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Thursday, April 29th, 2010

What is “am I having a bad day” all about?

Have you ever waked up in the morning and not had the slightest idea of what was going on in your life? It happens to me often; is that a sign of anything sinister?

Being retired, I have the luxury of not having a thing to do, except cleaning the house which I have put off for weeks now, washing clothes after three weeks and having to find the cleanest underwear in the dirty clothes hamper, clean up the Income Tax mess on the dining table and filing it, and resolve the threatening letter from the landlord about an issue that I  had absolutely nothing to do with (dangling participle necessary for clarity).

It is not out of the ordinary for me to wonder whether or not I am having a bad day; please do not tell my kids; they will put me in a home.

Today, I awoke at 8:30AM, peed, turned on the computer, peed, read my email, peed, answered my email, peed, and about 10:17 AM contemplated either breakfast of lunch whichever seemed appropriate and then I peed. Perhaps I did not mentioned that I am old, retired, and fully competent in my, what-do-you-call-it, mind.

By this time it is 10AM. I shaved around my beard, washed my face, peed, and combed my hair.

Being hungry, I looked in the refrigerator and rejected the dill pickles, sauerkraut, artichokes, and moldy cheese. However, I am not narrow-minded and considered either a nice breakfast of oatmeal or a ham sandwich for lunch and neither appealed to me. Nothing appealed to me! I feel the need of adventure, today!

Perplexed, I opened the freezer and there I found several plastic containers of something red. The mystery packages were not marked, which is not normal, and I racked my brain to determine the identify of something red in a plastic non-specified container.

Let me hasten to observe that I often freeze things in plastic containers to transfer, after it is frozen, to plastic bags which I clearly mark and identify with a pen on the plastic bag container; in this particular case, my system has broken down.

Hence today, I am confronted with a mystery and possibly consuming a container of a red substance for which I do not have a clue; truthfully: this is exciting!

Off to the microwave; something is thawing and cooking that is a surprise deluxe! In the interim, I prepare and consume a healthy Bloody Mary, fortification for any of my possible experimentation gone awry. Tomato is healthy and vodka kills nasty germs, virus, and bacteria; God only, knows what other benefits of a Bloody Mary ensue. Thanks God!

Whatever freezer delicacy that I have found, it is committed to the microwave for preparation: Auto Defrost, Reheat, Beverage (though it is hard to tell when it is frozen), Timer, and Clock; I play it all like a fine piano melody.  The red substance is warm, in a bowl, ready for consumption, and the microwave says it is 10:18 PM. I administer the taste test; whatever it is, it is good.

Working my way through the process of elimination, I determine that: (1) this is not taco filling; (2) it is not tomato based-bean soup; (3) definitely, this is not salsa!

Being analytical, I conclude that whatever it is that I am eating, it does have tomatoes of course, and mushrooms, Italian sausage, various veggies, basil, oregano, onion, garlic, and God only knows what else. Who cares? It’s good!

Viola! My breakfast-lunch, brunch, nourishment whatever it might be, is actually a meat pasta sauce without pasta and I ate an entire quart of it with a soup spoon. Could that be what is in the other unmarked plastic container that is still in the freezer?

How many calories did it have?

Holy Cow! Is this going to be a good day or a bad one! Nightfall will tell; won’t it?


Tuesday, April 27th, 2010


“The conflict over a sweeping crackdown on illegal immigration in Arizona intensified Monday as vandals smeared refried beans in the shape of swastikas on the state Capitol’s windows.” That’s from the Associated Press.


Will the price of pinto beans soar sky high on the Futures Market?  Good ol’ derivative trading!

What will be the effect of Arizona’s new Immigration Law on America and the Arizona’s Mexican Restaurants?  Will Arizona enact Anti-Bean Laws?

Try to imagine beanless tacos!

And all of this from Arizona, where Arizona State University refused to confer an honorary doctorate on the President of the United States, Barrack Obama a Nobel Laureate, at his commencement speech because President Obama lacked experience; the University thought the President did not know beans.

Is flatulence covered under  the new Arizona Immigration Law or the Arizona Clean Air Act?


Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Personally, I think in view of the signing of the new Arizona immigration laws by the Arizona Governor, the Mexican Government should cooperate with Arizona and America and close the border to all Americans, deport all Americans living there, and not allow all those American factories south of the border to ship their products back to the USA. That surely will secure our American borders.


Saturday, April 17th, 2010

America’s entry into the 21st Century, proved baffling to most Americans. The American people: were flabbergasted about the nonelection of President Bush in 2000; horrified by the 911 Terrorist Attack by bin Laden and perplexed about bin Laden’s incentives; they were aghast by the American “Carpet Bombing” of innocent citizens of Afghanistan where there were no military targets; devastated by a preemptive war based on lies and deceit against Iraq; disgusted by the torture of prisoners of war by America; and, angered by the violation of rights of American citizens by the Bush Administration listening to their phone calls and reading their email. The American democratic Republic has indeed, been in disarray.

In reality, the good citizenry of the American democratic Republic have only since 2008, realized that Constitutional United States of America experienced a coup in 2000, by a sadistic cult who call themselves Neocons.; the common denominator of the Neocon Movement is sadistic perversion. The Neocons took possession of the Republican Party in 2000 and the Republican Party is no longer the party of Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

A sadistic bare majority of a politicized Supreme Court led by Justices Scalia, Renquist, and Thomas stopped the counting of votes in a democratic election and awarded the presidency to the sadistic Neocons, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Look at the character of the players and what they have in common: perverted sadism is evident in each of their biographies.

America in 2001 embarked on eight years of war and the sacrifice of American soldiers for an ideology of the Neocon Republican Project for the New American Century: wars of aggression for the benefit of corporate America; this is sadistic in conception.

The wars culminated in the torture of prisoners of war; the establishment of a prison of horror in Guantanamo Cuba where prisoners were held by the USA indefinitely without hearings of any kind in violation of human rights; violations of International Law; and violations of the US Constitution. This resulted in an international hatred of the United States of America spreading across the world; a notion that had never before existed in the history of the American democratic Republic.

Taking a look today, at the Neocon Republicans’ propagandist Rupert Murdock on Fox News and in the Wall Street Journal; America sees the spewing hatred for all who disagree with their Neocon sadistic, revisionist U.S. History and especially the current American President and recent legislation. Is the current President of the United States the ogre described in Fox News or is this merely the commentary of sadistic, Neocon Republican philosophy?

Read the signs displayed on TV by the “Tea Partiers” at their “rallies” and listen to their sadistic racist comments of partiers; they are negative, sadistic Neocon Republicans.

The key players have one personality trait in common, sadism; how else can they be described?


Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

On Easter Sunday afternoon, 2010, I began to get sleepy and decided to take an afternoon nap.  After undressing, I crawled under the comfort of the covers to nap and before I had dozed off, there came a loud noise and a violent shaking of the entire apartment building.  It sounded very much like a gigantic powerful force was pushing my apartment building down Lemon Avenue with me and the bed in it.  After waiting for the quake to stop and it didn’t, I jumped out of bed and into the doorway, supposedly the safest place to be in an earthquake.  Having second thoughts when the quake did not subside (it lasted an estimated 35-45 seconds which can appear to be an eternity), I decided that it would be best for me to evacuate the building.

Suddenly, I realized that I was without pants and could not remember where I had left them.

When the quake suddenly ended; I walked dazed around the apartment and was surprised to find that there was no damage visible, nothing fell from the shelves, and nothing fell off the walls.  God is good, though She can certainly frighten you to death!

Further, after checking the news and seeing for myself, I can report to Inlanders that San Diego is not now an island in the Pacific just off the coast of Arizona; San Diego remains more or less attached to the rest of mainland California and I am not currently living on the beach, at least for the present.


Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

A Florida Doctor has publically admitted that he denied people, who were supporters of President Obama, his services as a physician.

One of the comments to a related article on the Huffington Post was this one by FreeMarket25:

Ever watch MSNBC? They had a segment last night with Rep Grayson threatening the private dr in Florida who does not want to practice medicine on Obama supporters. Never once was a person’s freedom to do what they want discussed.

My Reply to FreeMarket 25:

Oh FreeMarket25, you are so misinformed. No one in the American democratic Republic has “a person’s freedom to do what they want”. You should have learned in high school that in a democracy like the USA, citizens have liberty AND responsibility. In the case of doctors, they have no more freedom to do what they want than I have the freedom to heal people. Physicians are granted a license to perform but, unfortunately, they are also given a monopoly (by the legislature representing the people) on the healing process and a nurse cannot even give a patient an aspirin. However, doctors are not granted the power to deny a citizen of his rights to the same medical treatment he is providing for all other citizens just because they voted for President Obama; that would be like Woolworth’s having the right to deny a citizen service at their dining counter because the customer has dark skin.  This doctor should suffer the consequences and have his license pulled; he should not be allowed to practice medicine, God only knows what he might do.

Because public schools are free and required, no one has the right to plead innocent because of ignorance, for denying another citizen his or her rights.


Sunday, April 4th, 2010

President Obama had an interesting Easter message for the world and all faiths and the President’s radio address was a good sermon in any faith.

The President suggested that all faiths and non-believers should consider coming together to cooperate in all things necessary to the common benefit of all mankind. That sounds comforting to some of us but many Americans balk at the suggestion of cooperation; the word cooperation has a bad connotation for many American capitalists, lately.

It is too bad that America has sanctified capitalism and its prime component competition to the exclusion of early America’s practice of cooperation which was so necessary to exist on the frontier. Now competition (including war) is the hall mark of American capitalistic policy and cooperation, as Obama suggests, is considered pinko Communist. In America, coops are out and competitive free markets are in.