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Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

America’s oldest death row inmate died in the Arizona Prison Complex in Florence Arizona. Leroy Nash was 94 years old, deaf, blind, confined to a wheel chair and suffering from dementia and mental illness.

He died of old age………damn!


Friday, February 12th, 2010

Sarah Palin, Fox News pundits, and Neocon Republicans in general have seemingly embarked on campaign to replace science and evidence in American politics with what they define as “common sense”. There is certainly nothing wrong with common sense as defined by the dictionary, “good sense and judgment”; however, the very dictionary definition of common sense appears to be defined as thinking and coming to conclusions using good judgment in the form of science and evidence.

Today’s Republicans are a far cry for those respectable members of the Grand Ole Party of the past, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Earl Warren, and William F. Buckley; those men would turn over in their graves if they would encounter members of the Republican Party today. The Republican Party of today is the Party of NO, driven by common sense: less than common mentality, making no sense whatsoever, and opposing anything for the benefit of the people, that is proposed by a Democrat.

The number one intellect of the Republican Party and advocate of common sense today, appears to be Governor Sarah Palin, who recently questioned the intellectual character of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, by saying that “America needs a commander in Chief, not a college professor of Constitutional Law.” It is certainly embarrassing to me personally, to hear such statements coming from the Republican Party and Gov. Sarah Palin.

God help the American democratic Republic. May the Republicans continue to be the minority party in America forever.


Friday, February 12th, 2010

The Daily Beast, Feb. 11, carried an item about Vice President Joe Biden being on the Larry King show:

The vice president also said that what keeps him up at night is not Afghanistan or Iraq but Pakistan. “I think it’s a big country. It has nuclear weapons that are able to be deployed. It has a real significant minority of radicalized population,” Biden said, adding, “It is not a completely functional democracy in the sense we think about it, and so that’s my greatest concern.”

I was stunned when I read Vice President Biden’s description of Pakistan. If he had no prefaced his statement saying it was Pakistan, I would have thought he was talking about America.

The cracked-pot Neocon Republicans of Bush, Cheney, Palin, Birthers, and Fox News certainly quality is a “real significant minority of radicalized population” in America, violating International Law and the Constitution, going to war over threats on non existent weapons of mass destruction, removing all the safe-guard regulations of the lunatic fringe of Corporate America; certainly they are still a significant minority, blocking every attempt the Democrats make to try to fulfill promises made in the 2008 election that resulted in a stunning overwhelming vote for Democrats, in 2008.

It is obvious that the US Senate Democratic majority’s inability to pass Health Care Reform that the voters overwhelmingly elected them to do, certainly indicates that the Senate and America is “not a completely functional democracy in the sense that we think about it”.

There is no doubt that America “has nuclear weapons that are able to be deployed”, and that is scary to the entire world and it keeps the entire world “up at night”.

It brings to mind the adage of the old comic strip character, Pogo, who said, “We has met the enemy and it be us.” God save the American democratic Republic.


Sunday, February 7th, 2010

The evidence for judging the IQ and Civic Literacy of a Republican appeared to unfold and all come together this week, in the news from the Republican Tea Sippers Convention in Nashville; please note that the IQ and civic literacy of a member of the Republican Party, herein, evolved from the evidence (their own words) and not opinion. Thus the low estimate of Republican IQ and civic literacy here is a scientific fact and not partisan name calling.

It all started when Tom Tancredo, a former Republican member of Congress, opened the Republican Tea Party Convention with a speech, denouncing The Cult of Multiculturalism, claiming that President Obama was elected because we do not have a civics, literacy test before people can vote in this country; he was alluding to a test for voters in the segregated South to prevent them from voting and has since been eliminated because it was a violation of the US Constitution.

In questioning the intellect and civic, literacy of Democratic voters, because they voted for President Obama, Tancredo immediately raises the question of the level of the intellect and civic literacy of the Republican Party member who voted against President Obama.

Democratic voters voted for the winner by landslide, electing Presidential Candidate Sen. Barack Hussein Obama, who is in fact multicultural and has a law degree cum laude from Harvard University, was a Constitutional Law Professor, and a US Senator; Democratic voters voted against Republican Presidential Candidate, Sen. John McCain, who could not remember how many houses he lived in and whose primary qualifications seem to be that he was shot down and imprisoned for most of the Viet Nam War. Further, the Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin, who Democratic voters voted against, when asked about her qualifications to be Vice President, told the American people that she was capable and ready to assume the Vice Presidency as soon as I find out what the Vice President does.

In all fairness, it should be noted that Mrs. Palin did study at four different universities for six years and was duly granted a four year Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Journalism from the University of Idaho.

Obviously, who the Democratic voters voted against says a lot about the intellect and civic literacy of Republican voters who voted for McCain and Palin and cheered Tancredo’s analysis of Democratic voters. The obvious conclusion that Republican IQ and civic literacy level is exceedingly below that of Democrats is therefore not an opinion, it is determined by a litmus test based on the evidence, their own admission; consider that the Tea Party goers are in fact self proclaimed Republican voters.

Each new speaker at the Tea Party reinforces the evidence questioning the IQ and Civic Literacy of members of the Republican Party. The keynote speaker for the Tea Party is no less than half-term-maximum Governor of Alaska, who can see Russia from her kitchen window, and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin What more need be said? Former Republican Congressman Tancredo is a poster child for the Republican Party; apologies to the late President Abraham Lincoln.

God save the American democratic Republic.


Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo, famous for his anti-immigration politics, offered a racially incendiary opening day speech on Thursday in which he denounced “the cult of multiculturalism” and said President Obama was elected because “we do not have a civics, literacy test before people can vote in this country.” The Daily Beast about the Nashville Tea Party, 1/4/10.

An angry mob dressed in tea stained Brown Shirts ravaging the countryside for minorities to attack; sounds familiar. Americans who love the American democratic Republic thought that the resounding defeat of the Neocons in 2008 was the end of the fascist movement in America; mistaken, they have always been here and they will always be here. It is the KKK, American Nazi Party, McCarthyism, the John Birch Society and now the tea sipping Neocon Wing-nuts.

America condemned and made the Communist Party illegal as a threat to democracy but the fascists have too much influence in government (particularly Congress) to do the decent thing and recognize the dangers of the Right, realize their hatred for and threat to democracy, and make them illegal, just like the Communist Party.

The Bush takeover of the Republic and his violations of the Constitution and democracy were planned, plotted, and executed according the Right Wing-Nut manifesto in the John Birch Society Bluebook of 1961. It was dismissed as garbage then; unfortunately, Americans bought into it in 2000. Fascist opponents of democracy are alive and well today; now they throw Tea Parties.


Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Yes, all liberal Democrats will all be watching Jon Stewart when he appears on O’Reilly and Faux News. This will explain why Fox News has such high ratings; hey, when was the last time a Neocon Republican ever watched NBC? Never!

Neocon Republicans put their hands over their ears whenever the truth is expressed. Let’s face it! Bin Laden’s incentive for 911 was a result of GHW Bush Sr. putting a military base in Muslim Holy Land in Saudi Arabia (US 911 Commission Report) and Muslim Terrorism is caused by GW Bush Jr’s killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims over weapons of mass destruction that were not in Iraq, which created even more terrorists, and it was G Bush Jr. who tortured prisoners and violated the US Constitution and International Law which made the world believe America was a nation of sadistic people. But Neocon Republicans do not know any of this because they only watch Faux News that never reported it.

When history is finally written, it will be a chapter about Republicans creating an “Era of Terrorism”; this will come as a complete surprise to Republicans because they only watch Faux News with its high ratings. God save America!