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Thursday, December 31st, 2009

New year’s resolution number one from a list of one.  Eliminate hate in 2010: no hatred for other religious groups; no hatred for foreigners, no racial hatred; no political hatred; no romantic hatred; no jealous hatred; no more war; no hatred for broccoli.


Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Happy New year!  Tis New Year’s Eve and my wish for 2010 is for America to declare all wars over.  Don’t want no war no more.  There is nothing else worth fighting for.  Peace, America, extend the olive branch of preace to all enemies for the world is large enough for all our people.  Peace is now the only thing worth fighting for and to achieve peace, we must stop fighting.


Saturday, December 26th, 2009

“Much trickier is finding a partridge in the city — a live partridge, that is. Several bird shops were contacted on a lark. None sold partridges. “I don’t know anyone who does,” said Roz Gibson at Birdcamp, a store on East 53rd Street.”

Actually, providing for Christmas holidays, resplendent with the 12 days of Christmas is totally inane; I would not want to receive a gift of a partridge and have to clean up under that pear tree every day.

“An ‘unbalanced woman’ jumped the barriers in St. Peter’s Basilica and knocked down Pope Benedict XVI as he walked down the main aisle to begin Christmas Eve Mass, a Vatican spokesman said Thursday.”

In analysis one can only wonder at the lady’s motive, was it romance, or anger, or did she just lose her balance.!

“Snow will be falling at a rate that snow plows are not able to keep up with,” AccuWeather reported on its Web site, “while winds gusting past 40 miles per hour will cause severe blowing and drifting along with whiteout conditions.”

God certainly has a weird sense of humor, especially when when it comes to celebrating his birthday.

“For many people, the result of the long, angry health care debate in Washington may be little more than more of the same.”

For a vast majority of we the American people, who voted for a majority of the members of Congress who promised us viable Universal Health Care and Reform, we cannot understand why any long, angry debate was necessary; we wonder whatever happened to the US Constitution that purports to provide for our hearts and souls but appears today to have turned the responsibility for our ass over to American corporate insurance providers that are not living beings and lack either heart or soul.


Friday, December 25th, 2009

Christmas was always my favorite time of the year when I was a child; my love of the Christmas season had nothing to do with Santa or gifts because as a child we were poor, it was the Great Depression, and basically there were no wondrous gifts.  In those days, all the children knew that Santa was out of work and could not afford lavish gifts; children knew poverty and distress, it was not just a grown-up issue.

What was truly wonderful about Christmas when I was a kid was the Christmas joy in that season of the year.  In spite of everyone’s desperate financial problems, in spite of harsh winter weather, the Christmas season was one of good will toward man; it seemed to me that every face had a smile and the tone of voice in the Christmas greetings warmed the heart and toes of the recipient  on a cold winter’s day.  There may not have actually been a Santa Clause but there was truly a Christmas spirit that permeated the Land.  My world became a world of love, happiness. and understanding, at least for a few winter days

In retrospect, I consider myself lucky to have lived in those times.

The thing that turned me against the Christmas season in recent years has been the hatred, stress, and anxiety expressed in the season: Bill O’Reilly’s “War Against Christmas”; Churches picketing Wal Mart because the clerks say, “Happy Holiday”; the gross salesmanship of the merchants on TV, radio, and on the streets; and the predictions of the corporate world about the profits squeezed out of the Christmas holiday spirit.  I tend to run and hide during the Christmas holidays myself.  While I would never wish a Great Depression on anyone, I rather feel sorry for my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren that they cannot experience the spirit of Christmas that I enjoyed as a child.  The stress and anxiety of Christmas present, is pitiful.

This Christmas has been a sad one for me for a number of reasons, but I can still feel, taste, and smell the Christmas of the past and I savor those memories.  Today is Christmas Day, and I would like to wish everyone, friend and foe, a warm Merry Christmas today, a Merry Christmas like the one’s of yore.  Merry Christmas everybody.


Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

As for the Republican Senator Coburn’s call for a Republican Prayer Vigil for Democratic Sen. Byrd to die and  not be able to vote for Health Care Reform:

Is it possible to pray so hard for Sen. Byrd to die that you can develop a hernia  and creat a Repubican hernia epidemic?

Is it a fact that a major American city will be devastated by a hurricane sent by God because the city did not pray hard enough for Sen. Byrd to die?

Praise the Lord, He made the Democratic Senator a tough old Byrd!


Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Ever since I can remember, there has been my sister, Meg. Marion, which was Meg’s real name, was the baby-of-the-family and the youngest of my 3 siblings, when I was born; suddenly Meg lost her baby-of-the-family status to me, and I became the adored one in the family, catered to, and spoiled rotten. She was seven years old when I was born and instead of resenting me, she nurtured me like a mother. Meg was like that even then, she always loved babies and animals; personally, sometimes I thought she preferred animals to babies and she considered me to be her pet, rather than her brother.

As she grew older, I became a deterrent to her social life; Meg was my permanent baby sister and had to drag me around with her and she complained about me being a pain-in-the-rear and always responsible for keeping her from doing things. Once I remember her friend, Betty Branson, calling me a pain-in-the-rear and Meg gave her hell for saying it; Betty told her, “Well that’s what you say.”

“Yeah, but that’s different,” Meg replied.

I never knew Meg to ignore and not to help any person or any animal that needed help; to me, that is the finest thing that you can say about any person and that is why Meg was such a beautiful woman. Everyone loved Meg; I never heard of anyone that did not love her. And, there was the other side of her too; hell hath no fury like Meg scorned. All my life, I tried very hard not to make her mad; so did everyone else.

My brother Walt and Meg were close in age and also close as siblings. In elementary school, where fights to and from school are a daily occurrence, Meg protected Walt from other aggressive boys who wanted to fight him, by hitting them over the head with her legendary umbrella. Many years later, Meg was introduced to an older man at a social function, and the old guy said, “I remember you from Roach Elementary School; you were the little girl who hit kids over the head with your umbrella.”

My brother and I were never fighters and Meg fought battles for both of us. Once when I was about eight years old, I was knocked down by three kids and being pummeled by all three. It happened across the street from home, and suddenly the kids holding me down were flying in all directions; it was my sister, Meg, kicking ass.

We have not always agreed, but we have always been there for each other.

Now I am seventy-nine years old and my sister Meg has been taken from me; I feel lonely.

Marion Jane Blankenburg Crow died December 19, 2009 at the age of 86.


Sunday, December 20th, 2009

To Senator Nelson,

The American democratic Republic is a nation of Law and the Constitution; a majority rules but the minority is protected by the Bill of Rights, liberty for all.

Roe vs Wade is the Law of the Land and abortion is legal; no one is required to have an abortion and the abortion law violates no citizen’s civil rights, including yours. You personally may oppose this law, but to deny civil rights to any of your constituents is violating their human and civil rights; have you thought sir, that when you force the passage of a health care reform bill that in essence denies women’s rights, you are also violating your oath to uphold and protect the US Constitution.

Most assuredly there is among your constituents, a woman whose very life depends upon having a medical safe abortion; it is unconscionable that you would deny that woman a legal procedure.

It is my belief sir that under the US Constitution, your behavior is a violation of your oath of office.


Thursday, December 17th, 2009

The present health care bill in the Senate looks like one the Republicans would write because it will ultimately fail the American people, just like the Republicans want it to fail.

Very frankly, in my lifetime, I hve been witness to some really fantastic legislative leaders like Sam Rayburn, Big Daddy Unruh, and the like and in comparison Sen. Harry Reid looks totally incompetent. He appears to have not been right once in all the time he has held that position and the Senate has not accomlished anything memorable under his leadership. I hate to say that but it appears to me to be fact.

Harry Reid has power to put the squeeze on Blue Dogs and Lieberman but from my perspective they are putting the squeeze on him (and the American people). As I see it, a legitimate majority leader would have Sen. Judas Lieberman standing in a barren field and the State of Connecticut would know from which Senator their Federal Goodies came from and from which Senator they are being shafted.

Neither Obama nor Reid seem to want to discipline anybody; they must know that governing is all about power. To allow Lieberman to decide against the entire nation having adequate medical care is lousy governance.

Today, Ameica is actually being governed by corporate America which is where campaign contributions come from. Corporations do not have to be patriotic, caring, compassionate, or passionate and they are none of these; corporations are not human. Does anyone else get the same feeling that I do; right now I feel that the highest power in America today is Blue Cross because it killed health care refom and Blue Cross does not have a heart or a brain. This doesn’t make me feel secure at all; I have no confidence in Blue Cross whatsoever.

Blue Cross is disciplining Obama, the Republicans are disciplining Obama, Sarah Palin, is disciplining Obama, Sen. Judas Liebermand is disciplining Obama, Glen Beck and Fox News is disciplining Obama, and the majority of Americans who voted for universal health care reform and Barack Obama are being shat upon. Personally right now, I have a very strong urge to shove the Star Spangled Banner up someone’s rear. The Constitution has become a worthless piece of paper and Blue Cross and Crazy religious fanatics like Pat Robertson are apparently running America. It is all about power. If President Obama doesn’t kick someone’s ass pretty quickly the Democratic Party had better fold up its tent and fade away. Someone please tell me that I am wrong.


Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Lately, it appears that every year I write a bah humbug post, and it pains me to do it; Christmas season was always the most delightful time of the year for me in the past, with goodwil for all mankind, but not the last few years. America has seemingly gone mad.

For the life of me I can’t believe the media coverage of Tiger Wood’s alleged or real infidelity; my god, I feel sorry for Tiger and his wife. Only in America would a golfer’s infidelity get more media than War in Afghanistan and President Bush’s private corporate Army, Blackwater. How has America lasted for over two hundred years. It pains me to be a part of a nation of loonies. It causes me to grieve even more for the more than 4000 dead American GIs, the 3000 innocent 911 victims, and the hundeds of thousands of innocent Afghan and Iraqi civilians who apparently have died for nothing of consequence. No wonder I suffer from depression.

Recently I received a chain email from a “relative” wanting every one to sent a Christmas card to ACLU for the purpose of screwing up the ACLU mail system. It pushed my button and I replied to the sender and all recipients of the email with this:

“In my day, Christians did not spend the Christmas season spreading hatred among mankind. If this email is an example of how Christians celebrate the birth of Christ I would pray that Jesus take back his special day; this world has enough hatred in it today whithout having some fanatic radical Christians spreading hatred in Jesus name. There is no Joy To The World in this email, just hatred for other Christians in the ACLU who are trying to preserve the American democratic Republic. Shame!”

Thought that was the most productive thing I have done in months!

This Christmas, I will spend in Switzerland, again. Christmas for me will be with my wife and my wife’s sister and relatives which is good. We eat, watch some cultural TV and take a Christmas walk. It is traditional and I love it. Laid back. Not much exchange of presents hassle; no one expects it. Everyone is loving. Great Christmas; just like every year. Spending Christmas in Switzerland is my Christmas present to myself, far from American insanity.


Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Dionne’s Washington Post comment, `The Medicare buy-in, which Bill Clinton proposed long ago, has always made sense. The idea is that older Americans who have not yet hit retirement age (say, people in their mid- to-late 50s or early 60s) have a hellish time buying private insurance if their employers don’t cover them’.

Even better, how about a children’s Medicare buy in, because children are so vulnerable because they are unable to provide for themselves. Then, there should be an everything-in-between Medicare buy-in because it is unfair for the government to discriminate against age. This is all very possible because we already have Medicare and even the Republicans seem to like and want to defend it, now (they opposed it in the beginning of course). So, if this were to come to pass, Congress could quit this charade about health care reform and concentrate on their ordinary graft and deceit.