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Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Today is Thanksgiving day in the USA and I am in Switzerland; my Thanksgiving day is winding down and America’s is just starting.

No matter; I’m thankful in any language.  I can still be thankful and I am.  I am thankful for democracy and liberty surviving the 2012 American election.  I pray for Equality, Fraternity, and Liberty which I hold more sacred than “In God We Trust”; and in four words, “Thanks God for America!”


Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Actually, the naion-wide Wally World strike by WallMart workers is a revolution by working Middle Class Americans to save the working Middle Class from becoming 21st Century peasants in a John Birch Society Republican 21st Century Feudal System.  The Present day Republican Party would eliminate all regulations of business, they would eliminate all labor unions (the only voice of the working Middle Class), and they would establish a plutocratic oligarchy in America where the wealthiest 1% would control America and the 99% would live in feudal poverty.

In the short time that WalMart has been in existence, the Walton family have become billionaires and Sam Walton’s widow’s estate, each one of Sam’s children or Heirs, each one of Sam’s Brother’s kids have become individually one of the world’s 100 wealthiest people (see Forbes); their wealth was derived by WalMart depriving workers of decent salaries and benefits, depriving workers of labor unions, and using illegal immigrant labor.  Republicans consider WallMart an example of the “American Dream”; in reality WallMart has been a major player in destroying legitimate competitive businesses and eliminating the working Middle Class.

The WallMart strike is a revolution by America’s working Middle Class.

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Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Twinkie manufacturers, Hostess Cupcakes, were bought out by predatory “investment” companies, like Republican Presidential candidate Romney’ s Bain capital, to make quick profits, and not to sustain a legitimate business.

The Twinkie, Hostess Cupcake fiasco, is typical of Romney’s Bain Capital’s investments; they buy a company, rob it of its assets and pension fund, go bankrupt and sell the copywrite name brand to a non-union company, the investment company makes millions, and the loyal cupcake workers lose everything: job, pension, security, and a decent standard of living.

That’s American Predatory Capitalism that Mitt Romney, Gov. Walker, and Republicans would foist upon America; this is not what true capitalism is supposed to be. Real capitalism is supposed to provide a citizen an opportunity to benefit from his own inventiveness and ingenuity and includes workers’ rights to form a union to represent their interests; the capitalists of Bain Capital, Romney, and Republican ilk is “Highway Robbery”.

The Republicans oppose any regulation which would prevent “Predatory Capitalism” and they would legislate the elimination of labor unions, as Gov. Walker and his Republicans have done in Wisconsin.

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Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

I only wish that my President would quit calling press conferences to inform me of what really important is going on and what I can do about it; instead, I wish he would sit down in front of the TV camera and have a “fireside chat” with me, just like my hero FDR did.  Note: FDR was elected Presideng four times; he left office only because he died before completing his last term.

When FDR told us we needed to make a sacrifice for our country, we did it; we believed in our President.  We beat Depression and War togther!

Holy crap!

I have always had great expectations for Barrack Obama.  President Obama  feels for the People and has dedicated himself to being a President that “provides for the welfare of the People”, just as our US Constitution states in the Preamble is the purpose of our democratic Republic.

Today, it is 1nearly impossible today to get a man of FDR’s quality to run for the Presidency; being Presidrent in this American environment of darkness does not appeal to any qualified, compassionate, democratic type of Americans anymore.  An American President in this day and age is an object of hate and is reviled for no reason and for every reason.  So much for “America the beautiful”.

I long to have a closer relationship with President Obama similar to the relationship that I had with FDR; fireside chats would help.  A fireside chat is an event.

If I as an American need to make sacrifices, I will do it; we have done it before!  There isn’t anythiong that the President and I could not accomplish if we all accepted our responsibility as Americans.


Friday, November 9th, 2012

I have a wonderful cousin who has only one big fault, she is a Republican.  She worries, like all of us senior citizens do about surviving in an insane world.  I recently wrote her and thought perhaps I should share my letter to her with other teary-eyed Republicans in America.  This was my letter, for what it is worth:

Dear Cousin, I’m really sorry to hear of your recent medical problems; yes, when our health seems to fail us, it is scary.  I have been so fortunate in my lifetime to have enjoyed a relatively healthy body, not the most beautiful body, but healthy.  My only health problems of late have been my mental health and depression; but that is why I am in Paris enjoying  myself, and it always works, I am no longer depressed.

Cousin, as far as the politics are concerned, don’t worry about it because worry doesn’t help at all; it just DOES NOT HELP.  A great President (I don’t care what you think) once said, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”  You know, over the years I have found that to be true; I don’t live in fear anymore.

In terms of the economy and your situation, I have to be truthful, it wouldn’t be a lot different NO MATTER WHO WAS ELECTED.  I know you live in fear of Obamacare, but in reality Obamacare was enacted for people just like yourself, and if you find it isn’t working, how is it worse that what you are complaining about now?  The Republicans fought Medicare and still do, yet Medicare has helped older people in America, INCLUDING OLD REPUBLICANS, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!

We Americans have a habit of complaining about new things before they happen and politicians try to scare the bejeebers out of the People for their own political benefit.  I rant and rave and people say, “I’m afraid you will have a heart attack”; then I tell them, “I don’t have heart attacks, I give Republicans heart attacks!”  I do!

Cousin, I can dislike Democrats as well as Republican politicians.  I did not like President Lyndon Johnson but the Republicans did not put forth a better alternative.  If Mitt Romney was the Democratic candidate in 2012 and Barrack Obama was the Republican candidate I would have voted for the Republican.

But either way, what is going to happen will happen; when bad things happen, whoever is President cannot use their mystical powers to remedy it, it is going to be up to you and me to do what we can to “survive”.  I am a survivor and you just went through difficult surgery and survived, you too are a survivor.

So, wake up every morning as I do, I say to myself, “It is a beautiful day because I woke up this morning”; at the age of 82, that’s damn good news.”  I Love you Cuz.


Thursday, November 8th, 2012

The corrupt John Birch Society, Republican 5 Justices of the US Supreme Court lost the 2012 Presidential Election, not Mitt Romney; the 1% Republican patrons failed to buy America.  President Barack Obama has been elected for a second term by the People and with a mandate!  ‘Citizens United’ failed to deliver for Corporate America!

Instead of voters being charmed’ by Corporate America’s $billions, American voters reacted one-on-one with President Obama.

Hopefully, the President has learned that the People are with him and when in need, turn to the people; when challenged by the do-nothing Republican opposition, schedule a fire-side chat with the People.  That is what America’s greatest President of the People ever, Franklin D. Roosevelt, would do.

President Obama has a mandate to make the People well, again; to make America well again!


Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

It is Election Day, and I am residing in Paris at this moment; while Americans were voting, it was my own bedtime.

There is six hours difference in time between Paris and New York and nine hours difference in time with San Diego.  I thought about staying up late to get election results, and decided instead to just go to bed; there was nothing more that I could do, I cast my vote on October Fifth, the first day for early voting in California.  So, I slept instead of listening to pundits guess about election results.

About 5:10 AM, nature called, I awoke, I turned on the TV, and just a few minutes later President Obama was declared projected winner of the election.

Yes I was pleased.  Yes my faith was restored in the American people.  My sincere hope is that this time, Americans can move forward not as Democrats and Republicans but as Americans.  There is much to do!

What pleases me most in this 2012 election is that campaign contributions did not determine who became President; unfortunately, I firmly believed it did decide many other offices (like Congress).

My wish is that the US Supreme Court’s, Citizen United Decision, be declared unconstitutional by the People, instead of the reverse by the Court; that would be justice.  The American democratic Republic cannot survive elections like this one in 2012; some changes have to be made!

For me, the reelection of President Obama proved that my President did do as President, exactly what he promised to do when elected in 2008.  Hopefully he can finish the Job.

Now I am going back to sleep.




Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

I see Americans voting and see that they’ve got everything wrong.

They are unaware that Faux News is not a dependable source of information. Commentary by pundits is not news.

The American media is owned operated and controlled by Corporate America; they are not in the news business to enlighten the People, they are in business to make profits and Americans are therefore “dumbed-down”.

Most Americans cannot live in Western Europe for a few years and see for themselves; I did.

I was fortunate enough to be able to see America from the “outside” looking “in” 2000-2005; it was not a pretty sight. I love my country but I now understand why most of the outside world, have grown in recent years to fear and hate America and that grieves me.

But comparing American news media with foreign news media during the Bush Administration was especially enlightening. You got to see and hear on the internet, what Americans were seeing and hearing.  It was different!

Polls in America indicate that the People are totally misinformed. Most Americans are ignorant of why bin Laden attacked on 911; it’s in the US Commission on 911 Report but no one reads it.  Americans read, listen, and believe whatever they want to believe. Vot

The definition of arrogance is: “Offensively exaggerating one’s own importance.”  Seriously, is arrogance  a Faux News, American media, and an ugly American fault?

What do American People really hear from American Presidential candidates; what must these candidates do and say to get elected?  What is a good reason for voting for a candidate?

America is a democracy; if Americans believe in democracy, they must vote for one of only two alternatives.  Voters have a choice; it is called the power of the ballot.  In a democracy, where the majority wins, there are really only two alternatives if a majority is required to win.  Not voting or voting for a third entity is a vote for the worse of the two alternatives.

Americans are not always responsible voters and are seldom adequately informed.  Pity!


Friday, November 2nd, 2012

For those Americans dissatisfied with American politics, American government, and American social standards, who stay home from the polls on election day as a protest, let it be known that by not voting, you are actually casting your vote for the worse possible alternative of the two candidates.  Holy Crap!  Wise up!