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Saturday, December 28th, 2013

My dear Republican opponents, quit calling your Tea Party extremists the most conservative Republican, “conservatives”; these extremists are not “conservative”, they are extremist John Birch Society fanatics that want to eliminate democracy from America. The “Tea Party” is nothing less than a front group for the John Birch Society.

From their John Birch Society manifesto, The Blue Book of the John Birch Society, p.124 ” . . . democracy is merely a deceptive phrase, a weapon of demagoguery, and a perennial fraud.” (Footnote 25, p. 136.) “Our founding fathers . . .visibly spurned a democracy as probably the worst of all forms of government.” This is reality of the Present-Day Republican Party!

I’m a Democrat but I cannot allow the John Birch Society to take over the Grand Old Party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

I abhor this takeover of the Republican Party. Democrats and Republicans could politically oppose each other, that is acceptable, but for Republicans to oppose democracy and vow to eliminate it from the American democratic Republic, is treason.

It’s time for responsible Republican Leaders to renounce the elimination of democracy from America and declare the United States of America to be a “democratic republic”, where every citizen votes, where a majority rules, and where the minority is protected from the tyranny of the majority by liberty, which is our US Constitutional “Bill of Rights”!

Wherever democracy exists, democracy exists to a degree; and, what America desperately needs today, is Constitutional Amendments to make America even more democratic than was possible without today’s Electronic Technology that was not available to Constitutional forefathers in 1787.

American democracy is sacred! Save it! Cherish it! Live by it!


Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Today, I read about, “Obama, First Lady, Pay Tribute To US Troops And Their Families During Christmas Visit To Hawaii Base”, Huffington Post,

Personally, I highly respect my President, Barrack Obama and his entire family even though I do not always agree with him. President Obama has, ever since he was elected, shown great respect for all the members of the American military forces, has publicly praised them, and he has empathized with them and their families for their sacrifices; I wish that just once, the military would make some show of greater respect for their Commander in Chief than they have in the recent past.

It has been too obvious that the US military has been politicized by the previous Administration, for the first time in my recollection, and some like Gen. McChrystal have openly shown their disdain for their President and Commander in Chief. Recent breaches of trust by individual Navy Seals and the Federal employee Snowden are unprecedented attacks on President Obama for very questionable motives, in my estimation. Further, the President’s political opponents have seized on these issues for their own political benefit.

And, the Corporate American owned and controlled American Media have always seemed to try to put the President in a worse light than his detractors; I can’t help but think the unprecedented attacks and threats that my President has received are because of his mixed race and his efforts to extend peace to foreign cultures and religious beliefs and showing his compassion for their people.

It is time for Americans to realize that President Obama is the choice of a huge majority of the American people. President Obama’s political opponents certainly have a Constitutional Right to their negative opinions but, the President’s political opponents need to also show some responsibility for respecting the efforts of the President to serve the majority of the American People who elected him; at some point the President’s political opponents need to realize they are a minority in the American Democratic Republic where the majority rules and they lost a democratic election.


Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Today, I read a most interesting informative article that explains the cause of America’s current Economic Depression that defies resolution; the cause American economic disaster is America’s inequitable distribution of wealth favoring the wealthiest 98% of Americans and there is no apparent solution in sight.

The article reads thus, Actually, the average incomes of the top 1 percent of Americans have grown steadily over the last century or so, especially when compared to the flat-lining incomes for the bottom 90 percent of Americans. But as you can see . . . it wasn’t until the 1980s that the rich really started to pull away from the normal. “Any Hope Of American Equality Died In The 1980s (And Here’s Proof)”, in Huffington Post:

My particular interest in the subject of the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, and the American working Middle Class disappearing into the increasing number of Americans living in poverty is how this phenomena dovetails into current politics.

The most glaring example that comes into my mind is the words of a 2012 Presidential candidate, George Romney, explaining and justifying his own accumulation of excessive wealth and his disdain for 47% of the population that is the poorest in America, that this is an exemplar case of the American Dream come true for him; Gov. Romney evidently believes that the American Dream for all Americans is that they become as wealthy as he is at the expense of 98% or maybe 47% of the rest of the American People.

Now this Romney concept of the American Dream does not coincide with the American Dream of my own immigrant heritage or the concept of my family heritage; I know for a fact that my immigrant grandparents did not immigrate to America to become wealthy lords, they told me that they came to America for an equal opportunity to make a decent living for their family earning a wealth equal to the norm for America. In fact, equality was their hope and aspiration; equality was their American Dream.

My immigrant grandparents were more than anything else, content with their American life; they were happy to be in America and considered their life as equal to other working middle class Americans to be the answer to their American Dream. This is my heritage, my American Dream.

The other half of my European family heritage can be traced back to life in America before the U.S. Constitution, and at least a part of that particular family heritage is also Cherokee, Native American. These men and women were pioneers and sought out their American Dream on the frontier, with all of its dangers and heartaches; they were not prospectors of gold and riches, they farmed the land for their equal share of American wealth and that was the answer to their American Dream. They were content and happy with equality in American prosperity; equality in opportunity was their American Dream.

Frankly, I am at a loss to know just when great riches became the American Dream and when equality among men lost favor with the American People; however, I deeply lament that change in American cultural attitude, if it is true. Really, I don’t believe that change in the American Dream is universal in America.

In my own mind, I believe that more Americans dream of secure employment and decent wages than Americans who spend their unemployment insurance on lottery tickets, hoping to achieve an American Dream of acquiring excessive wealth.

Lately, I have suffered some heart wrenching nightmares about my American democratic Republic and the American Dream of its People.

The real news in America is that Corporate profits in America are at record highs, Americans living in poverty is increasing, the working Middle Class is disappearing, American workers are unemployed, and the average wage is sinking lower and lower; it is called, The Current Depression.

The American People are suffering and are frustrated and deeply concerned about America’s current economic disaster; yet, Congress and their lush campaign contributors seem content in hving Corporate America reaping record profits. So, it is disturbing to me that in this economic catastrophe of the working Middle Class that a candidate for the Presidency would defend the wealthiest two percent of Americans getting wealthier by the day at the expense of the other ninety-eight percent of the People by telling the People that America’s wealthiest are merely fulfilling the Great American Dream.

There is obviously no doubt that America’s greatest problem today is not foreign terrorists or attack by superior military or nuclear powers; the evidence is that America is suffering from an inequitable distribution of wealth caused by loss of jobs due to international trade agreements, the absence of protective tariffs, and legislation detrimental to organized labor which is the only voice of America’s working Middle Class.

Undisputed evidence of the cause of America’s plight is the most recent shut down of American government to obstruct legislation for stimulating employment and nurturing the unemployed. Neither foreign terrorists nor foreign enemies have been able to shut down American government, but American radical political extremists financed by corporate wealth (and Citizens United) actually shut down the democratic “American Government of the People, by the People, and for the People”. An American Dream of economic equality was snuffed out by America’s wealthiest two percent.

There is a civil war in America today and it is all about the inequitable distribution of wealth in America. America is currently headed toward a Twenty-First Century Feudal System dichotomy of wealthy lords and poor peasants. The working Middle Class Americans created in historic Medieval Times by the Medieval Guilds, is disappearing in America’s Twenty-First Century.

Which American Dream will prevail in this Twenty-First Century? Is “Equality, Fraternity, and Liberty” a thing of the Past? Is democracy dead? What of 911, PNAC, Arab Spring, Made in China, Global Warming, Collective Bargaining, Citizens United and Power of the Ballot?

Will the New World ever be civilized?


Saturday, December 21st, 2013

There was an interesting news item this morning: “Hands down, no word grates on Americans more than ‘whatever,’ a public opinion survey says.” Kevin Murphy Dec 19 (Reuters)

That is most interesting, “Whatever” is my favorite answer to any question from my wife and also a few other assorted people.

I wonder what that means?


Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Today I read a stupid article that I totally disagree with, entitled, “Every Time Republicans Do ‘Something Really Stupid’ A New Democratic Donor Writes a Check”, Huffington Post:

Sorry, but Republican stupidity is more often rewarded with dollars from the likes of John Birch Society Tea Party Republicans like the Koch brothers who are worth $38 billion each; Democrats have to learn that they can never, ever match Republican political contributions since the 5 John Birch Society Tea Party Republican Justices on the US Supreme Court decided Corporations were human flesh and blood with “Freedom to have the Power of Wealth” and found for the ‘Citizens United’ decision.

In a sentence, Republicans can financially afford to do stupid things; Democrats cannot financially afford to do stupid things!

Democrats need to come to their senses; they cannot compete with Republican political contributions and neither can they compete with Republicans getting free publicity and support from Republican Corporate America control of News Media. The only opportunity for Democrats to win elections, is to be exceedingly imaginative, creative, and realistic and be sure that the majority, the working Middle Class Americans, are being represented in the Democrat’s political party platform. Then, Democrats have to get the message out, person to person (internet), because Democrat’s are not going to get publicity in the Corporate Controlled Media and Democrats damn well cannot afford advertising that will match that possible with the Republicans’ wealth.

Dollars are Power for Republicans. For Democrats, Labor and Unity are power. Understand that Labor Unions are the ‘only voice’ of the working Middle Class; that’s why Republicans and the Corporate American Media feel the necessity to trash labor unions; it is also a matter of labor versus corporate profit.

What the Democrats have done that is a really stupid thing is to ignore the needs of Labor Unions and allow Republicans to eliminate labor unions and get by with things like the anti-labor Taft-Hartley Act.

One of the really stupid things that President Obama has done, is to work for a free trade agreement that Labor opposed because it takes jobs away from Americans and favors Corporate America going overseas for cheap labor; it is reminiscent of Democrat Bill Clinton signing the North American Free Trade Agreement which allowed American Companies to move to Mexico for cheap labor and sell their products in America for greater profits.

So here’s a hint, Democrats, you cannot win elections as “centrists”; that’s a myth!

The distribution of wealth has shifted recently to favor wealthiest Americans; that is evident when currently corporate profits have never been higher and average wages for American workers are getting lower and fewer jobs and opportunities exist. And, this is what caused America’s current economic ‘depression’!

If Democrats ever win another election, it will be because they officer a majority of voters (America’s working Middle Class) something beneficial that the Republicans do not; and that is ridiculously easy and simple. However, the hard part is that Democrats have to do it without campaign funds and without publicity from the Corporate American owned and controlled media.

Democratic politicians cannot be ‘centrists’ and win the vote of the humble worker; without a suitable choice, workers just do not vote and that is the thirty percent of eligible voters who do not vote in Presidential elections; Labor has no viable candidate representing their interests.

Unfortunately, Democrats never seem to learn!


Monday, December 16th, 2013

Today, in the Huffington Post, I read “Paul Ryan Was ‘Frustrated’ By Conservative Groups, But Still Thinks They Are ‘Very Important’”, 12/15/13,
Ryan said of the John Birch Society Koch brothers’ “Tea Party”, “They’re part of our conservative family.”

Webster Dictionary definition of conservative: “Disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions; moderate, cautious”; this does not define the John Birch Society’s front group, ‘The Tea Party’.

From the John Birch Society Blue Book, p.124 ” . . . democracy is merely a deceptive phrase, a weapon of demagoguery, and a perennial fraud.” (Continued in Footnote 25, p. 136.) “Our founding fathers . . . visibly spurned a democracy as probably the worst of all forms of government.”

The John Birch Society front group, The Tea Party is NOT a conservative group, The Tea Party is a radical extremist group that wants to eliminate democracy in America by Gerrymandering, voter suppression laws, and “buying” democratic elections by virtue of the 5 John Birch Republican Supreme Court Justices’ “Citizens United Decision”.

Democracy is on the verge of being eliminated from America by the 5 John Birch Republican Justices on the Supreme Court and the John Birch Society’s ‘Tea Party’ Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

Ryan’s Tea Party did what foreign terrorists and Hitler could not do; the Tea Party shut down the American Government.

Paul Ryan is a radical extremist Republican; in 2012, Paul Ryan ‘could have been’ a heart-beat away from being the President of the United States. America is on the verge of eliminating its democracy!


Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Please read this strange post of mine; a must read! Before you read further, be advised that this post is to plead with you to read Bill Moyers essay: “The Great American Class War: Plutocracy Versus Democracy”, TomDispatch,

In my lifetime, I have read and researched tons of literature on American politics and history and this is one of the most moving, poignant pieces I have ever read; it is not partisan, it is not opinion so much as it is, historic and political.

If you have every wondered what has happened to your America today, this is the quintessential answer; from the very beginning to end, my eyes welled up with emotion from Moyer’s words. If you love America as much as I do, and America is my greatest love, you too will be moved by Moyer’s piece whether you are liberal or conservative; and here I have to insert a Webster Dictionary definition of liberal and conservative, a necessary reference to appreciate what Moyers has to say: Webster Dictionary definition of ‘conservative’, : “Disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions; moderate, cautious.”; Webster Dictionary definition of ‘liberal’: “Not narrow in opinion or judgments; tolerant.”

Whether conservative of liberal, “We the People” of the USA are Americans and true Americans are NOT radicals or extremists; our American democratic Constitutional Republic is about both conservatives and liberals, but America is not about radicals, extremists, plutocrats, oligarchs, libertarians, socialists, fascists, or communists.

This said, the Moyers piece is a classic story of Constitutional America and the best I have ever read; oh how I wish that I had written it, but Moyers has by virtue of this essay become a favorite, honored journalist of mine.

Be also warned that “The Great American Class War: Plutocracy Versus Democracy” is frightening, terrifying, poignant, warning, and informative about the exceedingly delicate Constitutional United States of America in which we live.

God bless America and God bless Bill Moyers.


Monday, December 2nd, 2013

In today’s news, Sen. Feinstein was quoted: “I think terror is up worldwide,” said Feinstein, who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee. “There are more groups than ever. And there is huge malevolence out there.” Feinstein added that there was “a real displaced aggression in this very fundamentalist jihadist Islamic community, and that is that the West is responsible for everything that goes wrong and that the only thing that’s going to solve this is Islamic Sharia law.” Huffington Post, 12/1/13.

With all due respect, the problem as I see it is that the aggression of fundamentalist jihadist is “not displaced”, although that does not justify their terrorism; the reality is that America and the West refuses to confess to their own insensitivity, their perceptual superiority, and their PNAC aggressive policy and attitude toward People of the Muslim Faith and Muslim nations. Basically the West IS, “responsible for everything that goes wrong”; because America and the West has the power and, America is simply in denial.

Further, neither the World’s Muslim Population (including five million US citizens) nor fundamental jihadist have wholly demanded “adoption of Islamic Sharia law”, but instead have been made to feel they are not allowed make any requests, for a realistic and compassionate response to their objection to the US and West’s anti-Muslim policy. They live in fear of American Super Power and the West.

A prime example is the American reaction to 911; the American People still appear totally UNAWARE of WHY bin Laden launched his 911 attack on America. Bin Laden acted IN RETALIATION for Papa Bush’s US military base put in Saudi Muslim Holy Land in 1991 that DEFILED THE MUSLIM HOLY LAND, a US Policy contrary to THE WILL OF SAUDI PEOPLE AND MUSLIM CLERGY; obviously, the American Base in Muslim Holy Land was NOT a justification for 911, however IT WAS THE REASON WHY!

And, unfortunately, the American People were sadly never made aware of it by their US Government or the Corporate American owned and controlled news media, but it is true (see sources below). It is unfortunate that instead of dealing with the problem, Americans resorted instead to revenge for 911, hatred for Muslims, and waging Holy wars of aggression against Muslim sovereign States of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The aggressive behavior of the US Government toward Muslim People and Muslin Nations has been driven primarily by Corporate American financial interests and oil in the Mid-East as espoused by the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) and its members, like Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Darrell Rumsfeld, who were a part of the Administration of President H. W. Bush and the Desert Storm Iraq War and, the Administration of President W. Bush of the “Afghan War” and the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Iraq War.
The United States building a military base in Muslim Holy Land cannot justify the heinous 911 attack on America; however, how can the United States justify building a military base in Saudi Arabian Muslim Holy Land against the will of the 1.8 billion Muslims in the world and the People of Saudi Arabia.? It ill behooves Americans to blame the Muslim jihad solely on the terrorists, and that compared to America justifying invading the sovereign nation of Afghanistan that had nothing to do with 911, or justifying invading Iraq for Saddam being ‘responsible’ for 911, which has been proven to be, NOT TRUE!

Naturally, the problem of foreign terrorism is made worse by American aggressive response to the Muslim reaction to US policy. “The moving hand writes and having writ moves on; nor all thy piety and wit, can erase a word from it.”

Where will it all end. God bless America.

Dave Jamieson, “America is less Safe than 2 years Ago”, Huffington Post:
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