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Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Michelle Rhee was appointed chancellor of public schools in Washington D.C. and acquired a national reputation as a successful Reformer of the Public Schools. Rhee’s success was based on the cult of using Standardized Achievement Tests (SAT) as a tool for evaluation of student success and teacher’s success in public schools; actually success in public schools involves much more than the cognitive learning measured by the Standardized Achievement tests and as it turns out, there is presently a scandal involving dishonesty in SAT testing and specifically in Rhee’s testing in Washington D.C.

The purported success of Rhee’s reforming the public schools in Washington included strict adherence to Rhee’s philosophy of teaching, the firing of many teachers and administrators, and elimination of teacher tenure in Washington.

Rhee was recently replaced as Chancellor of schools in Washington D.C. creating quite a stir and protests of her firing; she was immediately offered prestigious high salaried jobs as head of a big city’s schools.

Though Michelle Rhee has been highly acclaimed as an expert in matters of education, her qualifications have never been highly publicized. Therefore, I took the liberty to delve into her qualifications as a teacher and administrator.

What I discovered was that Rhee had never attended a public high school; “She graduated from Maumee Valley Country Day School (or MVCDS, Maumee Valley or MV) an independent and non-religious private school located in Toledo, Ohio.”

Actually, Rhee never studied teaching nor education in college nor has she done any notable academic research in education. Rhee’s college degrees are in politics; “She graduated from Cornell University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in government and later earned a Master of Public Policy degree from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.”

Further, it appears that Rhee did not earn a license to teach in a normal program for students who intend to become a teacher; she became a teacher in a special program to learn teaching “on the job”. Rhee taught in Baltimore, Maryland as a recruit of Teach For America for three years.

In a story of her early years of teaching, reported in “Michelle Rhee, first-year teacher” at: Rhee tells about taping her second graders’ mouths shut to keep them for talking. It would appear to most educators that this kind of behavior by a Second Grade teacher would be unacceptable for a teacher and certainly not qualify a person to be Chancellor of Public Schools in Washington D.C. Most parents, including myself, would not tolerate their child being treated in such an undignified manner at school.

Chancellor Rhee was greatly acclaimed for her success in raising the SAT scores of students in Washington D.C.; that is the basis of her success. Then, “In 2008 the Office of the State Superintendent of Education discovered that over 96 schools in DC were flagged for suspiciously high wrong-to-wrong answer changes. The number of schools in DC with abnormal rates of wrong-to-right erasures is more than half of all schools and includes eight of the 10 campuses where Rhee handed out TEAM awards “to recognize, reward and retain high-performing educators and support staff.”

Recently, extremists have campaigned and advocated elimination of America’s Public Schools and favor privatizing the public schools. Many of these opponents of Public Schools would use taxpayers money to provide vouchers for public school students to attend private schools. Vouchers are of course, one means of privatizing public schools. On January 11, 2011, Rhee endorsed vouchers when she supported, “giving poor families access to publicly funded scholarships to attend private schools.”[57] This is certainly not a qualification for becoming a public school administrator.

It is very difficult to find any outstanding qualifications for Michelle Rhee actually assuming responsibility for administering public schools. In my estimation, the controversy of Chancellor Rhee’s dismissal should include a consideration of her qualifications for being a school administrator.

There appears to be a trend today to employ other than professional educators to administer the public schools. At the same time, politicians persist in claiming the public schools are a failure. There is no real empirical evidence to indicate that Public Schools are failing. In all probability the public schools overall are no better or worse than they have ever been.


Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

An excellent article about America’s public schools appeared in The Daily Beast, “Obama’s War on Schools” by Diane Ravitch:

Ravitch did an excellent job in pointing out the folly of using the Standard Achievement Test (SAT) Scores Cult for making decisions regarding America’s Public Schools; unfortunately, Ravitch fails to identify the very real opponents of the Public Schools, the extremely wealthy John Birch Society ideologues and the various American Taxpayers’ Associations.

To fully understand the plight of America’s Public Schools today, it is necessary to understand the history, purpose, and nature of Public Schools.

America’s public schools were actually prescribed for America by our Constitutional Forefathers and the Continental Congress, even before our Constitution, in the Northwest Ordinance of 1785 and 1787; the Northwest Ordinance provided that one section of each township on the American frontiers was to be used for a public school. Public schools have been an American institution ever since. The purpose was to perpetuate American democracy and to provide an enlightened electorate for the American democratic Republic.

Consequently, America’s Public Schools have always been required to be completely democratic; the public schools cannot indoctrinate students in any religious, economic, or political ideology except democracy and they must enroll any and all students within their attendance jurisdiction. Because of the democratic nature of the Public Schools and the U.S. Constitution, alternative private and parochial schools also became a part of American society, early in the nation’s history; the private schools can and do discriminate in the demographics of their student body and can and do indoctrinate students in religious, economic, and political beliefs. The difference in the distinctive purpose of public and private schools is essential in understanding the controversy surrounding Public Schools today.

The Separation of Church and State in the First Amendment of the U/S. Constitution is the legal and philosophical basis for the State supporting Public Schools with tax revenues and private schools being financed exclusively by tuition or philanthropy.

Basically, Public Schools have been willingly supported by American taxpayers since the founding of the Republic. Of course, there have always been some opponents to Public Schools based on the democratic nature of Public Schools and the cost of Public Schools being equally distributed over the entire population. However, opposition to Public Schools has always been very limited, previously.

Today however, Public Schools are being opposed by a very formidable minority of considerable wealth and wealth is power in America today; wealth buys publicity, elections, and influence.

In the latter part of the 20th Century, the John Birch Society was founded. One of the main concept of the JBS was that America was never intended to be a democracy, they believe America is a Republic, and democracy is “mob rule” (in their words); the JBS totally ignores the existence of America’s Bill of Rights protection of the minority from the tyranny of the majority and the JBS believes common American electors are incapable of making intelligent decisions. They oppose Public Schools because of their democratic nature and because Public Schools are a socialistic entity (which they are) financially supported by the people.

The JBS works through “front” organizations to promote their political and economic ideology and the JBS is supported by very wealthy individuals who finance non-profit, tax free, foundations and think tanks that promote the John Birch Society ideology.

It is no secret that the most expensive item dependent upon American Tax Payers are the Public Schools. Public Schools are expensive. No matter how essential Public Schools appear to be to the people and the American democratic Republic, public school teachers have never in the past been considered overpaid when compared to other professions requiring similar educational preparation and teachers salaries are about sixty percent of the cost of the Public Schools; Public School teachers are not really the over-paid enemy of the American Taxpayers. However, Tax Payer Associations who oppose exorbitant taxes have continuously over the years opposed the high costs of Public Schools.

There are also, for example, some childless tax payers who feel that they should not be required to pay for the education of other citizen’s children; what they do not realize is how dependent they are on the education of other people’s children.

Tax Payers’ Associations are established on a local basis all over America; their intent is to keep taxes as low as possible and the tax for Public Schools is the largest one cost to taxpayers. The purpose of the Taxpayers’ Association is not to support taxes for any beneficial purpose to the people but instead exclusively to lower taxes, including and especially tax for Public Schools.

The best and most effective way to oppose and eliminate Public Schools is to find them ineffective and failing; if Public Schools are a failure, it appears obvious that they should be eliminated and privatized. Further, since Public Schools are a part of the American democratic Republic and local government, Public Schools can only be eliminated by the people. Therefore, today America has suffered continuously a vicious propaganda attack on the efficiency of Public Schools and on the superiority of private schools based on the cult of Standardized Achievement Tests; the propaganda attack on the public schools has considerable financial backing of John Birch Society front organizations and Tax Payers’ Associations.

The Standardized Achievement Test (SAT) scores cult is being used effectively to destroy the reputation of Public Schools in America. SAT scores are basically a written test of the cognitive learning of students. Cognitive learning is one type of learning and is basically what students have committed to memory about things taught in the schools as opposed to Affective Learning which is how to do things and Motor Skills Learning which is how to physically do things. Cognitive learning is a relatively small part of what Public Schools are supposed to accomplish: enlightenment of the electorate and an understanding of the benefits of democratic principles.

A real evaluation of Public Schools would be, how successful in life their graduates are; looking realistically at the present generation and the next, the opponents of Public Schools would be hard pressed to say that these individuals taught in America’s Public Schools are a failure. It therefore appears entirely appropriate to say that today’s Public Schools are neither better nor worse than in the past.

Admittedly, subject matter taught in today’s schools is far more sophisticated than in the past and Public Schools are desperately trying to subsist on less funding than in the past due to the present financial crisis; however they have survived the Great Depression, World War Two, The Cold War, The Baby Boom, and today the attacks by the opponents of Public Schools. The greatest need of Public Schools today is the support of the people who were educated in them and believe in them against opponents who would eliminate them. Public Schools need the vote and confidence of the American people at the polls.


Monday, March 21st, 2011

Today, the news was about the essay question on Standardized Achievement Test; “SAT Head Defends Reality TV Question”, by Lawrence Bunin, The Daily Beast.

For me, who spent my entire lifetime career working in public schools, I find all the hullaballoo about SAT testing exceedingly distressful and I certainly know the importance of testing and the limitations of testing. Frankly, SAT testing is more of a cult than prime instrument for decision making; I would like to emphasis the word cult. The purpose and limitations of SAT testing is to determine, as well as possible, how much cognitive learning students retain from their school experience, PERIOD; it is a test of memory, extremely limited, and has little relationship to a student’s real success, seriously! What students can actually do and how they behave after attending public school is all that matters and all that measures the school’s real success.

Retention of students and having them graduate from school, is only partly the responsibility of schools and is more the responsibility of society; schools simply are not responsible for students who are not in school.

Actually the topic of the essay question on the SAT tests, in this case a question about reality TV, is not nearly as important as the people who are evaluating the answers; regardless of the question or the evaluators, the essay test is to a great extent ‘subjective’. Just recognize the reality, damn it. If you want to critique the essay question ask yourself, “is it stimulating?” Holy crap!  The question is not stimulating, so be it!

Why even talk about reality TV, the real problem today is reality public schools; the test writers would serve a better purpose concentrating of saving the public schools from the Americans who want to privatize the public schools or eliminate them entirely: the John Birch Society and various Taxpayer Associations. The failure of public schools is the myth of the people who would eliminate them: the JBS because public schools are democratic and socialistic which they oppose and the Taxpayer Association because public schools are the costliest item paid for with tax money.

Actually, the public schools are neither better nor worse than they ever were; today, public schools are teaching more sophisticated subject matter and are doing it with less funding is the only difference.

The essay question on the SAT tests is a non issue.


Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Americans need to make some big decisions and quit belly-aching.

Public schools are the single biggest cost to taxpayers; they always have been. However, Americans have always wanted public schools, were proud of their public schools, and they supported their public schools. Not so much today.

Today, America has successful public schools regardless of what opponents say.

Those who bash Public schools, especially politicians, need to simply come out with their rational for condemning public schools. Taxpayers Associations want to eliminate public schools because they’re expensive. The John Birch Society wants to eliminate public schools because they are democratic and socialistic. Republicans want to eliminate public schools because they want the votes and campaign contributions of everybody else who wants to eliminate public schools.

President Obama and Secretary of Education Duncan want to reform public schools because they’re so bad but they are a loss for finding out how to make them good because they can’t find out what’s bad except everyone seems to say public schools are bad; they aren’t. Public schools are no worse nor better than they ever were, they are more sophisticated in what they teach than they ever were, and they are getting much less financial support than they ever did.

Yes there is a conspiracy to eliminate public schools; the conspirators are exceedingly wealthy and evident. Look for who is bashing public schools and why: Taxpayers Associations, the John Birch Society, Republicans, and parents of failing kids.

Does Corporate America want a source of  literate workers?  Do Americans want literate neighbors?  Does the USA want literate voters?   Do Americans want a literate society?

Do Americans want public schools or not?


Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Florida and Idaho are considering requiring the writing merit pay into each of the States’ public school teachers’ contracts; President Obama an Secretary of Education Arne Duncan have expressed their opinion that public school teachers should be paid on a basis of their merit as a teacher.   Florida and Idaho Push For Merit Pay Could Set A National Precedent For Teachers Contracts, Huffington Post 3/11/11.

It’s unfortunate that Americans, including the President, the Secretary of Education, and other high ranking politicians, do not understand that America’s public schools are and are required to be totally democratic.

First there is no agreement on how teachers should be evaluated; there are too many variables to do it scientifically.  Standard Achievement Tests (SATs) scores of students, measure only some cognitive (memory) learning and they do not measure teaching.  More important, learning of a kind that teaches students to do something, or to be physically capable of doing something is much more important than memorizing answers to the SATs.  There is much more to teaching and learning than SATs measure.

More important, once politicians have decided which teachers are meritorious, how are they going to decide which students get the meritorious teacher and which students are assigned the crummy teachers who are not meritorious, democratically that is; will American students soon have SEPARATE AND UNEQUAL education? Who is going to make the democratic decision about assignment of teachers?

Every State currently has teacher licensing requirements.  If a teacher is qualified, the teacher is licensed; all teachers are licensed and EQUALLY qualified to teach.  With merit pay, a situation is created were some teachers are MORE EQUALLY qualified that others.  Holy Crap, President Obama, are you sure that you want to get into that fight IN EVERY SCHOOL IN AMERICA EVERY NEW SEMESTER ?

Personally, I had a lifetime career teaching in public schools; in my lifetime, I never had the opportunity or desire to tell other teachers that “I am a meritorious teacher and you are not.”  I really wouldn’t want to do that.

One thing is absolutely true and can be easily verified scientifically.  Every student, every parent, every school administrator, every taxpayer, and every politician including President Obama and Secretary of Education Duncan are positive that they can accurately evaluate teachers; just ask them!  Of all the people who feel qualified to judge my teaching, the only authority that I would accept would be my students; they actually know.


Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Today, the news is that on Faux Cable News, Gov. Palin said: “These union bosses that are acting like thugs as they are leading some of their good union members down a road that will ultimately result in, unfortunately, somebody getting hurt, if you believe the death threats that are being received by those that just happen to support amending some collective bargaining privileges of state unions,” Palin told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “Well it is these union bosses responsibility to turn down the rhetoric and get truth out there so nobody gets hurt.” From Sarah Palin: Union Bosses have acted “Like Thugs”in Wisconsin, Huffington Post.

How Sister Sarah and Faux News are wrong, “Let me count the ways!”

Wisconsin’s crisis is not about Republicans “amending collective bargaining privileges”; the Wisconsin crisis is about Republicans eliminating workers’ collective bargaining rights, and for Gov. Palin’s information, collective bargaining is not a privilege given to workers, it is their life’s blood that they fought for decades to win.

If Grizzly Sarah was aware of Labor history, she would know that union member are constantly aware of the dangers involved in standing up for their rights as human beings; American workers of the past have been slaughtered and maimed by Pinkerton goons, police, and even soldiers for simply trying to attain a decent standard of living in America. It is only logical that those threatening the livelihood of labor be aware of the dangers to those that are taking someone else’s bread from their table. That is the law of Nature and it works both ways.

Think about it for a moment. Whether Americans want to believe it or not, this is the case of America’s working Middle Class fighting again for their very existence and they have not in the past nor will they resign and quit in the middle of serving their family’s cause.

Palin’s concern for “those that just happen to support amending some collective bargaining privileges of state unions” falls on deaf ears because you are talking about desperate workers who are having collective bargaining, the only voice they have relative to their livelihood, silenced forever; Gov. Walker did not “amend” collective bargaining, he eliminated it for State employees; for the American Labor Movement, a threat against one member of the Labor brotherhood is considered a threat against all.

Meanwhile, Republican John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives has said, “Gov. Walker is doing in Wisconsin, what Republicans in Washington hope to do”. It is inconceivable that the Republican Party, the Party of Abraham Lincoln, would oppose the entire Middle Class working people of America in such a just cause. If Republicans are against America’s Middle Class, how can the possible represent the people?

This is a perpetual war between American Socio-Economic classes, Labor against Corporate Thugs who would deny Labor of their livelihood; collective bargaining is a truce in an ongoing war. Corporate employers are fighting for profits and Labor is fighting for bread for their family’s table.

Corporate employers are the obvious enemy of Labor; consequently Labor definitely poses a threat to them just as they are a threat to Labor.

How dare Gov. Palin call Labor leadership, Thugs; America’s labor leaders represent Middle Class working people of America who are the very breadth and life of America. It is the sweat from the brow of the American workers that has made America great.

At the same time that Gov. Palin calls Labor, Thugs, she defends and exalts Corporate Employers who created the current economic chaos in America with their corrupt business practices, Corporate Employers who outsourced American jobs creating mass American unemployment, Corporate Employers who bought politicians who enacted free trade laws to the detriment of American workers, Corporate employers who bought a politicized Supreme Court that would allow wealthy foreign and domestic corporations to contribute unlimited wealth to special interest candidates to public office, the likes of anti-Labor governor Walker of Wisconsin. This is truth, Gov. Palin.

This is purely a matter of Faux News and Gov. Palin’s lies pitted against the desperatio­n of America’s Middle Class working families; Sister Sarah is the specter of Corporate American Plutocrats who would eliminate Labor Unions and reduce working men and women to serfdom, subject to Führer Gov. Walker’s whims. The American democratic Republic is shamed by this despicable governor of Wisconsin and this crisis in American democracy.
Americans need to always remember a poem from history, First They Came… by Pastor Martin Niemoller
First the Nazis came for the communists­,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

God save America and the working American Middle Class who made it great!


Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

To my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren,

This seemed like a good time for me to tell you something about myself; I don’t know whether you are interested or not, but I will make the effort just the same.

When I chose a profession so many years ago, I chose to become a teacher because I wanted to be a better teacher than some of the worse teachers that I had in school; that was a crazy reason for becoming a teacher, I guess, but I had some teachers that really hurt my Psyche and I knew I could be a really great teachers for kids.  But, I really never wanted to be anything else after I got old enough to not want to be a cowboy; that was at the time I entered First Grade where I had my first bad teacher who marked me for life.

Of course I had a lot of experience working at other jobs because I had to work my way through college; then after I became a teacher, I had to work other jobs, like a plumber’s helper and clerking in a swimming club, in addition to my teaching in order to have enough money to feed the family. Teachers never earned a lot of money and still don’t.

Since I became a teacher, I have been totally obsessed with being the best possible teacher for the sake of my students; I did that by not punishing students and instead convincing them that it was in their best interest not to do things that made other teachers feel the necessity to punish students. It worked for me and I garnered a reputation as a strict disciplinarian because I didn’t have disciplinary problems. That always amused me because I just never disciplined anybody. I maintained that students and I could have a lot of fun learning and school would be a good place for all of us to be.

Well, I have also been obsessed with making my teaching profession respectable and giving teachers a voice in how they taught and of course providing teachers with a respectable income so they didn’t have to have a second job as a clerk or plumber’s helper.

In the beginning, I never had an opportunity to join a real teachers’ union until I came to California.  Teachers’ professional organizations were not unions then, they were company unions that were to keep teachers in line rather than provide a voice for teachers.  In Illinois in my first teaching job, my principal told me there would be no school on a certain day because the National Education Association (NEA) was having a conference in the city and all the teachers who were members would be required to attend; he also said, if I was not an NEA member, I would have to work at school that day even thought no kids would be there and he would find something for me to do. When you are required to work for a living, there are times when you have to grovel just to exist; I had already joined the NEA but the principal didn’t know it.

In California, I discovered that there was a real teachers union, the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO (AFT). My bosses, the Superintendent and School Board did not recognize the AFT as a legitimate teacher’s organization; they discouraged teachers from joining and discriminated against teachers who did join. Of course, I joined because I was obsessed with being a teacher. I became an activist and was blacklisted, banned, and blackballed as a result. However, I did retain my dignity as a public school teacher.

The AFT recognized teachers as people who worked for a living and who worked for the taxpayers but in the end teachers were Labor. They also believed that united we stand and divided we fall; they believed that a union teacher never stands alone! To me, this was camaraderie. I did suffer discrimination as a result of being a member of the American Federation of Teachers, however I felt justified.

Later in my career, I became a public school administrator; I became a boss of teachers. It took a while, but I was able to convince some teachers who worked for me that I intended to help them to be teachers who made learning a pleasure for students. I never really wanted to be a boss of teachers; my salvation was that if I was not the boss, then that person who would be in my place would not help teachers who wanted to make learning a pleasure.

My life as a public school teacher was not really financially rewarding and believe it or not, I have made a lot of enemies in satisfying my obsession to make learning a pleasure instead of drudgery and a pain in the ass.

The end result, my dear beloved family, is that I am still at my advanced age, a dedicated and obsessed public school teacher, an advocate for public schools, and dedicated to the concept that learning should be a pleasure.

In this year of 2011, newly elected Gov. Walker of Wisconsin has proposed reducing the benefits of public school teachers and eliminating their right to teachers’ collective bargaining and I oppose Gov. Walker and all he represents; he opposes public schools and the rights of public school teachers. As you can imagine, I consider him an enemy of public school students and their teachers and therefore an enemy of mine.

At my age there is little I can do. I can and I do write and now I am writing this for you and for what it’s worth. Below, is a letter that I also wrote and that was published in the Decatur Tribune, a weekly newspaper in my home town of Decatur Illinois. At this time, I wanted to tell you why I wrote it and let you read it. It really isn’t much, but it is me.

My sister Dottie and I are the last of our original family. For me, my public school teaching is my only legacy and you may completely disagree and that is your God given right and don’t ever forget it. As for me, I have a clear conscience; I have been a public school teacher and the best teacher that I knew how. I am also exceedingly proud of my family whether or not they agree with my politics or my religion; they do not.

I love you all,

Dad, Grandpa, Great-Grandpa, Gramps or whatever I am to you.

Actually, I have been called a lot of things in my life, good and bad, but my preference has always been teacher.

Here is my letter to the editor of the Decatur Tribune.

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to express my opinion on the Wisconsin upheaval over public school teachers; I am a native of Illinois.

In 1954, I was offered and accepted at teaching position in an Illinois school district at beginning school teacher’s salary, which was below my previous salary as a clerk typist. I took the job. There were no unions, no collective bargaining.

My second year I was offered by the same schools district, the salary of a beginning school teacher though I wasn’t beginning anymore; I took it because I felt responsible to my students.

My third year as a teacher, my Illinois employing school district again offered me the salary of a beginning school teacher; I left Illinois and accepted a job in California at a considerable (30%) increase in salary.

Though my California District paid me a higher salary in 1956, my average class size was more than 45 students per class; collective bargaining for teachers was illegal.

In California, teachers were treated like chattel and were told by management that they were professional and should not unionize. Teachers were insecure and at the mercy of local and state politicians, and literally afraid to join a union.

In 1975, the California legislature granted public school teachers the right to bargain collectively with their employers using the union of their choice; it was a shocker; some teachers had worked years for this right. Basically, teachers were given the same status as school janitors; it was a big step forward.

Today, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin would pass legislation depriving public school teachers of belonging to a Labor Union and bargaining collectively with their employers. Basically the Governor of Wisconsin would reduce teachers to the status of serfdom in the Middle Ages. It deprives teachers of the rights of other workers in Wisconsin and America.

Needless to say, as an educated professional teacher, I support the teachers of Wisconsin and hope that they incite a general strike in Wisconsin bringing all business to a halt until the anti-worker, tyrannical Governor of Wisconsin and his Republican legislators resign, just as the dictator of Egypt was forced to leave the Egyptian government.

Mt feeling is that every person in Wisconsin who was ever taught to read by a public school teacher would serve their conscience in regard to the issue in which Gov. Walker of Wisconsin seeks to deprive public schools teachers of their rights as American citizens.

What would be the future of America, if every Public School Teacher were to disappear today.


Dick Blankenburg


Monday, March 7th, 2011

It appears that today, no one can come up with an original positive idea that came from the curernt Republican Party.  The Republicans appear to be not in favor of rights for all Americans but only advocate denying rights to members of Organized Labor, Gay Americans, and American women. Without the Chamber of Commerce and the politicize­d Supreme Court’s Citizens United  Decision, the entire Republican Party would have been history two years ago and most Americans would have to choose which Democratic Party to support, the Centrist Washington Establishm­ent Democrats or the Progressiv­e Labor Democrats.

Meanwhile, unfortunat­ely, the Democrats can’t make up their mind if they are the Centrist Party of Republican Lite or the Working Peoples’ Party and they continue to shoot themselves in the foot at election time.

If America is to make progress, the voters are going to have to get together and vote together; they must vote for candidates who have proven to empower people who work for a living; that is the majority of American Middle Class voters, and they can do it if they all pull together.

The Republican Party will soon go the way of the Whigs and the two party system will be the Centrists’ Democrats and the Working Peoples’ Democrats. The remnants of the GOP will become the Radical John Birch Republican Party of Plutocrats­, a third party.

The basic problem in America is how to enlighten the voters. The media is controlled by Corporate America who are the advertisers who the media depends upon for their profits; Corporate America controls the news. The American media fills the air waves and newsprint with anti-working-people’s crap and the names of Corporate America candidates drowns out the voice of respectable candidates that represent the interests of working Middle Class Americans.


Sunday, March 6th, 2011

David Koch was the subject of a news item today.  Koch is the financier of Right Wing-Nut Gov. Walker and his Neo-Republican thugs in Wisconsin and the Governor’s efforts to destroy unionism, public schools, and democracy in Wisconsin.

The news item read, “Koch said that he feels he’s been vilified for his support of conservative causes, which includes opposition to the health-care bill, questioning climate change, and contributing campaign funds to Walker, among other conservative candidates.”

Yes, Mr. Koch, to be vilified you have to be qualified as a villain and for you to be responsible for such havoc, damage, fear, and suffering for so many middle class American families, you certainly do qualify as villainous; under the circumstances you should certainly not expect to get any respect from a vast majority of Americans.  You have very aptly described yourself as villainous.

David Koch, you are a greater threat to the American democratic Republic than bin Laden and all the other terrorist in the world.  You have very aptly described yourself as a number one villain and threat to democracy, public schools, and all the other values  that Americans hold dear.  America should be fighting you and your brother, Mr. Koch, instead of Al Queda.

Wisconsin is just the beginning of the Americans’ Second War for Independence: independence from plutocracy.


Friday, March 4th, 2011

News headlines: ”Senate Republicans threaten missing Democrats with contempt

Comment: Quite probably Gov. Walker and his Republicans feel nothing but contempt for all Democrats and others who disagree with them, but is it really a criminal offense against the people of Wisconsin for Democrats to be contemptible?

Dose this legal action and order for the arrest of Democratic Senators by Gov. Walker and his Republicans mean that Democratic members of the Senate will be brought before that august body of the Wisconsin Senate in chains and be physically forced to announce that they are “present”; as criminals will they then be allowed to vote no on Wisconsin union busting?

Question of the day: What was the purpose of the Wisconsin Constitution to require that a quorum be present in order to approve of legislation? Duh