I was required to chose to vote for the better of two evils; but we Democratic voters do not deserve this betrayal to Trans-Pacific Partnership.


Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Obamacare is not cheap and it is not expensive.

Obama care is typical insurance and costs are the actual costs consisting of the total cost of every premium payer’s medical bills, PLUS THE PROFITS FOR THE INSURANCE COMPANIES, and that total cost is equally divided between each and every premium payer. In Obamacare, the US Government IS NOT THE CARRIER and earns no profits; in Obamacare, insurance companies earn profits (for their risks?).

If America was to have a government only universal health care plan without private insurance companies involved, there would be NO PROFIT FACTORED INTO THE COSTS.

This is what insurance and government is all about relative to the health care of Americans.


Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Any day and every day is the time to put the nightmares of the past behind us; however we must always remember those gifts from God that makes our life as God’s children the purpose of His creation.

God did not create me to suffer and God has graciously provided me with a lifetime of happiness; and that happiness still resides is my memory in vivid 3D, Technicolor, and sound.

My God instilled within me, the innate desire to make my happiness (in the form of contentment, not pleasure) my primary goal in life, to fight with fervor for what I believed is right, and to have compassion for every living being, including my enemies. And, I’m devoted to God’s will.

We are all just passing through this life and my loved ones never die, they are always there in my vivid memory, we communicate; I feel their presence. I do not grieve for loved ones, we still talk, and dream, and always look forward and not back; my deceased loved ones are always there in my memory, they are not dead at all, they are always there for me.

I can honestly say, and I have always said that I am the luckiest guy in the world; thanks God! I know who I am.


Monday, January 13th, 2014

In Lyndon Johnson’s Administration in the 1960’s, President Johnson proposed that the Federal government build a Federal Medical Research hospital and a Federal Medical School in every State of the Union, established to fight the epidemic medical problems that kill Americans and increase the number of physicians for treating American citizens. The idea was vehemently opposed by the American Medical Association of doctors and it was voted down by Congress; that was more than half a Century ago.

Yet, after Sputnik, when America needed engineers the Federal Government produced many engineers who had to be retrained after America landed on the moon because there was a surplus of engineers produced in the interim.

America’s current problem is a paucity of ‘good’ physicians. And, the basic problem is that the AMA (American Medical Asssociation) opposes training more physicians because they might flood the market and cause a decrease in doctor’s fees based on the ‘market value’ of medical care, what else?

The other problem in America, relative to the quality of American physicians, is that too many students choose to become physicians because it is the most profitable profession in the US, instead of because the student has a burning personal desire to be a healer at any price. And unfortunately, compassion is not one of the qualifications for being admitted to Medical school; too few students are accepted into Medical School who possess the compassion necessary to properly and adequately treat those in need of their medical attention.

The AMA is the doctor’s ‘Labor Union’ with a very powerful and heavily financed lobby that objected to Obamacare in 2008, a program enacted by our democratic elected Congress for the benefit of the health of the American People; the question arises, just what kind of healers compose the AMA that would oppose a program to improve the health care of Americans? No alternatives were offered from the AMA!

The purpose here is not to demean physicians; If the impression that the public gets from the AMA is wrong, it would be a positive if physicians as a profession would put down in writing just what the American people should expect from them and why, in terms of compassion, politics, and universal health care.

Doctors who claim the government should not be involved in the medical care of the People should be advised that it is the government ‘of the People, by the People, and for the People’ that issues them a license to practice medicine; further, doctors do not dictate what the government of the People does but rather the government of the People dictates to doctors how and who are entitled to practice medicine in America. America is a democracy, not an oligarchy; there are no elitists in America despite what the public hears.

America today desperately needs a doctor like Dr. David Livingston or Dr. Albert Schweitzer that can accept as a mission the uniting of Americans politically, to convince Congress to resolve the health problems of medical care for the People in America, including inadequate medical research for conquering cancer, Alzheimer’s, Aids, and such and this American democratic Republic’s inability to train enough physicians necessary for adequately healing Americans. Now that would certainly be a noble cause in this Twenty First Century.