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Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Interesting. Faux News is always bragging about how they have the largest audience in cable news, and when I visited relatives in the Midwest, Faux News was the only cable news available from distributors like Comcast. Now I find Murdoch also bought into wireless cable distributor, Direct TV.; no wonder Faux News has the largest  cable audience. Note that Comcast has now bought MSNBC and already fired MSNBC’s prime critic of Faux News.

It would appear that when the same owner owns both the network and distributor, that owner has a monopoly on news American voters get and that is essential to the enlightenment of the American electorate; very dangerous to American democracy or what is left of it.

Local Cable distributors are not regulated by the Feds and they do what they want locally; they are ordinarily given a monopoly by the local governbment and customers have no control over what they are offered on cable; I heard plenty of complaints from cable customers in the Midwest.

American media totally censors all their news to placate their advertisers; that is simply a truism.  Advertisers are TV’s and newspapers’ means to profits and the American media is in business essentially to make profits and not in business to disseminate news that will enlighten their audience.

There is a great difference between news reporting in America and news reporting in the rest of the world and Americans are simply unaware of it.

Americans think they have a great deal getting free TV and newspapers cheap to free of charge, when actually news that they are getting free is only the news that advertisers and media moguls like Murdoch want the public to get. There is no competition in the news business because all media have the same advertisers and that is basically Corporate America.

Americans mistakenly think “Freedom of the Press” means citizens are assured getting the truth from media; not so. “Freedom of the Press” means the freedom for American media to censor and disseminate only the news advertisers want Americans to hear.  That’s ironic, isn’t it?

Personally, I lived in Europe from 2000 to 2005; I got European news and I read American newspapers on my computer and i was astounded to discover that Americans were not getting the same news I was getting. In Europe, I paid more for TV and newspapers and there was little if any advertising; European media had to compete for your business.

Of course, under any circumstances some news sources are more reliable than others; Americans can see that today in the Murdoch scandal and Wikileaks.

However, the bottom line is that basically Americans are ignorant of what is going on in American and the world; they think Europeans do not know what is going on and unfortunately, it is the Americans that are wrong.

Actually America, Saddam Hussein did not attack America on 9/11 as polls showed 62% of Americans believed at one time; it was really Osama bin Laden who attacked America on 911!


Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

About the Republicans refusing to raise the debt limit; of course it is an obvious conspiracy. The Republican Party is no longer the GOP of Lincoln or not even Reagan; the Republican Party is the John Birch Society Republican Party of fanatics who were founded to conspire.

The John Bircher Republicans are anti-democ­ratic and determined to make America a plutocrati­c oligarchic Republic; it is all written in the “John Birch Society Blue Book”. They have no problem with destroying the American democracy, it is their intent; they maintain America was never intended to be a democracy. Today’s Republican­s are Birchers who are fanatics who would destroy the America that we know; don’t take my word for it, read the “Blue Book”, go to www.jbs.or­g and

Please, wake up America!

One item that drove up the national debt was the Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy; the Tax Cut for the wealthy drove up the national debt over the limit and produced NOTHING!

When there is a deficit in the budget, it means one of two things must happen; either you raise taxes or you borrow and pay interest plus what was borrowed which provides nothing, nothing, nothing for the taxpayers.

Did it ever occur to Republicans that American working Middle Class taxpayers want their government to provide certain things for them that they cannot provide for them selves like Universal Health Care; that is the whole purpose and ONLY purpose of any government!  That is what the Constitution says American Government was established to do, “to provide for the common welfare”.

It seems to never have occurred to the present day John Birch Republicans that America’s working Middle Class are willing to sacrifice and to pay taxes for government programs that provide essential services like the Post Office, Public Schools, and Medicare and would gladly pay and increase in taxes if it were for their benefit.  The American working Middle Class knows that nothing is free; citizens work and pay for anything they get including government benefits.

Earlier in American History, working Middle Class Americans often voted to increase taxes for their public schools when they agreed it was necessary. In World War II, working Middle Class Americans and their children proudly bought War Bonds to finance their war.

The working Middle Class Americans are much more conservative than the John Birch Republicans. The American working Middle Class would rather pay for benefits now than borrow and pay interest plus the cost; that is the way they handle limited household budgets.  Working Middle Class taxpayers only balk at tax increases and borrowing for corporate subsidies, tax cuts for the wealthy, and unnecessary wars of aggression.

America’s working Middle Class is willing to sacrifice and to pay more tax if it is for a productive purpose.

Wow!  Talk about no-brainerss!  Take note, President Obama.


Monday, July 11th, 2011

Republicans are desperate. The extremist Tea-Partying John Bircher Republicans think they have convinced a majority of Americans to go along with their John Birch Society agenda, eliminating democracy and establishing a plutocratic oligarchy replacing the American democratic Republic. The Republican extremists have managed to get control of the House of Representatives, buy elections with their wealth by virtue of the Supreme Court “Citizens United Decision”, maintain the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy, eliminate labor unions in State Governments, threaten Medicare and Social Security, and made inroads into privatizing public education; why shouldn’t the extremist John Birch Republicans think they have won control of American. Certainly Republicans have achieved much of what the John Birch Society advocated in 1958.

However, in Wisconsin they found the people were not going to stand for it; the people were going to fight and the Republicans don’t want to lose what they gained.

So, the Republicans are desperate and need an atomic attack to complete their takeover; they will not extend the debt limit and will bankrupt America. They can bring the economy to a standstill amidst chaos, huge interest rates, inflation, bankrupt pensions and annuities and their takeover will be complete; they will make the American working Middle Class “eat cake”.

The Democrats don’t seem to understand. To fully understand, read the John Birch Society Blue Book.

The JBS website:


Sunday, July 10th, 2011

America must realize that their very economic existence is tenuous, right now. Corporate America are the big employers in America, and the Republican Party’s Free Trade Agreements, including NAFTA, has eliminated American jobs (and eliminated American consumers, since working Middle Class Americans are consumers).

Driving south from the USA, from Mexicali, after crossing the Mexican border, there are mile after miles of brand new U.S. factory buildings, employing cheap Mexican Labor to produce products sold in America; Polaris is the latest corporation to move to Mexico. This drain of jobs is evident and you can see it for yourself.

Corporate America is not human; consequently it has no concern about loyalty to the people or the nation’s economy. Corporate America’s primary and sole concern is profits.

American employers found it profitable to outsource employment overseas, using foreign employees for products consumed in America; American stores are full of Chinese produced merchandise. General Motors now produces automobiles in China.

Corporate America is America’s Employers; America has no choice but to react to the unemployment crisis. President Reagan said, “The Great Depression is over and we do not need Federal Regulations any more.” Now the Depression is back. America needs the regulations back, it needs tariff protection, and America needs the WPA and CCC back to put our unemployed to work on our infrastructure, public transportation, and other energy saving projects.

Corporations are enjoying record breaking profits and the working Middle Class in America is experiencing record unemployment.  Working Middle Class Americans are in crisis.


Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

It is of note that the John Birch Society, founded in 1958, has become a major player in politics today but it is never mentioned on television or in the news. It was initially founded as an “anti-Communist” organization by Robert Welch, but when you read the Blue Book of the John Birch Society, you discover that members believed anyone who disagreed with them were Communists, including President Franklin D. Roosevelt and President John Kennedy.

The society is admittedly, a monolithic society; the head of the society is a supreme leader with a Council for advice. The society is not democratic and the members believe that America was never intended to be a democracy.

The JBS has always had aspirations beyond eradicating Communists; they wanted to determine the outcome of elections, they had an agenda to do it, and today they have apparently realized their goal.

“Then, while we are destroying and after we have destroyed the Communist tyranny, let’s drive on toward our higher goals of more permanent accomplishment; toward an era of less government and more responsibility, in which we can create a better world.” Blue Book of JBS p. 135.

It is all written down there in the Blue Book, which is seldom if ever read; JBs is never mentioned in national news and the public is apparently totally ignorant of the JBS purpose.

In the 2010 elections in Wisconsin, orchestrated by two brothers who individually are recognized as two of the wealthiest men in the world and whose father was a founding father of the John Birch Society, were the Republican supporters of Gov. Walker and other candidates in the State and the prime example of JBS success in getting society followers elected. In keeping with the JBS agenda, Walker and his Republican cohorts have eliminated labor unions and are making an effort to eliminate public schools and privatize education in Wisconsin.

Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, is quoted as saying, “What the Republicans are doing in Wisconsin is what we Republicans want to do in Washington D.C.

The reason that the John Birch Society is little known to the public, apparently is by design. JBS membership is secret and members rarely admit their membership. Also, the JBS does nothing in their own name (for an obvious reason, presumably); they use front groups for any and all political action.

“5. We would organize fronts—little fronts, big fronts, temporary fronts, permanent fronts, all kinds of fronts. . . . We have some smaller fronts, such as Orfit—an organization for repeal of the income tax which have probably accomplished more, in proportion to money and effort spent, than many of the larger organizations of conservatives. . . . With such fronts as A Petition To Impeach Earl Warren, (and I think we could get the names of a hundred outstanding leaders from the South and many form the North on the letter head right now); a Committee To Investigate Vassar College (headed by Vassar graduates, of course); and Women Against Labor Union Hoodlumism . . . A part of this same operation is the gathering of petitions, dealing with political matters, educational matters, and everything under the sun. . . . We ought to outdo the Communists at least two to one at that game, until we finally make petitions so overabundant and commonplace that they cease, for a while at least, to be a useful technique for either them or ourselves.” Blue Book of JBS pp. 68-73.

The John Birch Society’s primary devise for eliminating opposition leadership is to assassinate the character of person by insinuating that there is something terrible about him that they cannot prove (a devise used daily on Fox News National Television).

“6. Another thing we should do, and one badly needed, would be to start shocking the American People—or an increasing percentage of the more literate and more intelligent who have not yet been brainwashed . . . Let’s make what we are talking about a little clearer by illustration. There is the head of one of the great educational institutions in the East (not Harvard incidentally) whom at least some of us believe to be a Communist. Even with a hundred thousand dollars to hire sleuths . . . I doubt if we could prove it on him. But—with just five thousand dollars to pay for the proper amount of careful research . . . I believe we could get all the material for quite a shock. . . . we would run in the magazine an article consisting of questions to this man, which would be devastating in their implications. The question technique, when skillfully used in this way, is mean and dirty. But the Communists we are after are meaner and dirtier, and too slippery to put your fingers on them in the ordinary way—no matter how much they look and act like prosperous members of the local Rotary Club.” pp. 73-4.

“Of course we would have to be prepared from the beginning for a lot smearing, as I have already said; and possibly also, no matter how carefully the job was done, for a lot of nuisance libel suits. . . . But it is to be remembered that libel suits also give added publicity to the charges, which is one thing we would be seeking and which the Left would be most anxious to avoid.” Blue Book of JBS p. 79.

It is necessary to use quotes from The Blue Book of JBS because Americans would be aghast and disbelieve otherwise.

Today, when Americans read their newspapers’ letters to the editor or read the comments on Internet news stories, they may wonder where so much support for radicals comes from; based on the numbers, a person would expect that there is a multitude of extremists on the American political scene. The following quote from the Blue Book of JBS explains a lot about that:

“If I were the man on the white horse . . . here are some things I would do. . . 4. We would institute the organized planning and control to make full and effectively coordinated use of the powerful letter writing weapon that lies so ready at hand. . . . There should be a continuous overwhelming flood of letter writing, not just to legislators or the executive departments in Washington, but to newspaper editors, television and radio sponsors, educators, lecturers, state legislators and politicians, foundation heads and everybody else whose opinions, actions, and decisions count for anything in the ultimate total actions and decisions. Such an outpouring of mail would give more courage to a lot of people who would prefer to be more clearly on our side, and would at least slow down the brazen advance of some of those on the other side. . . . Letter writing of the kind that builds opinion exactly the way single grains of sand build a whole barricade. . . we would keep a million men working every day . . . ” pp. 66-8.

Joseph Welch was the man on the white horse, of course, and JBS letter writing committees are obviously an overwhelmingly successful; it is evident.

By far the most disturbing part of the John Birch Society tenets to Americans is the John Birch Society’s total disdain and opposition to American democracy; it is obviously a very important concept to the society and a key factor in their agenda. The JBS is quite open with their beliefs that oppose American democracy. It is best to read that directly from the Blue Book:

“And democracy, of course, as the Greeks and Romans both found out, and as I believe every man in this room clearly recognized–democracy is merely a deceptive phrase, a weapon of demagoguery, and a perennial fraud.” Blue Book of JBS p. 124.

(Continued in Footnote 25, p. 136.) “Our liberal critics would have you believe that this statement, for an American is practically heresy. This is because these same Liberals have been working so long and so hard to convert our republic into a democracy, and to make the American people believe that it is supposed to be a democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth than that insidiously planted premise. Our founding fathers knew a great deal about history and government, and they had very nearly a clean slate on which to write the blueprint for our own. They gave us a republic because they considered it the best of all forms of government. They visibly spurned a democracy as probably the worst of all forms of government. But our past history and our present danger indicate that they were right in both particulars.”

Americans should read the entire Blue Book of the John Birch Society, 1961. There is, of course, much more for Americans to know about these extremists in American society.

In interviews or press conferences, American leaders including Presidents have never been directly been asked by reporters, “Are you now or ever have been a member of the John Birch Society.” Nor has any reporter ask, “Isn’t your agenda identical to the John Birch Society agenda”. Neither has a government official been ask their opinion of tenets of the John Birch Society nor have they even been ask their opinion of the John Birch Society. Answers would be thought provoking.

Ironically, before public school teachers in California are given a license and allowed to teach, they must sign a legal affidavit that states, “I am not now nor have I ever been a member of the Communist Party.” However, members of the John Birch Society who oppose American democracy can be and are routinely licensed to teach in the public schools; of course, teachers in the public schools of California are required to teach the benefits of democracy in America.

The purpose of this blog post is to make Americans aware of the John Birch Society, its tenets, and its impact on our daily life and in our government. Essential quotes of JBS have been used purposefully; this is not an opinion article.

The American John Birch Society represents tremendous wealth and power in America; the member are individually exceedingly wealthy Americans and corporate CEOs. Members of the society through their campaign contributions have been responsible for the recent election of many high level government officials.

The five Republican Justices of the US Supreme court majority that decided the Citizens United Decision, opened the doors for unlimited financial contributions from any corporation or foreign entity; the contributor can and do remain anonymous. Previous law regulating limitations of election contributions were declared by the Court majority to violate the US Constitutions; this was a dark night for American democratic elections.

In the 2010 Midterm elections, hoards of money were spent on political candidates, primarily Republican candidates. Financial contributions appear to be the deciding factor in most American elections today. This is obviously not the democratic way to elect a democratic government; America today portends to have a plutocratic oligarchic government and not a democracy.

The John Birch Society is today experiencing phenomenal success; their website is at:


Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Although, as a professional teacher I disagree with President Obama’s appointment of Arne Duncan to the position of Secretary of Education and disagree with President Obama’s and Duncan’s education policy, Sec. Duncan did said something I do agree with, “As a society, we don’t value what’s truly important. We value celebrity, we value athletes . . .”

It’s ironic that Duncan, a professional basketball player, was appointed Asst. Supt. in the Chicago Schools and subsequently to be Superintendent of the Chicago Schools based his basketball career and he had no experience as a public school teacher.

Duncan’s success was raising Chicago student’s SAT scores; any professional Public School Teacher can tell you, SATs are not an evaluation of anything but cognitive learning and that’s not what Public Schools are about. A student can have perfect SAT scores and not be able to do a damn thing.

SATs do not determine whether a student will succeed in life.

Everything the Secretary and President have done in Education is based on SAT scores; that is exasperating to teachers.

As a professional teacher, I resent having a Secretary of Education that has never experienced the responsibility of teaching a classroom of students to succeed in life. The responsibility is awesome.

As one Superintendent said, “Teaching is a highly skilled, highly nuanced task. It actually is Rocket Science to teach a Third Grader to read on Grade level.”

You will never hear Secretary Duncan utter those words; to him teaching is competitive, like basketball.


Friday, July 1st, 2011

Herewith is my comment in response to President Obama releasing America’s oil reserves to lower the cost of gasoline:

Sorry, I really hate to tell you people this but availability of  oil doesn’t have anything to do with the price of gasoline. American oil doesn’t cost any more or less than any other oil. The world’s oil price is controlled by a cartel (monopoly) and they can charge any amount they like just because they can and Americans will buy it! Americans think they have to have gasoline to exist.

The President of the USA has no control over the price; President Obama’s release of oil reserves means nothing but shuts up those Americans who keep asking him to do that because they think oil is priced by a free market; it is not. President Obama is proving a point. I assume you get it now.

Please remind me to trim my wicks and buy oil for the oil lamps in my living room. The price of electricity generated by oil is exorbitant.

Mexico nationalized their oil industry and their government subsidizes gasoline in Mexico for their people so it’s cheaper and the people can drive to work; wealthy Americans living here in California on the border, cross the border to go to Mexico and buy subsidized gasoline there and then come home to America to vote for the Republican Party who subsidizes the oil industry in America.

Pardon me; what I just said is true and I think I need to throw up!