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Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Democrat and Independent rational voters who are not satisfied with progress and change that has not occurred under President Obama because of John Birch Republican obstruction, need to consider, what if President Obama chose not to run in 2012; a better idea for Democrats would be to vote a Congressional majority along with President Obama and try again in 2012 WITHOUT BUSH LITE BLUE DOG DEMOCRATS.

I too have differences with President Obama and email my thoughts to him every day however I realize that he has had to give in to extortion from the John Birch Republicans in order for the nation to just survive.

In all sincerity I hope President Obama and Democrat Congressional Candidates RUN ON THEIR RECORD in 2012 taking credit for universal health care, killing bin Laden, and winding down the war, and providing stimulus money for unemployment. That is a winning platform.

The Democrats need to ride herd on those Clinton Establishment-Centrist Democrat candidates who think they have to be Bush Lite in order to get elected; they don’t. The Democratic Party Base is working Middle Class Americans (Labor) who need candidates representing them and not centrist Independents.

Labor is the key; Labor seldom has a Democrat openly working for them to represent them, on election day, the Democrat Candidates are too busy being “Centrists”. President Obama had better realize this.

The key to 2012 is get the working Middle Class (Labor) registered and make sure they get to the polls on Election Day.

Only a lot of heavy gum-shoeing will counteract the billions of dollars worth of John Birch, Chamber of Commerce, Corporate America, and Foreign Interest ads the Republicans have by virtue of the Supreme Court “Citizens United Decision”. They can buy any election if money is the key factor; they can only be defeated by commitment to a cause and hard work.

If the Democrats would just realize who they are supposed to represent and get down to hard labor (Labor knows sweat and work) they could win a huge victory in 2012.; but victory won’t come playing patty-cake with Republicans and Centrists.

Labor oriented working Middle Class Americans are the 1/3 of the registered voters who don’t vote on Election Day because none of the candidates represents their interests and cater to them. Certainly, Clinton Centrist Democrats do not appeal to all working Middle Class.

For the working Middle Class, every election has been a decision between the least offensive candidate and/or not voting at all; that is why only 2/3 of registered voters actually vote, stupid; for evidence, just take a look at the Nader vote in the 2000 Presidential election.

However, the Democrats are going to have to find out how to convince the American working Middle Class majority it is to their advantage to vote in 2012 and not sending a ‘absentee’ message to the stupid Democrats that they are dissed.

NOTE: Yes, even Red Necks who drive pick up trucks with Confederate Flags on them and a rifle rack in the back window are working Middle Class voters and despite any evidence to the contrary, they can and do think AND VOTE.


Thursday, August 11th, 2011

This it America’s world, according to Republican Senator Snowe, of Maine: “I’m embarrasse­d by all of us,’’ Snowe said, according to the Associated Press. “I’ve never seen a worse Congress in my whole political life.’’

So, there you have the campaign cry for the Democrats and President Obama in 2012: America’s problems are the result of the ‘do-nothin­g’ 112th Congress’, even worse than Harry Truman’s ‘do-nothin­g 80th Congress’ and the Senate Republican minority has filibuster­ed more than any other Senate in the history of mankind, making Sen. Snowe the ‘Filibuste­r Queen’ .

With a Congress like this one, it would be exceedingl­y difficult for the Republican­s to convince any intelligen­t voter that President Obama is guilty of any mistakes. The Senate has even filibuster­ed the President’s nomination­s, leaving more appointments vacant than any other President in history.

Hard not to respect Sen. Snowe’s analysis of Congress; but Holy crap, she has been a part of the filibustering John Birch Republican­s in the Senate.
Now for the bad news–will there be a National Election in 2012 or will America just disintegrate?

If there really is an election in 2012, please let the Republican­s, the Democrats, and the Congress run on their own records in 2012; that sounds fair to me!


Monday, August 8th, 2011

America’s biggest current problem is the inequitable distribution of wealth between the wealthiest 1% of  Americans and working Middle Class Americans.

Americans living in poverty has increased annually since 2001 and election of President Bush; the American working Middle Class is disappearing rapidly.

America needs a modern contemporary “New Deal”.  It is time for the Democrats and President Obama to quit worrying about bipartisanship (it’s not going to happen) and ‘compromise’; America’s working Middle Class needs opportunity.

President Obama needs people in his administration that are creative and NOT CENTRISTS who think only about compromise.

America’s working Middle Class is a majority in America and seemingly has no voice.  It ill behooves the President to tell us to quit whining, damn it.

The John Birch Republican minority has ruled America too long, extorting ideological benefits from a Democratic majority.  It’s time to quit being nice and quit looking for compromise.  We cannot compromise democracy or liberty or self respect.

Gov. Moonbeam (Brown of CA) is right; exert your authority and stand with that which is right.  Democrats need more intelligent creative leaders like Howard Dean, Dick Clark, Wes Clark, and Al Frankn in the President’s Administration and dump the establishment Democrats who totally lack creativity, looking for compromise appeasement and reelection.  Just do it and run on your record.

President Obama is intelligent; unfortunately he lacks creativity.  He hasn’t provided change, only retreat to the glorious past.  He knows history and follows the past instead of leading for the future.

I voted for President Obama and love him but he needs to take a chance on the American working Middle Class and Labor.

Labor knows more about America’s working Middle Class than wages, hours, and benefits; it knows our needs.


Sunday, August 7th, 2011

There was once a time in America, like World War 2, when all the little People, America’s working Middle Class, bought War Bonds to be patriotic and support the war effort and their nation; it was a grand expression of patriotism by the common American.

Wall street and corporations did not invest in war bonds because a corporation is not a live person, a corporation is a legal entity incapable of any emotion like compassion or patriotism; this is an important point that many Americans do not consider.

But President W. Bush did not ask Americans to sacrifice or support his wars or his tax cut for the wealthy for obvious reasons, America did not approve of these things. However, if President Obama were to ask working Middle Class Americans to support their democratic Republic by buying “National Debt Reduction Bonds”, it would be a great success providing that America got rid of the threatening John Birch Republican Party who have promised and threatened to eliminate democracy, labor unions, public schools, universal health care, the working Middle Class, and government itself.  America could then eliminate the tax cut for the wealthy, corporate subsidies, free trade agreements and loss of jobs overseas, and ant- labor statutes like Taft Hartley.

American’s problem today is the do-nothing, extorting, working-Middle-Class-hating, democracy hating John Birch Republican Party.

The Republican Party today is trying to destroy the American Constitutional government as we have witnessed and as such they should be made illegal like the Communist Party was, for the same reason.

Working Middle Class Americans are a majority of the people and they love America and our American Government; but the Republicans keep telling the people that our government is bad, it is incompetent, and cannot be trusted to provide Social Security, Medicare, and Universal Health Care. The John Birch Republicans want to privatize the postal system, public schools, Social Security, and Medicare because they say our democratic government cannot be trusted.

Republicans are the enemy of the American working Middle Class; the only way John Birch Republicans can win elections is by spending exorbitant amounts of money (Supreme Court Citizens United Decision) for advertising telling voters lies about opponents, using hackable Diebold voting machines, and having 5 Neocon Republican Supreme Court Justices throw out the ballots in Florida and declare W. Bush President.

There is definitely nothing but trouble in River City since the year 2000. America needs a new Revolution.


Saturday, August 6th, 2011

The Balanced Budget Amendment of Boehner and the Republican Party is totally idiotic.  Law requiring a balanced budget would completely ham-string government by preventing any flexibility to deal with emergency problems like war or the present financial crisis; requiring a balanced budget is just plain stupid.

Rather, Congress should enact a Constitutional Amendment preventing corporations, businesses, and individuals from borrowing money and banning credit cards for citizens; that is how absurd the Balanced Budget Amendment is.

The only purpose that a Balanced Budget Amendment would accomplish is to destroy America’s Federal Government  and I am convinced from reading the John Birch Society Blue Book that is the intent of the John Birch Society, their front organization Tea Party members, and today’s John Birch Republican Party under Boehner and Mitchell.

Shame, shame, shame on the Republican Party.
The present-day Republicans party should be made illegal because of its obvious intent to destroy democracy and  American Constitutional government;  the Republican Party today is much more of a threat to the American democratic Republic than the Communist Party ever was.  Communist never controlled the House of Representatives and the Communist Party was made illegal for attempting to overthrow American government.

It is time for Americans to realize the purpose of these political extremists and rise up and defend their American democratic Republic.


Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

America’s working Middle Class is totally frustrated today; they are hurting financially and socially, they are losing their job, losing their savings, they long lost their middle-class standard of living, they lost their voice in the government, their economy is threatened, and they are seemingly confused and unaware of the cause. What happened?

Working Middle Class Americans apparently do not realize that they are presently the victims of a coup in America by a group of extremely wealthy, powerful extremist Americans who seek to overthrow American democracy; these extremists hate the very concept of American democracy because in the American democratic Republic, the power of government is designed to lie in the hands of the majority of American citizens who happens to be the working Middle Class. The American enemies of democracy look with disdain on the working Middle Class majority.

Of course in a democracy like that of the United States of America, the working Middle Class citizens (essentially labor) constitutes a majority of the voters and can and should control government; however in American democracy, the civil rights and economic rights of the very wealthy and the poor are protected by the liberty provided for all citizens by the Constitutional Bill of Rights. In any true democracy, liberty must be provided to protect the rights of the minority (in this case the extremely wealthy and the poor) from the tyranny of the majority (which in America should be the working Middle Class but isn’t). Which raises the question, how can this be?

The difference between liberty and absolute freedom is that liberty limits freedom of individuals, to freedom only to the extent that it does not infringe upon the freedom of other citizens; this is an important difference.

Unfortunately in the current situation, a certain element of wealthy Americans, specifically members of the John Birch Society and the brotherhood of extremists Republicans of a like agenda, do not acknowledge the liberty that Americans enjoy; they instead, believe in absolute freedom for themselves and they abhor the democratic concept of majority rules. They consider American democracy to be “mob rule” (their words) and they are committed to eliminate American democracy which they consider detrimental to the wealthiest one percent of all Americans.

As Robert Welch of the John Birch Society said in the “John Birch Society Bluebook” p.124 “And democracy, of course, as the Greeks and Romans both found out, and as I believe every man in this room clearly recognized–democracy is merely a deceptive phrase, a weapon of demagoguery, and a perennial fraud.”

(Continued in Footnote 25, p. 136.) “Our liberal critics would have you believe that his statement, for an American is practically heresy. This is because these same Liberals have been working so long and so hard to convert our republic into a democracy, and to make the American people believe that it is supposed to be a democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth than that insidiously planted premise. Our founding fathers knew a great deal about history and government, and they had very nearly a clean slate on which to write the blueprint for our own. They gave us a republic because they considered it the best of all forms of government. They visibly spurned a democracy as probably the worst of all forms of government. But our past history and our present danger indicates that they were right in both particular.”

The John Birch Society element of America’s wealthiest citizens and their cohorts, present day Extremist Republican Leadership financed by wealthy American and foreign extremists, seeks to eliminate any voice in the American government and economy that working Middle Class Americans citizens are entitled to and should have.

The very essence of the issue that is presently involved in the dispute about America’s democratic form of government is the wealth of the wealthiest, or more specifically profits versus the cost of labor and taxes. Enter extremist Republican Party members.

In the economy of America’s democratic Republic, the profits of business and industry is the difference between selling price of a product or service, as opposed to the costs of materials, labor costs, and net profit to owners; cost of materials is somewhat stable but labor and profits fluctuate and any change in labor costs or profits causes an inverse increase or decrease in the other and labor is, working Middle Class Americans.

Wealth is power! The distribution of wealth in America is a measure of the distribution of power in America, and today the distribution of wealth in America has shifted to the benefit of the wealthiest one percent of Americans and to the detriment of the working Middle Class. That is obvious and evident in the very prominent fact that unemployment has never been higher and corporate profits have never been higher. There is an imbalance in America’s distribution of wealth and consequently an imbalance in the distribution of power in the Republic. It is the working Middle Class American majority that has lost power in America; the power is now in the hands of the wealthiest 1 % of Americans.

Certain elements of democracy in America ultimately determine the power of labor or employers; in American democracy, power and economic opportunities are supposed to be equitable and determined to a degree by the market. However an absolutely true, free market is not an equitable market because of monopolies and manipulation, just as liberty is not absolute freedom; in each case, imposed limitations are a necessity, to be enacted into law by government in the American democratic Constitutional process.

Consequently the extremely wealthy and powerful enemies of American democracy appear presently to be replacing America’s democratic Republic with a plutocratic oligarchic Republic, a government of, by, and for the wealthy instead of all of the people. It is very important however, to recognize that the civil conflict in America is not simply a conflict between the wealthy and the working Middle Class, the essential conflict is about some of America’s wealthiest citizens and Corporate America who want to totally eliminate democracy, in contrast to most other Americans, wealthy or not, who believe in and love American democracy and our American democratic Republic.

So, wealth itself is not the enemy of democracy; wealth is actually a part of the American dream in the American democratic Republic, a dream for people living in a democracy.

But the wealth of opponents to democracy is the basis of the current threat to American democracy. The recent U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision, which struck down statutes that limited the amount of contributions that can be made to elected candidates by wealthy Corporations and foreign businesses, has made it possible for extreme sources of wealth to contribute to selected candidates’ campaign funds and to determine the results of elections.

In 1958, some of America’s wealthiest citizens founded the John Birch Society; that organization was founded to oppose Communism but also dedicated to oppose “big government” and to eliminate American democracy which the Society considered “mob rule”. The JBS has their own revisionist history and they insist that America’s Founding Fathers never intended the United States to be a democratic Republic. This is clearly stated in the JBS Blue Book as quoted above and should be read by every American voter.

The Society’s plan to accomplish its purpose is also specifically recorded in The John Birch Society Blue Book, 1961, and is easily found there. The JBS propose to accomplish their agenda’s purpose and goal is by working through “front Groups” using anti-democratic means and illegitimate methods.

Recently, American media’s investigative reporters discovered a new “Think Tank” foundation (tax exempt), ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), financed by known John Birch Society adherents, the wealthy Koch Brothers of Wisconsin fame. The motto on the ALEC web page announces “Limited Government, Free Markets, Federalism” ( The American Legislative Exchange Council writes and publishes model John Birch type statutes for various State Legislators to introduce into their State Legislature that are anti-labor union, anti-public school (the JBS would eliminate American Public Schools and privatize education), and other anti-democratic concepts promoted in the John Birch Society Agenda. All American voters should be aware of ALEC and its purpose; it’s part of the civil conflict.

In 2010, many extremist Republican Governors and Legislators committed to the John Birch Society agenda were elected to office; they were heavily financed by wealthy Americans, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, corporations, and foreign businesses committed to the John Birch agenda and were elected by virtue of the “Citizens United” Decision of the US Supreme Court that declared statutes limiting such contributions by these entities was unconstitutional; hence, wealthy John Birch type Republican extremists literally bought elections and favors from government officials both Federal and State. These State legislative officials have introduced identical ALEC anti-labor (anti-working Middle Class) legislation, anti-Public School legislation, and basically anti democratic government legislation.

Much of this legislation was enacted and today has become law in such States as Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana. It has been a sad day for Americans who treasure their democracy and their Constitutional government.

How candidates are elected that are opposed to democracy and the working Middle Class Americans is questionable and debatable; several factors seem evident: the Citizens United Decision of the US Supreme Court; the use of questionable, undependable, and hackable Diebold computerized voting machines; and the control of the news media by Corporate America advertisers.

Basically, Americans are uninformed because of the media’s dependence on advertising by Corporate America for media profits. Working Middle Class Americans are virtually ignorant because they have been brainwashed and misled by the American media that is no longer is in business to enlighten the public, today the American media has alternative motivation, profits.

Media in America today, newspaper and TV, is big business, corporate owned, is basically a monopoly. News papers and TV Stations are no longer locally owned and/or operated; they are part of the huge corporate cartel. Consequently, American media only disseminates news that is not objectionable to their advertisers and source of profit; Americans get the news that the advertisers want them to hear. American media self censors news and has become an extremely powerful tool for extremist Republicans that advocate the John Birch Society agenda.

Corporate America, by virtue of their advertising expenditures can and do basically determine what news Americans get and what Americans ultimately come to believe.

For example, polls of Americans at one time indicated that 62% of the people believed the untrue statement that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the 911 Terrorist attack on the USA; it was this untrue news disseminated by the American media that created that public opinion.

It is obvious, when compared, that this was not the case in foreign countries where the media profits are not based entirely on commercial advertising; foreign media are therefore much more reliable than American media for accurate news.

Since news in America is self-censored to accommodate Corporate American advertisers, the American media no longer is in competition to scoop the competition; the only competition America Media engages in is the competition for advertisers, and in that competition the media vies for audiences; the media not only provides news that will not offend advertisers, they also provide simplified news that they believe the audience wants to hear. To that end, Americans compared to people in other parts of the free world are ignorant of the truth and world happenings.

A comparison of foreign media with American media is quite revealing.

In summation, there is a Civil Conflict waging in America; the purpose is to determine if America will remain a democratic Republic or become a plutocratic oligarchic Republic. The winner is yet to be determined, but this conflict is the greatest threat ever to American democracy that the Republic has ever endured; it comes from within. The John Birch Society controlled Republican Party is making telling inroads into the American political arena with their anti-democracy agenda.

Citizens of Wisconsin have risen in opposition to the anti-democracy movement in their state; Americans elsewhere in the nation have not reacted.

The present “Debt Level Approval” debacle in Congress is an intricate part of that civil conflict raging in America; the nation is in a fiscal crisis and desperately needs a simply act of Congress raising the national debt limit. Raising the debt limit appears to be a non-partisan issue, it is a necessity; however the extremist John Birch Republicans in Congress have used the issue to extort favors for the wealthy in exchange for their vote to extend the debt limit. It is ironic that the Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy was one huge factor in the increase of the national debt and it is the Tax Cut for the Wealthy that Republicans insist remain untouchable in the debate about the debt limit increase.

It is time that Americans realize that we are engaged is a civil war in America and our democracy and fiscal solvency that is what is at stake. There is no need for choosing sides, it is more a matter of whether you are a wealthy American or are a part of the working Middle Class majority that is currently out of power.