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Thursday, February 28th, 2013

America desperately needs to amend the US Constitution to assure citizens’ Rights, protect democratic values, and preserve American democracy; our Constitution needs to be modernized and amended to provide for a National Identification Record for each and every citizen in America that begins at birth.  These National Identification Records must be deposited with a new and separate Federal National Identification Agency, in the State in which the Citizen resides.

These records become proof of the citizens voting eligibility and the citizen’s eligibility to be employed in America.  No person should legally be allowed employment without the employer verifying the employee’s legal employability using National Identification Records.

These National Identification Records, of each citizen, would provide for the citizen’s eligibility to vote; and, unless a citizen provides a responsible reason for not voting, that citizens should be fined for NOT voting in a Federal election.

The same amendment should provide for Federal control of all elections for Federal office; voting should be the responsibility of a newly named Federal Voting Agency, established in the same manner as the Federal Court System, non-partisan, and assuring that every voter has opportunities to vote.

Modern technology is capable of providing for these kinds of democratic Federal elections, nation wide; with modern technology applied, this same Amendment should provide for a popular election of the President, Senators, and Representatives and should also provide for a national referendum on important national issues.

Elections should be scheduled on two consecutive Sundays allowing all citizens ample opportunity to vote and/or provide for voting by mail or internet.

This amendment would provide for democratic elections, it would eliminate fraudulent elections, it would eliminate illegal immigrants working in America, and the National Identification Records would also provide for an instant and continuous census for apportionment of representation.



Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Here’s the thing, should any one individual American’s sex life and\or marriage, have an overwhelming impact upon the Presidency of the United States, war and terrorism, the international economy and livelihood of the world population, and world peace?  In other words, why is Congress and America obsessed by gay marriage when America is in the midst of multiple crises?

Holy crap, America!  If my neighbor and or his wife have an intimate relationship with an inordinate object or person, it has no impact upon my economy what so ever!  Believe it!  My own economy is where the bread on my table comes from and that is what is important.

My concern is not the state of legal matrimony in America; I personally do not care who my fellow Americans wish to love and marry or actually do love and marry.  I’m in love with my daily bread, but I do not want to marry it; but if a cowboy wants to marry his horse, so be it.  In America we the People have, or should have, all the freedom we want that does not infringe upon the rights of our neighbors.  I’ve been taught that is what America is all about, our liberty!

Very honestly, if I am hungry, my income is threatened, and foreign terrorists are hiding behind every fireplug in the city, I have no concern about whom or what my neighbor is doing to satisfy their inherent sex drive and individual sexual appetite, which is simply a need for orgasmic relief, inherent in normal human beings and a basic need created by either some one’s God, a Darwinian monkey, or A Big Bang creature from an explosive combination of blue genes.

Life in America is being imminently threatened today, by sequestration and the dismantling of its governing bodies, by an idiotic group of Congressmen who suddenly believe that the debt limit of America, the world’s richest nation, should not be increased in an era of economic crisis when credit is desperately needed.  These lame-brained Congressmen believe they should not increase the debt limit because the world’s richest nation is suddenly so poor it cannot afford to pay its police, firemen, and teachers nor provide a morsel of bread for its unemployable masses living in poverty.  Holy crap dear Lord, my ability to perceive this reality is reaching its limit.

All that the American population seems to be aware of, is that Corporate America’s profits have never been higher in history, nor has unemployment of the working Middle Class ever been higher; does that combination of fact make an impression on any common, everyday American, other than me?  America’s current redistribution of wealth today is making the rich richer and the poor poorer; I can see the dark of the end of the one-way tunnel that is in reality, a cave..

     Personally, all of my life, I have been sold a story that America is the land of opportunity, equality, unity, and fraternity.  Now my American brothers in the House of Representatives are telling me that I am out of step with American values; the American House of Representatives, presumed to be of, by, and for the People, are telling me that the President who we the people voted for, the President who made promises of establishing Obamacare, getting our troops out of Iraq, and apprehending bin Laden, has done a terrible thing by keeping those promises, and the members of the House of Representatives are now going to sequester our government, dismantling everything that it has taken over two hundred years to accomplish and destroy our  chosen government, which they consider is “too big”, too much in debt, and was not supposed to provide for the general welfare of the people like the US Constitution says, nor allow the People to marry whoever they want to marry.

     I don’t think so; not for me.

Either there has been a coup in America, and alien anti-democracy forces have taken over and Americans are uninformed that their democratic American government has been replaced by a plutocratic oligarchy, or the patients have taken over the asylum, or both.

God bless America, where the land was intended to be governed by, of and for the People and a place where citizens supported their elected President and a bride or groom could marry whoever they wanted . . . for better or worse.


Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

On the computer, a lot of ordinary readers  are writing comments to news items, about America’s secret drone mission.  They all appear to be very knowledgeable about the secret drones, why and who the drones kill and shouldn’t kill, and they speak with great authority on the issue.  What the crap is going on?

America is getting to be a scary place to live, anymore, when the secret security of our beloved nation, appears to be general knowledge and everyone is blabbing about it!

Personally,  I find the responsibility for keeping our national security clandestine operations a secret, by we ordinary citizens, is an overwhelming responsibility.

When I worked, as a civilian for the military, I was approved by the FBI for Top Secret material and never gave it a thought.  I worked in a message center and had instructions to deliver any coded messages to the Officer of the Day, immediately.

Once I delivered a coded message to the Officer of the Day and he said to me, “Hey, how did you know the message was coded?”

“Oh, I had to know it was coded so I could deliver it to you,” I told the idiot as I walked out of the room.

The Swiss are fun about keeping national secrets; once riding a train in Switzerland, I turned to my Swiss friend and said, “What is the odd looking structure up on that mountain in the distance, there?”

“Oh, that’s one of our secret military bases,” was the nonchalant reply.

That struck me funny when it happened; but, I have never heard the Swiss argue in the media or in their legislature about their “secret military bases”.  Swiss are very closed mouthed.

I just don’t understand well-known national secrets, I guess.


Sunday, February 10th, 2013

   This is a response to a comment about how Calvin Coolidge lowered tax 25% on the rich and raised the GDP 25% and that the US Senate should do the same thing, today:

And, Jesus Christ could lower the taxes 100% and raise the GDP 120% using just using 2 fishes and a loaf of bread, but unfortunately Jesus Christ is not a Republican Senator.  Oh yes, and Jesus said, “it is more difficult for a rich man to get into Heaven that for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.”  By golly, He knew what he was talking about, didn’t he.

   This is a response to a comment saying Democrats raised taxes on the Wealthy by letting the Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy expire:

Get the facts straight; taxes were not raised on the rich, the old tax rate before the Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy that America could not afford, was simply allowed to expire and the original tax rate was restored. The Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy was paid for by raising the national debt every year since it was enacted in 2001. The Bush Tax Cut for Wealthy was a Republican scam, a Republican Ponzi scheme perpetrated on the American People. As a result of the Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy, the National Debt increased and the distribution of wealth in America changed and favored the rich getting richer and the number of Americans living in poverty increasing almost every single year of the Bush Administration while the working Middle Class disappeared. It’s not my opinion, IT’S HISTORY! Look at the statistics! And the Republicans react by saying the people in poverty increased during the Bush Administration because the American People in the working Middle Class got lazier.

   This is a response to a comment saying that we Democrats should forget the Supreme Court intervention in the 2000 Presidential election and go on from where we are:

Sorry, but I will never forget the 2000 election and believe no American patriot should forget it.  Justice Stevens in the minority report said, “We may never know who won the 2000 election but we do know who lost, and it was the US Supreme Court who lost.”  I cherish those words and that warning that the Court’s “Citizens United” would be next.  Those who ‘forget’ history are required to relive it.  The agony that his nation is going though today, is the result of the Bush vs. Gore Supreme Court decision in 2000; the PNAC wars of W. Bush, his deregulation of business, his Tax Cut for the Wealthy, and his redistribution of wealth favoring the wealthy at the expense of the working Middle Class and poor are somber reminders of what 5 John Birch Republican Supreme Court Justices wrath, has done to destroy the American democratic Republic. NEVER FORGET!


Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Of all of America’s great problems of today, involvement in needless wars, unemployment, Constitutional crisis, natural tragedies caused by climate change, and senseless gun violence, it is ridiculous for Americans to waste precious time debating the value and need for Federal gun control.

Personally, I abhor senseless gun violence; consequently, I do favor responsible Federal gun control and I would like to state my cause.

Let me explain why my own gun experiences make me want responsible gun control.  I own a gun and I am somewhat knowledgeable about guns, having served in the armed forces and hunting as a boy.

In the 1960s, after I had some unsolicited publicity for my favoring civil rights, I felt my wife and children threatened by some gun-nuts driving around my city shooting up the houses of people like me; after serious thought, I reluctantly purchased my gun to counter just such an emergency.

Later, as a high school teacher, one of my favorite students, a brilliant young woman, was shot and killed on campus by a rejected suitor, who was a gun-nut and who committed suicide on the spot; that is an experience you never forget.  And, that’s basically where I’m coming from.

What I am unable to ignore, is that in most senseless school shootings and some other senseless killings, the perpetrator is a person obsessed with guns, a person having several guns with a killing capacity of military type weapons, and a person who believes they can get much desired attention by using their cherished weapons in an repulsive, obscene way.

The people that I see opposing all gun control, are actually people obsessed with ownership of guns of all kinds.

So, I question why ordinary citizens need weapons capable of killing, like the killing on the battlefield; and, if those people have a legitimate need for having these weapons, why do they object to having them registered and controlled by our Federal Government, if they have nothing to hide.

Past gun history makes gun ‘control’ a necessity in my mind and as a student of the US Constitution, I know that “Gun Control” is not a violation of the Second Amendment.  As a matter of law, our “Bill of Rights” provides for “limited” freedom for citizens; it provides rights to the extent those rights do not infringe upon rights of others, like innocent school children.

This is my argument for responsible gun control; for those who disagree, I want to know why?


Friday, February 8th, 2013

About Immigration Reform and House of Representatives Republicans who say they will vote for no bill that will allow illegal Mexican workers to become US citizens.

I’ve got a great idea for those House Republicans; enter a bill which will divest illegal American employers of illegal Mexican workers of their citizenship, and give their citizenship to illegal Mexican immigrants that those illegal American employers have lured into the United States.

I’ll vote for that one!

The American democratic Republic is not worth much to Repubilcans!

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Republican Speaker John Boehner today said that Republicans would absolutely not approve of an increase in taxes for any reason.  Evidently, Speaker Boehner and his wealthy Republicans are of the opinion that the American democratic Republic is not worth paying increased taxes.

Pity that Republican don’t think better of America than that.  Some Americans actually give up their life for America and Boehner and his Republicans don’t think America is worth an increase in taxes.

That is the difference between an American patriot and today’s Republicans.


Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

“Faced with nearly 50 lawsuits by employers with religious objections, the Obama administration announced on Friday new details of the contraception coverage rule that clarify which employers will be exempt from having to cover contraception costs for their employees.” Huffington Post, 2/1/13.

Hahahahahaha! Religious non-profit Churches are the most profitable corporations that I can imagine; now they are not just ‘tax exempt’, they do not have to obey the law. Holy crap!

How can anyone actually be a party to those corrupt tax exempt non-profit religious entities with priests who take a vow of poverty and live luxuriously; churches that take pride in having the most expensive edifice in town; celebrate priests damn women who practice contraception; and priests tell the congregation who to vote for and who not to vote for.

Now the church whines about having to obey the law regarding health care of their employees who may or may not share the church’s unhealthy beliefs.

And, the Churches do not even pay taxes for their police and fire protection (but do buy fire insurance, not trusting faith in that category).

The churches rip the First Amendment to shreds.

Romney purportedly gave his church $40 million in one year as a “charitable contribution” from money his Bain Capital made selling cigarettes to Russians and the church forbids smoking as sinful; the church took the cigarette money but doesn’t want to obey the law relative to Obamacare that is ‘offensive to their religious beliefs’.

Holy crap! It IS Holy crap!”


Friday, February 1st, 2013

In a new poll out, it indicates that most Americans (53%) feel their government threatens their freedom (Huffington Post, 2/1/13).  Personally, I question this survey and how it was conducted; for example, did the subjects of the survey actually mean that they thought their freedom was threatened by their government or did they instead think their democratic government was being threatened by their government?

Note that there was a huge difference in Republicans (61%) and Democrats (34%) who think their government threatens their “freedom”; but it is always the Republicans who are harping about not trusting the government, the government is incompetent, there is too much government, etc. and those Republicans who are doing the talking are Republicans duly elected to Government (like Members of Congress), who actually ARE the government.  It sounds very much like self incrimination.

Since in our American democracy, our freedom (liberty) is derived from our government (the Constitution’s Bill of Rights), my contention is that some of these people fear losing their government and HENCE their freedom.

American patriots like their government and trust our democratic Constitutional government; and it seems fair to say that Republicans hate Big Government like ours, don’t trust any government to be competent, and believe our government is a threat to their freedom.  Therefore, it appeared to me that Republican hatred for our government appears to non-Repubicans to be a threat to OUR GOVERNMENT, and if they feel a threat to their freedom, it is because they derive their freedom from our democratic government.

Personally, I have always wondered why anyone would vote for a candidate that hated our government and didn’t trust it and why would those who hate and do not trust our government run for office in a government they hated and didn’t trust.

I’m serious about this!  And, I am the one who is called a radical!

To me, American politics are absurd.


Friday, February 1st, 2013

It seems that the Republican majority in the House and the Republican filibuster minority in the Senate have decided that America is an exceedingly poor nation that is too big of a risk to raise the debt limit that the Republicans have established and America is therefore incapable of paying the Nation’s bills, and so, America will go into sequestration in the month of March.  Sequestration is a 2-bit word for bankrupt, and America not being able to pay America’s bills.

Oh, you ask, why don’t the Republicans raise the debt limit; well, it seems that the Republicans are really pissed off at the voters for reelecting President Obama instead of Bain Capital’s what-his-name and sequestration is their way of getting even with the voters.  Never mind, it’s not important because, fear not Americans, we have a solution!

Sequester, oh yes, what a great opportunity for the Obama Administration who spends what money America does have; the first thing you do is get the hell out of Afghanistan and save a pot full of money.  To get out of Afghanistan thoughtfully, easily, and cheap, just deed the whole country of Afghanistan to Russia.

So, the President can cancel all contracts with corporations contracting with the Defense Department; America is out of the Afghan war, can’t afford to pay its soldiers salaries, and therefore those Defense contracts have no purpose.

Next, stop all funding of all Federal projects in Republican Speaker Boehner’s Congressional District and stop all funding of all Federal projects in Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell’s State of Kentucky.

Cancel all subsidies to oil companies and put a moratorium on driving all Federal owned vehicles, thus closing the Post Office since they can’t move the mail without trucks; that will eliminate Congress’ franking privilege; and, Republican Congressmen won’t be able to send voters any mail free of charge, telling all us how bad the President is that we voters elected.

Finally, the President should sell all the Ocean front property on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base and pay off the National Debt.  The Marines won’t need the luxurious ocean front since the Republicans have convinced us that the USA is too damn poor to pay the Marines salaries anyway.

To cap it all off, have NASA prepare an appropriate rocket and give Republican’s Speaker Boehner and Sen. McConnell a free one way trip, first class of course, to the moon.  Problem solved!