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Sunday, October 31st, 2010

In response to Democrats who would challenge President Obama in the Democratic primary of 2012, I would only say that I have been a Democrat for 80 years, that is how old I am; I am a FDR Democrat. I don’t always approve of the Democratic Presidents (such as LBJ); I have been a fan of Republicans A. Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt but they have been dead for a long time and no Republicans that are alive comes close.

It is a truism, that Barrack Obama will be historically confirmed of one of America’s greatest and most intelligent Presidents but Americans are so damn racist that they can never accept a brilliant and compassionate mind like that of President Obama because he is half African heritage; Personally, I was amazed and delighted when Americans elected him in 2008.  It was a proud moment for America despite what Faux News says.

The saddest part of the Obama Presidency has been that the American people cannot accept a compassionate , tolerant, and intellectually superior President who is more Christian than those Christian jackasses are who continue to brand him a Muslim and he is perhaps one of the only Christians in America that the world’s Muslims would be willing to coexist with on the planet earth.

The George Bush regime of 8 years was not a democratically elected (by a majority) Presidential regime; President Obama was elected by an American majority (though perhaps by default).

President Obama has had to bear the political burden of Blue Dog (Neocon) Democrats and the undemocratic Republican 40% rule of the U.S. Senate; it has been devastating to America.

President Obama is so more astute than his Democratic racist opponents that would deny him a second term; in actuality, he really doesn’t give a damn because since 2008, President Obama has given his all for a progressive American Democratic Party agenda.

President Obama knows and I know that is all he can do. God bless President Obama.


Saturday, October 30th, 2010

The American democratic Republic faces a crisis in 2010: unemployment. There are other compelling issues such as senseless American wars raging, outrageous health care costs devouring the common man’s income, a disappearing middle class, an increasingly inequitable income between the two percent of wealthiest Americans and everyone else, and a gigantic increase in Americans who are living in poverty. However, the primary issue of most concern to every American without a doubt is: how to get a job or how to keep your job.

The unemployment issue of the 2010 American Mid Term Election appears over simplistic; it is not!

The 2010 Election is ostensibly about a Republican or a Democratic solution to the unemployment problem and how to get Americans fully employed. There is a ridiculous concept that appears to be occupying the minds of media influenced Americans that the incumbent Democratic Administration, and the President himself, is responsible for unemployment in America and if the Republicans replace Democrats in Congress that Republicans will reduce taxes of wealthy employers of America causing them to compassionately employ more workers than they need, they will deport ugly undocumented Mexican employees of the wealthy employers of American and thus create maid and busboy jobs for real Americans, and they will reduce government spending by eliminating welfare programs for those poor Americans that wealthy American employers consider not worthy of employing.

The truth of the matter is that the President of the United States has nothing to do with employment in the private sector because wealthy Corporate America is the primary employer of American Labor; unemployment is actually beneficial only to Corporate America because it reduces their costs of labor; Corporate America can weather unemployment longer than Labor because Labor has to eat; and the President of the USA is not anti Corporate America because they are the only entity that can eliminate the unemployment problem and make his Administration look good.

That sets the stage.

The American Mid Term Elections of 2010 has created an insidious circumstance in which the political campaign has become violent and broadened into an American Civil War; the apparent belligerents in the war in America are the American employers against the American employees. The Democrats represent the poor middle class employees and the Republicans represent the wealthy Corporate American employers. Since the bulk and majority of voters in America are employees, the Republicans have found it necessary to actually convince a number of employees that it is more beneficial for them to support their potential employers and rely on Corporate America’s human compassion to hire and enrich employees, rather than to unite with other like employees and members of the Democratic Party, for better working conditions.

What is different in 2010, is the recent politically Republican U.S. Supreme Court majority of 5 Justices’ “Citizens United” Decision which allows Corporate America employers and foreign interests benefiting from out sourcing to contribute as much money as they want to political parties and basically purchase candidates who will pursue the selfish interests of the contributors. American democracy has suffered more from the Neocon Republican US Supreme Court’s majority of five’s “Citizens United Decision”, than the American democratic Republic suffered from bin Laden’s 911 Atrocity.

The American Mid Term Election of 2010 has turned ugly. Recent news clips on television have shown extremist Republican candidate resorting to violence to oppress their Democratic opponents. A Democratic opponent has been subdued and handcuffed by agents of an extremist Republican candidate requiring rescue by police; a young female Democratic campaigner was wrestled to the ground and is suffering s concussion from being stomped on her head by the foot of an over exuberant Republican extremist supporter; and extremist Republican candidates for Congress are insisting that they will exercise their Second Amendment Rights to own a gun to resort to violent rebellion for implementing their extremist agenda if they are not duly elected by the majority of the voters (its on the table according to one candidate).

This is not a 2010 Mid Term Election. It is a Civil War between American employers and employed or unemployed Americans; it is a Civil War between wealthy Corporate America and Middle Class American employees. November 2, 2010 is D Day!


Friday, October 29th, 2010

An ominous aura surrounds America’s 2010 Midterm Election. Extremist Republicans and their Tea Party components constituting a minority of American voters based on the Democratic Party landslide election of 2008, have determined that the the majority will not rule in America; they defy democratic principles altogether promoting the Second Amendment to the Constitution (Right to bear arms) and moving to repeal the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution (providing equal Rights for all citizens). The 2010 Republican candidates personify the John Birch Society concept that America is not and was never intended to be a democracy; the good news is that they represent a minority in America.

The bad news is that these Republican demagogues have so disgusted the dedicated democratic American majority that they are inclined to distance themselves from these extremists by ignoring them and not voting; this is, unfortunately, the way that extremist minorities are able to establish themselves as a tyrannical minority. The greatest danger of the American democratic Republic in 2010 is for the democracy loving American majority not to vote.

The primary issue in 2010 Midterm Elections is preservation of the Constitutional American democratic Republic and defeating the extremist Republican opponents of our democratic Republic.

The Republican Party today is obviously not the Party of Abraham Lincoln and those values that President Lincoln stood for; the Republican Party today has been taken over by the John Birch Society and other opponents of democracy. Their plan to take over the American government is to use their hated democracy’s election process to overthrow the American Constitutional government and if that fails, some of them have publicly stated and threatened to use their Second Amendment Rights to own guns and spill their opponents blood in order to overthrow the American democratic government. The Republican Party leader, Rep. John Boenher, recently declared in newspaper headlines, “We will not compromise.” Boenher’s remark and his proposal to repeal the 14th Amendment can easily be interpreted as a threat to Constitutional government.

In recent days the news has carried a series of incidents that are alarming to most Americans and it was all recorded on video tape and played repeatedly by most TV News channels. One Republican candidate’s thugs subdued and handcuffed an opponent that had to be rescued by police. Another Republican candidate’s supporters threw a young woman opponent to the ground stomping on her head giving her a concussion. A Republican candidate threatened to “take out” a news reporter. A number of the Republican candidates have intimated that if they failed to win control of American government, they would resort to armed rebellion against it, citing the Second Amendment and misrepresenting Thomas Jefferson’s admonition that occasional spilling of blood may be necessary to preserve American democracy. One Republican candidate on television insists that armed rebellion is “on the table”.

The Republican Party has not repudiated these candidates or their actions.

Acts and statements of extremist Republican candidates have gone far beyond their freedom of speech and have become threats against the American democratic Republic. There are limits to the US Constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech; the US Supreme Court has said that freedom of speech does not give a person the Right to cry “Fire!” in a crowded theater. All Americans however have a right and a duty to speak up and react adversely to political candidates who threaten violent overthrow of democratic American government; these insurrectionist Republicans against democracy have exceeded their Rights of Freedom of Speech and their Right to Bear Arms. The Republican extremists represent the antithesis of America’s Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Government.

Americans have never seen an American election so based on hatred, fear, and threats.

Considering the political hatred, threats, and actual violence of recent days, one can only look to the eve of the American 2010 Midterm Elections and wonder if Americans will experience violence by Repubican extremists against the majority because the extremists failed to overthrow the government of the majority in democratic elections; or will Americans experience violence by Republican extremists who overthrew the majority’s democratic government because the majority did not exercise their right to vote against the extremists.

The 2010 Midterm Elections is not a normal election of Republicans vs. Democrats; it pits an extremist minority against the patriotic majority of the American democratic Republic, whether the democratic majority is Democrat, Republican or Independent and regardless of the extremists’ political party affiliation.


Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

President Obama!  Hear me and America calling!

Karzai is the toady Afghan President of George W. Bush; America should leave Karzai naked on the streets of Kabul and withdraw entirely from Afghanistan leaving the future of Afghanistan to the people of Afghanistan. America has nothing to gain or lose in Afghanistan; America has already lost because the world realizes that America has no legitimate reason for being there. America’s enemy is George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and the Neocon Republican Party that got America into Afghanistan and Iraq. As Pogo said, “We has met the enemy and it be us!”


Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

What if the America’a Blackwater Corporation got a better contract deal from al Qeuada? What the . . . ?

What if the Democrats won a majority in the Senate in 2010? What the . . . ?

What if President Obama withdrew American troops from Afghanistan and Iraq? What the . . . ?

What if unemployment disappeared? What the . . . ?

What if every one of America’s public school teachers were to disappear? What the . . . ?

What if the Halliburton Corporation returned money to the USA because they over estimated costs to the USA? What the . . . ?

What if there were some Americans who did not have health care insurance? What at the . . . ?

What if the Governor of California was not an Austrian citizen? What the . . . ?

What if oil was scarce and filling stations were unable to fill up your gas tank? What the . . . ?

What if American KIDS did not have public schools that they could attend? What the . . . ?

What if America did not have a Democratic Party? What the . . . ?


Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

My take on the economy is that unemployment is the responsibility of Corporate America that is out to get President Obama and “his Regulation of Corporations”; corporations are America’s employers and they are the only American entity that profits from unemployment. Unemployment means cheaper labor and in the in periods of unemployment, labor costs are reduced and profits actually increase.  Super markets have fewer cashiers, customers wait longer in line, customers still buy the same amount of groceries, and the fewer cashiers represents lower labor costs and more profits for the supermarket.

Corporate America represents the wealth of America and they can hold out on the employment issue longer than Labor because Labor has to eat and pay the mortgage and Corporate America only delays sales profits during periods of unemployment, recouping sales in subsequent better times.

The government is not responsible for unemployment nor can government do anything about it except compete with Corporate America for labor (with WPA, CCC, and stimulus projects).

Despite the U. S. Supreme Court “Citizens United” decision, corporations are not human, they are not citizens, and they are not capable of loyalty to America or compassion for Americans; this should be obvious to most American voters and when appropriately perceived, corporations without regulations are potentially sinister and dangerous.

Since the Bush Administration 2001-2009 deregulation of business, Corporate America has had its way, unfettered by those regulations, controlling the American economy and running the Economy. The Republican Party is the Party of Corporate America just as the Democratic Party has been the Party of Labor.

Since the “Citizens United” Court Decision, Corporate America and foreign corporations that profit from American trade and resourcing of labor, now have the wealth and the legal right to buy all US Senators and Members of Congress who are recipients of their campaign contributions (basically Republican candidates of course). The Supreme Court, through its “Citizens United” decision, has just completed the Bush Administration’s elimination of the American democratic Republic and the establishment of the American plutocratic Republic.

The economy and employment will more than likely improve after the 2010 Midterm elections no matter which party wins; Corporate America will have played its hand and will be ready to restart the American economy whether the Republicans or the Democrats win; for Corporate America, there is always the next recession for lowering labor costs and increasing profit and they now have the power to buy Congress.


Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Face the facts, President George W. Bush politicized the American military and fired all brass who disagreed with the Project for the New American Century philosophy of using America’s military super power to further the foreign opportunities of Corporate America and the Oil Industry. That is why we are occupying Afghanistan and Iraq ten years later; President Bush fired all Generals who disagreed with it.

President Obama and America are sitting on a time bomb; America has become a Third World, South American Type Republic and could possibly have a military coup, if we have not had one already. Hey, America is still in Afghanistan and Iraq when most all Americans (and the President) want us out and thought President Obama was going to get us out and voted for him to do it.

If America has a military coup, it will not be because of the people it will be because of the politicized military controlled by PNAC Generals; the military believes they can be successful in a coup because they are stupid extremists who lead by the feeling in the pit of their stomachs.

Which American military leaders today have the respect of the people? NONE! Petraeus is a political hack and no one knows the name of any other military leaders. There are no Gen. Marshals, Ike, or Macarthur; there is not even a Colin Powell anymore.
Would American troops fire on American civilians if there was a military coup? Every American should give that serious thought.

The answer is not Colin Powell. Gen. Colin Powell would probably not accept an appointment by President Obama under any circumstances. Powell was used and hurt badly; he made the mistake of trying to deal with President Bush and Cheney and got screwed and he is not likely to put himself in another vulnerable position.

America is in deep doo-doo.

Personally, my feeling is that Obama is scared of the military; he is scared for good reason.

In 2008, the Democrats won the Presidency and a majority in Congress;  Republicans and the Project for the New American Century retained control of the Supreme Court and the American Military.  Democrats did not win control of the American democratic Republic in 2008; Republicans and the Project for the New American Century retained control of America.


Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

“This has got to be our time in America,” said Perriello. “This has got to be our time to believe that we can still out-compete the world. This is not our time to put our head in the sand. The American dream is crucial here. But how does that American dream look if you are cutting funding to education and not supporting early childhood development or not making college more affordable? If you’re not standing up and supporting the small business lending fund and the 17 tax cuts for small business?”

Rep. Tom Perriello (D-Va.)


Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Whether or not President Karzai of Afthanistan is a throw back to Medieval times is not relevant. President Karzai is the choice of the occupiers of Afghanistan, President George W. Bush specifically, and Karzai is not the choice of the Afghan culture or its people.

America cannot justify invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, bin Laden was and is a Saudi citizen, bin Laden hasn’t been in Afghanistan for 9 years, and bin Laden never was supported by Afghans or Afghan Government which did not exist in 2001 because of civil war in Afghanistan.

America failed to accomplish anything in Afghanistan, America never declared war on Afghanistan, and America never had a purpose in Afghanistan except to capture bin Laden who wasn’t there.

For God’s sake, President Obama, get the hell out of Afghanistan now before the 2010 election; you will be a hero to Americans, save the lives of American GIs, and be a benefactor to Afghans who don’t want American occupiers.  It is a no-brainer.


Sunday, October 17th, 2010

The 2010 midterm Congressional elections are upon us.  Americans have a decision to make and there are limited options.  For what it is worth, here is my advice to voters and to Democrats, which I consider the only alternative.

My message to the Democrats for the midterm elections 2010 is this; run on the Democrats’ of 2008 record including Medical Health Reform, dismal as it is, and run against the Republicans record of obstructing any and all progress which is much worse.  This is reality and American voters understand that America run by a 40% minority of Republicans in the Senate is not democratic or government of the people, by the people, or for the people.

Democrats must also have the voters look at each Party’s source of support.  Because of the ‘Citizens United Supreme Court decision’, the Republicans are supported by the wealth of Corporate America and foreign interests: China, India, Philippines where American jobs were outsourced. This is the Republican base.

The Democrats are obviously supported by Labor and the Republicans admittedly are condemning the Democrats for that; there is the sign.  A majority of Americans are Labor and it is the sweat of Labor that has made Corporate America wealthy and that is an obvious historical fact.  If a voter works for a living he is middle class and Labor.

Labor is the common man and as Lincoln said, “God must have loved the common man because he made so many of them”.  Labor has been the middle class of America and a majority in America.  In the last eight years the record shows that the wealthiest 2 % of America has become wealthier and the Middle Class is DISAPPEARING!  This is what the 2010 midterm elections are all about.  A Democratic Congress is the cure; a Republican Congress is disaster for the middle class, an American majority.

Democrats, don’t shoot yourself in the foot again, for God’s sake. Run on your record and run against the Republican record; a majority of Americans ARE democrats and Democrats.