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Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Why oh why, are some heterosexuals so concerned about same sex marriage; how is same sex marriage detrimental in any way to heterosexuals? What if America banned ALL marriage; half of American marriages do not last anyway; if marriage is so great, why does America have divorce mills and irreconcilable differences?

Hey, what if marriage was only a religious rite with NO legal affect?”

My comment was not meant to condemn heterosexuals, it was meant to condemn heterosexuals who condemn anything or anybody of a homosexual nature.  In other words, my comment was a condemnation of homophobics.

On the issue of sexual preference, the argument that I choose to use against literate homophobics is, how do they stand on the plight of hermaphrodites, about one in every thousand births; and I especially ask those homophobic Holy-Rollers, just what is God’s plan for the hermaphroditic human beings  born into this world and placed in our society.  This is not being irreverent; God and I discuss this all the time.

It amazes me that a society that refuses to even talk about sex in polite society, a society that purports to believe sex is a dirty word, that kind of a society can publicly condemn anyone or anything who believe differently from what that society believes about sexual issues and they don’t even want to discuss it rationally.

When was the last time you heard anyone talk about the rights of hermaphrodites?  I am not a hermaphrodite nor homosexual, nor much of anything else, but I do have had a clinical interest in sex ever since my mother told me not to play with myself and I discovered that playing with myself was indeed gratifying; I’m just a perennial student of sex, nature, and the Constitution.

However, when it comes to equality under the law, I cannot help but believe that all men and women were created equal, with certain Constitutional Rights, and among these are life, liberty, and happiness.  God bless all human beings, despite how they individually achieve orgasm.


Monday, March 18th, 2013

It is income tax time, I just figured out how much I owe my beloved USA, and I am reading about how Romney hates to have to pay taxes on his multi-million dollar income but calls me a part of the worthless 47% of Americans because I am retired and receive a social security check and a teachers pension BOTH OF WHICH I PAID FOR DURING THE MORE THAN 30 YEARS THAT I TAUGHT SCHOOL.

So, I just finished paying my income tax for 2012 and this year I am paying income tax on my teacher’s pension and paying income tax on my Social Security benefits for which I have already paid income tax on the contributions I paid while I was working and I am paying taxes again on my Social Security and Teachers Pension because of tax laws that the Republicans wrote and voted for.

So Mitt Romney wants to eliminate our teachers unions, which is the only voice we have in our economy and he wants to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, and Obamacare.

What kind of nuts are these Republicans, why do they hate those of us who work in America and produce goods and services that Make American billionaires like Mitt Romney even wealthier.

Today, Corporate Profits have never been higher, the working middle class are suffering unemployment, and the public schools are suffering from a lack of tax support; and, guess what, it is the wealthy Republican plutocrats who are whining about paying taxes.

Holy crap, America is going to hell in a basket.  American Republican plutocrats have “bought” American government with the help of the five John Birch Society US Supreme Court Justices’ Citizens United Decision and they are killing off American workers.


Monday, March 18th, 2013

There are two kinds of Americans in the USA,  there are the Americans who are compassionate patriots who believe in our Constitution and that

America was founded to establish a “more perfect Union…..promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity….” and then there are Republicans, who abhor that part of our Constitution and are obsessed with having to pay taxes to the Republic.

Today’s Republicans, abhor taxes and are obsessed by the fact that they just might be party to sharing in providing for less fortunate Americans who God created imperfect or Americans who unite to provide for the common welfare of all; today’s Republicans do not want to join with other Americans to provide for Ameirans common needs, which is what the US Constitution says our government is all about.

What is a Republican today?  A Republican today is a person without one iota of compassion who is obsessed with paying taxes to support the American democratic Republic and what it stands for.

Today’s Republicans like Sen. John McCain wants to privatize the US Postal Service, which was founded by our Constitutional forefathers because they believed communication was too important to the People to trust it to the private sector that is susceptible to bankruptcy, corruption, or just going out of business; so Sen. McCain believes our Constitutional forefathers, like First Postmaster Benjamin Franklin, are damn socialists.

Republicans today would be considered treasonous by their founders President Abe Lincoln and their hero, President Teddy Roosevelt; Lincoln and Roosevelt were compassionate American Presidents.  Today’s Republicans have not one iota of compassion for anyone, they love only themselves.

All governmental programs for the benefit of the People of America, that Republicans hate, are what America and American values are all about; it is what makes us one, in unity, and why we gladly pay our taxes to maintain our nation “of the People, by the People, and for the People.”

Republicans and Boehner stand only for NO TAXES; true Americans stand for the USA. Paying taxes is service to the American democratic Republic, just like serving in the military; paying taxes is patriotic, an act of patriotism, that Republicans can never understand.


Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Just a note to remind people too young to remember the Great Depression of 1930.  In a recent news article that I read that today,  it said that America is looking much more like America is in a big economic depression like the Great Depression of 1930.

Personally, I lived in the Great Depression, and at that time, wealthy people were losing their fortunes and jumping out of tall building’s windows because they were no longer rich and suddenly became poor.

Today, unemployment is at record lows and family income is going down, down, down,  the working Middle Class is disappearing and the Americans living in poverty is increasing, but Corporate America is earning record high profits.  This is not like the great Depression of 1930; this is better described as “a redistribution of wealth”, where the wealthy get richer and the working Middle Class and poor are getting even more poor.  When unemployment is high, wages are lower, and corporate profits are at a record high, it doesn’t take an Einstein to realize this is not a Great Depression, instead it is a Great Redistribution of Wealth, that works in favor of the very wealthy.

What brought America together in the Great Depression in 1930 was that everyone was in the same boat, no income; wealthy and poor were required to work together to survive the Great Depression.  Americans were united in their mutual catastrophe.

America’s economic chaos today, brought on by a redistribution of wealth favoring the wealthiest 2%, is dividing the nation in class warfare; it is the 2% wealthiest Americans competing against the 98% poorest Americans in the American deregulated capitalistic competition.  America is divided by economic class; the wealthy control the House of Representatives and the Senate minority filibuster, and the President is trying to represent working Middle Class and poor and unable to get any support for improving the economy for the 98%.  There is grid lock and nothing is being done to resolve the economic crisis.  In fact, the economy is worsened by Congress’ refusal to raise the National Debt limit.

In a democracy like America of old, the majority of the people win; however, after the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision in 2010, America became a plutocratic oligarchy where the majority of the money wins.  The working Middle Class and poor lost the power of the ballet in 2010, to the 2% that can buy the vote, buy the Congress, control the National Budget,  and buy the Republic.

Today, America faces a new crisis, the Sequester brought on by Republican Congressmen who oppose spending for Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, Public Television and Big Bird, and even the US Post Office and refuse to raise the National Debt level, but demand America retain subsidies for Business and Corporate Welfare.

America is becoming a 21st Century Feudal System, consisting of only two classes, the 2% Elite and the 98% Peasants.



Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Obamacare is a necessity because the American People could not get proper health care from Corporate Health Insurance Companies without Obamacare and the People could not get affordable health insurance without Obamacare.

America was the only Western Civilized Nation without universal medical care, before Obamacare; there is a message for the Republicans  in that statement.

There is a reason why American’s Corporate Health Insurance Companies spent more money trying to defeat Obamacare than they were willing to spend to provide their beneficiaries health care benefits.  Obamacare exists to provide universal health care for the People; Corporate Health Insurance Companies exist to make big profits.  This is a meaningful difference, believe it!

President Obama was elected in 2008, because he promised to give the People  Obamacare; President Obama was reelected in 2012, because he did provide the People with Obamacare.  Republicans opposed Obamacare in 2008 and lost the election; Republicans promised to repeal Obamacare in 2012 and they lost the election.

People who refuse to acknowledge history are destined to relive it; the Republicans’ problem is that they have too much Citizens United campaign funds from Corporate Health Insurance Companies and no memory of history.


Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

Latest news item: “Now just 22% of Americans, nearly a record low, consider themselves Republicans.” — USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll 2/21/13.  How do Republicans get elected to office, do they use mirrors?

Republicans control the House of Representatives and have unlimited minority filibuster power in the Senate and have opposed everything that the majority of American People wanted from President Obama which is why they elected him, so now we have a Republican Sequester, a bankrupt USA.

The American People are not stupid; everyone knows that the Republicans refuse to raise the National Debt limit on debts Republicans incurred with the PNAC wars against Iraq and Afghanistan and their Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy.  How in the name of God do Republicans get elected: Bush vs Gore, Diebold voting machines, Citizens United, voter suppression, Hart Intercivic voting machines, purging voters,  and on and on and on.

At midnight tonight, America’s horse and carriage turns into a Republican Pumpkin; it’s the same magic Republicans use to get elected.