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Monday, September 30th, 2013

Our nation is currently in a crisis; our own American government is being threatened by extremist Republican members of the House of Representatives; these Republicans are referred to as the “Tea Party Republicans”.  The House Republicans have stated they are prepared to destroy the government if their demands are not met; this is not the same political party as the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

The “Tea Party” is financed by the John Birch Society, Koch brothers, and it is an obvious front group for the John Birch Society.

The primary tenet of the John Birch Society is that America is not a democracy, it is a republic.

The Webster dictionary definition of a “republic”is:  “A government in which the supreme power is held by the citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives governing according to law.”

The reason that the USA is a “democratic” republic is that our Constitution states that ALL citizens can vote, majority rules, and liberty exists (our Bill of Rights) and the Bill of Rights protects the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

The reason that the John Birch Society doesn’t want to believe America is a democracy is because they believe that only the “elite” (plutocrats) should have the right to vote because the majority is made up of common working middle class People which the John Birch Society calls, “a mob” and refers to a democratic majority as “mob rule”; they would have the nation governed by elite plutocrats (an oligarchy).

Democracy exists to a degree.  A pure democracy would have all the people voting on every issue which was not possible in 1787 when the Constitution was written.  Our Founding Fathers made America as democratic and they could at the time with the technology they had. 

With today’s electronic technology, it would be possible to have a national referendum and America should consider it, a Twenty First Century Innovation.

Meanwhile, America faces a threat by this ideological extremist group of Republicans who took advantage of the Supreme Court’s “citizens United” decision and “bought” their way into a House majority that is a serious threat to America’s democratic government.


Sunday, September 29th, 2013

The problem with Ronald Reagan’s Presidency is that he was a professional actor and lived in fairyland; Government is real life and doesn’t always have a happy ending, like Iran/Contra!

In the Iran/Contra Scandal, President Reagan pleaded ignorance; President Reagan said he did not know what was going on in his own Administration and pleaded innocent because of ignorance.

Everyone in the USA agreed with President Reagan on that point, including the Democrats. He was never prosecuted.

President Reagan’s successor, President George H. W. Bush pardon all witnesses to the Iran Contra Scandal and the convicted Iran/Contra felon, Col. Oliver North, was set free on appeal and is now a commentator on Fox News and trashing President Obama.


Saturday, September 28th, 2013

There was a time not too long ago in my comparative long life, when Republican and Democrats alike were complaining bitterly about Americans who “irresponsibly”, deliberately did not purchase medical insurance, in order to instead purchase material goods or invest in business, and then when they were afflicted with a medical emergency, they were dependent on the government and welfare offices to pay their medical expenses with tax payer funding from the more responsible citizens.  

Imagine my disbelief and shock at Republicans spending millions and millions of dollars today, in advertising, to convince young people it is their Right and to their benefit to NOT purchase Affordable Medical Care insurance offered by Obamacare.  What in the name of God do you call this kind of behavior by Republicans? 

Obamacare was approved by Congress, approved by the Supreme Court, and enacted for the purpose of providing for young Americans to accept the responsibility for their health and their lives by providing affordable medical care for those who otherwise could not afford it.  Just what do Republicans hope to accomplish by convincing Americans NOT to obtain medical care insurance and assume responsibility for their own health and medical care.

The Republican Party’s behavior is more than just dishonest, it is criminal since purchasing medical care insurance is mandatory according to the Affordable Care Act, and in my humble opinion, Republican behavior by the Republicans is ridiculous, despicable, unexplainable, possibly criminal, and cannot be defended with any  possible, reasonable or rational argument.   The Republican Party appears to be creating disaster for America and Americans, because they lost the election in which the people voted in favor of Obamacare and they demand revenge against the majority of the people, by destroying Obamacare and if necessary, destroying the United States of America also.

A huge majority of Americans voted for President Obama when he promised the People Obamacare in 2008, and a huge majority of American voted to reelect President Obama in 2012 after he obtained Obamacare for the People and a huge majority voted against the opposition candidate who vowed that the first thing he and Republicans would do if elected, is to repeal Obamacare.   Never in my life have I ever seen a political Party lose an election and then proceed to act in denial of their loss; this is what Republicans have done and it is absolutely bizarre behavior. 

Ordinarily, whether Republican or Democrats, the defeated party candidate congratulates the winning President and vows to support him and work diligently for the benefit of the American democratic Republic and the people during the opponent’s tenure in office; that has all apparently changed with the 2012 election.

Now, the Republican Party has taken a stand that they will not approve of increasing the debt limit, which ordinarily either Party has done routinely when it was required, unless President Obama and Democrats in Congress agree to destroy Obamacare as it was enacted, approved by the US Supreme Court, and implemented. This proposal by the Republican Party is pure and simple extortion; extortion is normally considered criminal behavior in a civilized society.  What the Republicans have done is threaten to destroy the credit of the USA, destroy the economy of the USA, and for all purposes destroyed the government of the USA, unless Obamacare is destroyed by the Democrats in the Senate and the President, whose name has come to identify the Affordable Care Act.  Republicans are suicidal, they appear to desperately want to destroy the American government, the economy, and “the General Welfare of the People”.

There are no excuses for this behavior of America’s Republican Party.  Today’s Republican Party has defiled the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, the founder of the Republican Party; Republicans have defiled the legacy of Republican President Theodore Roosevelt, the venerable American “Trust Buster”!

No one in America can predict what will happen in the days ahead; one thing is obvious, the American democratic Republic is in serious trouble and its very existence is threatened! 

No one can predict how the American People are going to react to this threat to their Constitutional democratic Republic.  This may very well be the time for all patriotic Americans to take a stand for democracy and their democratic government.

Americans have always thought that we were exceptional, the most democratic and envied of nation in the world.  Now we are threatened and may end up in the same situation today, as Egypt, Syria, Libya and other Third World Nations, struggling to again, create a democratic government that will provide for “the General Welfare of the People”.   “These are the times that try men’s souls!” 

God save America!


Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

 Once and for all, I want to express my own opinion of Obamacare, America’s first universal health care insurance and Affordable Health Care Act.  Obamacare is essentially the same program that has existed in Switzerland for many years, it works there, it serves the People well, and it is universal health care that uses private health care insurance of choice to provide health care for the People and it is mandatory.  The government’s role in Obamacare is to provide assurances that citizens will get the benefits they are paying to get, guarantee that every citizen who wants to enroll will be accepted, benefits of providers will cover the minimum needs of all consumers (all citizens), waste is kept to a minimum, and costs of insurance will not be excessive, because of the large base covered.

The government provision in Obamacare, is simply consumer protection and the purpose is to eliminate the primary problems of medical care existing in America, today; denial of benefits entitled to consumers, denial of coverage to consumers for preexisting conditions etc., solvency of the provider, and gouging by insurance providers and/or health professionals.  The present problems that the American People have with health care providers are obvious and documented in the massive legal cases involving health provider lawsuits. America’s health care problems are history.

My personal knowledge of the Swiss Universal Health Care, comes from the fact that I was a resident alien living in Switzerland for five years, 2000 to 2005, and was required to be enrolled in Swiss Health Care, just as all Swiss citizens were, as a condition of my resident visa.  To obtain my visa, I was required to provide evidence that my health care was indeed covered by any Swiss Health Insurance provider that I chose, and enrolled in any health plan I chose.

That being said, those facts should appear familiar to Americans involved in the current Obamacare debate.

In America, for many years and including the present, my health care provider has been Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance; Kaiser is the choice of a large number of people living in San Diego, my home town. For me, I can only compare my health insurance experience in the Swiss Universal Health Care Program with my experience with the American Kaiser Plan; obviously, I am well satisfied trusting my health care to Kaiser (and, Kaiser is a non-profit corporation if that matters).

Since I am an older individual, I have more frequent needs to consult health care professionals.  And, while I lived in Switzerland, I did use health care professionals often.

Comparing my health care in Switzerland to my health care in America, I have to say that in Switzerland it was easier to get to my doctor, my doctor was more accessible, I had excellent care, my prescriptions were fully paid-for, there were no wait-for-approvals, and I had no complaints.  My American health care provider is my own choice, I am convinced my provider is the best available to me in America, and yet I have to admit that my Swiss provider was actually superior to my American provider and my Swiss provider cost me less than my American provider.

An argument I always get, in regard to my Swiss health care experience, is that Switzerland is not America; in that, I totally agree.  The primary difference that I saw was that Swiss corporations involved in health care were in business to provide the best possible health care and earn a profit for their efforts; In America, I see corporations go into providing health care for profits and make every effort to limit benefits and avoid risks in order to earn the highest possible profits.  Let me hasten to say that I personally believe in capitalism in our democracy because every citizen should have a legal Right to profit from his own ingenuity, imagination, and inventiveness.

However, I have always favored America providing universal health coverage because it is practical.  The whole concept of any and all kinds of insurance, including health care insurance, is that all policy holders share the costs of each individual policy holder’s benefits; health insurance is to protect the individual from being not able to afford the costs of medical care or to be bankrupt by the costs of medical care.  Essential to any insurance plan is the size of the beneficiary base involved; the larger the basde, the more efficient and cost effective the insurance will be.  If an entire nation is participating, there can be no greater efficiency and cost effectiveness than that; hence, I approve of an American universal health care program, which isnow Obamacare.

Can a citizen trust their government in providing health care insurance?  That question can be countered with, “Can you trust a corporation to provide your health care insurance?”  If you have a problem with your government, in our American democracy you should have immediate access to the government.  If you have a problem with a corporation, your only alternative is the courts and the justice system, which takes years to resolve a case; if you are being deprived of health benefits and you resort to the courts, even if you win, your victory will in most cases be too late.  In the largest settlement against an insurance company, Aetna Insurance Company, for denying a consumer medical benefits they were entitled, was won by the heirs of the plaintiff, since the plaintiff was long dead.

When a private health insurance corporation goes bankrupt; all benefits end.

Obamacare has created and nurtured a huge controversy in America that has totally astounded me.  Every other Western Civilized Nation has enjoyed universal medical care insurance for years and years and there is very little controversy about it, compared to the controversy in America.  The world appears to be convinced that universal medical care is a necessity in the modern world for the people to enjoy longer lives and better lives.  One has to wonder, what is the basis for the Obamacare controversy in America, and who is instigating the protests against universal medical care insurance?

Health care is exceedingly expensive in the United States of America in comparison to every other nation in the world.  Recently, the news reported that a colonoscopy in America costs more than it costs in any other place in the world, and colon cancer is responsible for many deaths in America.  A natural question is this, what is anyone doing about diagnosis and cure of colon cancer in America,  what is the health care industry doing about it, and what is the government doing about it?  These are questions a citizens needs to ask when they are considering how they should react to the Obamacare controversy.

When I look to see what segments of the American population are opposed to Obamacare, it causes me to wonder; I personally, cannot find a valid purpose or reason to object to universal medical care insurance.  The forces fomenting the objections to Obama care appear to be private health professionals, health care insurance corporations, and politicians who are supported by private health industries’ lobby.  Since Obamacare would resolve many of the problems the American people have relative to health issues, including preventing deaths due to undetected colon cancer, I cannot think of any legitimate purpose in opposing Obama care except that it would perhaps decrease the profits made from preforming a colonoscopy.  So, I have a personal problem with those Americans opposed to Obamacare.

It is my belief that a large majority of the American People voted for President Obama in 2008 because he promised them universal medical care insurance; and, in 2012, a large majority of the American People voted for President Obama because he provided them with his signature legislation, called Obamacare.  I simply cannot agree with critics who say a majority of Americans do not want Obamacare.

Surely, political ideology should not dictate what kind of medical care is available to the American People.  Yet, I am reminded that the Republican Party objected to requiring Americans to pay for and providing for those Americans to receive the benefits of Social Security, when I was five years old and after almost eighty years Republicans are still trying to eliminate Social Security and privatize it.  Our forefathers provided for the United States Postal Service because they believed that the only means of communications they knew was too important to trust to the private sector; today, prominent Republicans want to privatize the post office because it is socialized delivery of the mail.  Do Republicans believe that Benjamin Franklin was a socialist? 

For me, the only political ideology that is acceptable for my American democratic Republic is the ideological believe that America’s Constitutional government should, among other things, provide for “the General Welfare of the People”, and that includes Obamacare.


Monday, September 23rd, 2013

 In The Daily Beast, I just read about a new movie coming soon, “Why the Right Is Bashing My Muslim Comedy Movie”, by Dean Obeidallah:

Of course, I was fascinated by this article, I cannot wait to see “The Muslims Are Coming” movie, and I hope it is as good as it appears to be.

“Hide your children. Lock your doors. Discard your alcohol and dispose of your pork The Muslims Are Coming!” this article begins; I love it!

The stupidity of my fellow Right Winger American citizens is appalling.  I am not Muslim, however I do have Muslim relatives that I love and I served in the Armed forces with a Muslim comrade at arms and I have lived, shopped, laughed and cried with Muslim neighbors. 

Also, I respect the 5 million Americans who are Muslim, that I see, shop with, and ride the bus with every day.

And, while I do not hate anyone, I do pity those Americans and especially those American Christians who have made the two Bush President’s PNAC Oil Wars of aggression, into Religious Wars of hatred and a Christian Jihad, or as W. Bush said in a Freudian slip, “a Crusade”, against my friends and relatives of the Muslim Faith.  May their Christian God forgive them their hatred for other living beings; admittedly, I have difficulty forgiving my fellow Christians and their sadistic behavior.

Years ago I did see the Reiner movie, The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming; I really liked it, I laughed at the American psyche about Russians, and I can hardly wait to see this new Obeidallah movie, The Muslims Are Coming!  Somehow, someone is going to have to find a way for America the Beautiful to rid itself of the mass hatred that abounds here, stifles World Peace and brotherhood, and creates terrorists.


Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

     One thing is certain, just by threatening to shut down the Government of the United States of America, the extremist Republican Party has made itself the number one enemy of America and the most serious threat ever to Our American democratic Republic. 

     It is the John Birch Society ideology, that America is NOT a democracy, the US was NEVER intended to be a democracy, and the John Birch Society will use any means possible to ELIMINATE democracy from the USA (see “John Birch Society Blue Book”, 961, pp. 124-125 and 136); it is obvious that the power behind the Republican Party today is the John Birch Society, with the help of the US Supreme Court, that has seemingly finally found a way to destroy American government, eliminate democracy from America’s democratic Republic, and establish their John Birch Society plutocratic oligarchy in the ruins of the United States of America.

     This was all made possible by the five John Birch Society Republican Justices of the Supreme Court who decided the “Citizens United Decision” in 2010  which allowed the wealthy John Birch Society members, like the Koch brothers, to “buy” State elections in the 2010 Midterm Elections, Gerrymander States Congressional Districts, suppress voters with Koch brothers’ financed ALEC voter suppression legislation, and “buy” the House of Representatives majority. 

      Only God or revolution can stop the John Birch Republicans now, and today it looks like the Koch brothers have already “bought-out” God.


Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

This afternoon, I needed to waste some time and I just happened upon a movie theater in the mall and the film, The Butler, was playing.  Recently I had read about it and thought I should see it.

To be frank, if you opposed the civil rights movement in America, please don’t go to see it; your presence would defile it.  It is purported to be based on a true story, it is exceedingly well done, and it is very moving for anyone knowledgeable of the historical facts and real-life characters portrayed in the storyline.

Personally, I am very sensitive relative to historic race relations and the Civil Rights Movement in America; I wept throughout the movie, for two hours and twelve minutes.  Watching the movie was realistically re-living a sad, sensitive, and at the same time morally uplifting period of my own life.  My appreciation of the movie was not just watching it, I actually suffered and rejoiced in the reality depicted in it.

Never before have I been so moved by a motion picture; in this case, I was moved by both the movie and the reality of the story.

Technically, in my opinion, all of the acting was very convincing and the script was a stroke of genius.  Forrest Whitacker under-played  the lead as the butler, Cecil Gaines, to perfection and Opray Winfrey is his wife, Gloria, outdoing her Oscar performance in The Color Purple; both actors gave Academy Award performances in my humble opinion (hey, I’m not easy when judging acting).  The remainder of the cast was an all-star cast of actors like Robin Williams, Jane Fonda, Cuba Gooding, and Vanessa Redgraves and they gave all-star performances.

The film is already considered a success at the box office.

As for the story itself, I would suggest you see the film without hearing the story first and I won’t discuss it.

The Butler is unabashedly political.  The film has be criticized by some for being political biased, however The Butler is, simply stated, a political film and some of the critiques appear politically bias motivated.

Needless to say, my review does not coincide with professional movie critics.  Though I am not a professional critic, I do have qualifications for critiquing films; while attending the university, I was employed as a motion picture theater usher at the Lincoln Theater in Decatur Illinois.

Of course, I like the movie, The Butler, because of the subject matter and then also, I tend to be an exceedingly sentimental and emotional fool.


Sunday, September 8th, 2013

Syria uses gas and America tortures prisoners of war; President Obama wants to punish Syria but took no action against the American President responsible for torturing prisoners of war.

Sorry President Obama, I voted for you twice and supported you against Clinton and Kerry in the primaries in 2008, but count me out for Syria.

You wouldn’t prosecute President Bush, who cannot travel to Europe for fear of being charged with war crimes, but you want to go to war over a cheap hack Arab dictator who uses gas on his own people.

Look at it this way, President Reagan provided chemical weapons for Saddam Hussein to use against Iran and no Americans uttered any protest at all; in fact, that is why America knew Saddam had weapons of mass destruction because President Reagan provided Saddam with chemical weapons.

 President Obama, you erred when you drew the Syrian Red Line.  Just admit it and get on with fighting the damn Republicans and their refusal to up the National Debt limit; Republicans are a greater threat to me than Syrian dictators who have gas.


Sunday, September 8th, 2013

For the life of me, I cannot understand how today’s Republican Party continues to exist as a viable political organization in America the beautiful; how could any patriotic America ever support a candidate of these deranged political extremists.  The fact that it is impossible to imagine how any American could actually vote for a politician who hates intellectuals, hates anyone other than those with a heterosexual lust, hates women who are not barefoot and pregnant, hates minorities, hates democracy, hates Labor Union members, hates Public Schools, and hates the working Middle Class Americans who make up a majority of the American pupulation leads me to believe that democratic elections do not exist in precincts won by members of the Republican Party; American voters are not stupid and the Republican Party members have dwindled into oblivion, officially, and there is no way that American voters would elect losers like Republicans.

The “thinking” (if you want to call it that), of Republicans, is totally confusing: Republicans boast that America is the greatest nation on earth but it is not competent enough to provide universal health care for our People; Republicans boast private providers of health care who deny benefits and refuse to insure anyone who has ever been sick, is superior to Obamacare that provides health care for all the People including their children; and the Republicans boast that America is the richest nation on the earth but America is so poor that the US cannot afford to provide PBS “Big Bird” as a role model for our kids.

There was a time in my life when I used to have respect for Republican leaders in spite of disagreeing with them but when they can’t make up their damn mind whether or not America is great, wealthy, or competent I can do nothing but insist that Republicans are the greatest threat to the American democratic Republic that I have ever encountered in my more than 80 years.

What ever happened to Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Earl Warren? As Pogo say, “We has met the enemy and it be Republicans!”


Saturday, September 7th, 2013

Today, privacy is mentioned a lot in the media.  Americans appear to be obsessed with the subject of privacy and there appears to be a lot of misconceptions about the place of privacy in American history and Law.

As a matter of fact, it appears that no one has a Right to privacy in a 21st Century Electronic Technology Era; and, no one can hide from their own DNA.

Black’s Law Dictionary states, “It (privacy) is said to exist only as far as its assertion is consistent with law or public policy, and in a proper case, equity will interfere, if there is no remedy at law, to prevent an injury threatened by the invasion of, or infringement upon, this right from  motives of curiosity, guilt, or malice.”  Federal Trade Commission v. American Tobacco Co. 264 U.S. 298

Historically, if Americans wanted privacy in the era of 1787, they moved to the frontier where it was considered impolite to ask personal questions and good manners were enforced by musket.  

There is no American Constitutional Right to privacy, the US Constitution never uses the word ‘privacy’, and instead the US Constitution provides a Right to property.

In 1787, when the US Constitution was written, there was no electronic communication, there was no rapid transportation, and no one was aware that they possessed DNA.  People were expected to behave and if they did not they were sometimes burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft.  At the same time, the US Government and Constitutional writers believed that communication was so important to the People that it could not trust the communication of the people to the private sector and the US Postal Service was created; mail was considered personal property protected by the Constitution.  God bless the USPS.

Strange thing, secrecy; today, Americans have learned that it can be lethal or beneficial.  Yet, some stupid Americans want a transparent government and their privacy guaranteed at any cost.  What cost is privacy?

 In American democracy, all People are considered equal and innocent until proven guilty; so, do all  people have a right to privacy?  Just how valuable is your privacy?

It seems to me that those Americans most desiring that their privacy be guaranteed are the loudest and most vocal, when in reality, the best way to retain your privacy is to keep your mouth shut.