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President Bush’s Ambition and His ‘World Catastrophe’: A Letter to My Cousin

Friday, June 27th, 2008

My dear Cousin,


      Your mail about the “New World Order” arrived today and thank you.  We totally agree that America has become a scourge on the planet just as all the other imperial schemes to dominate the world have been, throughout world history that you and I read about eons ago.  No one seems to read history anymore.  This time around, it is obvious that our own America has destroyed any opportunity the world had for world peace and equity among the multitude of ordinary men, women, and children born to this planet, earth.


     Of course, the answer to the question of why America, who began in 1776 with such a flare for democracy and equality, became an Ogre and hated among mankind is simply greed, which we both agree is personified by President Bush and his ‘Project for the New American Century’ (which most Americans have never read)!.


      You and I have seen ‘our American Dream’ morph into a hated ‘planetary monster’ that has through its superior ‘killing technology’ destroyed and maimed so many children and parents in Afghanistan, through America’s ‘B-52 Carpet Bombing’ of Afghanistan where no military targets ever existed; it is a horrible legacy for America.


     America attacked, invaded, an occupied Afghanistan where there were no military targets and against a people who had nothing to do with the bin Laden heinous terrorist attack on America, except that bin Laden was allegedly located, somewhere in that desolate sovereign nation where neither America nor Afghanistan could locate him.  Seven years later, bin Laden is admittedly long gone from Afghanistan and yet America still occupies that sovereign nation and America continues its indiscriminate killing of innocent Afghans in an effort to eliminate ‘Afghan Insurgents’ and in doing so, America continues to generate hatred around the world in the process.  The American people have been indoctrinated by their President to believe that Afghanistan is a nation of terrorists and it seems that Americans have forgotten that bin Laden was ‘the actual terrorist’ who attacked America.


      A combination of ‘contrived American hysteria’ and ‘fait accompli’ by the concerted efforts of President George W. Bush and his accomplices, is the only explanation for the ‘American Iraq Debacle’.  Americans have now witnessed the catastrophe of Iraq and have finally recognized it for what it is, a war to control the world’s oil supply.


      Americans seem to have forgotten President Bush’s doltish excuse of Saddam’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that were and imminent threat to America and now seem to apparently ignore President Bush’s excuse that his intent is to make Iraq a democracy, even if it necessitates America killing off all of the Iraqi people to accomplish it.  Yes, we are encouraged by the seventy to eighty percent of Americans do not approve of President Bush’s wars and policy.  Perhaps there is hope after all.  If America could only have an honest election!


        It never seems to occur to Americans that there are some Iraqi people who love their former sovereign nation and their civilization that predates the life of Jesus Christ.  Too many Americans do not seem to understand that some Iraqi patriots are willing to give up their lives for the country that they used to have or to avenge their wives and children that were killed by the ‘Shock and Awe’ bombing by America that President Bush’s Regime bragged to Americans about inflicting upon Iraq’s people.


     President Bush is totally obsessed with ‘winning’ in Iraq, however he does not tell the American people that what he wants to win is domination of the Middle East and its oil assets; President Bush’s aspires to dominate the world.  What else is there to win in Iraq, a desolate desert and the ruins of an ancient civilization?  American soldiers, fighting and dying there, are convinced that there is nothing else there that they see worth fighting for or dying for.  Yet, American soldiers continue to die in Iraq and Afghanistan.


      Certainly, President Bush’s ambition to rule the world conflicts with the hope that you and I have that the world will learn to live in peace and each person will be a benefit to all the rest of humanity.  “No Man is an Island” and that is a truism..  Unfortunately, those in history that we have known, who tend to believe as we do, have been crucified or assassinated.  We can only hope that from these ashes yet another world order can emerge, a world of compassion and hope.


      May you keep the faith my dear cousin and may the spiritual forces that we humans refer to as our God, bless us with peace in our future and for out progeny.


 Your Cousin, Richard.

A Political Fight Over God! (Presumably the Same God!)

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

 Here is a little religious squabble that you can get into (but not with me) relative to politics and religion.  It is a current feud between Presidential candidate Barack Obama and Christian fanatic James Dobson.  Check out these links:

      Please keep me out of this one.  Though I do tend to agree with Obamaa (perhaps because he is a Congregationalist) in this case but I see no point in battles over Christianity in a democratic Republic. 

      For me personally, faith in God is nothing to fight about.

Taking Pride in America!

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

      The following made news today (06/24/08): “A milestone in the intersection of money and politics was reached last month: more than $1 billion has been donated to candidates running for the White House.”

      At the same time 39.5 million Americans, most of whom are going to work everyday, are living below the poverty level.

      Both candidates for the Presidency of the United States in 2008, are proud of America!

      Why does none of this make sense to me?

Believe It or Not; A Republican President Was in the White House on Nine-Eleven

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

       How many Republicans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

       Republicans campaigning for President have been screaming at the top of their lungs since 2001, that if American voters want to be safe from terrorist attack, they should elect a Republican President; don’t they realize how utterly stupid that statement is!  Now, in 2008, the Republicans are starting to scream again that America needs a Republican President to protect the democratic Republic from Terrorist attack.

      Do the Republicans actually believe that Americans are not fully aware that a Republican President, George W. Bush, actually was in the White House at the time that bin Laden and his terrorists did attack America on Nine-Eleven?

      It was the preceding Democratic Administration’s Homeland Security Officer, Richard Clarke, who actually warned President Bush that, a bin Laden, attack on America was imminent!  The warning was totally ignored and President Bush admittedly took NO ACTION, WHAT-SO-EVER!  When President Bush was warned of the imminent bin Laden attack, he was cutting weeds on his ranch in Texas and after receiving the warning, he continued to cut weeds.  It is all there to read in the Nine-Eleven Commission Report. 

      When the Republican Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice was asked about the response to the warning, she replied that America was already doing all it could to prevent a terrorist attack and NO FURTHER ACTION WAS REQUIRED!

      The greatest terrorist attack ever against the United States took place when a Republican President, George W. Bush, was in office!  It is his legacy.

      Is there something in the drinking water in America that makes Republicans say those things?

The American Totalitarian Era: George W. Bush 2001-2009

Friday, June 20th, 2008

       Americans have been suckered out of their democracy and they cannot figure out when and how it happened!  The truth of the matter is that Americans became soft on vigilance, complacent about civic responsibility, and overextended in their effort to maintain their standard of living with all the material goodies that they have been persuaded to covet.  In the process, they have forgotten how to think and resolve problems.

       Recently Gore Vidal was quoted saying that it would take a hundred years to repair the damage that President Bush has done to America.

      “We live in a dictatorship.  We have a fascist government . . . which controls the media.”

       Though Vidal is totally correct, even liberal Americans would disagree saying that America has ‘freedom of the Press’ and the President has to listen to the people and Congress and obey the Constitution; those Americans who doubt Vidal are wrong. 

       Americans even appear to be unaware that the media has totally misled them and President Bush has done whatever it pleased him to do, in spite of the fact that eighty percent of all Americans and a majority of Congress disagree with his policy.  That my American fellow patriots, is what a dictator and fascist government is: the head of the nation has no restraints.

     This is how ‘Totalitarian America’ happened.  Life is all about power.  Power is what makes cars go so that Americans do not have to walk and power is what makes computers solve problems in parts-of-a-second that people would ordinarily take days to accomplish.  Unfortunately, after a life-time of cars and computers, many people forget how to walk and how to think, especially when they are deprived of knowing the facts.

      Absolute political power is derived in a democracy by controlling the media and thereby controlling or limiting the people’s knowledge of the issues.  Information is kept from the people that they require to make appropriate political decisions.  Political power is being able to compel an entire nation of people to believe that it is in their best interests to support the government, no matter what it does.

      In democratic America, power is derived from controlling the media and at the same time, keeping the people satisfied with material things and preoccupied in keeping the mortgage paid, sending their kids to college, and virtually leaving the governing of the nation to politicians.  In America, it was easy to gain power for leaders who have no conscience, no morals, and simply choose to ignore the Constitution.

      This is the way it works.  The Freedom of the Press Amendment in the U.S. Constitution allows the news media, newspapers and TV, to report anything they care to report or withhold anything they choose to withhold and the government cannot prevent the media by law from doing it.  The news media has power; it has the power to control knowledge.

       Now Americans have been mistakenly made to believe that the media is in business to inform the public about what is going on in the nation and world; that is absolutely untrue.  American news media is in business for only one reason, to make a profit.  It is a big business.  So, actually the power of the news media is derived from its profits.

       All profits of the American news media come from one source, advertising.  All advertising comes from big, wealthy corporations.  Therefore, the news media does not have to satisfy its customers by providing knowledge that can be used to make proper political decisions; however, the news media does have to satisfy its corporate advertisers in order to make large profits.  Advertisers have great power over the news media because advertisers control profits.  Wealthy corporate advertisers have great power over the news media.

       The Federal Government Executive Branch, with the President at the head, is responsible for the regulation and oversight of corporations in America.  This gives the President great power over corporations. 

      The President also can determine which news media will be allowed access to extraordinary news releases (or leaks) from the White House.  This gives the President some control over some news media.

      However, wealthy corporate advertisers have the greatest power over the news media and those corporate advertisers want the news media to report only news that is in their best interests and only news that is in the best interests of the President, because the President has the responsibility for regulation and oversight of corporations.

      Consequently, power in America is derived from wealth and the capitalistic economic system; wealthy corporations have sufficient power to destroy the democratic Republic.

       Comparing the news disseminated in European democracies with the news disseminated in America is like comparing oranges and apples.  The difference appears to be that the power resides in the people and not wealthy corporations.

       It is truly amazing that when Americans are asked, today, what the motivation was for the terrorist bin Laden’ heinous attack on September Eleventh, Americans do not know the answer even though bin Laden announced it and America’s Nine Eleven Commission verified it.  Bin Laden’s incentive for the Nine-Eleven Attack was in retaliation for the establishment of an American military base in Muslim Holy Land, Saudi Arabia.

       America has been fighting a ‘War on Terror’ for seven years and Americans don’t even know what caused the war.

       In the same seven years, wealthy corporations have been criminally running amuck, unregulated; news media has manipulated the news; the President of the United States has continuously ‘stayed the course’ in Iraq in defiance of eighty percent of Americans and a majority of Congress; and the American people do not believe they live in a dictatorship and a fascist government that manages the news.  How can this be?  Well, you will not get any answers from the American news media!


Is Incredulous Stupidity Expected of Americans?

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

       Do Americans really believe that the exorbitant price of gasoline is determined by supply and demand?   Do Americans really believe that the oil cartel, OPEC and American Oil Companies, are so honorable that they would never stoop to manipulating prices to gouge consumers for all they can get?  Do Arab dictators make good American capitalists? 

       Is there a shortage of gasoline in America so that American Oil Companies have been unable to provide any American SUV driver a fill-up?  Will the President’s approval of drilling oil wells off-shore and in Alaskan wildlife refuges reduce the price of gasoline to what it was two years ago?  If you think so, would you be interested in buying a bridge in Brooklyn?

     If President Harry Truman was in the White House today, how many Americans would object to him taking over the America Oil Companies to protect consumers?  Does any American doubt that Truman would take over the oil companies, if he was President, today?

     If Thomas Jefferson would have know that oil would be more of a necessity to America than public schools and the U.S. Post Office, would Thomas Jefferson have provided for nationalized oil procurement in the U.S. Constitution?  Why does the U.S. Congress subsidize American oil companies?  Mexico nationalized oil production; what is the price of gasoline in Mexico compared to the United States?

      If oil is what the Iraq War is all about as Allan Greenspan and General Sanchez say, on an average, how many  miles per dead American soldiers are American drivers getting today!

The Specter of a Foreign Military Base Located in San Diego California

Friday, June 13th, 2008

        For reasons that I speculate to be sinister, the incentives for the Saudi Bin Laden’s Terrorist attack on America, September 11, 2001, has been kept from the America people though it documented and common knowledge.  America built an American military base in Saudi Arabia in 1991, with the approval of dictator King Saud but contrary to the wishes of the Saudi people; Osama bin Laden took issue with America building this military base in the Saudi Muslim Holy Land and has stated publicly that his 9/11 Terrorist Attack was in ‘retaliation’ for that American intrusion into Saudi Muslim Holy Land.  America’s Nine-Eleven Commission noted that this was the ‘cause’, the motivation, for bin Laden’s Attack.

      Yet President Bush has never acknowledged it.  Instead, he has said on numerous occasions that the incentive for the Terrorist Attack on 9-11 was” because the Terrorists hate America’s freedom”.

    So it was with knowledge of bin Laden’s motivation for attacking America that I considered the case of the people of Potrero California, a mall community  adjoining the city of San Diego, objecting to the building of a military training base for the Blackwater Worldwide Corporation in their community.

      Blackwater is a private corporate military force that the Bush Administration has used to outsource some military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan; the corporation has earned a questionable reputation throughout the world for the mercenary role it has played in the War in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The corporation’s army is used extensively to defend American contractors in the war zone and Iraqi and Afghan government officials essential to the U.S. government’s occupation of those nations.

     Blackwater has no responsibility to the United States Army nor to the governments of Iraq or Afghanistan; Blackwater is under contract to the American Government and the American State Department has given Blackwater semi-military employees immunity from prosecution for committing any criminal acts in Iraq or Afghanistan.  There have been a multitude of incidents where Blackwater semi-military employees have been involved in controversial combat activity that resulted in civilian casualties and the incidents were not subjected to any oversight.

     When Blackwater planned to build a tactical training base in Potrero, the people of the community strongly objected and when the objections fell on deaf ears, the people recalled members of the community planning board and replaced them with members who rejected Blackwater’s proposed base.

     San Diego County is recognized as a military community with many military facilities. However, the people of San Diego consider Blackwater’s private army as a ‘foreign’ army and as such it is unwelcome.  One cannot help but draw an analogy to Saudi citizens, like bin Laden, who objected to a foreign sovereignty, America, establishing a military base in their community.  Understand that this does not mean Saudi Terrorists were justified in their 9-11 attack; however it is reasonable and understandable that Saudi people would object and find it offensive a foreign military base in their community.  In America, it is not uncommon for citizens to disapprove of a shopping center in their community.

     Blackwater Worldwide did not accept the rejection of their training base in Potrero, easily.  The corporation fought the community and when they lost, they then applied for a permit to establish their training base in the city of San Diego itself.

     The city fathers of San Diego first approved Blackwater’s proposal and the people of San Diego again expressed their dire disapproval.  When Mayor Sanders found himself seeking reelection, he had the Blackwater permit reconsidered.  Blackwater immediately filed a suit in the Federal Court System claiming that ‘it was entitled to open the training center with its existing permits, that its civil rights to due process had been violated, and that failure to open on time would jeopardize its contract with the Navy’.  The Federal Court found for Blackwater.  The San Diego City Attorney argued that the State’s Courts are the appropriate place to decide issues related to land use.

     Again, there is an analogy to the offensive American military base constructed in Saudi Arabia.  There the King approved of the base despite objections that the base was offensive to the people.  In the case of Blackwater, the Federal Court’s findings simply dismissed the objections of the people of San Diego who found the Blackwater base offensive to their conscience.

     Who would have ever thought that the United States Federal Government would force upon American citizens, a mercenary corporate army base in the midst of their community?

This Country-Boy’s Humble Opinion

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

     Now let me get this straight.

     Republican voters don’t like Sen. Obama because they don’t like the Christian Church he attends since they found out that he is not a Muslim like they wanted to believe before he was exposed as a long-time member of a Congregational (UCC) Church.

      But then, Republican voters did not want to vote for Obama because they did not know anything about him and they did not know what he stands for; the same Republican voters have never read Sen. Obama’s autobiography or his statement of beliefs, both of which are published and best sellers (“Dreams of My Father” and  “Audacity of Hope”); does this mean that Republican opponents of Obama are illiterate or does it mean that they don’t have a library card or does it mean that Republicans just don’t like Obama because he is a Democrat?.


      Personally, I get the notion that Republicans don’t like Sen. Obama because he is only half White enough to be loved!  That is this Country-Boy’s opinion.  But then, what do I know?

Questions for the Candidates: Sen. McCain 2

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

       Senator McCain, sir, our children are taught in public schools that the Constitutional requirements, for an American President, are, “No person except a natural born citizen . . . shall be eligible to the Office of President, neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained the Age of thirty-five Years and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”  Thus it was that one of our notable forefathers, Alexander Hamilton who was born on a Caribbean island, was not a “natural born citizen” and therefore not an eligible candidate to be President.  You, Senator McCain, are also not a ‘natural born’ citizen, since you were born outside of the boundaries of the United States, in Panama, even though your parents were citizens.  By what authority do you dismiss this Constitutional ‘natural born citizen’ requirement as ‘not applying to you’ and how would you explain that to American public school students?

        Three other related questions, if you will Senator, (1) are there any other parts of the United States Constitution that ‘do not apply to you’; (2) does the same ‘natural born citizen’ Constitutional requirement for a President also not apply to Governor Schwarzenegger of California who is a naturalized citizen of the United States but continues to retain his ‘natural born’ Austrian citizenship; and (3) should the eligibility requirements of the United States Constitution be changed, so that a President need not be a ‘natural born’ citizen of the United States?


        By the way Senator, to your advantage, you are twice as qualified to be President based on the age requirements for the Presidency.


Questions for the Candidates: Sen. McCain

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

        Senator McCain, sir, if you are elected President of the United States, once you are elected do you intend to use the ‘Presidential Pardon Clause’ of the Constitution to pardon George W. Bush of any and all crimes that he ‘might have committed’ relative to violations of the Constitution, violations of International Law, and War Crimes committed, in the same manner that President Ford pardoned President Richard Nixon of any crimes he ‘might have’ committed relative to Watergate and in the same manner that President George H. W. Bush pardoned all of the convicted witnesses to any of President Ronald Reagan’s participation in the Iran/Contra Scandal?

     A second related question, if you will Senator, if you do intend to pardon President George W. Bush of all crimes he ‘might have’ committed while he was President, can you speculate as to when subsequent Republican Presidents will cease to deny the American People justice in the prosecution of their criminal Republican Presidents?