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Sunday, November 28th, 2010

The American public seems to negatively view American drug addition, personified by America’s celebrity drug use, as a minor morality issue but negatively view Mexico’s problem of Drug Lords’ violence, as a major international issue in which Mexico threatens the safety of the American democratic Republic. Congress idiotically responds by building a higher border fence and declaring war on drugs while at the same time, the States’ prisons are full, all government is broke, and the great border fence is porous.

Truth is, there can be no ‘war’ on drugs anymore than there can be a ‘war’ on poverty (or terror); war is armed conflict between sovereign nations. So, a war on drugs is inconsequential, it is ineffective, and the States can no longer afford to incarcerate more prisoners.

The source of the Mexico’s problem of drug lords are of course, the customers most of whom are admittedly American drug addicts. For Mexico to eliminate drug lords, it would be necessary for someone to eliminate illegal drug use in America or make drugs legal, taxed, and regulated.

For the sake of clarity, to resolve the drug problem it is first necessary to realize that the drug problem is not a stupid war. Like any problem, to find a resolution it is necessary to first find the CAUSE and then find a means of eliminating the cause; in this case, drug addicts are the cause.

Unfortunately, the addicts (customers) causing this immediate problem are primarily American addicts. That being the case, is the Mexican drug lord violence really, totally a “Mexican Problem”? What then is the proper American response?

Is America’s proper response to build an even higher fence along the border? Should America incarcerate all drug users or should America legalize, tax, and regulate drugs? Legalizing drugs creates many other problems but the current drug problem is severe.

Why can’t Americans and Congress be prudent about resolving these drug related issues.  Just what is Mexico’s problem and how can America best assist Mexico rather than blame her?


Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Two Americans, Michael Stephen Bowden of South Carolina and Roger Hudnall of Northern California, have been arrested in the last couple of days for threatening to assassinate President Obama.

Say what you will, it is the hate mongering perpetrated by some Republican leaders and Faux News that encourages assassins.  Some Republicans and Faux News are using the Second Amendment gun rights for assassins to justify their atrocities and First Amendment Rights of Free Speech to encourage  assassins; it is not the fault of American free speech and freedom to own firearms that is the problem, it is the hate mongering of “lock and load” Palin and O’Reilly falsely labeling physicians that perform abortions as “murderers” that incite assassins to kill.  Republican politicians and Faux News calling the President and other Democratic opponents Communists, Socialists, and a Nazi is what assassins are using to justify their terrorist killing.

President Kennedy was assassinated while visiting Dallas and in the Dallas Morning Paper was a full page hate ad directed at the President. I had the sad experience of attending a university law school class that day of the John Kennedy assassination and my class was disrupted by laughter, cheering, and celebrating of the assassination of my President coming from students outside the classroom. That was a horrifying experience that I will never forget.

I would never vote for a candidate that is a hate monger, nor would I approve of hate mongering TV personalities that Rupert Murdoch’s Faux News employs; it angers me when media and the public show respect for these hate mongers and voters actually vote for them.

This is not the America that I grew up in and loved, served in the military to protect, and that I am supposed to respect.

I don’t even want to discuss the religion of these Holy hate mongers; it disgusts me.


Thursday, November 25th, 2010

It will be happy thanksgiving not! With all the unemployment and Congress refusing to extend unemployment benefits, I feel guilty eating.  I keep thinking about hungry American families and their children; I look around me and see the seemingly total absence of compassion in America.

My thoughts go back to Thanksgiving at my house in the nineteen-thirties; I remember.


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

There is an old Vaudeville story about a man who went to see the doctor.

“What’s wrong with you,” the doctor asked.

“It hurts when I do this,” the patient demonstrated while responding.

“Then don’t do that,” the doctor told the patient and added, “That will be fifty dollars, please!” Drum roll!

Now that is funny and it is sage advice that politicians never listen to; you have to be a comedian to understand the seriousness of it. Presidents of the United State will never understand because they are lousy comedians; half the population doesn’t think they’re funny.

America, the President, and TSA has a problem screening terrorists out of the vacation airline travel of Americans and they don’t know how to do it. For the answer you have to look to history, be a comedian, and listen to an old person like me. So, I am so old that I remember when I used to go on vacations and all I had to do was get on the right airplane before it took off; there was no TSA screening, passengers just got on the damn airplane. Why do you have to be screened now? It is a matter of cause and effect!

Today, everyone is scared to death a terrorist will get them: OK, so why are terrorists trying to get them? Terrorist are trying to kill Americans because American Presidents have pissed the terrorists off for no good reason.

Bin Laden attacked America on September Eleventh because President Bush #1 put an American military base in his Muslim Holy Land Saudi Arabia in 1991, defiling the Holy Land, in order to facilitate America’s invasion of Iraq to get Saddam’s oil; so vacationers have to be screened because President Bush #1, pissed off a lot of Muslims and particularly bin Laden. Now the question seems to be, is Bin Laden the reason for TSA screening passengers or is President Bush #1 responsible?

Before 1991 and Nine-Eleven, passengers did not need to be screened and the only problem they had was make sure that they got on the right airplane.

So, bin Laden pissed off President Bush #2, because of Nine-Eleven and Bush #2 invaded Afghanistan and Iraq; this really pissed off a lot of Muslims and caused an extremist Muslim terrorist, Richard Reid, to try to blow up an airplane with explosives in his shoe in 2009. This meant vacationers now had to take off their shoes for inspection before they could board an airplane.

Another Muslim extremist terrorist, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallb, was also inspired to kill Americans by President Bush #2’s invasion and eight years of war and killing Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq and he tried to blow up an airplane with explosives in his underwear; this made it necessary for vacationers to now have their underwear examined before they can board a airplane, either by groping or x-ray by TSA. This made vacationers very unhappy and you can see where this is going.

The latest thing that worries Americans is that terrorists will sneak explosives onto airplanes in body cavities; I refuse to submit to a digital exam in order to take an airplane on vacation and if I can’t get there by bus, train, or car, I won’t go. The terrorists won.

Now I suggest that the only way Americans will ever get back to just getting on an airplane for vacation without the misery of going through body invasion security, is for Presidents to quit pissing other people off. I would like to personally apologize to all Muslims and especially all extremist Muslim terrorists and inform them that it was not me who pissed them off, it was the American Presidents and I totally disagree with them.

This is my sage advice for a solution to the TSA problem; Mr. President, if you want to eliminate the necessity of airport security, DON’T PISS MUSLIMS OR ANY ONE ELSE OFF!

By the way, Mr. President, that will be fifty bucks, please.


Sunday, November 21st, 2010

In an idiotic study by the American Enterprise Institute, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Bill Gates concluded that America is wasting money by paying teachers with master’s degrees more that they pay teachers without them. Neither Gates nor Duncan ever taught in the public schools and actually neither even attended public schools; but now both men would like to tell educators how public schools should be operated.

“Duncan told the American Enterprise Institute on Wednesday that master’s degree bonuses are an example of spending money on something that doesn’t work.”

Economists Take Aim at Bonuses for Teachers with Masters Degrees,

Hmmmm! How much do Americans want the teachers of their children to know? Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, would rather hire cheap teachers with less academic achievement to cut costs of public schools: that would appear to be because Arne Duncan is not a teacher, he is a professional basketball player acting like an educator and he is one who has never walked in a teacher’s shoes.

Just think, Arne, how much money Americans could save if they went to physicians who did not have doctor’s degrees.

As both a teacher and a school administrator, I can tell you right off that paying teachers more for having a masters degree is not so much having to pay teachers more for having the MA degree as it is for hiring teachers cheaper without the MA degree. Look at salary schedules and you will see that first year teachers without an MA degree make less than common labor and they graduate from college with an average of $40,000 in debt for student loans. In my own first year of teaching I made less money teaching than I made as a clerk typist the previous year.

When I was first licensed to teach in California, a master’s degree was required to be fully credentialed. Payment for having a master’s degree was not considered a bonus. Teachers were licensed to teach without a master’s degree because otherwise there would not be enough teachers; there was a teacher shortage and a shortage of teachers with master’s degrees. Actually, a master’s degree was considered a minimum requirement in California.

Arne Duncan is devastating public education; he is not a teacher and obviously, by his action, he knows nothing about teachers. Politicians like Duncan and President Obama are destroying our public schools. I voted for President Obama to be President but not to run the public schools nor to appoint basketball players to run the public schools.

I taught public school for many years, I was an administrator in public schools, and have a doctor’s degree (Ed.D.) in administering public schools; absolutely, no one cares what I think. President Obama and the media listen to what professional basketball players, politicians, and economists have say about public schools.

Ignorance is apparently bliss; it is the public school children who suffer the consequences.


Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

This is a review of the book Decision Points, a memoir by former President George W. Bush.

Forget it Mr. Bush, ‘The moving hand writes and having writ moves on; nor all thy piety and wit can erase a word of it’.

You, Mr. Bush, are the American tragedy of the 21st Century and truthfully the American democratic Republic perhaps will not survive.

You will not write the American History of your doing; it will be we Americans, the survivors of American military heroes of your senseless wars, and the American working men and women who built the great American nation with the sweat of our brow who will write the final chapters of the history of the disastrous George W. Bush Administration.

Your name, Mr. Bush will live in infamy, like Pearl Harbor.


Friday, November 5th, 2010

It is no secret that I oppose the death penalty. It is not my bleeding-heart liberal contention that criminals are sweet fuzzy guys underneath it all; actually, I believe that there are rational and practical social reasons to oppose the death penalty.

Here is a recent news item on the death penalty:

“The cost of perpetuating capital punishment in California is a large and growing burden. The annual cost to the state was placed at $125 million in 2008 by the bipartisan California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice, which was appointed to review the state’s death penalty. Additionally, state officials are scheduled to open bids next month for construction of a larger, higher-security death row on the San Quentin grounds. The estimated cost for the new death row is nearly $400 million. — Arnold Friedman 10.31.10

Actually, I find it hilarious that so many Americans who oppose universal health care for all Americans are the same people who favor the death penalty and whatever it costs to keep a criminal on Death Row, healthy enough to execute. One of the funniest news articles that I ever read was about a man who had been on death row for decades and died of old age a few days before he could be executed.

Then there is the case of President George W. Bush who, while governor of Texas, executed more criminals than were executed in any other State and his record proved to be a great qualification for the Presidency; after elected, President Bush implemented a policy of torturing prisoners of war and there were a number of prisoners tortured who did not survive the torture. Now that should be good news to those who are concerned about the cost of keeping prisoners healthy for execution; prisoners who die during interrogation means that the US was actually saving money. It all seems to prove that President George W. Bush was above all, sadistically consistent about his favoring capital punishment.

It is my contention that a criminal convicted of a capital crime is an exception to the normal citizen; as such, it appears to me that these people are persons with information and mind sets that may be valuable to society in the prevention of capital offenses and as such they should be preserved for study. Of course that is thinking like a scientist and it would be more realistic, practical, and economical just to shoot the son-of-a-bitch.

Another reason why I oppose capital punishment is that so often our Justice System is in error and we discover later that the convicted criminal is really innocent. This is especially true since the advent of DNA. Of course, a really quick execution may be economical from the States point of view, however, if the victim was actually innocent, to whom is the responsibility for death assessed or is it just a matter of dropping charges.

I do approve of life imprisonment without parole for some criminals.

But in all the executions for capital crime that I have read or heard about, I have to admit that I get no satisfaction from the execution of the criminal.

I read all the gory details of the execution of Saddam Hussein and still I get no satisfaction from his execution. He was so notorious that I was thinking that society would really profit from what actually went on in his mind. I felt the same about Timothy McVeigh when I watched the interview with him on TV just before his execution; I would like to know more of what went on in his mind.

It is interesting to me that most primarily Christian nations of the world and most European nations and primarily Catholic nations have eliminated capital punishment. But in America, the American Christian population appears to highly favor capital punishment. None of this makes much sense to me.