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Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Yesterday, I became concerned when I found that MSNBC had disciplined Ed Schultz for calling Laura Ingrahm of Faux News, a “Right Wing Slut”; Schultz was made to apologize and lose a week’s pay. He appeared to be sincere in his apology and will be absent from the TV screen for a week and not be able to call anyone anything.

But I was thinking, it is OK for me to agree with Schultz’s description and it is even OK if Schultz believes his own description was accurate, but he is not allowed by his network to express himself on that issue. Yet, Faux News is notorious for misrepresenting the truth and calling people who disagree with their ideology, all sorts of names that are well known to be grossly inaccurate.

So, one reason for my concern is because of all the name-calling Faux News commentators engage in, particularly calling my President Obama a Communist, a racist, a fascist, which are well recognized to not be true, and that is considered OK by Faux News.

Though, my major concern is that MSNBC was just allowed to be acquired by Comcast, which I consider to be another Faux News Lite. I am wondering if extremists like Murdoch and his ilk eventually will acquire all the nation’s networks and spin all the news to suit their ideological whims and there will be no differences of opinion left in America. This seems to be the direction that American extremists are going and eventually they expect that there will be no one remaining on TV to refer to Ingraham as a Right Wing Slut even if she is.

Frankly, I consider today’s Americans to be vastly uninformed about what is going on in the world, because I have long been of the opinion that the media in America are controlled by their advertisers and that they self-censor news to satisfy advertisers.

From 2000 to 2005, I personally lived in Europe and saw on TV News in Europe, all the things that Americans never saw. This was amazing for me, an American, to be out of America and looking in and seeing Americans denied the truth about world affairs. European commentato­rs would actually announce that “these film clips will not be shown in America.” It was sobering for me to know that people all over the world, even Third World Nations, were seeing what I saw and yet no one in America, none of my friends or family, would ever see it.

When I came home to America for visits, people would say, “What do the Europeans know; their news is all censored and in America we have freedom of the press.”

Holy crap! That is disturbing!

It also is painful for me to hear duly elected Congressme­n talking like babbling idiots, void of facts and irresponsible, and making up stories to make their self look good, when it is all a lie; all of this is broadcast on national TV.

Let me give an example of what I am talking about; it always amazes me that when I ask people in America if they know what bin Laden’s incentive was for his 911 terrorist attack, they don’t know. Yet it was published in the US Commission on 911 Report. You would expect Americans to know something like that. Even people in Third World Nations know but Americans do not.

The American people are totally bamboozled because they believe they have freedom of the press and therefore believe what they read in newspapers and hear and see on TV. They simply believe what they want to believe and ignore facts (of which they are unaware).

I have always wanted to be proud of America and Americans and now, through no fault of the people, America appears to be a land of ignorant boobs. It is embarrassing what the media has done to the minds of the people of America.


Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Recently, I engaged in an internet discussion in which I said, accurately I believe, that in America, the only voice that Middle Class Americans have about their economic status and standard of living was Labor Unions. It incited quite a response.

One poster responded with everything negative he could think of about organized labor but offered no alternatives.

Excuse me, I became somewhat emotional in my response and so enamored with it that I thought I should post it here. Here tis:

P_____, I rather think you are a shill.

Your post is actually interestin­g, it offers no answers and it does ask a question.

The question for you: who in America is the voice of the American working Middle Class if Labor Unions are not? Gotcha! There isn’t any!

Study history of the Labor Movement! It is recorded history!

Wealth is power! The American working Middle Class is not wealthy, though they believe they are if they can afford to eat out Saturday night instead of having beans at home.

You are totally unaware; you have to have been there to understand­. I have more than 80 years experience and qualify.

I served as a union member and officer, not compensate­d for the many hours I spent with families devastated by their employer’s utter unconcerne­d for employees’ economic plight; the family’s greatest mistake was trust their employer that the employer felt any responsibi­lity for their employee’s circumstances, though the employer did demand employee loyalty.

Don’t mess with me; if labor unions do not speak for working Middle Class Americans, who does? It’s not the John Birch Republican Party and quite frankly, I have not seen God stand up and represent the unemployed­ American Working Middle Class that He or She created.

Holy crap! Where is God when you’re out of work, the family’s hungry, you’re unemployed and the John Birch Republican­s are worried about the National Debt? Perhaps it was God who created the AFL-CIO?

Labor union members never stand alone!

Who else speaks for working Middle Class Americans?


Friday, May 27th, 2011

The Wisconsin government takeover by the Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society Republicans was thwarted today when their union busting anti union legislation was overturned by a Wisconsin court. “Wisconsin Anti-Union Law Struck Down by Judge . . .”, Huffington Post 5/26/11:

The Wisconsin coup by extremists was orchestrat­ed by the Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society that does not believe in democracy but instead believes in a republic ruled by wealthy elite. They define democracy as “mob rule” (their words); the JBS does not recognize that democracy requires liberty (America’s Bill of Rights) to protect the minority from tyranny of the majority. (JBS would prefer unlimited freedom instead of liberty; liberty is defined as freedom to the extent that it does not infringe on the freedom of others.)

Therefore, the Kochs and Birchers believed that if they could buy Wisconsin’­s democratic election and Republican majority, they could “use” democracy to take control and do whatever they wanted with impunity. Not so; thank God for liberty, the salvation of the working Middle Class in Wisconsin and America.

Wisconsin is being watched closely to see if John Birch Society ideology can possibly take over government in America for the wealthy elite to the detriment of America’s working Middle Class. The decisive battle is still to be won. Members of the John Birch Society are exceedingly wealthy and consequently very powerful. America’s working Middle Class is poor by comparison and not adequately informed of the dilemma nor widely organized (thanks to the 1948 Taft Hartley Act of Papa Koch).

The people of Wisconsin and American Labor Unions have risen to the occasion in Wisconsin and slowed-down the John Birch Society takeover. Organized Labor is the only voice left for America’s Working Middle Class.

The Koch Brothers father was a founding member of the John Birch Society and advocate of the anti-labor Taft Hartley Act of 1948, also ironically labeled the “Right-To-­Work Act.

To read how the JBS intends to take over America and make it an oligarchic and plutocrati­c Republic instead of a democracy, read the “John Birch Society Blue Book” of 1961, it’s all there for everyone to read.


Thursday, May 26th, 2011

In his speech before the American Congress, Israel’s Netanyahu sounded like Speaker Boehner, “We refuse to negotiate!” “Congress Stands for Netanyahu 29 Times”, Daily Beast:

The Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, appears to have no compassion at all for displaced Palestinians who have been living in refugee camps all these years, yet he demands that Americans perpetuate their compassion and aid for Israel. Just how long will Netanyahu expect America’s love and money to continue to flow to Israel and why does Netanyahu expect Americans to lack compassion for the Palestinian displaced refugees? Could it be that Israel is taking advantage of the American expressions of hatred of Muslims generated by the misguided and distorted American perception since 911 that all Muslims are terrorists?

Frankly, I am beginning to understand the world view of disliking the ignorant arrogant Americans and their aggressiveness and expressions of hatred; Americans apparently have abandoned the concept that divergent ethnic and religious entities in this world must learn to cohabit the planet in peace. Are Americans and Congress actually advocating genocide of Muslims?

America has been quick to condemn the theocracy established in Iran but seem to totally disregard the current ugly theocracy existing in Israel that morphed from the democracy once established there when Israel was founded with America’s blessing post WWII. A theocracy is a theocracy and it is certainly not a democracy.

The American Congress’ exhibition of approval of Israel’s lack of compassion for displaced Palestinian refugees during Netanahu’s speech was shameful. What a contrast to America’s Marshal Plan for Nazi Germany after WWII.

President Obama appears to be suffering from the wrath of Republican religious bigotry that the media has appeared to perpetuate.

Whatever became of American democratic values?


Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Holy crap!  The Republican Party today is no longer the party of Abraham Lincoln, it is a party of absolutely insane, wealthy, greedy, power hungry crazies without an ounce of compassion for humanity and no concept of civilized  co-habitation on the planet.  For the life of me, I cannot possibly perceive American voters actually electing these throwbacks to an evil, dark, abyss into office; to get into office these Republicans must have to have bought it, hacked their own Diebold voting machines, or used mirrors.  No self respecting American would have voted for them.

I think that someone will have to stand up and get every working Middle Class American organized to eliminate the present day Republican Party totally from the American political scene.  The people need to fill the streets in protest and in anger and wrest these T-bagging Neocon nincompoops out of office; the American democratic Republic can’t wait for another election, by that time there will be nothing of our Republic left.

There is not hope for decent respectable Republicans to save their party.  The American working Middle Class must form their own Reform Party.


Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

A recent article on schools and competition in the 21st Century piqued my interest; “Education Nation: in Los Angeles Corporate Leaders Weigh In,” Huffington Post 5/21/11:

This panel, “Competing in the 21st Century” was a travesty favoring American Public School opponents, like the John Birch Society and Tax Payer Associations who want to eliminate Public Schools and privatize Public Schools for either ideology or tax reduction purposes. Ironically, Corporate America leaders, who are primarily the problem, want to suggest solutions; meanwhile every dollar spent by Corporate America on tax for schools, decreases profits and profits are the only purpose of corporations. God help us.

Mayor Villaraigosa of LA is an ass for blaming the schools for drop-outs; the Public Schools are not responsible for high school dropouts, society and economic conditions are. Schools have no control over either societal or economic factors in students lives.

As for quality of Public Schools in California, Proposition 13 devastated Public Schools in California; it destroyed them. Proposition 13 gave businesses, industry, and wealthy real estate owners privileged and inequitable property assessment privileges that virtually left California Schools without sufficient funding for the last 37 years and becomes increasingly worse every year; public schools were dependent on property tax and now property tax does not support them. California went from first to last in dollars spent per student for education. Californians used to be proud of their Public Schools and now they complain but they do not realize that with Proposition 13, they virtually defunded their schools. Wealth in California is in the land.

The movement to eliminate Public Schools and privatize them has grown much stronger every year. Charter Schools, vouchers, and Standard Achievement Test evaluation (not empirically sound) have all benefited those who would eliminate Public Schools.

The only thing of value in this article is Superintendent Deasy’s statement, “Teaching is a highly skilled, highly nuanced task. It actually is Rocket Science to teach a Third Grader to read on Grade level.”


Thursday, May 19th, 2011

President Obama has not totally satisfied the constituency that elected him; probably no President does.

Usually a President picks up “obligations” in order to win an election; how else can a candidate win. Every candidate has to get elected before he can do anything.

President Obama’s big issue was universal health care; getting Health Care Reform into law put everything else out of the picture. President Obama’s universal health care plan did not satisfy all the proponents of universal health care, particularly because of the absence of a public option.

The Republican Party and the media perception that people opposed universal health care was utterly ridiculous; it was Obama’s advocacy of universal health care got him elected.

The most important opposition to the statute , of those who favored it,was that it lacked a public option and thus did not go far enough. Protests to the President’s Health Care Reform was totally contrived by Republicans and their Health Care Industry campaign contributors and other extremists that saw it as a threat to their exorbitant profits; of course the Koch brothers and he John Birch Society that created the Tea Party Movement opposed universal health care on an ideological basis.

Universal Health Care was a big victory but the President had to give up too much to get it passed. Ironically, Blue Dog Democrats were his worse obstacle.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was barely a victory for the President; Afghanistan and Gitmo were a disaster, and eliminating bin Laden was the President’s huge victory.

Continuing the Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy was a big loss for President Obama; working Middle Class were not so concerned about their miserly tax cut; maintaining the Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy was Damaging to President Obama despite the fact that the Republicans insisted on it in order to get Unemployment Benefits extended for the unemployed.

President Obama doesn’t seem to understand that working Middle Class are willing to sacrifice for their country.  However, wealthy Americans will not and the wealthy believe they “own” America; it increasingly seems the wealthy actually do own America and continuing the Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy seemed to reinforce that idea.

Of course, President Obama had to appease too many politicians along the way, including Clinton Democrats. He had to “pay his dues” and in the process, President Obama got some bad advice.

The President Obama public school policy and his appointment of Secretary Duncan is horrible! Public school teachers across the nation are horrified. The policy plays right into the hands of opponents of public schools, like the John Birch society, who want to privatize the public schools.

As a liberal democrat, President Obama earns a C grade from me and all Republican candidates are much worse. The Republican Party has been taken over by the anti democratic John Birch Society and do not represent the working Middle Class that makes up a majority of the electorate.

Voters in America can never just vote for the their best candidate; more often, they can only vote against the worse.  That is the major drawback to America’s two party system requiring a majority of the electoral vote.


Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Of course the price of oil is fixed by the oil cartel; there is no free market for oil and there is no shortage of oil.  Filling stations do not refuse to fill the tanks of the American’s gas guzzling SUV because there is a shortage of oil.

America needs to nationalize the oil industry like Mexico did; Mexico then subsidizes gasoline for a lower gasoline price to the Mexican people.

In America, the taxpayers subsidize the oil industry while the people’s income and standard of living is being bled by profits for the oil cartels.  Does that make sense?

The oil cartels fill the coffers of the campaign funds for Members of Congress and the naive taxpayer asks Congress and the President to do something about high gas prices; that’s dumb!

Taxpayers are naive and ignorant because Corporate America including oil cartels, represent profits to the media through advertising and the media spins news to favor the oil industry.

The oil cartel is more dangerous to the USA than bin Laden.

When gasoline prices go up, then food prices go up because gasoline went up and that affects the costs of  food production and transportation.  When gasoline goes up, airline prices, bus prices, and train prices goes up because of cost of gasoline.  When oil prices go up, gas and electric energy and heating prices go up and the people pay more to heat and light their house than the house payment is!

Our Constitutional forefathers founded the socialized United States Postal Service because they believed that communication was too important to trust to the private sector; this has always been considered responsible nationalization by America, even in 1787.  Today, oil is too important to the people for the government to trust production of it to the private sector.

If Harry Truman was President, today,  he would nationalize the oil industry and three years later the US Supreme Court would find it unconstitutional for him to do so.  But, Truman would have meanwhile stopped the oil industry from gouging the people and President Truman would have scared the living crap out of the oil industry.


Monday, May 9th, 2011

Today, I read another article about the phenomenon all teachers are aware of, Asian students excel in passing tests; I am a teacher.

Actually, any teacher who has had Asian students knows that Asian students will excel on tests but unfortunately are unable to actually do anything related to the subject. It is the difference between cognitive learning and affective learning. Asian students excel at learning answers to questions but when it comes to applying what they learned they are ill equipped to do it because their egos are suppressed and they are dedicated only to study.

Actually, in today’s world all American students are geared to learning answers (SAT scores) and not to be creative, inventive, or capable. Holy crap! That is suppressive!

This is obvious to some of us in the teaching field but other teachers who worship the multiple choice test never figure it out. There are teachers and there are teachers!

What is an excellent teacher?

Teachers don’t know and the President of the USA doesn’t know and you can bank on it.

Who does know? The students know! Students know that those who live happy productive lives had the best teachers whether the student turns out to be a happy garbage collector or a happy neural surgeon.


Sunday, May 8th, 2011

The other night I watched O’Donnell on MSNBC interview Condo Rice on his show. I remembered when the US 9/11 Commission Hearing found that Rice and Bush both ignored warnings from intelligence that 9/11 was going to happen. The Commission reported it but without assessing blame to either one; agreeing that blaming someone would not have accomplished anything positive, and I agreed to that.

However, when I watched the interview of Rice and the way she attacked O’Donnell over his questions, which I thought were not about her negligence but instead appropriate and allowing her to defend the Bush Administration behavior, I was appalled by her arrogance and ignorance on matters and frankly the nasty attitude that she expressed. Her answers were babbling and incoherent and she constantly attacked O’ Donnell for trying to get her to answer the question when she was preaching instead of answering. I thought his questions were respectful and deserving of an honest and serious answer.

Until then, I had respected Rice; now I feel she was actually always completely incompetent, frankly dishonest, and totally inadequate. Someone said she was the worse Security Adviser in history; I have to agree.

To think that Bush would have chosen her and then elevated her to Sec. of State based on her incompetence makes me realize that President Bush must have really deserved all the references to him as brainless and incompetent. This was truly a sad time in our history. When I look at the utter shattered reputation of America from those Bush years and I see the Republican devastation of American economy, unemployment, outsourcing of American production, and blocking of everything positive that President Obama has attempted since the end of the Bush Era, I seriously wonder if the American democratic Republic will ever survive?

Americans stupidly look at revolution against plutocracy and oligarchy in the Third World Nations of the Mideast and cannot see that those people are revolting against the same plutocracy and oligarchy that Americans have acquired right here in the USA. Evidently, intelligence and ingenuity no longer has a place in the USA.

Americans wildly and peacefully celebrated the killing of bin Laden and  yet Americans carrying guns and threatening placards protested Universal Health Care in the USA, the greatest social achievement in America in Modern History. Holy crap! Whatever happened to the American Spirit of ’76!