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Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

There are only 2 kinds of people in a society, Wealth and Labor, 1% and 99%, Workers and Queens. Wealth, 1%, and Queens are incapable of producing. Wealth never produced a thing.

Wealth relies entirely on Labor for production and services and that is why Wealth covets power; Wealth desperately needs to purchase and use Labor. This is the reason for the Taft Hartley Act in America; this is the reason Wealth bands together in unity like the Koch brothers and their John Birch Society in America.

Only Labor produces through the strength of their backs and the sweat of their brow. The strength of Labor’s back and the sweat of Labor’s brow is also the source of the wealth of the 1%; don’t ever forget it.

It is God’s fault you know, he made man so that even a wealthy man could not scratch his own back without Labor no matter how much gold the wealthy man had in his own pocket; wealth must have Labor to scratch his own back.

Wealth is power and Labor is power. Labor is power but only powerful enough when it is organized and works together in a union; wealth is power for whoever can possess the gold but wealth is extreme power when in unites.  But wealth cannot survive without Labor.

Wealth covets the power of labor; Labor covets the power of wealth. This is the struggle of a human society; but only Labor produces goods and services.

Labor can live alone; wealth cannot survive alone.

Wealth is worthless without Labor. Gold cannot pick an apple from a tree!


Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Because I was employed in Public Education for an entire career and earned a professional Doctorate in Education, I am proud of American Public Schools and all the great Americans who attended public schools. PUBLIC SCHOOLS TODAY ARE NO BETTER NOR NO WORSE THAN THEY EVER WERE. I really wish the Public Schools were better and I know why they aren’t.

Tests are an important tool in education and every test is written for a specific purpose and must consider important variables that influence the results. Standard Achievement Tests were devised to measure student knowledge of selected subject matter over a period of time; SAT tests DO NOT MEASURE HOW OR WHERE OR WHY the students learned or did not learn or did not remember the subject matter. SAT tests simply do not measure teacher success and were never intended to measure teacher success.

Private sector test publishers and test writers are in business to make profits selling tests and not to tell customers how not to use their tests; that is called American capitalism, companies just selling tests for as much profit as possible.

There is nothing wrong with tests or testing; THERE IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG WHEN TESTS ARE MISUSED for a wrong purpose.

Further, as a professional educator, I resent economists, basketball players, politicians, computer freaks and statisticians insisting upon mandating SAT scores be used for teacher evaluation or school funding, to wit tests that do not tell WHERE AND HOW AND WHY STUDENTS LEARNED. These nuts call it REFORM of Public School. Holy crap!

I DO NOT tell economists how to run the economy, thank God, the economy is mess and Economists want to evaluate my teaching and tell me how to teach?

I do not tell Congress and the President how to govern, thank God, the government is a mess and the government wants to evaluate my teaching and tell me how to teach?

Bill Gates wants to evaluate me and tell me how to teach?

The Secretary of Education is a professional basketball player and he wants to tell me how to teach?

School Boards hire business men, prosecuting attorneys, and professional basket ball players, instead of professional educators, to be the top Administrators of Public Schools and they will hire cheap unqualified teachers or relatives to teach in those schools and then complain about bad teaching saying they can’t fire bad tenured teachers; WRONG, THEY CAN fire any tenure teacher FOR JUST CAUSE, AFTER A FAIR HEARING.

Tenured teachers who are ‘good teachers’ and Teachers’ Unions want bad teachers fired because they give teaching a bad name and screw up the minds of students.

But Boards of Education WON”T FIRE BAD TEACHERS, for political reasons, instead they want to ELIMINATE TEACHER TENURE so they can have the power to fire ANY teacher FOR ANY REASON OR WITHOUT A REASON. Before teacher tenure, teachers were fired for political reasons or to replace fired higher paid teachers.

Meanwhile, extremists John Birch Society Republicans want to eliminate Public Schools and privatize education.

Everyone but professional educators is trying to destroy Public Schools by REFORMING PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

I’m mad as hell and sick of these nuts; they behave as illiterates Neanderthals.


Friday, November 25th, 2011

Excellent teachers do MORE than teach answers to questions on Standardized Achievement Tests.

Teaching is an art as well as a science.

Students of any age are aware of teaching excellence when fortunate enough to have an excellent teacher.

This is what students see in excellent teachers:

The teacher is sensitive to problems and difficulties confronting students.

The teacher explains WHY students need to learn lessens being taught.

The teacher has high expectations of students resulting in a high level of achievement by students and high student moral.

The teacher encourages students by relating classroom instruction to the students which makes learning easy; the teacher rewards student accomplishments by complimenting those students.

The teacher respects the dignity of all individuals.

The teacher is a role model, enthusiastic, personable, and positive.

The teacher evaluates students’ progress in a positive and equitable manner.

The teacher doesn’t coddle, instead challenges and inspires.

The attributes of teaching excellence are not measure by Standardized Achievement Test scores.


Sunday, November 20th, 2011

What if, when Occupy Wall Street began, no one cared?


Saturday, November 19th, 2011

There seems to be some question about whether or not extremist Republicans will vote for Mitt Romney, if they are aware he is a Mormon, since these extremist Republicans are also Christian extremist who question the Christian basis of the Mormon Faith.

Holy crap! You can hear the John Birch Society Republican­s now chanting, “Fie fi fo fom, I smell the blood of a Mormon!”; that is, they would if they ever discover what a Mormon is; of course.

These extremist Christian Republicans do not realize that America has had at least three Presidents who were not Christian, beginning with John Adams who was Unitarian and two other admitted Unitarian Presidents­ who were elected President of the United States.

Personally, I savor the election of John Kennedy, a Catholic, because it had always been maintained that a Catholic could never be elected. It would appear that the reason that Kennedy was elected, was that Kennedy mentioned his Catholicis­m every day of his campaign, he explained every day how being Catholic would not affect his decisions as President, and the Catholic Bishops kept their mouths shut because of the beneficial prospects of having a Catholic President.

It would appear that President Kennedy convinced the voters that if they did not vote for him they were a religious bigot; I grew to love that man whom I did not support in the Democratic primary.

That was a classic election.

Of course I am NOT Catholic, nor Mormon, nor any of the multitude of organized Christian denominati­on or other varieties of religions (though I consider myself to be religious); I am unfettered and can be totally unbiased (maybe).

I consider organized religion of all types to be an incorporat­ed business, capitalist­ic, and dedicated to compete with all other religious faith, non-profit corporatio­ns, for which has the most members and biggest in size of their tax-exempt Holy edifice (not including the Amish, of course, whom I consider admirable people who do not have churches and do not prey on other religious faiths).

In my own case, I really don’t care if the President is Voodoo, as long as he represents the people in a democratic way without officially sacrificing chickens; unfort­unately for Romney, he won’t get my vote.

As for extremist Republicans, they would vote for any moron if he swore on oath that he believed in the immaculate-conception and lower taxes, before they would ever vote for a man conceived by a Black Father. Hey, just look at the quality of the rest of the other Republican candidates.


Friday, November 18th, 2011

American predatory capitalism is all about competition and destroying the opposition.  Democracy and Christianity in America is all about cooperation and  brotherly love.  Competition is the antonym of cooperation.

In America, we have for many recent years, emphasized capitalism, taught our children capitalism, and voted on election day for capitalist.  Basically the rest of the world has come to expect America to be predatory Capitalist in our foreign relations, our foreign commerce, and in the soul of American people.

American predatory capitalism has destroyed all elements of cooperation in America.  Voters elect the candidate with the most campaign funds and churches steal the sheep from other churches to build a bigger tax free Holy edifices than any of the other churches.

Cooperation in American politics has become a dirty word.  Cooperation between world religions is reason enough for members being excommunicated from their corporate organized religious faith.

Democracy in America is dead; democracy was eliminated by America’s predatory capitalism.  Recently, the cooperative efforts of the whole of the American population to provide cooperative medical insurance for all, was condemned by many Americans persuaded by the capitalistic insurance companies and the Republican Party, even though a majority of Americans voted in 2008 for the promise of universal medical care by President Obama

Yesterday’s American democratic Republic has morphed into and is now the American capitalistic Plutocracy.


Thursday, November 17th, 2011

From what’s been seen of Occupy Wall Street on TV, American police find the power of their evictions much too enjoyable; police recently have behaved more like a grinning Godzilla than somber protector of the people.

The legal basis for forceful evictions of OWS is obviously exceedingly lame; OWS carries no clubs and is a threat only to the conscience and reputation of the One Percent. Are American police actually mercenaries protecting the interests of the One Percent?

Today’s news brings back memories of police dogs in Birmingham and dying students at Kent State.

God surely must have loved the Ninety-Nine Percent, because he made so many of us.


Friday, November 11th, 2011

Well, it is a sorry state of affairs in America when I, a Democrat, am embarrassed by the Republican Party; I no longer want to debate and defeat Republicans, I just wish their candidates would disappear from the face of the earth. Today’s Republican candidates are An immediate threat to the American democratic Republic

Case in point, poor old Republican candidate Cain; I feel more sorry for Cain than Able. Holy crap!

Cain is being associated with sexual harassment; I have mixed feelings about his dilemma. I believe that in sexual harassment charges, until there is a conviction or exoneration, people shouldn’t judge and when the story broke there were a number of questions unanswered: I, a Democrat, defended Cain, based on circumstances at that time and I don’t regret defending my defending him then.

Now it is weeks later and there is no resolution, however, now I just wish Cain would go away because he has behaved like a complete jackass since the sexual harassment news broke, neither adequately defending himself nor admitting his assumed guilt. I don’t even care anymore, I just wish he would go disappear; he is not Presidential stuff, although he tells lies, like a true Presidential candidate! God forgive me, I know he is African but God, the man is a total idiot despite the color his skin.

Now we know Cain’s accusers have been paid an out of court settlement, his accuser are compelled to remain silent, and Cain left his executive job six months before his contract expired; nothing conclusive about guilt or innocence there but for Heaven’s sake Citizen Cain, DON’T RUN FOR PRESIDENT if you can’t even resolve this cut and dried personal issue!

Cain insists he absolutely would subject himself to a lie detector test; but only if necessary and he doesn’t believe it is necessary. Holy crap, Cain; just go away, pleaase!

Like a fool (in every sense of the word), Cain declares, “I am the Koch brothers’ other brother from a different mother.”

This is Cain’s response to accusations that he is the candidate of and financed by the Koch brothers and their John Birch Society ideology. For all practical purposes, Cain is admitting to be of the same John Birch Society ideology: opposed to democracy in America; anti-Labor, anti-Public-Schools, and committed to an oligarchic American government, governed by elite plutocrats.

Why doesn’t the media vet Cain on this issue. Why? It’s because the media is controlled by corporate advertisers who are the source of media profits, stupid! Cain is one of them!

The very thought that there is even the most remote chance that America could have a John Birch Society President, sends cold chills up my spine. It doesn’t seem possible that tomorrow, America could actually have a John Birch Society President who doesn’t trust American government; a President who doesn’t believe America was ever intended to be a democracy; a President who believes America is not a democracy; a President who believes democracy is mob rule; a President who believes only the elite should be allowed to vote; a President who believes in absolute freedom for himself without any other consideration for the rights of every other American citizen; a President committed to an oligarchic Republic; and a President who believes that labor unions and public schools should be eliminated in America. Holy crap! Cain wants you to know that he is solidly with the John Birch Society Koch brothers; he is one of them.

Don’t call me racist for picking on Cain out of a whole slate of lunatic Republican candidates; it’s not true. Cain is simply the leading candidate, the only candidate so far admittedly committed to John Birch ideology, and the looniest candidate of a herd of loony Republican candidates; on this morning, Cain is the Republican candidate in the news and tomorrow, perhaps, it will be one of the other Republican maniac candidates.

I know, I am a Democrat and the loyal opposition; but I am also an American and embarrassed by these Republican Party kooks of today.  If passing an IQ competency test were a qualification for the Presidency, the whole damn batch would fail.


Friday, November 4th, 2011

Suddenly, it crossed my mind while I was admiring Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for the Senate in Massachusetts that she would make a great President of the United States for America’s working Middle Class; we have never really had a President of our own since President Harry Truman, God rest his soul.

Elizabeth’s problem would be not having Corporate campaign contributi­ons and not having the support of Establishm­ent, Centrist Democrats; she would be “done in” by her own party just has Howard Dean was betrayed by the Kerry/Clin­ton Democrats.

Elizabeth Warren reminds me of my own political idol, Adlai Stevenson, the greatest Presidenti­al candidate to never be elected; of course, the “Chicago Daley” Democrats did not even support Stevenson in his native Illinois because of Alai’s honesty (he lost Illinois for goodness sake).

How great the American democratic Republic would be if people like Warren and Stevenson could only be elected; these people are real “Profiles in Courage”!

I consider myself fortunate to have a great Senator representi­ng me, Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Wow, can you imagine a Democratic Presidential ticket of all feminine Warren and Boxer; it sends cold chills up my spine to think about it.

That would be playing the gender card for real, wouldn’t it; don’t knock it, a majority of the voters in America are female!!!

Intrigued by the very thought of it, I consulted God about a Warren-Boxer Presidential ticket and God told me that She approved of it; Divine support, Holy Cow! 🙂


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

News of the day: “Mayor Bloomberg insists, Banks did not cause America’s economic crisis.”

COMMENT BY A READER: “Bloomberg: Banks Didn’t Cause Crisis……This is one time I have to agree with Bloomberg. The reason OWS are protesting the banks is because the liberals in Congress who caused this problem were never taken to task. By that I mean JAIL TIME! Those who should be indicted
Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer, Andrew Cuomo, Maine Waters and acorn. They pushed and threatened the banks to pull off this mess.”


“Dictionary definition of liberal: ‘Not narrow in opinion or judgments; tolerant.’

Jail is not a penalty for being liberal.

Unfortunately, there is also no jail penalty for being stupid. You can be assured that stupid people will not be sent to jail either.”


There has been no time in the history of the United States Constitution that Congress could, would, or did FORCE BANKS TO LOAN MONEY TO PEOPLE WHO COULD NOT AFFORD TO REPAY IT.

Students of the US Constitution have at no time understood the Constitution to convey upon Congress the power to force banks to loan money.

When the American banking industry did loan money for buying a home to people who obviously could not afford to repay it, those loan companies making the loans immediately sold those loans at a profit to banks who expected to make enormous profits from either the interest or by resale when they foreclosed on borrowers.

It is possible to argue whether or not greedy bankers are to blame for American’s current depression but no one can argue that the banking industry is not greedy.

It is impossible to argue the purpose for which banks exist and which class of Americans are responsible for the profits that banks “earn”.
To portray banks as victims and argue that banks are victims is without a doubt unadulterated stupidity. There is no cure for stupidity. Nor is there any law by Congress requiring that banks be stupid and loan money to borrowers who cannot possibly repay their loan.

Neither is it fair to blame God for causing America’s Depression by creating stupid people.