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Friday, June 28th, 2013

   The headlines on Fox News this morning, read, “The Supreme Court has thrown out lower court rulings that blocked a Texas voter identification law and the state’s political redistricting plans as discriminatory.  The court’s action Thursday was a predictable result of its major ruling two days earlier that effectively ended the federal government’s strict supervision of elections in Texas and other states with a history of discrimination in voting.  The justices ordered lower courts to reconsider their previous rulings in light of Tuesday’s ruling.”

   So today, the Supreme Court has continued its attack on American democracy by declaring that all Americans are equal but some are more equal than others; specifically, all American voters are equal, but American voters who have a driver’s license, are more equal than voters without a driver’s license, and only the more equal voters with a driver’s license, will have the right to vote.

   The US Supreme Court thus has made a mockery of the Fourteenth Amendment, “…nor shall any State, Deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; NOR DENY TO ANY PERSON WITHIN ITS JURISDICTION THE EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS.”

   The American democratic Republic could not be destroyed by foreign terrorists, the American democratic Republic was ultimately destroyed by the US Supreme Court, with “Bush vs. Gore”, “Zelman vs. Simmons-Harris”, “Citizens United”, “Shelby County vs. Holder, and today, throwing out the suit against Texas requiring identification, such as a driver’s license, to vote in an election..

   The five extremist Neocon Republican US Supreme Court Justices, appear to have a vendetta against democracy in America and have perpetuated their majority in the Court with the Supreme Court’s Bush vs. Gore in the year 2000, and “selecting” President W. Bush to be President, and he appointed two look-alike Neocon Republicans Justices during his term in office, continuing the five Justice anti-democracy majority.  The beginning of the Twenty-First Century marked the end of American democracy, as Americans knew it, with a five Justice, anti-democracy majority, and sitting on the US Supreme Court for life.

     The Supreme Court appears to have the same ideology as that of the John Birch Society, as expressed in the John Birch Society Bluebook, their manifesto: p.124 ” –democracy is merely a deceptive phrase, a weapon of demagoguery, and a perennial fraud.” (Continued in Footnote 25, p. 136.) “Our liberal critics would have you believe that this statement, for an American is practically heresy. This is because these same Liberals have been working so long and so hard to convert our republic into a democracy, and to make the American people believe that it is supposed to be a democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth than that insidiously planted premise. . . . Our founding fathers . . . gave us a republic because they considered it the best of all forms of government. They visibly spurned a democracy as probably the worst of all forms of government.”

     Of course our democracy has not been a pure democracy; democracy exists to a degree and it wasn’t possible in 1787, to be a pure democracy, based on the mode of Colonial communications and travel at the time. 

     However, as technology advanced, we have become more and more democratic; America used to be proud of their democracy.  It is difficult to imagine any American denying our Republic is democratic, today; yet there they are, a majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.


Bush vs. Gore, 2000: US Supreme Court disregards Florida votes for Presidency and statutes for recounting votes in the election of Presidential Electors in Florida, providing Bush the Electoral votes needed for his election; the Florida popular votes were never officially counted by law.

Zelman vs. Simmons-Harris, 2002: US Supreme Court declares that providing vouchers paid from taxpayer funding can be issued to pay for students attending schools indoctrinating students in a particular religious, political, or economic belief (Public Schools are required to be democratic and impartial).  It was a move toward eliminating Public Schools and privatizing education in the US.

Citizens United, 2010: US Supreme Court declares that bipartisan statues by Congress, limiting political contributions by a corporate entity is unconstitutional because it denies “Freedom of Speech” to corporate entities (declaring a corporation is a “person”); corporations responded by spending billions of dollars on election contributions in 2010 and 2012.  Technically, wealth can now buy elections, and did in 2010 and 2012.

Shelby County vs. Holder, 2013: US Supreme Court declared Voter Rights Statute enacted by Congress is outdated and unconstitutional and States guilty of voter suppression no longer need to have voting laws approved by the Justice Department.  On June 27, 2013, the US Supreme Court remanded to lower courts, all decision made based on the Voter Rights Act, and lower courts are now to rule based on the Shelby Decision.


Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

The five extremist John Birch Society Supreme Court Justices, in Shelby County vs. Holder, have hammered another nail into the coffin of democracy, in our American democratic Republic, by striking down the Voter Rights Act and paving the way for voter suppression by the Republican Party.

As one pundit said, the US Supreme Court, just “Canceled  Martin Luther King’s Dream”.

Americans just do not appear to realize that the American democratic Republic that we all cherished before, suffered a bloodless coup in 2000 with the Supreme Court “selection” of W. Bush to be the US President, in spite of the election, and democracy has since been replaced with a plutocratic oligarchy, orchestrated by powerful, wealthy members and sympathizers of John Birch Society ideology.  Today’s Republican Party has embraced the Bircher ideology and opposition to democracy; they believe the “successful”, wealthy elite should control government, government should provide only for defense of the elite’s commercial enterprise and investments by utilizing US military superiority (PNAC); and everything else should be privatized.

It all began when the extraordinary wealthy John Birch Society ideologists took over the previously respectable Republican Party and through bad “Radical Republican” appointments to US Supreme Court, took over the Court; hence,  America is suffering since from Bush vs. Gore, Zelman, v. Simmons-Harris, Citizens United, and now Shelby County vs. Holder Court decisions. 

These legal decisions “legitimatized” the Neocon Republicans takeover of America by John Birch Society front groups, like Progress for a New American Century (PNAC), the Tea Party, the  American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the very  John Birch Society’s total control of the Republican Party. 

The New Extremist Republican Party, with the aid and support of the US Supreme Court, orchestrated a bloodless coup that destroyed what had been the American democratic Republic.


Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

I just can’t help but believe that Adam and Eve had a bunch of incestuous children, and their progeny are all now Republicans and somehow got elected to the US Congress.

Is it just me or what?  Does anyone else think that way?


Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Once when I was young, my father told me, “I have lived in some amazing times;  I dated your mother in a horse and buggy and I watched a man walk on the moon on television.”

My father’s statement came back to me today, when someone wrote to me, “President Obama is inept!”

Thinking back in more recent times and then beyond, I penned this answer:

President Obama is obviously exceedingly intelligent, educated in the best universities in America, has experienced living in Indonesia and experiencing other and foreign cultures, the President  is fluent in the Indonesian language, he has experienced living and working in the working Middle Class American culture during trying times for those people, he appeals to a majority of the voters, and President Obama possesses  something that our immediate past presidents, Democrat and Republican, for the last fifty years have lacked, and that is compassion for all People, even — ugh, cough, gag, Republican idiots and dullards. 

Every positive thing that President Obama has tried to do for our Nation and our People, he has been opposed by selfish, crude, and cruel, Republican (and some Democrat), opposition.  In spite of the opposition, since he has been in office our President has kept his promises to provide the People with universal health care, he ended the War in Iraq, he made getting bin Laden his priority and bin Laden is now dead and gone, he eliminated the inequitable “don’t ask don’t tell” disgrace from the US military, and many other positive changes.

Personally, I do not always agree with my President, and I always write and tell him that I disagree and with what I disagree.

However, it appears ludicrous for me to hear any American describe my President as “inept” or worse; and, I just can’t have much respect for any person who refers to our president as “inept”.  I’m sorry if I damaged  your psyche by telling you this!

After expressing myself, I began to think again about the times in which I have lived; and, I was amazed at what I had just written without mentioning the fact that my President Obama, is “black”.

Personally, I have always been appalled by American racism, even and especially in my own family; I lived precariously during the Civil Rights period and the strains of the tune, I shall overcome ,still moves me greatly, choking me up, when I hear it.

So, when I belatedly remembered that Americans expressing rather ridiculous forms of hatred for President Obama, were in all probability motived by racism on their part, I went into shocked because I had forgotten.  Momentarily at least, I forgot that basically Americans are motivated by racism.

While I was discussing the merits of the first Black American President, I needed to be reminded that Americans are motivated by racism.

Sometime soon, I must remember to tell my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, “I lived in some amazing times; when I was young, there were no cell phones, and I lived to see a man of African heritage elected to the Presidency of the United States.”



Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Republican Congressmen, by refusing to do anything constructive and only obstructing progress in Congress, are destroying America and destroying the lives of working Middle Class Americans, the majority in America. 

Today’s Republicans are as destructive to We the People, as King George III of England was to the Colonists; our American Forefathers, in the Declaration of Independence, said of King George, “He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.”  The Colonists might just as well have been talking about Republican Congressmen, today!

Perhaps it is time for We Americans to declare our independence from the obstructionist Republican Party, declaring, as our founding Colonial Patriots did in 1776, “. . .whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government. . .”

Our Congress, in establishing its own rules, has created a monster power in America that does not represent a majority of the People or our democracy. 

Today in the Age of Electronic Technology, we Americans could have and should have Federal election laws, Federal elections, and a non-partisan (similar to courts) Federal Election Agency to conduct Federal elections electronically, and provide for popular elections of Senators, Representatives, and the President and Vice President; and, most important of all, provide for a National Referendum on all important issues, allowing every American citizen to vote on the issue.  

To accomplish this, America also needs an electronic National Citizens Identification System, with records from birth to death of every American Citizen that also serves as a registration for voting, eligibility to be employed in the US, and serves as a census every 10 years.

America needs a Revolution today, in the form of a Twenty-First Century Constitutional Convention so that our Constitution can be amended to allow the People to do today, what was impossible for the people to do, when our Constitutional Founders created the Constitution in 1787; our Constitutional Forefathers wisely provided for us to amend our Constitution to meet Twenty-First Century needs of the People.  

America today can be much more democratic today than was possible in 1787.  God bless America!


Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Recently the American media,  Congressional Republicans, and others have been complaining about the NSA legal surveillance of American communications for the security of the people and the Nation and the Department of Justice legal investigation of “leaks” of State Secrets; opponents of these legal searches of electronic communications have called them a scandal of President Obama’s, “Big Brother” government, wrong, and scary.  American media is whining that legal government searches are a violation of media’s First Amendment , “Freedom of the Press”.

Americans who agree with the Republicans, the media, and other opponents of this governmental activity, need to carefully think about their protest of the Federal Government ‘doing their job’.

For example, they need to check out Rupert Murdoch of News Corps, owner of America’s Fox News, and Murdoch’s “News of the World scandal”  in the UK.  Murdock’s London “News of the World” newspaper (now defunct because of the scandal) was guilty of tapping the telephones of a murder victim, bribing government officials, and covering the scandal up. 

Rupert Murdock was originally an Australian, but now is a naturalized American citizen, apparently, solely because he had to be an American citizen to buy and own America’s Fox News.  Murdoch’s newspapers and Fox News do not appear to be particularly patriotic, to most of the American People, because  Murdoch’s media empire tends to refer to United States Government and the President  as corrupt, Communist, Nazi, or some other foul name.  

Recently, one of Murdock’s American  Fox News reporters, Rosen, was being investigated by the Department of Justice for conspiracy with Kim, a government worker, of stealing State Secrets.  Kim, a US Government worker from whom Rosen received leaks of State Secrets, admittedly provided Rosen the State Secrets that Rosen published.  Rosen and other news media objected to the Department of Justice’s legal search of Rosen’s phone activity, numbers only, saying the Feds were violating Rosen’s “Freedom of the Press” with no justifiable probable cause instead of Rosen using ‘probable’ Murdoch style investigative reporting.

America’s Republican Congressmen called the Rosen investigation, a scandal of President Obama and the Justice Department, claiming it was investigation with no justifiable probable cause. 

Now that’s really scary! 

See link:


Monday, June 17th, 2013

Congress is currently considering a non-partisan Immigration Reform Bill and a immigration reform bill without a National Identification System is ridiculous.  If America had a Citizens Identification System with record of citizens from birth to death, we would not have the immigration problem we now face.

People who are upset by NSA surveillance, without a doubt, would foolishly oppose creating a National Citizens’ ID system but every modern nation desperately needs faultless records of its citizens from birth to death.

America needs a Citizens’ National ID to certify worker employabilityin America; it would eliminate the problem of illegal immigrant workers. 

Actually, a National ID would eliminate most of America’s immigration problems of today.  Other modern nations who do have National ID, do not have the problems that America has. 

Lack of a National ID System only serves the self interests of illegal American employers.  American workers need American jobs!  

And, a National ID is a must not only for employment purposes, but also voter registration, census needs, and National security.  Congress is negligent for not establishing a National ID System in the Age of Electronic Technology; it is in the People’s interest.


Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Wake up, citizens!  America has surveillance cameras all over the place.

Didn’t you notice the published pictures of the Boston Marathon Bombers strolling past the surveillance camera with the bombs in the back packs on their back.

There are surveillance cameras in every convenience store, every bank, every shopping mall, and probably every business and every kind of public transportation and in airport.

My neighbor has surveillance cameras all around his house; he has a picture of every neighborhood dog that poops on his lawn and every kid that cuts through his yard.

Every high class woman’s lingerie shop already knows every woman’s choice of bra style, brand, and what size she wears.

Then of course you have GPS in your cell phone and in your car.

There is no privacy; you cannot hide. This is the Age of Electronic Technology. 

The upside is that it is difficult for a person to get lost, these days.

Oh, and by the way, the Constitution never mentions privacy, the Fourth Amendment only protects property.


Friday, June 14th, 2013

In the year 2000 to 2005, I lived in Switzerland with my Swiss wife.  It was a fantastic experience for me; I enjoyed Swiss Culture and I learned a lot about America by being outside America looking in.  Some things I learned about my native land were good and some were not. 

The time I spent as a foreign resident in Switzerland, was the same period of time of President George W. Bush’s “selection” to the Presidency by the US Supreme Court in “Bush vs. Gore”, the heinous 911 Terrorist Attack on America, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the torture of POWs by the USA, the US creation of Gitmo Prison, among many other things. 

Frequently I traveled in France, Spain, and Italy while living in Europe and I was never mistreated as an America, although the US State Department admonished those of us Americans residing in Europe to keep a low profile, specifically “do not wear cowboy boots” and “don’t speak English in a crowded public place”.

In one of my internet discussions today, this is one response that I received from another blogger in response to a comment I had made about my European experience.

BLOGGER’S COMMENT IN RESPONSE TO MINE:   “Nevertheless, I know it can be difficult to explain to foreigners the complicated and often veiled foreign policy of the United States. I can only offer a recommendation to remind them that they’ve grown their social democratic state due to the very foreign policy and military they criticize. They are welcome to pick up their own defense spending and let Americans train and work at home.”

MY RESPONSE TO BLOGGER’S OVERREACTION: Unfortunately, your “Ugly American” attitude expressed in your comment is the very reason it’s difficult to explain real America to Europeans and foreigners.  Your comment is error ridden with chauvinism.

Europeans acknowledge American entry in WWI and WWII was obviously a factor in victory, nonetheless America was extremely late in entering both of those wars; European nations had already made great sacrifices and experienced horrendous casualties military and especially civilian, while America was spared those horrors of war. 

French contributions to our own American Revolution were essential and when my uncle and other American soldiers arrived in Europe in WWI they cried, “Lafayette, we are here”, returning France’s favor. 

After 911, all of Europe was wholly sympathetic to our tragedy and outraged by it. 

As for American democracy, the “democratic” Confederation of Switzerland was created in 1291, and our Founders in 1787, actually patterned our American Constitution on the Swiss Confederation. 

Most good things that we Americans enjoy were brought to America by Europeans; we owe most of our entire culture to European heritage.  And, we are for the most part descendants of Europeans and European culture, like Amish or Nazi societies; American Nazis thrived in America prior to our entry into WWII (and since WWII). 

During WWII, I was personally and crudely referred to as “Heinie” by an Ugly American in my American hometown birthplace. 

And then, we Americans do enjoy our wieners, pizza, and French fries. 

You do not need to remind Europeans that they owe us for our export to Europe of our Rock and Roll, TV commercials, and gangster movies, they readily acknowledge it.

AFTERTHOUGHTS OF MY INTERNET DISCUSSION:  I do love America, my American “melting pot”, with all my heart and soul.  Though I have a Prussian surname and a Moorish family middle name, I am personally a conglomerate of Native American, a variety of European cultures, and possibly a touch of African heritage.  My daughters qualify for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution.  It is obvious that I simply cannot afford to be a cultural or racial bigot.  I am, thankfully, a classic American.  However much I love America, it can be sometimes difficult being an American; but that’s what I am and I’m proud of it.  God bless America!


Thursday, June 13th, 2013

BERKELEY, Calif. — Famed Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg had harsh words for the Obama Administration during an event here Tuesday evening, charging that the rapid expansion of government surveillance since 9/11 has left the country “a turnkey away from a police state.” (Huffington Post, 6/12/13)

Ellsberg is a relic and dreamer.  It is not a matter of America becoming a “Police State”; instead, it is a matter of America being any State in the Age of Electronic Technology. 

In this Electronic Technology Age, people who “leak” or “whistle blow” are NOT A SOLUTION TO ANY PROBLEM nor are they necessarily heroes despite what your personal opinion is.  In this Age there is no such thing as privacy!

No one in the currently controversy has come up with a solution for how People or States should behave to, survive, and be satisfied with life in the Age of Electronic Technology.  No one has a solution, however, one solution would be to develop a totally transparent, “Open Society”; but, everyone should be warned about, “being careful what you wish for”. 

In all this controversy, no one has heard one American say that they wanted a totally open and transparent Society; all anyone has heard is that the government or somebody else should be blamed for something legal or illegal.  It would appear that every American living being has something that they desperately need and want to hide.  No one in America is willing to stand and tell the world, “Here is something that I never wanted anyone to know about me?”

God is good but God appears to have no control over “what fools these mortals be!”