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Saturday, August 31st, 2013

    Some people in America live in the same house that they were born in, for their entire life; I am not one of those people.  Let me just say that when I divide my age by the number of times that I have changed residences, it averages out to less than four years in each place.  My reasons for moving again were legitimate, under unusual circumstances, and not at all related to a criminal career; I’m really a self-proclaimed nice guy!  Now I am a nice guy moving again.

     My most recent move is a result of my downsizing, and the need to find the solace of living alone again, the need to live in more austere circumstances with less worldly possessions, plus the fact I made a few bucks by selling a house that provide the luxurious living that I really no longer wanted or needed.  My daughter Erin and I did however, have a rewarding experience in owning and living together in our beautiful home. We agreed to sell and move and we moved into the same apartment house complex.

     In addition to other advantages, my move to the lovely less  costly, one bedroom apartment allows me to return to my favorite San Diego Area location, La Mesa, where I know all the bar maids and I know where to find every public restroom in town!

     The circumstances of my actual move were much less than desirable; it had to be quick, without proper preparation, and it had to be right away.  Fortunately for me, there was a delightful (and better) apartment available across the street from where I used to live in La Mesa.

     My new landlord is a jewel, she is efficient, outspoken, affable in her own way, and always to the point; she is perhaps a little too much like me, but I like her and I don’t know why.

     The moving company that transported all my worldly goods, from where I was to where I would be, consisted of four deranged mover-persons, Curly, Moe, Larry, and Thumbs; they were without question, totally incompetent, young studs capable of breaking every dish in the set.  They lost things, broke things, and hit and damaged the neighbor’s car without stopping, when they left my apartment.  All four were decidedly Anglo, but I suspect that they took to money we paid them for moving Erin and I and headed for the close-by Mexican border and oblivion.

     When I packed, I meticulously labeled each box for content and location to make unpacking easy; It never dawned on me that the circus act moving me could not read nor reason.

     My daughter Erin, whom I love dearly, helped me to pack, over my objections because she has helped me to pack before with the same disastrous results, I end up not knowing what is in the box and too often it is not what I really wanted in the box and frequently things I intended to discard.  She is just like me and now I know how my parents felt about me helping them with things around the house.

     While packing, I had made several trips to the store to purchase ever more boxes; I should have known.

     The end result was that I ended up with an apartment full of boxes and all the furniture except the bed under the boxes.  It was good that I had no place to sit down because I had no time to sit.  Unpacking was laborious for days, from sunup till midnight, when I showered and fell into bed.  I learned to really appreciate taking a shower and falling into bed.

     Unfortunately, I could find nothing in the boxes that I unpacked that was really essential, and therefore I was forced to go to the store to pick up some essentials, vodka and tonic.  However there were no drinking glasses in any of the boxes I unpacked and I had to improvise.  So, I found a half empty jar of pickles and immediately ate the pickles, cleaned the jar, and have been drinking from the pickle jar ever since.  It was so delightful and extraordinary drinking from the pickle jar, that I decided to always drink from a pickle jar and after I unpacked some drinking glasses, I spurned the glasses and I now drink only from the pickle jar.  Erin thinks this is ridiculous but she is just too darn stubborn to discover for herself, the pleasures of drinking from pickle jars.

     It has now been a week since the move.  Now I have the comforts of a telephone, internet service, and more TV channels than I care to watch.  Also, I have found my sofa to sit on if I ever again have time to sit, and a path to the kitchen and my pickle jar and the refrigerator.  What the hell, it is home?  Home is where you hang your hat, and fortunately for me I opened a box that was entirely filled with hats.


Monday, August 5th, 2013

    If I had said in 2000, that a political coup had taken place in America and extremists had prevailed in the 2000, Supreme Court decided, Presidential Election, people would have said that I was crazy; actually, that is exactly what I did say in 2000 and in 2000, the people who heard did universally agree that I was crazy.  Today, thirteen years later, the American People are beginning to acknowledge that there is something definitely wrong in America; however, they just cannot seem to put their finger on the problem.

     There is currently a debate on that very issue.  That is what I would like to address here.

     There were many, many things wrong with the 2000 Presidential Election; to itemize them would detract from the real issue at hand.  The actual consequence, however, was that America in 2001, had a sitting President that had lost the popular vote by a half million votes, and if third Party votes for Nader were considered, America had a sitting President that was rebuked by a huge majority of the American People.

     For most Americans, the 2000 Presidential election was not a democratic election that they had expected; American voters had been taught in Public Schools for over two hundred years that the United States of America was a democratic Republic.  The American majority felt violated in 2000; the victorious Republicans were not the least concerned about the absence of democracy in the Presidential Election for good reason, they did not believe America was ever intended to be a democracy.

     Most Americans in 2000 totally missed the point of the undemocratic Presidential Election; the results were explained to the People in terms of America’s complicated Electoral College means of electing a President.  The Electoral College however, was not really the issue; democracy, or the absence thereof in Florida, was the issue.

     In 1959, a political group was organized around the primary tenet that America was never intended by the founding fathers to be a democratic Republic. In their warped reasoning, they completely revised history to substantiate their belief that democracy is, in their words, “the worse kind of government”, “a fraud”, and democracy is “mob rule”; they completely ignore the fact that liberty (the U.S. Bill of Rights) must exist in a democracy to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority and they ignore the fact that democracy seldom exists as a “pure form of democracy”, but instead, democracy exists to a degree and either more or less democratic.

     America could not possibly be a “pure democracy” in 1787, at the time of the U.S. Constitution, because of the size of the American democratic Republic, the social diversity in America, and the limited technology of the times, in transportation and communication.  However, all the tenets of democracy are included in the U.S. Constitution, democratic elections, majority rule, all citizens eligible to vote, and liberty (the U.S. Bill of Right) exists to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

     The political organization that completely refuses to accept American Constitutional democracy and is dedicated to eliminating democracy from the U.S.A. is the John Birch Society, organized in 1959 as a non-profit, tax exempt corporation and an Educational Foundation (

     Obviously, the undemocratic nature of the 2000 Presidential Election was of no consequence to the JBS believers.  By the year 2000, most Americans had long forgotten about the JBS and certainly never thought that JBS had anything to do with the 2000 election or the Bush vs. Gore Decision; it just never entered the minds of the American People. 

     Today, the John Birch Society Organization itself is not a real issue in America’s broken government; the rejection of American democracy as an ideology, however, is a most important American issue today.  Today, America’s democracy is broken.  The majority is not ruling.  Liberty is being denied.  This basically is America’s current political problem

     If a person is aware of the “democracy issue”, that person automatically listens for every politician’s use of the word, democracy, in defining American Constitutional Government; thinking back to the year 2000, how many times did President W. Bush* or members of his Administration use the word democracy in terms of defining our U.S. government?  In the years since 2008, how many Republican candidates or Congressmen have used the word democracy in defining our U.S. Constitutional Government?

     The question for Americans is this: is America a democratic nation, a democratic Republic, or is it not.  The official John Birch Society tenet is that democracy “is mob rule” and a fraud; America is a “Constitutional Republic” and not a democracy.

     The “hey day” for the JBS was in the 1960’s; however, the JBS suffered a loss of respect when historically, Republican President Dwight Eisenhower refused the endorsement of the John Birch Society, as did Republican Presidential Candidate Barry Goldwater in 1964, and then the highly respected conservative William F. Buckley, Editor of the National Review also rejected the ideology of the John Birch Society as wrong and extremist

     After such prominent conservative rejection of their ideology, the John Birch Society went covert and today it works only through John Birch Society front groups, like the Tea Party of today. 

      The membership of the John Birch Society is secret.  However, the JBS Board of Directors and Founders are well known and for the most part represent highly successful and extremely wealthy individuals.  One founder of the JBS was Fred Koch, the father of the Koch brothers, who are individually two of the richest people in the world and large contributors to Republican and John Birch Society causes and non-profit, tax exempt, foundations like the Tea Party, ALEC,  and Americans for Prosperity. 

      The Koch Brothers also financed Gov. Walker’s election in Wisconsin and his subsequent recall election as well as the Republican legislators in the State of Wisconsin.  The JBS corporate headquarters is in Appleton Wisconsin.

     It appears strange that today, in the midst of America’s political gridlock, Republican obstructionism, record Republican Senate filibustering, and Republican anti-democracy behavior like Voter Suppression Laws and Gerrymandering, that the name John Birch Society is almost never mentioned in the news media and the anti-democracy ideology of Republicans is never mentioned in news stories; American politicians are never vetted for anti-democracy ideology.  Most strange is the fact that most Americans are totally unaware of anti-democracy ideology or John Birch ideology; most Americans do not even recognize the name of the John Birch Society.

     It is most disturbing for news commentators to describe anti-democracy advocates or John Birch Society type politicians as “conservative”; the term conservative is misused.  These political types are extremists, they are a minority of Americans and they do not fit the Webster Dictionary definition of conservative:  “Disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions; moderate, cautious.”

     To most Americans, the idea of a conspiracy theory based on the 2000 Presidential Elections is ridiculous.  However, no one has identified the cause of the political problems of America since 2000 and particularly today’s Republican gridlock, Republican record filibusters, Republican sequester, and Republican refusal to raise the National Debt limit and, of course, the Republican U.S. Supreme Court’s five Justices and their Citizens United Decision.

     Americans are finally realizing that American democracy is broken, but they have no idea why?  Most Americans would be appalled to discover that there actually are political extremists in our government who believe that American democracy “is a fraud” and “mob rule”; but those same American are cognizant that democracy in America is broken.  It is not an accident.

     There is much more for anyone interested.  The John Birch Society manifesto is clearly outlined in the John Birch Society Blue Book, 1961.  Once a person reads about JBS ideology, they recognize it when they see it or hear it.

     But above all, Americans should listen for that key word from politicians or news commentators; the word is democracy, as in American democracy.  Why isn’t the word democracy used in Congress today?  Why is the word democracy not used in the media?


Note*: To my knowledge, President W. Bush used the term “democracy” only once during his  8 year administration.  In his State of the Union speech, after no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq at the end of hostility there, President W. Bush said that America intended to replace the rule of Saddam Hussein, with democracy in Iraq.