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Thursday, January 12th, 2012

In the early campaigning for the office of President of the United States in 2012, the Republican Party has presented a herd of candidates, including Mitt Romney, from which American voters can choose. All the Republican candidates, have been bickering over who is the most extremist anti-government, pro capitalistic Corporate America candidate; the Republicans claim that subsidizing wealthy Corporate America is the best choice for the benefit of the working Middle Class American voter, based on their Republican “Trickle Down Wealth Theory” ideology.

The Republican campaign maintains that if Corporate America is economically successful, that success will trickle down and be beneficial to working Middle class Americans and resolve America’s unemployment and inequitable distribution of wealth problems; Mr. Romney has claimed that his success with corporate wielding and dealing makes him the best Republican candidate to oppose sitting President Barrack Obama.

It seems to matter not that currently American corporations are currently experiencing record profits and the American working Middle Class is currently experiencing record unemployment at the same time; the Republican Mitt Romney’s revised theory appears to be that Corporate America could resolve the unemployment problem but only if Corporate America has a viable and cooperative Mitt Romney, Presidential Administration, in Washington.

Evidently, the 2012 Presidential Election will be a test of the Mitt Romney theory if he should be the Republican candidate; voters will, of course, have to vote first and then, ‘wait and see’.

Mitt Romney won the Iowa caucuses and now has become the winner of the New Hampshire Republican primary election. It appears that Mr. Romney is the leading Republican candidate. Mitt Romney’s response, upon winning the New Hampshire Primary is somewhat puzzling and worthy of voter concern.

“In the last few days, we have seen some desperate Republicans (Romney Republican Primary opponents) join forces with him (Democratic President Obama),” Mr. Romney said in his victory speech in New Hampshire celebrating his victory. “This is a mistake for our Party and for our nation. This country already has a leader (President Obama) who divides us with the bitter politics of envy.”

Mr. Romney did not elaborate or define just what President Obama’s bitter politics of envy are but it certainly sounds sinister and does not seem to be in any way related to Mr. Romney’s concept of “What is good for Corporate America is good for America’s working Middle Class”. Neither does Mr. Romney identify what factions President Obama’s bitter politics of envy has divided the nation, other than Democrat or Republican. In fact, Mr. Romney’s claim of President Obama’s bitter politics of envy sounds very much like candidate Romney’s bitter politics of envy.

If Mr. Romney is referring to America’s growing radical inequitable distribution of wealth between America’s wealthiest one percent and the other less wealthy ninety-nine percent as the bitter politics of envy, Mr. Romney should be made aware that the distribution of wealth in America is a statistical fact and not a political opinion of President Obama, the Occupy Wall Street Movement, or anyone else. It would behoove Mr. Romney to make his statement clear in this regard.

What is the American working Middle Class, a majority of American voters, to assume is important for their general welfare when deciding for whom they should vote for President in 2012? Just what is Mr. Romney offering that will appeal to the majority, the working Middle Class voters?

Will a vote for Romney for President be a vote for Corporate America that will presume to trickle down to working Middle Class Americans, or will a vote for Romney be a vote against President Obama’s bitter politics of envy, whatever it is?

Americans have a serious decision to make in 2012. An enlightened electorate could alter the nation’s current trend toward massive unemployment and further the inequitable distribution of the nation’s wealth. It is incumbent upon both political parties to make their position clear.


Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

If the Republicans want to trash Obama, they should be specific instead of just calling my President names. Mitt Romney is just like all the other Republican candidates, if you put all of them into paper bags, none of them could find their way out.

The Republican Party has become pathetic, they cannot find a candidate that is not negative; the GOP has nothing positive to offer.

America doesn’t need or deserve more negativism. America today is in limbo; the minority Republicans filibuster everything the President tries to do including his appointments.  Yet, they Republicans have nothing to offer but tax cuts for the wealthy.

Republicans offer nothing and oppose everything. America the beautiful has become America the garbage can.

Elections are not democratic anymore, they are purchased with mystic money from sources that are never revealed due to the Supreme Court’s “Citizen United” decisio.  Americans no longer enjoy the power of the ballot; elections are bought and sold, regardless of the issues and unemployment, the high cost of living, and inequitable income distributions.  American democracy is dead!

America is rapidly becoming a John Birch Society dominated Republican Third World Nation!

God have mercy upon America.