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Saturday, November 30th, 2013

This morning, the day after Thanksgiving Day, when I went to my computer to read the news of the day, the headlines read, “HOLIDAY SPIRIT: SHOOTINGS, STABBINGS, BRAWLS”. My immediate reaction was, “What hath Abe Lincoln and God, wrought?”

After taking a big gulp of morning wake-up coffee, I then read the news summary: “BLACK FRIDAY BEGINS – EARLY!… 2 Arrested In Walmart Parking Lot Stabbing… Fights Reportedly Break Out… Las Vegas Shopper Shot On Way Home… New Jersey Man Pepper Sprayed… PHOTO: Madness At Macy’s… Staff Holding Back Shoppers… $300 Purses In Shambles… 2 Hurt After Shoplifting Call… Kmart Workers Strong-Armed… The Dark Truth About Amazon Warehouses…” Huffington Post, 11/29/13. My impulse was to turn off my computer and go back to bed.

Thanksgiving Day is a totally American holiday, of Pilgrims and naked Native Americans forgoing killing and scalping one another and instead, sitting down to a feast of that stupid native American bird, the Turkey! This is a fairly accurate description of the original ‘New World” holiday. At least it is accurate in regard to how it has always be depicted in my lifetime; Thanksgiving is pictured as Pilgrim men in knickers and Pilgrim women in white bonnets greeting Native Americans (“Injuns”) dressed in only a breechcloth over their genitals and a feather in their hair, and the whole ensemble standing in a foot of wintery freezing snow admiring a dead Turkey lying face up on a platter, held by a Pilgrim virgin maiden.

Obviously, this historic scene was painted the day before the participants of the original Thanksgiving, met on the Black Friday battlefield, charging the front door opening of Macy’s Department Store.

While I was contemplating all of this on my computer, my phone rang and it was Marlisa calling me from Swtizerland. She informed me that the headlines in Switzerland that she read were the same headlines I had just read, only she read it in the German language.

“This was very embarrassing to me,” was her reaction and she asked mine.

“Yes, It’s embarrassing for me, too,” I said, “I just read it myself.”

As far as providing her with an explanation, I was speechless; after all, who can explain American women in white bonnets wrestling with naked Native Americans using over the last ipod for sale at Macy’s Department store while on a high from eating roasted turkey. I’m sorry; it defies explanation! The American Thanksgiving holiday is simply a dysfunctional celebration of thanking the Lord for Material goods at a bargain price, complete with a sacrificial turkey!

Just what in the name of God was President Abraham Lincoln thinking, when he instituted the Thanksgiving holiday; the statute of limitation has run our and Abe can no longer be prosecuted for his heinous act. Probably, American Thanksgiving will just have to be considered a result of American pagan religious ingenuity, gone wrong and viral.

As for me I had a delightful Thanksgetting Day, with a turkey dinner at my daughter’s place, and after dinner some of my nerdy adult grandchildren discussed the latest Star War Alien Beings while others played violent exploding computer games on their iPads; meanwhile, my daughter did the dishes and I napped in my chair. Hmmm! I have heard that normal American families, after dinner, actually watched football players wreak harm on each other much like a bunch of Macy shoppers.

Wow! I can’t wait till next year.


Thursday, November 28th, 2013

The New York Times published a picture with a small portion of a woman’s nipple exposed on the front page with a story about breast cancer in Israel:

The peek at the nipple made news!

Holy crap! I just wish that American would divest itself of “nipplephobia”. Face the facts!!! A nipple is nothing to be ashamed of; Mick Jagger exposes his nipples publicly, on stage, with impunity! And, no one really cares about Mick’s nipples.

For God’s sake, let nipples be known simply as another body part like the elbow; what kind of idiot is turned on by a woman’s elbow; OK, if someone really is obsessed with the female elbow, let him bask in his glory of short sleeves!

Holy crap! As Shakespeare said, ”A rose is a rose like a female nipple!”
May God bless my mother’s nipples that sustained me as a babe; and, please keep Hugh Hefner out of specifics and out of my lunch as a child.

Hey America, let it go!!!!!

Nipples suck!


Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Today I read an article about the author being upset with people not considering His child with an intellectual disability as being an “equal”; he rightly contended that his son had excellent character, ‘superior’ to many, and other attributes to his benefit and thus the author disapproved of his son being labeled with the term ‘retarded’ and less of a person than others.

Of course, I agreed with the author and I read this article with great interest, because my chosen profession was to be a teacher; and, I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted to change the world and the schools. My rational for reforming education was to make schools pleasant, easy, and rewarding for students. The problem that I had encountered with schools, as a student myself, was that students were not considered the equal of teachers, just as the author of this article questions people with an intellectual disability being considered less than an equal to anyone else because of their intellectual disability.

School teachers are granted superiority by State statute, unfortunately; but they are certainly not required to ‘feel’ or demand to be considered superior to students. As a teacher, I discovered that almost all Adults do not consider children to be their equal; adults do not consider adolescents to be their equal. Yet, age (or amount of experience) has no effect on character, or intellect or anything other than experience.

Admittedly, I had entered the teaching profession to make school a place where students, teachers, administrators, and parents were all considered equals with students of whatever grade level or age; and so, I put ‘student equality’ into practice in our classroom. And, at least I considered myself a successful teacher; but I also learned that no one agrees on a meaningful evaluation of a teacher’ success, so my own success is merely my opinion.

Unfortunately, I was unable to convince anyone else of the benefits of practicing student equality; I was not even considered the equal of my peers because of my radical philosophy of ‘student equality’. Pity!
Also, I suffered a reputation with my principal for being a strict disciplinarian because I had no discipline problems; that was a ‘bummer’. And, my students considered me ‘easy’ because they made good grades and had actually enjoyed being in our classroom and learning.

One of the students of mine, who had graduated, returned to visit with me and expressed amazement that his college professor had taught him what he had already learned in our classroom; I was not sure whether he was implying that his professor was a lousy professor or his high school teacher was an effective, efficient teacher (I chose not to ask).

Once I had a student’s parent ask me to convince their child to do something that they could not make their child do, because they said, the child liked me and would do whatever I asked of them; I turned the parents down, of course, but that is as close as I ever came to receiving a deserving compliment.

And another thing I discovered when I became a teacher, was some other professionals do not consider teachers to be their equal.

Verily, I failed to change the world; but I am satisfied with my effort and have no regrets!


Sunday, November 24th, 2013

When I am in Europe, the travel agencies there want me to book travel to Cuba, the beautiful tropical paradise. However, my government of my United States of America, a government espousing freedom, equality, and democracy, informs me that as a citizen of the United States of America, my government forbids me under penalty of law, to travel to Cuba or bring Cuban cigars that I bought in Europe into my home in the United States of America. Imagine how that makes an American patriot feel when he hears the strains of the National Anthem of the United States of America?
Where have all the flowers gone?


Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; our American Corporate America owned and controlled media have spent the entire day, presenting an image of a distraught America this day in 1963, with Americans universally shocked and devastated by the news of President Kennedy’s assassination. Unfortunately, that was not totally true, and I can and do, here bear witness to the fact.

Note that I can only, report my own fateful experience on that day in 1963; I speak for no one else and have no purpose in distorting truth or history. Also, it is rather obvious that I am mostly a Democrat, I was professionally a Political Science high school teacher in 1963, I voted for President Kennedy against Vice President Richard Nixon in 1960, and my preference for the Democratic candidate in 1960 was Adlai Stevenson whom I have always described as the “greatest President of the United States that was never elected”!

In 1960, I personally attended the Democratic National Convention acceptance speech of candidate John Kennedy which took place in the Los Angeles California Coliseum; I was in attendance with thousands of other Democrats.

In 1963, I was living with my family temporarily in Tucson Arizona, I was on a sabbatical leave from teaching, and at the moment of the Kennedy assassination, I was attending a Constitutional Law class in the University of Arizona Law School as part of my requirements for earning a Doctorate of Education degree.
The course I was taking was an excellent one and the professor was an exceedingly learned professor of Constitutional Law.

During the course of that day’s lecture, sounds of muffled unintelligible loud laughing, shouting and celebrating came from the hallway outside the lecture room doors; we students in class were unaware of the cause of commotion.

When the class ended and I entered the hallways of the Law School, I asked the first person I met, “What is the purpose of the jovial celebration!”

“President Kennedy has been assassinated,” I was informed.

(Note: the President of the University of Arizona scheduled an assembly the next day to discuss the assassination and the reaction to it.)

My reaction to the scene was shock and fear; I had no time to be sad and mourn. My first and only concern was my family.

At the time, I was father of three children and the oldest was attending school in the first grade in Tucson; I left the University and drove immediately to my daughter’s elementary school to check on her safety and welfare. Her first grade teacher, an excellent teacher, assured me that my daughter was safe at school.

Finally, I went home to my wife and other children, where my wife and I watched the events transpire on television; I had convinced myself that the assassination was not part of a total uprising of political extremists.

By profession, I am an academic; therefore, my first reaction to the Kennedy assassination was to consider “why” the President was assassinated. From my lifetime experience, I am totally aware that in a time of a national tragedy in America, the American people seldom if ever first considered ‘why the person responsible for the tragedy acted’; most Americans will disagree with my statement, but I point out the fact that twelve years after the bin Laden heinous terrorist attack on America, Americans are still unaware of “why” bin Laden attacked America in 2001, though it was duly recognized by the US 9/11 Commission.

On that day of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas Texas in 1963, the morning Dallas newspaper had printed an entire page of hatred rhetoric toward the United States President in the form of a ‘paid ad’ by political extremists.

In those previous years of the Kennedy Administration, there had been political violence (shooting) displayed in San Diego California, where I lived at the time, and it was a reaction to the Civil Rights Movement; coincidently there was also a huge well financed and organized Anti-Communist Hatred Movement going on in San Diego that was constantly visible in all the local media sources, in commercial ads.

The local San Diego State University had, just the previous year at their commencement exercises, conferred an honorary doctorate on President Kennedy and his motorcade to commencement exercises passed close by Crawford High School where I was teaching at the time. Students were dismissed from school to watch the President’s arrival down El Cajon Boulevard, a short walking distance from the school; teachers were also allowed to go to watch the President’s arrival but I declined because I feared some political extremist just might attempt to attack the President. That was the political atmosphere in San Diego at the time and the same atmosphere that prevailed in Dallas on that fateful Assassination Day!

Yes! Personally, I was devastated fifty years ago, by the assassination of my President of the United States. And, I was frightened by the assassination and frightened by wherever and whoever it came from and, wherever the assassination of President Kennedy “came from”, unfortunately the act did not come as a total surprise to me; that fact bothered me then and bothers me now.

Never have I ever considered myself a psychic or intellectual; however, as a political scientist and a teacher, I cannot help but be concerned about the consequences of political extremism in our American democratic Republic.

Therefore, it made me extremely uneasy to see the emphasis in the media marking the anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination in the heat of the current political upheaval in America today, considering the extremist opposition to the First Black President of the United States, the political shutdown of American government by political extremists, the heat of violent questionable foreign wars, and in the shadow of frequent wanton mass killings by gun obsession violence in our American Society today.

All day long, I have pondered the Kennedy Assassination’

The Kennedy assassination fifty years ago had a huge impact on me; the Martin Luther King assassination shortly following, had even more impact on me, and the assassination of Robert Kennedy, in all practicality, destroyed my interest in politics for years to come. Only in the political insanity of the start of the Twenty First Century and the dire threat to American democracy, have I been forced to become politically active for survival sake.

Today has not been a good day, for me; it has revived too many frightening memories.


Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Finally, I have found the problem that has confounded Obamacare. Health Insurance Companies do not want to sell health insurance! The Health Insurance Industry fears that some people buying their health insurance policies, could possibly get sick.


Monday, November 11th, 2013

Today I received a newsletter from Speaker Boenher calling Obamacare a “betrayal”; we the People need to counter this immediately and clamp down on the insurance companies and dispute these outrageous Republican tactics.
Those insurance companies exist only because we the People gave their corporation a charter and we the People gave them a business license to ‘allow them’ to do business in our society; and, these companies are now violating the trust of the People by trying to throw a monkey wrench into Law that we the People have enacted, “Obamacare”.
These insurance companies are violating the law of the People by deliberately trying to destroy a law that we the People created.
We the People through our democratic representative government should pull the business license of these insurance companies and repeal the charters of their corporations if necessary, for our own protection.
This is America, a democratic society and a democratic nation; a nation of the People, by the People and for the People. Insurance companies exist only because we the People allow them to exist and these health insurance corporations have forgotten that.
We the People are the Government AND WE ARE THE CONSUMERS. The Health Insurance business required Obamacare reform because we the consumers were being denied health care in some cases and denied benefits is other cases (Goodrich vs. Aetna). With Obamacare these health insurance providers can no longer rip the People off.
A majority of the American People, including myself, voted for Obamacare and we damn well want it and will not allow a radical Republican Party destroy what we worked so hard to get, a healthy nation with universal health care just like every other civilized nation in the world.
Republicans are taking the side of the insurance companies and against the People; that is intolerable.


Saturday, November 9th, 2013

In all of my long lifetime, I have been involved and interested in politics and never before have I ever felt the way that I do now about the Republican Party. When I was growing up, there was not much difference between Republicans and Democrats. If a Republican was elected, it did not mean catastrophe to Democrats, it simply meant the Party in office was going the same direction as the opposition, except a slightly different route and either slower or faster. Both parties ultimately wanted what was best for ALL of the American people; unfortunately this is obviously not true today.
When I was born, Herbert Hoover was President and the Great Depression “happened”; I say it “happened” because in all my life, even though I do not remember Herbert Hoover, I do vividly remember my childhood and the Great depression and what the People said is, “The Great depression ‘happened’ when Herbert Hoover was President,” and neither the People nor the Democrats said, Herbert Hoover caused it or was too blame for it. What the People did say was that it “happened” when Hoover was President and he did nothing substantive about it, except to promise better days ahead and “A chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage”. The two chickens in every pot had an diverse effect on People that were hungry at the time.
Then the People voted for Franklin Roosevelt in 1932, because he promised to do something and Herbert Hoover simply promised that things will just get better; and, then we had the New Deal, Social Security, a forty hour work week and an eight hour work day, TVA, WPA, PWA, and we had Federal food Relief Boxes. What I remember most as a kid is the Federal food Relief Boxes; the people were hungry and the President of the United States apparently fed them by paying farmers for crops that the Farmers couldn’t sell and saving their farms while the government fed unemployed industrial workers’ families.
Even as a child I was well aware of all of this and I never forgot that the President of the United States actually “gave” us food to eat when we were hungry, or so it seemed.
Republicans believed President Roosevelt did things the wrong way, but they could offer nothing totally different but just as effective. However, the American People did not hate Republicans and the People did not hate Herbert Hoover, who would later be invited to the White House by President Truman and asked for his aid in America’s efforts to help Europe to recover from WWII; some things were just more important than a politician’s political Party, then, and this concept was the strength of American democracy.
Now, I will have to sadly say that politics and the Republican Party went downhill following the Truman Administration (1952) and has never been the same; the reason politics and the Republican Party deteriorated was the rise of “Right Wing Extremists” in America.
Note that I used the term “Right Wing Extremists” and not “Conservatives”; they are two different animals. The Webster Dictionary defines conservative as: “Disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions; moderate, cautious.” This does not define the John Birch Society, the Tea Party, or the Republican Party today; and, that is the point I am trying to make.
The John Birch Society, that is driving the Tea Party and the Republican Party today is representative of an ideology that would eliminate American democracy, they are a cult that is opposed to democracy in America as their main tenet; and this is clearly evident in their manifesto, The John Birch Society Blue Book, 1961, which unequivocally states: p.124 ” . . . democracy is merely a deceptive phrase, a weapon of demagoguery, and a perennial fraud.” (Continued in Footnote 25, p. 136.) “Our founding fathers . . .visibly spurned a democracy as probably the worst of all forms of government.”
The John Birch Society Blue Book continues to describe just how they intend to eliminate democracy from America ‘by the numbers’ and the last fifty years is basically a history of how Birchers have reached the point where they have taken over the previous responsible Republican Party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and uses the Republican Party as a device to create a plutocratic oligarchy of their preference.
In 2013, these John Birch Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives were able to accomplish what foreign terrorists and Adolph Hitler were unable to do, these Bircher Republicans closed down the government of the United States of America; Americans responded with their disapproval, but to no avail. Unfortunately, the John Birch Society Tea Party Republicans controlled the US House of Representatives, their five Republican appointed Supreme Court Justices control the US Supreme Court, and their Republican controlled State Legislatures, through voter suppression and Gerrymandering control elections in America.
When President Eisenhower became a Republican President in 1953, America elected a WWII war hero and rejected the relatively unknown Adlai Stevenson, who was less of a public figure and was, in my words, the best President that America never elected. Eisenhower had achieved his fame serving for two Democratic Presidents who supported him and President Truman had allegedly invited Ike to run for President on the Democratic ticket and was turned down.
As the President, Dwight Eisenhower did two things that I remember vividly; one incident that pleased me and one incident that made me totally lose respect for him. After he was elected, he snubbed and embarrassed the President of the United States, President Truman, at Ike’s own inauguration, for which I never forgave him, however, while campaigning he publicly rejected the endorsement of the John Birch Society for very good reasons, the John Birch Society ideology is that America was never intended to be and has never been a democracy and Ike knew that.
Other than those two things about Eisenhower that I feel strongly about, President Eisenhower to me, was a figurehead President and the Republican darling of the time was Senator Joseph McCarthy who President Eisenhower actually reluctantly supported in McCarthy’s reelection campaign. Then in my estimation, this was the beginning of the end for the Republican Grand Old Party of Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.
At this time, America feared Communism and that fear was used by politicians for their own selfish benefit; the result was, exactly what you see fifty years later when the John Birch Society’s front group, ‘The Tea Party’, completely took over the Republican Party and devastated the American democratic Republic today. The John Birch Society began as an anti-Communist organization (a nonprofit, tax exempt Educational Foundation).
Americans laugh at me when I tell them of this history of the John Birch Society and the Republican Party, because they either forgot or are too young to know anything about the ideology of the John Birch Society which gave birth to the Republican ‘Tea Party’ in America. The Tea Party was financed by the John Birch Society founder, Fred Koch’s two sons, the infamous Koch brothers who are America’s enemies of democracy and individually two of the richest men in the USA. Each of the Koch brothers has a wealth of thirty-six billion dollars (Forbes, , much of which is used to support John Birch Tea Party Republican political candidates.
The five Republican appointed Justices of the Supreme Court who decided the Bush vs. Gore and Citizens United decisions have exponentially benefited the cause of the John Birch Society Tea Party Republican cause. The W. Bush Presidential “election” in 2000 was the first Presidency that actually were of the John Birch Society ideological mentality; and, Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, Defense Policy Board Chairman Richard Perle and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz were all previously members of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) think tank which demanded that America use its Super Power Military Superiority for the economic benefit of Corporate America ( ).
Fortunately, the American voters rebelled against the John Birch Republican Administration of President W. Bush and Cheney and miraculously elected President Barrack Obama in 2008, and he became the first African American ever to be elected to the Presidency.
President Obama’s promise to the people was a democratic America of the People, by the People, and for the people or in simple terms a democratic Republic; the election of President Obama infuriated both John Birch Society Republicans and racists. The response of President Obama’s enemies was the Koch brother’s financing of the Tea Party ( and the five Republican Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court deciding “Citizens United” in 2010, allowing Corporate America and any other interested entities including foreign corporate interests to spend unlimited funds to decide American elections.
As a result, in the Midterm Elections of 2010, the John Birch Tea Party Republicans won control of the House of Representatives and more important, they won State Offices where they enacted legislation formulated by American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), in all of the States where Republicans controlled the State legislature.
Legislation proposed by ALEC and enacted by Republican controlled legislatures in 2010 included laws eliminating government employee labor unions; laws eliminating funding public schools and teachers and the approval of school vouchers and charter schools that is a first step to the privatizing of education, voter suppression laws, and laws Gerrymandering Congressional Districts. These laws are all legislation directed at the elimination of democracy and the People’s power of the ballot; this kind of legislation that was enacted in all the Republican controlled State’s Legislatures, was actually written by ALEC and ALEC was financed by the John Birch Society Koch brothers (
It has unfortunately been my experience to watch this story unfold. Often, I am reminded of a conversation I had with a good friend of mine, Robin Goodenough, a Republican and former mayor of Coronado California. Robin was a Republican for whom I had great respect. In 1963, Robin was in a position to run for office in the California State Assembly; he attended the California Republican Convention as a candidate and when he returned, he confessed to me, “The California Republican Party has been totally taken over by the John Birch Society; it was awful!”
Instead of Robin, the Assemblyman from that district elected another Republican who was a radical extremist and former naval chaplain, who made national news because he paid a high school student to steal a reference book, The Dictionary of American Slang with the school’s name stamped inside the cover, from the high school’s library to use as a political prop. Politics began to be exceedingly disheartening even in 1963. For me, politics today is grossly insufferable!
The purpose of my writing this short history of change in the Republican Party, is because I perceive Americans to be oblivious to this history and unaware of it; my concern is further realized when I see no mention in the Corporate American owned and controlled news media, relative to the John Birch Society or its ideological intent to eliminate democracy in America as clearly stated in The John Birch Society Blue Book; I do not see the American media tying the Koch brothers to the John Birch Society, or tying the Tea Party, voter suppression, Gerrymandering, and the Citizens United Decision to the eliminating of democracy in America. There is never a mention of the John Birch Society in relationship to its “front groups” from which it admittedly works covertly (John Birch Society Blue Book, pp. 68-73).
Most people who actually react to the name of the John Birch Society believe it has been long dead since the nineteen sixties, because it is never mentioned in the media; actually, the John Birch Society is alive and well, it is in control of the Republican Party, and its corporate headquarters are at 770 N. Westhill Blvd., Appleton WI 54914 and their web page is found at for anyone who has an interest.
As a high school US History and Government teacher in the nineteen sixties, I felt a responsibility to purchase a copy of the John Birch Society Blue Book, 1961, and use it in class to teach my students of the threats to their democracy by extremist groups. Some of my colleagues warned me that I would be fired for teaching about radical right-wing insurgency in my American Government classes; I was not fired, thankfully, and the students of teachers critical of me, were never made aware of the John Birch Society’ existence.
In all sincerity, I wish that I could reach out to American voters and inform them of threats to their democracy that they unfortunately will never hear about in the American media; I suppose that is the teacher in me. I wish I could convince people that I have no intention of destroying the Republican Party in America; the John Birch Society has already done that. What I would like is for responsible devoted Republicans to know is that their Party has been taken from them by extremist, who threaten American democracy. Today’s Republican Party is no longer the Party of Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.
God bless America, our democratic Republic!


Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

“Democratic candidates and campaign committees now intend to go to Latino communities and say, ‘Like immigration reform? Then help vote out the Republicans who killed the bipartisan reform package.’ Dems intend to go to LGBT communities and say, ‘Like ENDA? Then help vote out the Republicans who killed the bipartisan bill.’ Dems intend to go to African-American communities and say, ‘Like voting rights? Then help vote out the Republicans who made it impossible to reform the Voting Rights Act’. And Dems intend to go to everyone and say, “Like the government shutdown and series of self-imposed crises? If not, then help vote out the Republicans who cooked up these schemes’.”
Of course the problem is, that even if Democrats show up at the polls in Red States like Texas, in 2014, they will not be able to vote because their driver’s license expired; Republicans have written and enacted laws in Texas that contend if your drivers licensed has expired, your citizenship expired with it for voting purposes, thus your right to vote expired with your driver’s license. Holy crap, that’s how Republicans get elected!


Monday, November 4th, 2013

It is a fact, the John Birch Tea Bagger Republicans don’t believe America is or was intended to be a democracy. From the “John Birch Society Blue Book” p.124 ” . . . democracy is merely a deceptive phrase, a weapon of demagoguery, and a perennial fraud.” (Continued in Footnote 25, p. 136.) “Our founding fathers . . .visibly spurned a democracy as probably the worst of all forms of government.”
The John Birch Society Koch brothers financed the Tea Party that is a front group for the John Birch Society.
The John Birch Tea Baggers took over the Republican Party and are stomping out democracy in America. Voter suppression is one device, Gerrymandering another, and Citizens United another. Goodbye democracy; goodbye power of the ballot!
The Republican Party is no longer the Party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.