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Friday, October 28th, 2011

OK folks, this is not an opinion, mine or anyone else’s; these are facts, “The study by the Congressional Budget Office, released this week, found that income has become dramatically concentrated, shifting heavily toward the top earners between 1979 and 2007.”

This is what a few of us have been trying to say for some time now; it is not socialistic or even anti-capitalism, it is strictly a matter of how some American governmental legislation and Supreme Court cases has favored (and been ‘bought’) by the wealthiest Americans.

From the standpoint of allowing a citizen to profit from their own inventiveness and ingenuity, capitalism is not only a ‘good thing’, it should actually be a Constitutional Right in a democracy such as America; however, like all civil rights in a democracy, the rights of an individual should not become a liability and/or become a disadvantage to and at the expense of, any or all other American citizens.

In America and in some other places in the world, the freedom of the people has been usurped by the power of the wealthy to essentially enslave the people.

Historically, during the Medieval Times when Christianity spread over Europe, royalty, which was in essence wealth, often willed their fortunes to the Church in benevolence or perhaps to win the favor of God and eternity and the Church began to hold a majority of the wealth (land) at that time (another inequitable distribution of wealth) to the point that royalty and the cities (populace government) simply took the wealth (lands) away from the church, resolving the problem. It was from this point in history (after 1800) that the working Middle Class of Society emerged, of course.

Modern economists get quite concerned about profits, competition, and markets (the stock market and the free market) but do not seem to concern themselves with the distribution of wealth or poverty in our day; consequently, from 1979 to 2007 the wealthy have become wealthier, poverty has increased considerably in America during the last decade, and America’s working Middle Class has began to disappear from the economic scene.

A case in point would appear to be that all of Sam Walton’s (of WalMart) children, his widow’s estate, and his brother’s children are individually one of the richest people in the world according to Forbes Magazine. It is no secret that the success of WalMart was due to keeping labor costs low by paying minimum wages, hiring only part-time labor which received no benefits, and preventing labor unions from organizing the employees.

WalMart, the largest employer in the world, consequently has almost singlehandedly increased poverty in America in the last decade and eliminated proportionately the working Middle Class in America.

The United States Constitution of 1787, marked the beginning of a new looming American political democratic Republic; however, America’s Constitution did not even address an American economic system except to adopt the British Common Law precepts and perhaps the right of a citizen to profit from his own endeavor, if that can be extrapolated from the Constitutional Bill of Rights; at the same time, America recognized and established a socialistic nationalized US Postal System and a Public School System in the Northwest Ordinance of 1787.

Today, America is an economic crisis; Americans are understandably confused. Economic forces in American Society are vying for a selfish advantage and in the milieu of American media, politics, and economic institutions there is considerable confusion and subterfuge.

The basic economic struggle in America is between the have and the have-nots, between wealthy and the poor, which essentially is between employer and employee. For resolution, if the American society and the economy are to be stable, there can be no winners or losers; there must be a stabilizing compromise. The inequitable distribution of wealth in America is a sign that there is something definitely wrong; the fact America is experiencing record unemployment and record profits for corporations is a key indication of the problem.

Ultimately, everything is about power.

Wealth is power; production is power.

The wealthy have the power of the dollar; Labor has the power of production or work stoppage. Nothing is made without the wealth to produce it and nothing is ever made without labor; that is a truism today.

The difference between profits and the cost of labor to produce a product or to provide a service is what the economy is all about. The cost of labor can be reduced by machines but machines must of necessity be produced by labor. This is really not all that difficult to understand or comprehend but it never seems to be understood by employers or employees.

One other concept that seems never to be understood by employer or employee is that employees are also consumers and employers are totally dependent upon consumers for profit.

The Great American Depression of 2011 is ultimately caused by the ignorance of the wealthy and of the working Middle Class about their dependence upon each other.   What hath God and the American democratic Republic wrought?


Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Congress is currently considering an Education Reform Act; as a career Public School educator, this scares the bejeebers out of me.

This is a very sad time in American History, for democracy and Public Schools. Voters should realize that there are many John Birch Society type Members of Congress, today, who believe Public Schools should be eliminated and education in America should be privatized.

With this in mind, people should not take politicians at their word. Many of the current reforms, such as vouchers and charter schools, are one step closer to eliminating Public Schools and privatizing all education in America.

Public Schools are essential to a democracy and Constitutionally they must be unbiased and treat ALL students equally.  Private schools are free to indoctrinate students and discriminate in regard to students they accept.  These are important differences, considering that one purpose of the Public Schools is to provide America with an informed electorate. Therefore, the Public Schools are a big target for those John Birch types who believe America is not and was never intended to be a democracy and Public Schools are pure socialism and a threat to capitalism.

Parents and tax-payers have always had some complaints about their schools, often justified and other times perhaps not.  But today, all of those complaints are being used by unscrupulous politicians who use them to justify their own agenda of eliminating Public Schools.

If Americans appreciate and take pride in their Public Schools, they are going to have to start emphasizing the positive of their Public Schools, defend the schools, and when taxpayers have complaints about their schools, they need to resolve those differences themselves locally and not rely on others and politicians for a resolution of their complaints.

America’s Public Schools are in a crisis; Public Schools have never been perfect, however, Public Schools today are actually no better or no worse than they ever were and they still turn out tomorrow’s scientists, inventors, auto mechanics, and grocery clerks.

God bless the American democratic Republic and her Public Schools.


Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Finally, the news is good news.  The people in Greece, tired of their economy dominated by the banks and corporations strangling the working people, called a general strike and shut down the economy.

The only thing that government and corporations understand in Greece or in America is power and power for politicians and corporations is elected office and money; power for the people is only one thing, refused to be used and call a general strike and shut down the economy and government.

In America, the current government and economy is bound to come down to action by the working Middle Class American majority, burdened with higher prices and unemployment; the government and the economy today is driven by corporations who are enjoying record breaking profits and the politicians who bought political office with the wealth of Corporate America benefactors.

Occupy Wall Street is the first real positive action taken by the people, of the people, and for the people.

The Republican Party base, Corporate America and the John Birch Society front groups the Tea Party and ALEC, both funded by the John Birch Koch brothers, is currently eliminating the working Middle Class’ last vestige of a voice in their government and economy, labor unions and collective bargaining.   A general strike by working Middle Class Americans is the only remaining element of power available to them; Occupy Wall Street is a welcomed beginning, a general strike is the ultimate and inevitable.

There was a time in America when the working Middle Class majority could say, “Wait until the next election and we will throw the bums out.” that is no longer an option for the majority.  Today, because of five Neocon Republican US Supreme Court Justices, and their Bush vs. Gore decision and Citizens United decision along with the advent of Republican produced hackable Diebold Voting Machines and today’s radically partisan media, democratic elections no longer a factor in American politics or economy; the power of the ballot is no longer and option.

If America is to remain a democratic Republic, it will require serious amendments to the US Constitution relative to Federal Elections or the impeachment of radical, partisan US Supreme Court Justices.

“These are the times that try Men’s souls!”

In America today, the distribution of wealth has overwhelmingly favored the wealthiest one percent of Americans; Americans in poverty is increasing on an annual basis and the working Middle Class majority is disappearing; this is not an opinion, it is a fact justified by statistics.
Ordinary working Middle Class Americans’ options have run out.  Now it is a matter of power.  For the last two years, the Republican party, representing Corporate America, has threatened repeatedly to SHUT DOWN GOVERNMENT; they have used this threat to extort tax benefits for the wealthy and corporate welfare.  The working Middle Class has been the victim.  It is now time to turn the advantage to the majority, the working Middle Class.

Record Corporate profits means only more power to the tyranny of the dollar; however, there can be no profits without the sweat of labor.

Nothing will change until the majority ceases to be the silent, passive majority.  Nothing is gained and everything is lost when the disenfranchised protests by avoiding the voting booth or voting for Third Party candidates; that is simply surrender.

The only power of working Middle Class Americans, is withholding of services and shutting down the nation, politics, and the economy; this requires above all unity, solidarity, risk, and dedication to the cause of postrerity and loyalty.

The risks are great; our forefathers took those risks for us and we must remember our heritage; united we stand and divided we fall.  Restore democracy!