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Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Finally, my “Bah Humbug Christmases” have ended on a very pleasant note; every year for the last decade, at Christmas time, I have written a Bah Humbug blog post about something that desperately tried (but never succeeded) to ruin the Christmas Season for me. In 2010, I do not feel it necessary to write the damn Bah Humbug post; for me, that is progress.

Oh yes, there are problems that I have with threats to world peace and humanity in general but either the threats have diminished dramatically or I am getting super mellow in old age (which is not very likely).

This year I have no grandchildren involved in combat in the Middle East for the first time in many years; that is a huge positive, though I pray for those American GIs that are still trying to survive combat in America’s horrendous war zones.

On this Christmas Day, I have a President that I can admire, though I am not a patient man and I have been required to remind President Obama by email more than a few times that I am losing patience. My President Obama has generally done a commendable job of making it easier for the common people, lower and middle class Americans to acquire a decent standard of living in our society, more specifically with his long overdue and historic health care reform.

President Obama has done this despite the opposition’s (not to mention any party names) being obstructionists and throwing a monkey-wrench into every piece of legislation attempt to make an effort to help America’s declining middle class to compete and have a decent standard of living; I just have trouble understanding an opposition political party that obstructs legislation that a decent public official should be supporting in the name of decency and humanity. It boggles my mind. Thank God for President Obama, this is a merry Christmas despite the continuing problems of unemployment and horrific wars.

Today, my family is diminished by the death of my youngest sister on last Christmas and she is sorely missed; her death created a void in our lives and her phone number is still programmed into my phone. The good news is that my oldest sister, my sister-in-law and I are seemingly healthy; we are the last three of my original family and all three of the three of us looks young for our age, whatever in the hell that means.

My children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren appear to be handling adversity well and making me proud; after all, adversity is what defines our character. My progeny have fortitude and character; I love them all.

So my curmudgeon personality has somehow dissipated in recent days.

This year marks the end of my Christmas Bah Humbug Era and my consequential annual post simply titled, Bah Humbug Time of Year.

Today, Christmas Day 2010, my interest was piqued by a news item, Jimmy Carter’s Fight Against Guinea Worm Approaches Victory.

It had never entered my mind that a story about Jimmy Carter or a Guinea Worm would be inspirational to me. Glory be! The story made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. God bless Jimmy Carter. Damn, I have become a bundle of tenderness that just burst forth sweet and loving this Christmas. A Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Today, I read in the Daily Beast, a political item by Eric Alterman that I find an excellent analysis, surprisingly non partisan, on point, wonderfully written and outlandish: “The GOP Is Eating Obama’s Lunch”.  It is an apparent pro-Obama critique praising the Republicans (?).  Actually, I personally found it accurate and I agree but don’t take that on face value in respect to my political philosophy.  I wish I had wriiten it.

I would be interested to hear your reaction and though I would welcome your response, please, please don’t send it to me.  I don’t want to know; my interest here is only a clinical interest and I no longer wish to get involved in this political intercourse.  I haven’t lost interest or given up I just can no longer appreciate intercourse in American political opinion; it is too, too damn weird!

Here is the Eric Alterman link and I think no matter what a person’s political affiliation is, it is an interesting read.  Believe it or not, it was written by a dumb-ass English professor who did a fantastic job, in my estimation.  This is to me totally bizarre:$Y55&om_mid=_BNDMpyB8WhYZdB

Remember, please do not reply to me regarding this item.  Please damnit!


Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Personally, I have reached the point where I no longer have tolerance or patience to deal with the ruthless, prevaricating, plutocratic Republican politicians and their Faux News propaganda wing or the utterly helpless, mousy, gutless Democrat counterparts; they are both totally disgusting. Americans who play along with these clowns have long crossed the line and become ignorant, stupid boobs who have increased in number enough to tip the scales at elections even though they are minority; normally only 60% of voters actually vote which means 30% of Americans control the American democratic Republic because a majority cannot stand the alternatives.

America needs a new revolution to reinvent the US Constitution, form a third party Labor Party to represent common Americans who are employees of others; the Labor Party would represent employees (workers) and the unemployed (workers without jobs).

The Bush (and now Obama) Afghanistan War is a mockery; bin Laden is the culprit, our troops are fighting the Taliban which is not bin Laden’s al Queda, and the war is against the sovereign nation of Afghanistan which had nothing to do with 911, except bin Laden, a Saudi citizen, was an Afghan resident when the 911 atrocity occurred.

War benefits politicians and corporate America; war does not benefit workers, workers only fight the wars.

Pardon me, but Americans want to call the United States a civilization?


Monday, December 13th, 2010

Gov. Howard Dean M.D. is not enthusiastic about the Obama Tax Cut For The Wealthy and what it might do to Social Security.

Gov. Dean is still my choice for the Presidency; I will never forgive John Kerry for trashing Dean, a fellow Democrat, in 2004, for talking too loud. Evidently Kerry talked too much, he voted for the Iraq Resolution and when he was in Wisconsin campaigning, he called Green Bay’s Lambeau Field football stadium Lombert Field (that’s a Cardinal sin in Wisconsin) and he lost the election.  By the way, I wonder what ever happened to that guy, Kerry.

About Social Security and the Obama Tax Cut for the Wealthy.  I am quite disturbed that I have to pay Federal Income Tax on my Social Security check of $404.00/mo­nth, particular­ly since tax on my Social Security benefits will now be used to pay for Obama’s tax cut for the rich billionair­es. My income is actually very low, just a teacher’s pension and $404.00 from Social Security benefits and when I was working,  I paid taxes on money that I paid into my teacher’s pension and Social Security.

I never dreamed that today,  I would be saying “Obama’s Tax Cut for the Wealthy” and “Obama’s War in Afghanista­n”.  Well, it is a weird world and it sure ain’t easy being old and a Democrat in America and paying tax on your Social Security so that the Walton family can have a tax break on their annual income of $79 billion according to Forbes.

Politics is ruthless today and that is just the Democratic Party.  I just can’t believe the Obama people have treated my hero Gov. Howard Dean so shabbily after the election; they gave him no credit and fired him as Chairman of  the Democratic Party Committee and offered him no rewards for his devotion to the Party. Gov. Dean did more for the party and  Obama’s winning in 2008 than anyone else.

Gov. Dean and his organization, Democracy for America, is still getting liberal Democratic candidates elected in 2010. This Mid Term Election Year, I contribute­d to Dean’s organizati­on instead of the Democratic Party; I wasn’t about to support any Blue Dog Democrats in any way. I also contribute­d to Sen. Barbara Boxer’s campaign and I felt like a real winner in 2010.

Too bad about those Obama/Clinton Centrist Democrats losing their ass in the House in 2010.  After Obama’s Tax Cut For The Wealthy, just wait until the 2012 Presidential Election.  Recently just before the 2010 elections, Obama told the liberal Democrats in his Party, to quit whining.  Wow!  When the 2012 Presidential Election is over, I wonder who will be doing the whining.


Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Assange to be charged with spying; Beast 12/10/10

Personally, I have found it very enlightening to hear what my own government doesn’t want me to know about them and I would suggest the American people give Assange a medal. After all, if it were not for whistle blowers like Assange’s Wikileaks, I would never have found out about Watergate, Abu Grihab, Iran-Contra and other Republican Party atrocities of Nixon, W. Bush, and Reagan. So much for Obama’s promise of a transparent government.

Right Wing-Nut, Krauthammer praises President Obama; Beast 12/10/10

Holy crap! President Obama certainly cannot afford to have Krauthammer for a fan! Talk about the kiss of death! The next thing you know Rush Limbaugh will be kissing Obama’s ass; Limbaugh, Kauthammer, and the Repug Party are dedicated to causing Obama to fail!

Sarah Palin to visit Haiti; Beast 12/10/10

OMG! As if poor Haiti did not have enough problems with the earthquake, hurricanes, and Cholera; now they have Sarah Palin going there! What humanitarian effort is Palin going to perform for those poor Haitian souls, will she donate a Caribou carcass to the Haiti food bank? Evidently, Palin wants to have some foreign policy experience on her resume; so she can now say that she could see Cuba from her hotel window while she was in Haiti. It is a sad day for America, when the Repug Party puts forth all these sadistic lame-brained candidates for the office of President of the US, like Palin and George W. Bush! What has happened to the American electorate? Even poor President Grant must be turning over in his tomb.

Professor Epstein of Columbia charged with incest; Huffpost 12/10/10

Columbia professor Epstein has been charged with having consensual sexual relations with his 23-year-old daughter for a period of 3 years; this raises intriguing questions not answered in the news item. For example, who brought the charges, why, and did they have a search warrant? My interest is not prurient; personally, I have never been inclined to have incestuous relationships but I don’t mean to imply that women in my family are ugly but the subject just never came up.

However, the Epstein case piques my curiosity. Just what does the law prohibit; Holy-Rollers insist we are all related to Adam and Eve. Is everyone but virgins guilty of incest; obviously Adam’s family was? Were the Epsteins apprehended by Bedroom Police? Are the Epsteins entitled to any privacy in this matter by the US Constitution?

My apologies to the Epsteins, I really didn’t care to know about their dilemma. However, it does raise interesting questions for me which in essence have nothing to do with the Epsteins, otherwise.


Friday, December 10th, 2010

Consider this quote of the Constitution Article I, section 8, The Powers of Congress: “Congress shall have the power to . . . DECLARE WAR . . . and make rules concerning captures on land and on water. . . .

“To make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces.

“To provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections, and repel invasions.”

When President George W. Bush said that he was the “Decider” in regard to the war against Afghanistan and Iraq, President Bush was in reality, unconstitutionally usurping the powers of Congress and the people; it is wrong to excuse George W. Bush just because he had never read or was incapable of reading the U.S. Constitution, for he was after all, the President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the military.

Congress has not to this day declared war on Afghanistan nor Iraq and only Congress has the power to declare war. At one time when pressed, Congress actually REFUSED to declare war against Afghanistan or Iraq; do not mistakenly infer that Congress or the people of America have approved of war against Afghanistan and Iraq.

In a democratic Republic like America, Congress is “representative” of the people and it is safe to say that the people have not approved of the war in Afghanistan or Iraq; at least, this person has not personally approved of these wars.

International Law requires that any nation must declare war before they invade another sovereign nation and the invader must justify that invasion based on the enemy being a threat to their security.  Take note that International Law approved by the Congress via treaty, is the law of the land in the USA according to our Constitution. See the US Constituti­on, Article VI:

“This Constituti­on and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; AND ALL TREATIES MADE, OR WHICH SHALL BE MADE, UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE UNITED STATES, SHALL BE THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.”

Needless to say, America is therefore guilty of violation of Internatio­nal Law and Human Rights in Afghanistan and Iraq. Everyone in the world knows this, except seemingly the American people.

The George W. Bush Administra­tion made a mockery of Internatio­nal Law and the US Constituti­on. Meanwhile, the American people have been bamboozled; they are apparently not aware that America not at war with Afghanistan, Iraq, or terrorism. If only the American people would read their own Constitution; but then, who reads the US Constitution except high school kids.

However, President Obama is a recognized Constitutional Scholar; so what in the name of God is his excuse?