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Friday, May 31st, 2013

It seems that every day, there is a new news story of homophobes who want to legislate against the Rights of homosexuals to love whoever and however they want because the God of the homophobes hates homosexuals.

Who is this sadistic God who hates homosexuals that He or She had crated? What did a homosexual ever do to God to deserve His or Her ire.

I’ve never heard of homosexual terrorist groups attacking heterosexuals! On the other hand, each day brings news of homosexuals being attacked or bullied by homophobic terrorists.

Interesting question, why did God create hermaphrodites? Are hermaphrodites created in God’s image?  Does a Homophobic God think hermaphrodites are obviously double sinners or can they “just can’t lose” and deserve extra love from God?

One thing that really tees me off and that is a God or any other person, evaluating someone else’s sex life, mine for example, and then wanting government to legislate against it. That is so crude and obnoxious; God damn them!


Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

    President Obama tells Oklahoma today: “[W]e recognize that you face a long road ahead. In some cases, there will be enormous grief that has to be absorbed, but you will not travel that path alone. Your country will travel it with you, fueled by our faith in the Almighty and our faith in one another.”

     This is why we are the “united” States; in unity there is strength.  Ben Franklin said, “If we do not work together we will hang separately”; take note Republicans, Tea Party, John Birch Society, and Texas.

     Vitriol, venom, and hatred will get America to where it got us today: bankrupt, poor credit rating, no jobs for the working Middle Class, and record high corporate profits.  America is engaged in civil war; it is a culture war.


Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

     The news this morning is: movement on the Keystone XL pipeline; about an FBI-involved shooting in Orlando that reportedly may have ties to the Boston Marathon bombing; and the latest on the search for tornado survivors in Oklahoma. 

     And, in their reaction to this news,  the extremist Republicans continue whining about the “scandal” of the FBI investigation of Obama Administration leaks, which they also consider a “scandal” that  Republicans were whining about before they were whining about the FBI investigation.  Republicans are also continuing to whine about the “scandal” of the American tragedy in Benghazi, saying that the Obama Administration was covering up what the Obama Administration did not know about the Benghazi Tragedy.  Oh yes, Republicans are also whining about the “scandal” of the IRS being partisan by taking too long in establishing a charitable tax exempt status for the Tea Party that maintains that it is non-partisan;  that “scandal” is somewhat difficult to understand.  But, that is not all of the “scandals” Republicans are whining about, Republicans are whining about another “scandal” of the FBI investigating a Fox News reporter, Rosen, for the crime of soliciting State secrets from an employee of the Federal Government, Kim, who was admittedly criminally supplying Rosen with State Secrets; Republicans maintain that since Rosen was a reporter, the First Amendment Freedom of the Press permitted Rosen to criminally solicit State Secrets.  Personally, my conclusion to these “scandals” is that American democracy cannot survive with the Do-Nothing, Obstructionist  Republicans holding any office in the Federal Government.  “Holy crap, Toto, we are not in God blessed America anymore!”

     America, “the home of the free and the brave” and the government “of the People, by the People and for the People” that was ordained “to establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”, is now considered too big by Republicans, untrustworthy by Republicans, and incompetent by Republicans; it sounds very much like Republicans want to get elected only to destroy America’s monster of a government. 

     Apparently, the grand Republican manifesto is to Get Republicans elected to filibuster, obstruct, bankrupt, and destroy America so that America can be reestablished to their specification: small, without power, and providing only  for the needs of Corporate America who finances the Republican Party, and, eliminating democracy which only gets into the way of business and industry when the ignorant masses of the People have the ‘power of the ballot’.


Monday, May 20th, 2013

     “ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, the network’s White House correspondent, recently provoked controversy after his exclusive report that quoted emails which allegedly showed the Obama administration made numerous edits to, and scrubbed information from the talking points on Benghazi. He said that ABC News had reviewed emails in question, but it was later revealed that the quotes were actually from a source claiming to have summarized the emails, and were misleading.”

      The problem with apologies for errors in the Media is that they don’t get much publicity; errors too often serve a purpose and live on long after the apology is forgotten. 

     Polls showing 62% of Americans believe the once media lie that Saddam was responsible for 911; that is testimony to the ignorance of Americans.  In comparing American news media with the rest of the world’s media, the American media appears clearly grossly inaccurate. 

     American reporters often claim that they report accurately but news editors edit it.  American news is apparently edited in a specific way because American news media is owned by Corporate America, media profits are derived from advertising by Corporate America, and consequently the news is edited by Corporate America to serve Corporate America’s desires and needs. In all honesty, Corporate America actually does have a selfish interest in what the news is!  It is rather bizarre for Americans to believe everything upon news disseminated by an entity what has a selfish interest in the news and to rely on that source of news as infallible and worthy of the Right to publish whatever they damn well please by virtue of Freedom of the Press without any disclaimer at all.

     America’s claim to freedom of the press, should contain a disclaimer that freedom of the press pertains only to the freedom for Corporate America to publish any and only the news which is beneficial to Corporate America.  American Freedom of the Press has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY KIND OF  FREEDOM FOR AMERICA’S PEOPLE TO GET ACCURATE NEWS FROM THE MEDIA. 

     In other parts of the world, news media has to SELL their newspapers or TV to customers to earn profits; in America news media gives papers and TV  away free, to get an audience big enough to attract big and wealthy advertisers to earn media profits; that is what capitalism is about!

     There is nothing wrong with capitalism, but the American People need to know what they’re getting from their capitalistic economy, capitalistic society, and the extremely capitalistic media and WHAT THEY ARE NOT GETTING!

      From 2000 to 2005, I lived as a resident alien in Switzerland; that experience allowed me to observe America from the outside looking in.  I read European newspapers, watched news on European TV and I read American newspapers on the internet; the news in America was very different in America than the news in Europe.  In retrospect, I was convinced that European news proved to be much more reliable and accurate than American news.

     Believing in American democracy, the Bill of Rights, and the Freedom of the Press Amendment, it was difficult for me to accept the fact that the American People were being kept ignorant of what was going on in the world, including the part that America was playing in it.  However, I have become a reluctant believer in the fact that the American media has dumbed-down the American Public.

     Since 2005 and my return to live in America, I have tried to sound an alarm about American media, to no avail.  Americans seemingly believe anything they hear or read from whatever source they see or hear; they believe it  is truth and nothing but the truth, claiming that America’s Freedom of the Press guarantees them honest and accurate reporting and publication of the news.  Americans also vehemently claim that  “all the rest of the world’s news media are wrong”, because foreign media do not have access to America’s Freedom of the Press!  Hmmmm!  It is certainly difficult to argue with that, isn’t it?


Saturday, May 18th, 2013

 If gun owners have nothing to hide, they would support background checks for the purchase of guns, gun regulation, gun safety laws, and gun registration; none of these violate the 2nd Amendment. Evidently all of the National Rifle Association members, have something to hide.


Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Today’s big new is about radical Republicans’ claim that there is a IRS conspiracy  to prosecute charitable non-profit educational foundations, like the John Birch Society or their front group, The Tea Party for using tax deductible $millions to elect Republican extremist political candidates to Congress and State Office.

If you were an IRS employee and employed to find tax cheats and you were, based on their tax exemption reporting, aware of obvious non-profit foundations like the John Birch Society or their front groups, like the Tea Party, accepting $millions in tax deductible donations that was being spent on politics to elect extremist Republican legislators in the State and Federal Governments in violation of the law, where would you start looking for tax cheats?  Holy crap!

So, the IRS is suddenly (since the “Citizens United Decision” by the 5 John Birch Republican Justices of the US Supreme Court) focusing on looking into the illegitimate spending of $millions by the tax exempt charitable educational foundations like the John Birch Society and their Tea Party front group’s huge tax deductible donations, to elect extremist Republican Party candidates to office.

This is surely a conspiracy by Democrats and the IRS to find only Republican tax cheats.  And, it is a common sense  approach to finding charitable foundations spending tax deductible $millions in donations on political  extremist candidates instead of charitable “education”.

America is no longer the home of “the free and the brave”; it is now the home of the dense and the favored.


Monday, May 13th, 2013

This Mother’s Day news item was overwhelmingly meaningful for me as a parent.  The news that I read, was that Newtown Mothers were not going to give up, ever; Newtown Mothers have pledged, I’m making the SandyHookPromise to keep my community & country safer from violence.

Voices of the Newtown Mothers is extraordinarily touching; I recommend reading it at: “A Mother’s Promise”

The Newtown Mothers say: “Mothers are not supposed to outlive their children. It is against the natural order of things. Having endured tragedy of a particularly cruel and violent sort less than five months ago, we continue to live in a state of shock and horror. But through our pain, we are trying to gain some perspective…..”

“The gravity of the moment that comes with holding your child for the first time — looking into their eyes, rocking them to sleep, allowing their breath to fill your heart, marveling at how nature has taken a part of you and a part of your husband to create someone uniquely beautiful — the seriousness of that moment, is only eclipsed by the moment you discover your little boy or little girl is forever gone, just a few hours after watching them wave back at you from the school bus window…..”

 “There have been nearly four thousand gun related deaths since Newtown. Too many mothers are spending too much time talking to their children in heaven instead of across the kitchen table. We draw support from the tens of thousands of letters and cards we’ve received …..We soldier on, because like all movements, there are tipping points, and we believe this is ours. It is time, as six-year-old Ana Marquez-Greene once said, to “let love win.” There are 150 million parents in this country and it’s our goal to unite them in a place of common ground. This is the Sandy Hook Promise.”

You can add your voice to that of the Newtown Mothers, by signing the Newtown Mothers pledge yourself, go to:

I signed the pledge; I am a parent.



Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Today’s news was, “One World Trade Center Reaches 1,776 Feet, Now Tallest Structure In U.S.”  One World Trade Center was built close by where the former Twin Towers stood when attacked on September 11, 2001 and almost three thousand Americans died.  There was joyous celebration upon the completion of the One World Trade Center.

I am sorry, but the new One World Trade Center Building is not something that I would pick to memorialize America’s September-Eleventh tragic terrorist attack.  I thought at first that I should not publicly say what I am thinking, but on second thought, I knew that I had to say it. 

For me, September Eleventh devastated me just like Pearl Harbor did in 1941, except there was no sovereign nation to hold responsible for the heinous 911 attack, only a Saudi man bin Laden, and a few other Saudi terrorists.  And now, twelve years later, I still weep every day for American service men continuing to die in combat in Afghanistan, by Afghans, and in a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with 911; in my heart I do not want to believe all those American soldiers died for the World Trade Center, but I do know that the despicable terrorist bin Laden carefully picked his target.

From September eleven in 2001 until today, over two thousand American soldiers have died in combat in Afghanistan and an estimated fourteen thousand innocent Afghan civilian men, women, and children, have died from combat in Afghanistan (the USA does not count civilians killed in combat).

Today is another sad day for me, just like 911 was.


Thursday, May 9th, 2013


Free trade agreements of the Republicans are responsible for Americans being unemployed because of outsourcing jobs outside the US and Republicans are also responsible for slave labor and unsafe working conditions, like Bangladesh, abroad; so basically the Republicans are globally screwing workers everywhere. 

Since most of the population in America works for a living, will someone please explain to me (and to yourself), how Republican candidates ever get elected in America.  The Republican Party is more of a threat to Americans than the Communist Party ever was and the Communist Party was banned by Federal Statue in the USA.  Are Republicans elected to Congress by stupid American voters of the working Middle Class or are Republicans elected in “fixed” elections?  It has to be one or the other.

 The only thing that can save the American democratic Republic is for the working Middle Class to unite and eliminate the Republican Party.  The Republicans are so afraid of the working people of America uniting that they are trying to eliminate Labor Unions from America. (like Gov. Walker in Wisconsin, Mitt Romney’s hero).  Labor Unions are the ONLY VOICE that American working Middle Class has.

It is all about power.  Money is power for Corporate America and employers; unity and the power of the ballot is power for workers.  The 5 John Birch Republican Justices of the Supreme Court’s, “Citizens United Decision”, basically eliminated the workers’ power of the ballot; elections are now bought.

Republicans in Congress are now in the process of eliminating Labor Unions and Labor Legislation, to deprive workers of unity.  Corporate America and employers however, are united in their Chamber of Commerce, their American Association of Manufacturers, their John Birch Society, and their John Birch Society front groups like the Tea Party and ALEC.

If a garbage collector is suddenly called a sanitary engineer, a computer programmer is called a programming engineer, and a secretary is suddenly called an administrative assistant, it does not mean that these workers are now something other than workers; they still work for a living, they have no employment security, they have no unity, and they have NO POWER.  They have no control over their economic circumstances, their standard of living, or security.  They are powerless working Middle Class.

Republicans in Congress just passed a bill to repeal statutes requiring employers pay overtime pay for workers working over 40 hours a week, and instead employers will be allowed to give compensatory “time off”.  For employers, it means they do not have to pay overtime rates, they will not have to hire more employees, and it means workers have lost rights that previous Labor Unions and workers worked diligently for year to win; labor will be set back a hundred years if the Republican repeal of overtime statutes becomes law.

The working Middle Class in America are about to become 21st Century SERFS.  Working Middle Class Americans have met the enemy, it is Republicans.


Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

From 2000 to 2005, I lived in Switzerland as a resident alien; to satisfy my visa, I had to buy Swiss health insurance.  I could buy it from any carrier or any plan. 

The Swiss have universal medical care and Obamacare is based on the Swiss universal medical care plan using private insurance carriers (all insurance is provided by private carriers just like Obamacare).

I was impressed, satisfied, and received excellent medical care (for much less than what I paid in America). 

To me, it is ridiculous for any American to oppose Obamacare.  Nothing has changed for me with Obamacare, I have the same insurance and the government regulates and oversees the insurance company so they don’t screw me out of benefits, as they have have been doing.

The complaints of Obamacare that I have heard are ridiculous and untrue.  Americans want universal medical care, that is what President Obama promised, and that is what the President and Congress did.  I have not heard one legitimate complaint from any reliable source, only from loonies.

What is with Republicans?  Are they crazy?