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U.S. Presidential Election 2008: in My America

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

        Nine hundred million, nine hundred and ninety-nine Americans will take issue with the reference in the title to ‘my’ America.  We Americans would like to think that we act and believe as one but in reality we are more diverse in opinion and belief than any other sovereign nation on earth.

        For me, speaking of ‘my’ nation is akin to speaking of ‘my’ children.  Don’t let me hear of any criticism of my children; yet, my children and I disagree on many important issues of life including and especially religion and politics.  However, my love for them or their love for me is never questioned and don’t you dare criticize ‘my’ family.

     Moving on to the question of ‘my’ America and ‘my neighbor’s’ America, immediately it is evident that there are two distinct Americas.  It is only natural that in 2008, there are two distinct Presidential candidates in ‘our’ America and the question is which candidate best represents the character and values of a united America.


     The issues that divide my America and distinguish me from my neighbor are very clear, in 2008.  The Iraq War, the economy, free trade, outsourcing jobs, and universal health care are the obvious differences.  However there is one other agenda in this particular election, a historic first for America in 2008, it is the overwhelming issue of the color of one candidate’s face, it is black and it is unfortunately not a non-issue.


     The fact that race is an issue for my neighbor but not for me, does not mean that my neighbor’s racial bias is not ‘my’ problem after two hundred years of United States History.  Racial bias of ‘my’ fellow countrymen continues to be ‘my’ most serious problem, whether I am aware of it or not.  When American voters betray their own interests on economic and social issues for the purpose of satisfying their own racial bias, the issue of race becomes a monumental problem for ‘our’ America.  Certainly it would be no less a betrayal of American Constitutional values for any American to vote for a candidate because of the color of their face instead of the issues, regardless of the color of the candidate’s face.


     The greatest test of Americans in this 2008 Presidential election, is going to be casting their vote for President regardless of or in spite of the color of the candidate’s face.  God save the democratic Republic!


Legacy of George W. Bush: 21st Century

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

When the legacy of Twenty-First Century Bush comes to pass,

Beneficiaries of King George W. must line up to kiss his ass:

American victims of his unconstitutional  law;

Limbless children of Baghdad’s “shock and awe”.

All must pay homage to the Cheney and Bush regime

And to the tattered banner, in the next dawn’s early gleam