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Friday, October 30th, 2009

What Americans have learned from the Republican Party opposition to a Government option health care entity is that the most important factor in health care in America, is PROFIT; yet, Kaiser Permanente is the most highly regarded of health plans by consumer advocates and Kaiser Permanente is a non-profit organization that isn’t even required to pay Federal income tax.

The most frightening boogey-man the Republican Party can conjure up that might destroy American health care is SOCIALISM and the antithesis of socialism is competition; the key to a socialistic or nonprofit business entity, called a cooperative, is cooperation which is a word Republicans find so repugnant that it should be removed from the English Dictionary, though every day public school teachers desperately try to teach children to cooperate.

Republicans believe that the United States Government is too inept and unqualified to provide universal health care for Americans, just because it is government and all government is bad and inept; yet the Republican Party lauds the U.S. Government’s military which has been unable to apprehend one man, Osama bin Laden who has been at large for over eight years and the U.S. Military would appear to be the most obvious example of the ineptness of government.

The Republican Party and many doctors believe that government universal health care would be detrimental to the health of Americans because government is not capable of efficiently doing anything; yet most doctors learned to read in the public schools, graduated from medical schools associated with public universities, and it is a fact that many Republicans even get their health care from the Veterans Administration, the U.S. Army Hospitals, or Medicare.

Republicans are inclined to believe that their nation leads the world in developing technology and research because of our superior educational institutions which is why foreign students want to attend American schools and universities; interestingly, America is the only Western Civilized nation without universal health care because the Republican Party thinks universal medical care is socialistic and wrong, although the preponderance of American educational institutions are public entities and therefore, socialistic.

The Republican Party purports to believe that competition of Health Care Insurers is the key to Americans getting adequate health care; however, the Republican Party voted to exempt Health Care Insurers from America’s Anti-Trust Laws meaning that Republicans virtually allowed Health Care Insurers to have a monopoly and eliminate competition among them.


Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

As a citizen of the American democratic Republic, I have been offended at times and disgusted at times when fanatic Christian leaders in America have intervened in American politics and told their followers that as a good Christian and because they are a Christian, they should vote for a particular candidate, or support or oppose certain legislation, or they should not support certain American Laws of the Land. These groups appear very sanctimonious and pious in their partisan endeavor, while at the same time avoiding paying taxes to the government because they claim to be a non-partisan, non-profit, religious institution.

It irked me that Carl Rove used fundamentalist churches and their mailing lists to promote George W. Bush’s campaign in 2008, and President Bush’s testimonials maintaining that God chose him to invade Iraq to get support for his wars. It disgusted me that some Catholic Bishops and Fundamentalist Preachers told followers not to vote for Senator John Kerry because he supported legalized abortion, which is the LAW OF THE LAND in America.

Now America is facing a historic time as this nation is debating medical health care reform and making medical health care available to all Americans and there is not a peep from the Moral Majority and their ilk about what Jesus thinks about health care reform, despite the fact that all their candidates they helped elect are opposing the proposed legislation.

It makes you wonder about Jesus’ views on medical health care for all; would Jesus approve or oppose health care reform? Would Jesus want only privatized health care and oppose the public option? Would He want health care only for Christian citizens; would He not want health care for illegal immigrants? Where are all these political nuts who profess to speak for Jesus?

It aggravates me to hear Holy Rollers like Fox News Rev. Huckabee maintain that the United States is a CHRISTIAN nation, when the US Constitution clearly states in the First Amendment, “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . .” My Buddhist, Atheist, Muslim, and Hindu Neighbors have the same rights as Rev. Huckabee, under the US Constitution, and they are required to answer to the same laws; yet Rev. Huckabee insists that Law in America should reflect Huckabee’s Biblical Law. Now, what does Rev. Huckabee say about Jesus’ stand on health care reform?

It is just a guess on my part, but most of the people I hear supporting or opposing health care reform would identify themselves as Christians; but no one wants to say that their religion has any part in their approval or opposition to health care reform. If the Bible is truth, am I to assume that Jesus has no opinion on whether America should have health care reform and universal health care? Surely there must be at least one religious leader in America that has knowledge of Biblical passages that clearly show what Jesus thinks about medical health care and universal health care in America.

Jesus made me write this essay and I know very well that He is sick and tired of people using His name in vain.


Sunday, October 25th, 2009

President Obama was elected by voters who were determined to end the unneccessary Bush wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Surprise!  President Obama has experienced a bottle neck.  Unfortunately the loyalty of the US Army is not to its current Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Obama; the loyalty of the American military leaders is to former President Bush and the Project for the New American Century (PNAC); signatories of the PNAC are Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, I. Lewis Libby, Dan Quayle, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz among others. The PNAC Is a Right Wing-Nut think tank that demanded that President Clinton invade Iraq for American economical interests. He refused to do their bidding.

The PNAC in its statement of purpose demands that the United States to use its military superiority to dominate the world economy for America (and American corporate interests); When 911 occurred, the PNAC advocates had their opportunity.  They were in the position of power.

Perhaps it wasn’t noticed by some, but it was obvious to most that President Bush simply ‘retired’ generals who disagreed with him on his wars and promoted generals who shared his Project for the New American Century ideology; President George W. Bush has totally politicized the military during his eight year reign; he surrounded himself and the American military with signatories of the statement and purpose of the Project for the New American Century. To accomplish his purpose, President Bush had to have a military that shared the Project for the New American Century ideology.

President Bush, based on recent evidence, also politicized the normally non partisan Justice Department and the courts. President Bush did not want to be legally challenged in his use of the American military. Never in all of my years of observing the American democratic Republic have I seen a President politicize the military and the Justice Departments so blatantly as President George W. Bush.

Eventually, President Obama must depoliticize the military which is much more difficult to depoliticize than the Justice Department. Just before he left office, President George W. Bush also moved many of his political appointees into Civil Service jobs so they can continue working for the government and work against President Obama. It will take President Obama some time to undo the mess; if he moves too fast, he will then be criticized for politicizing the army himself. Bush has got America and Obama into deep, deep doo doo! It definitely affects Obama’s strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan.

President Obama has made progress in depoliticizing the Justice Department but nothing can be done about the courts (life time appointments). Depoliticizing the military, where officers assignments are not easily changed over the short hall, it is a huge and dangerous undertaking, particularly in time of war.

On one other occasion, an American President, Harry Truman, faced up to one defiant General. “You are fired,” President Harry Truman told General Douglas MacArthur in 1951; it was a moment in history when a President effectively dealt with a purely politically motivated general. President Obama should take note.

The American Armed Forces is a rigid chain of command and soldiers take an oath to follow orders, defend the Constitution, and they give up their civil rights as citizens.

The US Constitution, for good reason, makes the President, a civilian, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Presidents from George Washington on never wore a uniform as President of the United States, even if they were military generals before becoming President. There is one exception to the tradition of Presidents not wearing uniforms; President George W. Bush donned full military battle dress to fly to a aircraft carrier, Abraham Lincoln, for a photo op and to announce “Mission Accomplished” and the end of the Iraq War in 2003 although the war continues today.

President George Bush also appointed a military head of the CIA, where normally a civilian is appointed, indicating that President Bush not only politicized the military, he militarized the civilian government.

President Obama has a serious problem to resolve, to depoliticize the military and demilitarize the civilian government. There are questions; would the US Army ever stage a coup? Can the US. Army be disciplined; they have had eight years of power.

President Obama needs to appoint a task force for the purpose of regaining control of purpose for the American Army and resolve the issues in the needless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The President must end the aggressive wars embarked on for the purpose of economic domination in the Middle East.
Read Seymour Hersh and more at:

Project for the New American Century:


Saturday, October 24th, 2009

If Members of Congress believe that the American voters are opposed to a Public Option in Health Care Reform, they should vote for approval of the Public Option and let the American voters refuse to take advantage of it; let the voters decide, give the voters the choice!  Giving the voters a choice doesn’t cost a dime.  It is all about democracy and consumer protection; its about the people, Stupid!


Friday, October 16th, 2009

All of America’s common folk, of Left, Right, and In-Between persuasion, are looking to the President and Congress to resolve the unemployment problem which is the key to the present economic crisis.

The American people are looking the wrong direction; Americans should be looking at that part of the American economic structure that actually PROFITS FROM UNEMPLOYMENT and that obviously is America’s large corporate employers, for example the auto industry. The government gets involved with corporate ineptness because the national economy cannot afford to let, for instance, the auto industry die; this means that the government has accepted responsibility for unemployment.

When there is mass unemployment, corporate America saves labor costs and they can afford loss of profits for much longer than labor can afford to be unemployed and not able to feed their kids; after massive layoffs, corporate employers can then reemploy the same workers for less wages, increase their margin of profits, and they have made up for previous losses and increased profits because of massive unemployment.

The corporations also know that the sitting government will be blamed for the unemployment and not the employers, because political candidates run on a platform that says that they are responsible for “creating jobs” and their opponents are responsible for “unemployment”; employers are never given credit or blame for employment or unemployment.  Presently, the corporations know that if unemployment prevails, the Democrats and Obama will be blamed and at the next election the people will vote in Republicans who will deregulate business, screw the consumers, and reduce corporate taxes.

The current economic crisis is in reality a result of extortion by corporate America and not the failings of government.  Corporate America does not have to love their country, they can and do move their operations to Mexico or China or where ever their margin of profit is greatest.  Workers are expected to be patriotic, love their country which is all they have to depend on, and “buy American” products.

Unfortunately, corporate America has actually been running America since Ronald Reagan became President and eliminated all those regulations enacted in the last Great Depression (arguing the depression is gone regulation is no longer needed) for the purpose of preventing a new era of depression (like the one America has now).

General Motor makes huge layoffs, blaming the economy and asks the government for help.  The government responds and bails them out because America cannot afford to let General Motors fail; General Motors then agrees to build automobiles in China.  General Motors claims to be American only when it suits their needs, but it makes no difference to them where their loyalty lies or whether they produce cars in Mexico or China. General Motors has no loyalty to America; their only interest in America is Americans who buy their products.

Unfortunately, American corporations do not look at American workers as if they are also American consumers, they look at workers as mere “Labor” and cost of production.

Corporations have no loyalty to any government and corporations do not need passports; yet in law, in the American democratic Republic, corporations are treated as a person with the rights of people but without commensurate responsibility for anyone but their own stockholders.
The American democratic Republic is responsible for all Americans, labor or stockholders, and Corporations are not responsible for anyone but stockholders.

If the American people want answers to unemployment, they need to look to employers and not the government; employers are most often irresponsible and are the only American institutions that profit from unemployment.


Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Arianna Huffington and Joe Biden are making headlines by fighting over how the President should deal with the war in Afghanistan.  As a liberal Democrat, Arianna and Joe Biden are two Democrats that I like the least and in this case I fortunately don’t have to take sides and I am please to be able to tell both of them to keep their damn mouths shut and let President Obama govern; I would prefer to let President Obama to do the thinking.
I opposed the invasion of Afghanistan even before it was invaded; I almost got run out of town because of my oppositiont; I believe personally that the fiery Bush should have take my advise and covertly had bin Laden rubbed out; no one would even remember bin Laden’s name today.  However after eight years of America killing or maiming hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghan men, women, and children who had nothing to do with 9/11, I have no wisdom for my President today; America losses no matter what. I trust Obama to do the best thing he can do for American interests
Weird that neither Arianna nor Joe mentioned that President Obana has to deal with a politicized army he inherited, one that is committed to Neocon George “W” ideological strategy with Gen. Petraous waiting in the wings to be the Republican’s “Great White Hope” Presidential candidate in 2012.
How can President Obama become America’s peacemaker in the world and satisfy America’s thirst for blood and the military/industrial complex thirst for promotions and profits?


Monday, October 12th, 2009

Being a Democrat, I am both disgusted and amused by the duplicity of The Republicans in their hate campaign and character assassination of the Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi. I never met a Republican who did not hate Speaker Pelosi with a passion and I never met a Republican that could or would tell me why. It appears that Republicans just love to hate; they evidently do not need to have a reason.

It would be easy for the Republicans to say that they hate Pelosi because she shot down the Republican plan for privatization of Social Security; it would be easy because it’s true but it would never happen because a vast majority of American voters opposed privatization of Social Security and Speaker Pelosi is their champion.

Republicans could say that they hate Pelosi because she is a woman that is smarter and more efficient than any Republican male counterparts; that would be true, of course, but Republicans Congressmen have trouble admitting that they are dumber than Pelosi and half the votes the Republicans need to get elected are cast by women.

Probably, the Republicans would like to say that Speaker Pelosi lacks experience and cherishes her title as Speaker of the house in order to fill her own pockets; it would be very foolish for them to say that because she has been a member of the House of Representatives for 22 years and worked for a Congressman before that. She comes from a politically adept family; her father was a Congressman fromMaryland and at one time Mayor of Baltimore; her brother was once mayor of Baltimore.

Nancy Pelosi has a net worth of about 19 million dollars and is among the wealthiest members of the House of Representatives; she obviously does not remain in the House because she needs the money. She has a higher incentive.

The Speaker is of Italian heritage.

Nancy Pelosi knows the meaning of power, she is aware of her power, and she wields her power like a deft and swift sword: she has personally stood up to the CIA and made them look stupid and she has stood up to the Army Generals making them look arrogant when they tried to exert their own power over the power of Congress and she made them think twice before they challenged Congress again.

As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is second in line to the Presidency after only the Vice President of the United States.

Nancy Pelosi is so good that the male Democratic contingent were almost required to vote for her to be Speaker of the House, the first female ever to be a majority Leader and the first woman to be Speaker of the House. There is only one thing that is not better at than the male House Republicans and that is being a silly man. Nancy Pelosi is Presidential timber.

Consequently, all the Republicans can say is that they hate Nancy Pelosi and she is terrible; the Republicans have no reason to hate Pelosi except they disagree with her, they are in the minority, and she is a woman.

There are no evident flaws in that lady except to say that’s no lady; she is the Speaker of the House. If you are a Democrat, you have to love her.


Monday, October 12th, 2009

Here are my comments on an article about the Saturday Night Live satire on the President of the United States winning the Nobel Peace Prize, “SNL Takes On Obama’s Peace Prize: I Won It For Not Being Bush”

The commentary:

“SNL-Obama: I won it for not being Bush.” Hey, what better reason to get the award. President Obama and all of those who helped elect him cannot think of a better reason for winning the Nobel Peace Prize; the Nobel committee as much as said the same thing SNL did. Personally, I am most proud of President Obama for repudiating the Bush regime in terms of fostering world peace.
Just accept the award for what is, a reflection of turning the tide of a sadistic Administration of George W. Bush and his needless wars, violations of International Law and the Constitution, WMP, torture, death, and pestilence in the world by virtue of Bush’s policy. My President, Barack Obama, is deserving of an award for his compassion and fostering peace in the world.
With the politicized Neocon military in America that Obama inherited from Bush, Obama still has his work cut out for him; by their actions, the Neocons appear to be hoping for an American Coup by the Generals. If it happens, will it be bloodless? Junta President Petraous just does not have a nice sound. Would American soldiers ever turn their guns on American citizens. I don’t think so but then I do remember Kent State; I wish I could forget!


Monday, October 12th, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009, the United States bombed the moon; wow, I was totally surprised because I didn’t even know there were any terrorists up there!


Sunday, October 11th, 2009

As a patriotic American, I am proud of my President, Barack Obama, for winning the Nobel Peace Prize for repudiating the American sadistic policy of the Bush Administration and President Bush’s “Crusade” of killing and hating innocent Muslims, for violating International Law, waging unnecessary war, and torturing prisoners. To me, 1.5 billion Muslims world wide, and the rest of the world, Obama is worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize and God’s favor.