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Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Today I read an article in the Washington post, “What is dragging down the economy”; I wasn’t impressed but I thought the title was and excellent idea, so I wrote my own version and this is it.

Actually, the Republican Party is the major factor in dragging down the American economy; the Republicans in Congress have voted against and filibustered everything that President Obama and the Democrats have attempted to do, to help the economy, including, the Republicans even rejecting President Obama’s appointments to key departments dealing with the economy.  The proof is simply a matter of the Congressional Record; “The Republicans did it” is a simple statement but a monstrous factor.

Then to make matters worse, the Republicans used the unemployment and failing economy, along with the Citizens United decision, of the 5 John Birch Republican Justices on the Supreme Court, to win a majority in the House of Representatives in 2010 and further impede the efforts of the President to improve the economy and employment.

It is inconceivable but a fact that the Republicans had the nerve to publicly admit that they would do nothing in Congress for President Obama’s four years in office, except to prevent President Obama from getting reelected.  To me that statement is an act of treason and not politics or respectable policy for an American political party.

To think that any American voter with a concern for America, the American economy, or the unemployed American workers would actually vote for a Republican for Congress is beyond the realm of reason.

Another thing that is dragging down the economy is that everyone is concerned about Wall Street and the Stock Market in terms of how good or bad the economy and unemployment is.  How silly can Americans get.  If anyone is truly interested in the economy and unemployment, look at the statistics for Americans Living in Poverty since 1992 to the present; it tells the story.

The fact of the matter is that corporate profits have never been higher, they are a record high!  The unfortunate statistic is that UNEMPLOYMENT IS A AT A RECORD HIGH!  Now it is simple logic that it is the American working Middle Class that is suffering in this current American Depression; meanwhile, the Republican Party is calling for eliminating all regulations on business and the protection of American consumers, as a solution for unemployment!

Businesses that are reaping record profits IS NOT IN NEED OF HELP, SILLY, IT IS THE UNEMPLOYED WHO ARE IN NEED OF HELP.  America has the 2001 Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy that proves without a doubt that making wealthy people richer is NOT the solution to unemployment; it only increases the budget deficit and the national debt WITHOUT CREATING ANY JOBS.  For even more emphasis, remember that corporate profits have never been higher than now during this economic depression!

One other related thing that drags down the economy and is creating unemployment is that those seemingly concerned are looking for a solution go “to what is going on with Boeing, Caterpillar, and companies like Polaris” instead of what is going on with the AFL-CIO. If a person in interested in unemployment, they should not go to employers for answers; employers are the least concerned with unemployment and they are only interested in profits, not unemployment; as a matter of fact employing workers is a cost factor for employers that reduces their profits and employees are a negative factor for employers.  Employers look to this equation: profits equal the difference between selling price and cost of raw materials plus labor; this is simple arithmetic.  Employers want the cheapest labor available.

Another basic problem in America is the “Freedom of the Press”; this Constitutional Right is a Right of the media to print what they want to print and not a Right of the media audience to have a reliable source.  Polls indicate that the American media audience is grossly misinformed in political, economic, and foreign policy matters.

The news media in America is owned, controlled, and sponsored by Corporate America.  America gets only news that Corporate America wants them to know.  In America, TV and Newspapers are free; the cost of newspapers goes to venders.  News in America is paid for by Corporate America sponsors and media profits comes solely from sponsors; the media are dependent for success on sponsors and not the TV and Newspaper audiences.  Americans get only news Corporate America wants them to get.

When the news media tells the People that labor unions are rife with corrupt union leaders and spend millions contributing to politicians’ campaign funds, it is a myth.  Our present economic Depression was caused by corrupt bankers and CEOs not corrupt labor union leaders; Corporations have millions to contribute to political campaigns and labor unions have only a small portion of workers’ union dues to support labor candidates.

With the Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision, wealthy corporate contributors and foreign interest with a stake in American elections have contributed billions to largely Republican anti-labor candidates.  In the recent recall election in Wisconsin that was supported by the AFL-CIO against Gov. Walker who made unions and collective bargaining illegal in Wisconsin, Walkers campaign funds were ten times as much as the funding for the recall candidate.

Citizens United  has for all practical purposes taken the power of the ballot from American working Middle Class People.  The huge contributions of wealthy corporations and foreign entities with an interest in American politics has had a huge influence on American politics  and the support for Republican anti-Labor candidates;  in 2010, the anti-labor union candidates took control of the House of Representatives basically on huge contributions by Corporate America because of Citizens United.

The Republican Party candidates have amassed huge campaign funds for the 2012 Presidential election.  Despite the vast majority of American voters being working Middle Class Americans, the Presidential candidates are deadlocked in the polls and Gov. Romney has praised the anti-labor union administration of Gov. Walker of Wisconsin, calling him a hero.

Everyone agrees on one thing; the key to American unemployment has been Corporate American employers outsourcing American worker’s jobs to Mexico and overseas.  This has been the effect of the Republican Party backing free trade agreements like NAFTA.  Though NAFTA was signed by President Clinton it was negotiated by President George H. Bush and approved by a Republican Congress.

South of the Mexican border from Mexicali, there are miles of new manufacturing plants of American Corporations who manufacture goods with cheap Mexican Labor and then sell their products to American consumers.  Polaris was one of the most recent companies to move to Mexico, to produce snowmobiles with cheap Mexican labor to then sell to American consumers; Polaris was a success and profitable while based in America; however, using Mexican labor  increases their profits.  Polaris is one example of many.

For verification of Republican generated “free markets” being the cause of the current American depression, simply go to any eighth grade American History book of the Twentieth Century and read about Labor History, protective tariffs, and the politics that made the American economy grow.  It is a matter of American History.

So, what is dragging down the US economy?  You won’t find the answer in the American media.  But, Americans can use their head, arithmetic, and reliable American History and make up their own minds.


Monday, October 29th, 2012

How much money will Mitt Romney make on his investments in ,”trust”, if he is elected President?   How many more jobs will leave America?

There is a redistribution of wealth in America today, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  It is all in the stats.  Look at the number of Americans living in poverty since 1992 to the present, for the facts, and don’t look at the stock market for the health of the American economy.

The Republicans are eliminating the American working Middle Class and telling the poor souls to preserve the American Dream, of “winning the lottery”, and all Americans being wealthy.

Here’s old news for voters, hard work will put bread on the family table but it doesn’t produce billionaires, just sweat and pain.

American Voters need to stick Romney’s Amerian Dream in an appropriate place and vote to keep American jobs in America.


Thursday, October 25th, 2012

If the title of this bit seems a bit ridiculous, every voter should remember it when they go to the polls to vote.

Today this was the news, “Paul Ryan said he and Mitt Romney will restore upward mobility and fight poverty in part by limiting the federal government’s commitment to safety net programs.”

When I read this I was immediately taken back to the Great Depression in 1935 when I was a child, my father was out of work, and my family received Federal Government “Relief Boxes of Food”; I was hungry and my President, Franklin Roosevelt, fed me.  I have never forgotten it.

The Republican candidates, Mitt and Twit, cannot get the vote of the working Middle Class and poor, so they are promising everyone a chance to be a part of the 1% most wealthy. Wow!  How?

Long ago I learned that sweat and pain will put bread on the family table; to become one of the wealthiest 1%, you must win the lottery!  That’s it; sweat and pain will not make you one of the wealthiest 1%, believe it; eliminating the Federal Government’s  “commitment to safety net programs” will not only NOT make you wealthy, it will not put food on the family table.

Romney and Ryan are a couple of ridiculous clowns, unworthy of even consideration to be leaders of America.  For me to have any respect at all for the Republican Party, they will have to provide a better alternative for President than Mitt Romney and Twit Ryan.  Listen, The Republicans will have to do better than to tell me that by elimination of my government’s compassionate “commitment to safety net programs” will restore upward mobility.

I just suffered through W. Bush’s elimination of regulation and the Bush Tax cut for the Wealthy 2000-2008, and I saw the redistribution of wealth make the wealthy even wealthier and the poor even poorer.  If you want to know where America is presently, look at the rise of poverty during those W. Bush years, that Mitt and Twit want to return.

Mitt Romney and Twit Ryan would revive the Feudal System, eliminating the working Middle Class and implement a 21st Century Feudal system of the 1% and the peasants.


Tuesday, October 9th, 2012


Today, I witnessed on TV, Mitt Romney delivering the most atrocious speech ever offered on American foreign relations; worse even than any horrendous speech and acts of President W. Bush, whom Republicans would rather People to forget; Romney not only chose to go back to W. Bush foreign policy, Romney obviously would choose to surpass the disasters of W. Bush!

Romney’s speech was not only full of his normal untruths and flip-flops, but he managed to offend every other nation on the planet, and give hope to America’s worst enemies.  Mitt sounded like the John Birch Society, the Project for the New American Century, the worst and greediest of Corporate America, and the Devil himself all wrapped into one; it was painful to witness it.

What I thought was the tepid response by the student audience was telling.

Mitt made a scathing attack on President Obama’s foreign policy, which has been instrumental in restoring America’s place in the world community, and Romney alienated half of the nations of the world that America has been in the process of trying to restore and establish decent, workable relationships.

Mitt was unjustly critical of President Obama in dealing with the emerging Libyan government at a crucial time.  Mitt did not mention his own gaff in the Libyan situation which interfered with official American, Libyan policy, in an hour when Americans should have rallied around their President and America instead of trying to gain some illicit political benefits.  Today, Romney was speaking of the Libyan crisis, with authority, about an issue in which he obviously has little knowledge and absolutely no insight.

About Afghanistan, Mitt talked about America, for the last 11 years, fighting the forces in Afghanistan that was responsible for the  9/11 Terrorist Attack on America; Romney sounded very much like he believed that the Taliban that America is fighting in Afghanistan, was responsible for 9/11 instead of the terrorist, Osama bin Laden and al Queda; the Taliban and al Queda are two different entities, Mitt. It was brutal for me, just to have to listen to the Romney analysis.

Who wrote this speech for God’s sake?  I don’t know whether or not Mitt’s Republican cohorts appreciated it but I am sure that with today’s technology al Queda and the Taliban heard it, they loved it, and they are probably laughing their ass off at Romney’s ignorance and stupidity.

In his speech Romney spoke true to his beliefs, when he said that President Obama had not negotiated any new “Free Trade Agreements”, like the ones that allow factories, like those owned by Romney’s Bain Capital, to out-resource American jobs.  How in the world can this Republican candidate for the Presidency possibly have the nerve to promise to create more American jobs and at the same time out-resource more American jobs; does he expect American labor to now work for the same wages as his Bain Capital’s, Chinese coolie workers?

Never once did Mitt Romney mention World Peace in his speech; instead, he sounded like he would go to war with half the world’s nations: China, Russia, Iran, Syria, etc.  He also wants to keep fighting in Afghanistan but never mentioned what it would accomplish and he sounded very much like he believed we should revive the war with Iraq, stating in effect that President Obama has allowed Iraq has become and extension of Iran.

Romney seemed to be the Presidential spokesman for the PNAC, and would freely use America’s superior military power, and the blood and lives of American troops, to further the advantage of Corporate America to get economic benefits in the world’s economy and trade.  For me, it is despicable for one who avoided the War in Vietnam with a deferment to peddle his religious faith doing missionary work in France, to approve of sacrificing American soldiers for the economic interests of Corporate America!

Mitt’s remarks about using Americas troops to create democracies in the world, was sickening on face value.  It is really not necessary for me to explain why?  Mitt’s words were justly ignoble!

What is exceedingly obvious is the extremely cool reception that Gov. Romney received wherever he traveled to Europe on recent trip to flaunt his mystical foreign policy expertise.  It is apparent that none of the European nations favor the election of Mitt Romney; this seems to over joy most Republicans thinking it was an advantage.

On his trip overseas, Mitt was also responsible for some serious interference in America’s policy toward Israel and Palestine; in today’s speech, Ronmey seemed to reverse himself on the Palestinian issue, now saying he favored a Palestinian State.  Is that supposed to make America well, again?  Holy crap!

Now, I admit to favoring the current Democratic President for reelection, however, my total disgust for Gov. Romney and his foreign policy “expertise” speech, transcends politics; it is rather an issue of my patriotism, my love of country and American values, any human compassion that I might have, and my honest desire for World Peace again.

Mitt Romney is scary, very scary!  He is a walking disaster and America’s enemies’ best friend.


Sunday, October 7th, 2012

In the 2012 Presidential Debates, the public was shocked when President Obama showed up evidently in paralysis, Gov. Romney was in a manic state, and the moderator, Lehrer, appeared to have been subjected to mace by Gov. Romney’s attacks on the moderator.

Critics blamed Lehrer for “losing control”; Lehrer claimed that the “new format” for debates worked as they were supposed to work, allowing the candidates to battle mano vs. mano in front of an audience that was prohibited to react to the candidates; the audience was required to remain mute.

Lehrer was right in that “he did it his way”; the real problem was that his way was the wrong way.

It was noble in thought that candidates go, mano vs. mano, only privately, with a mute audience; but conflict and political debate doesn’t work in a vacuum that way, especially in POLITICS.

Politics is about people, voters, and when two candidates meet voters face to fact and the moderator has forbid the people there to react, the moderator has KILLED the debate; the debate is all about influencing people and when a candidate says something and his audience reacts neither positive or negative, the politician has failed to either gain the people’s favor or their ire and that is what elections are all about!

There was people at the debate, but they were like dummies without a ventriloquist.

A good speaker, who inspires people, feeds off of his audience.  Gov. Romney doesn’t relate to people; he memorized his attack and performed it well without any emotion expressed by the audience.  The President, who is known for instilling emotion in his audience, fell flat when the audience appeared to stoically ignore him and his words.  For the President, it was like writing a note with a pencil without lead.

The debate format lost the debate!  I listened carefully to the President’s words and he said the right things, I understood what he was saying, but his acting skills did not match his skill with words.  The President’s theatrical efforts, were terrible.  The President is a lousy actor; he is best at sincerity.  His audience was shocked by his behavior but mute; he appeared to refuse to look at the audience or the camera.  Unfortunately, the audience was not allowed to express their displeasure until AFTER the debate!

The First Debate was NOT an actual debate; the candidates could have written their words and had Lehrer read them; this is what the President’s problem was, in the first debate.

A debate without a “live” audience is ‘make believe’, more like a silent movie.



Friday, October 5th, 2012

Today, I read about a person who did not want to be put in an American social “class”, specifically that person did not want to be considered a part of the American Middle Class.

Personally, I tend to perceive the term “Middle Class” with the word “working’ preceding it, as in “working Middle Class”.

In America we have definite class distinctions, whether we like it or not, just as we have Republicans, Democrats, and Socialists.  Anyone who has to work for a living, are not Wealthy or they wouldn’t have to work; anyone who has to work cannot be consider “Poor” because they are fortunate enough not to live in poverty.  So, I admit to three social classes: Wealthy, working Middle Class, and Poor, not necessarily in order of importance.

Today I’m quite old, but I remember when I was in elementary school, and I knew then that I was of the working Middle Class people and that is where I would stay my entire life.  And, that is where I am today, though retired; I am a retired working Middle Class American and one of Gov. Romney’s 47% People who he considers inconsequential.

The “American Dream” that Mitt Romney talks about, is about winning the lottery; you cannot be working Middle Class or Poor and become a billionaire by “working”.  I always knew that!

Sixty-eight years ago, I went to work and worked until I retired.

Some friends of mine have a business of their own; they work 12 hours a day every day: some of them say they are working Middle Class and some of them say they are not considered labor (working people) and I just do not argue with any of them.

However, it is important to know that I do not feel inferior to those wealthy people who do not have to work nor do I feel superior to those living in poverty because they can’t work or are one of God’s creations who are not employable for whatever reason.  Some wealthy people who do not have to work think everyone else should have to work; they tell the unfortunate unemployable, “Go to Work” but those wealthy complainers wouldn’t hire them, because they are unemployable for good reason.  So much for the unfortunate  poor.

Being a worker, I always felt that I was important to society, my nation, and humanity, because I was a worker and only work can create something.  A man with a billion dollars in his pocket and lost on the desert cannot create a donkey to get his ass out of the desert.

The railroads were one of the things that made America great and my father was a worker who built steam locomotives; he was proud of the steam locomotives he helped to build and I have always been proud of him for making America great!

The wealthy owners of the railroad did not build their steam locomotives, my father did; the railroad owners paid my father as little as they possibly could to build their steam locomotives, but it was my father who built those steam locomotives.

When I got old enough, I worked to become a school teacher and then when I became a school teacher, I worked as a school teacher proudly teaching my students what they needed to know to go to work and build steam locomotives.

I have always been a laborer, a proud working Middle Class American.


Friday, October 5th, 2012

Last night, Mitt Romney said, “I will create 12 Million jobs,” and he picked up a hand full of dirt and created man!

Next Mitt rode into town on a big lie about President Obama cutting Medicare benefits and the American Republicans scattered their ignorance in his path!

What hath Bain Capital wrought?


Thursday, October 4th, 2012

About tonight’s debate, I hope the re-distribution of wealth comes up in the debate because nobody is talking about it and it is the real reason that the US economy is so bad; it is the re-distribution of wealth going from the working Middle Class and poor to the wealthiest 1%.  The working Middle Class is disappearing. It’s all in the records, silly. America’s wealth is being re-distributed UPWARD!

Take a really good look at the last 4 years; corporate profits are at record highs and so is unemployment; that everyone can see, it is in the news and it is the most important factor in the news.

Mitt and Twit keep asking, “Are you better off now than in 2008; I can’t imagine why they ask.  ”  You can be reassured that Mitt and Twit are better off now; and face it, looking back, every American is better off now than they were in 2008 despite the poor economy: a universal health care program is in place, bin Laden is dead, American troops are out of Iraq, and the US is not in bankruptcy!

The Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy is all accounted for and put right there in the annual deficit and in America’s National Debt, every year since enacted; the wealthy are earning more and the working Middle Class and poor are being blamed by Mitt and Twit for the deficit and the National Debt!  What the…..!

Holy crap! All the American voters need to do is OPEN THEIR EYES!  But actually, the American media keeps their hands over the eyes of the American audience.  Voters have to find reliable sources other than the media; media is corporate owned and controlled.

Another thing the candidates have not discussed is number of Americans living at the poverty level.  Hey!  It’s just a matter of the Dept. of Commerce records, right!  Here are the records:

Persons below poverty level in USA (Dept Commerce)

Year    People (Millions)

1990  33.6

1992  38.0 Last year of George H. W. Bush Admin

1993  39.3 First year of Clinton Admin

1994  38.1

1995  36.4

1996  36.5

1997  36.6

1998  34.5

1999  32.3

2000  31.1 Last year of Clinton Admin

2002  34.6 Second year of Bush Admin

2003  35.9

2004  37.0

2005  37.0

2006  36.5

2007  37.2

Happy trails to you, voters!


Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Two stories on the US Supreme Court was in the news today, “Supreme Court Term Begins, Major Rulings Ahead” and “Supreme Court Justices Attend Annual Red Mass”, Huffington Post, 9/30/12.  In the first story, the Supreme Court is expected to rule on Racial Preferences, Accountability for Human Rights Abuses, Drug Sniffing Dogs, Fighting Terrorism, Gay Marriage, and Voting Rights Act; in the second story, there were a record number of Supreme Court Justices attending the Catholic Red Mass in Washington for the Judiciary, this year.

The question remains, how far is the 5 John Birch Society Republican Justices of the US Supreme Court daring to go to eliminate democracy from America.  The American natives are absolutely getting restless.

After Bush vs. Gore, Citizens United, and Zelman v. Simmons-Harris, Americans who champion democracy are getting close to rebellion as Chief Justice Roberts is well aware; this is most probably his reasoning for assuring Obama care to be Constitutional.  America is ripe for either impeachment of the court or outright armed rebellion against the Supreme Court which has sought to eliminate American democracy, John Birch style.

By the way, take a good look at the dissent decision in Zelman v. Simmons-Harris case mentioned, which sneaked by the public with little notice; be sure to read the dissent.  The decision allows taxpayer’s money to be used to indoctrinate students in a specific religion; unheard of before this John Birch Society Republican Court took oath of office;by the way, 6 of 9 Supreme Court Justices are actually members of the Catholic Church (a big majority with tremendous power).  Note: a group of Catholic Bishops have recently attacked President Obama because of his Obamacare based on religious grounds; the Catholic Church would appear to no longer be a tax-exempt, non-profit religious corporation but instead a political force.  This does not imply, of course, that the congregation agrees with the Bishops, however!

Judge the Court by what they do and be sure to read the dissenting views.

The Record of the US Supreme Court since 2000 is atrocious!



Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Gov. Schwarzenegger has written a book, Total Recall, in which he doesn’t really tell all, I am sure.  He is not the type to be totally honest.  “Arnold Secrets Kept from Wife Maria Shriver Revealed in New Book”, Juliet Williams, Huffington Post, 9/30/2012:

What he doesn’t tell I’m sure, is this:

I am a Californian who did NOT vote for Schwarzenegger; as governor, Schwarzenegger tried to blame all of his incompetency on teachers, police, firefighters, and nurses and the People responded with a resounding vote of  NO!  After that, no one saw or heard of Arnold for a year or so, he was a total failure to California.

Arnold has duel citizenship; he is still officially an Austrian and he was governor of California; California had an Austrian as governor for 8 years!  Holy crap!

There is a flaw in America’s and California’s primary source of information; Corporate controlled media never told the truth about Schwarzenegger!.

Under Schwarzenegger’s administration, California went bankrupt, because of Proposition 13.  When Schwarzenegger’s economic adviser, Warren Buffet, tried to tell the people of the Prop 13 problems, Arnold told Buffet, “Shut up!” and blamed the State’s economic problems on teachers, police, fire fighters, and nurses.

In Austria, the Austrians renamed a park after Schwarzenegger when he became California governor; when he supported the death penalty, the Austrians changed the name of the park back to the original.

Arnold in reality is one of the bad-ass characters of his too many lousy movies.

My sympathy goes to his son, Joseph “Baena” by Mrs. Baena, who has to shoulder the blame for his idiotic biological father’s sins, which are many; I wish the boy good luck and my sympathy.  My advice is, persevere, you have a life of your own; live it!

During his 2 terms as governor of California, Arnold was referred to as, Gov. Groper; that is his legacy!


By accident, I ran into this USA Today story from 2004; it did cause me to giggle a bit.  After Republicans raised such a hassle about President Obama’s birth certificate, in 2004, the same Republicans were trying to amend the Constitution to allow Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for the Presidency and Arnold holds dual citizenship then and now, he was born an Austrian and is a naturalized American citizen, both of which would disqualify him since the Constitution states a President must be a natural born citizen (born within the boundaries of the USA).

Here are are a few excerpts: “With a bit of encouragement from the Terminator himself, some of Schwarzenegger’s supporters are pushing for a constitutional amendment that would allow the Austrian-born governor to run for the White House as soon as 2008. Schwarzenegger is blocked by Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution. It reads, “No person except a natural born citizen … shall be eligible to the office of president.” The 12th Amendment says the vice president cannot be foreign-born.”

“ Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution. It reads, ‘No person except a natural born citizen … shall be eligible to the office of president.’ ”

“Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, a political ally of Schwarzenegger, introduced the Equal Right to Govern Amendment in July 2003, a few weeks before the actor declared his candidacy in the recall election in which Californians ousted Democrat Gray Davis as governor. If Hatch’s amendment is adopted, an immigrant who has been a naturalized citizen for 20 years could run for president or vice president.”

“Should the Constitution be amended for Arnold?” By Martin Kasindorf, USA TODAY, Posted 12/2/2004, Link: