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Why I Will Vote For Obama; Why Won’t Everyone?

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

     Frankly, I was stunned when someone asked me why I was voting for Barack Obama for President.  It went to my head and so I decided to share my feelings with the world by writing here.


     The original inquiry suggested that Obama would have a ‘bumpy road’ ahead and I answered: about Obama and I having a bumpy road ahead, I have no illusions, in fact I would be surprised to see Obama win.  Obama is a “Sermon on the Mount” Christian and a politician; he desires to bring Americans together and the nations of the world together and rid America of the hate and antagonism policy of the last seven years and to do that, he has to win an election in America to succeed.  Impossible!!!!! 


     My concern about all the candidates is the reason why they are running and how they run.  Clinton, like her husband, believe they have to be as much like Bush as possible to win the election because they think that is what voters want (since Bush won twice).  They claim that they are ‘Centrists’, leaning toward Bush because that is what wins votes.  Clinton is therefore Bush Lite.  Hillary is obviously running for her ego and looks at me as just another vote for her or against her.  She would to anything to get elected and has.  If the voters want a war hero, she will make up a story about dodging bullets in Bosnia.  Rationale?  People will only remember her and Chelsea dodging bullets and not the fact that it is all a lie, she simply misspoke.


       Why in the world Obama even want to run for the Presidency and why would he want to take on that thankless job?  He says that his only purpose in running for President is to bring Americans together, restore the Constitution, and eliminate the war and hatred that has filled America for the last seven years.  To me, Obama is the reluctant candidate.  I look at the man, his wife, his kids, his life and he convinced me that he wished that someone would ‘take the cup from him’.  That is what I read that into his speeches (my bias).




     And, on television I have seen Obama sitting in a restaurant eating chicken wings with a bunch of ordinary people, saying, “Hey, anyone want a chicken wing?” instead of “vote for me”, and I say, ‘that could be an old buddy of mine in Gabby’s Restaurant in Decatur, Illinois’. Obama does not sound elitist at all to me; rather, he is one of us.  He graduated from Harvard Law School and could work wherever he wanted and he chooses to works with unemployed steel workers–why?



     I hear his wife complain that she doesn’t want him to run and campaign and be away from her and the kids, but she realizes she must support his quest.  I feel for her and fear for her because I remember the assassination of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy and I fear for Obama too.  I am sure Obama and Michelle are well aware of history.  To American Neocon terrorists, Obama is the ‘brazen nigger who would dare to become President of the United States,” and Obama knows that he has American, terrorist enemies.  I have lived in the midst of this kind of hatred and fear around me all of my life and I would do anything to eliminate it, including supporting and voting for Obama.



      I look at what my beloved nation has become under George Bush and the hatred he has generated for men, women and children of the Muslim faith and all those, including myself, who oppose his war and Obama is the only ‘life preserver’ available for me.



      I look at Obama’s pastor, Rev. Wright, and I see the Black Community of the 1960’s and when Wright says “Goddamn the America that persecutes my Black brothers”, I agree with Wright.  One reason that I agree with Wright is because I am White and I was in the Air Force on the very the day that President Truman integrated the Armed Forces and it was as emotional a day for me as Pearl Harbor.  What does skin color have to do with my good Afro soldier comrade having a cup of coffee with me in the Post Exchange?  Then, after integration of the Air Force, my good Afro friend still refuses my offer of coffee, because our being seen together might offend a racist U.S. Air Force Post Exchange Officer, who has sworn to defend the Constitution.



     On television, I see Obama painfully having to apologize for his friend and pastor for telling his Afro flock that God should damn racist American government for persecuting his Black people, just as God damned Egypt for persecuting God’s Jewish children and I feel for Obama and his pain.  I can only admire him for saying that he denounces those harsh words by Wright, because they offend racist Americans, but he does not denounce his faithful pastor who speaks of a world that White racist America does not care to know.  To me, Obama shows that he loves God, he loves his enemies, and he loves his neighbors; it was an emotional moment for me.



      Of course, I am always asked if I totally ignore the racism on the part of Black American voters who vote for Obama only because he is Black.  Would you also like to know ‘when I stopped beating my wife?’  Actually, if I were Black I think that I might vote for Obama even if he were White.  Really, who else would any intelligent Afro voter vote for?



      Certainly though, I am well aware of Afro American racism and bigotry and consider it a human fault, not unlike White racism and bigotry.  I have worked in the Afro Community for a good part of my career and discovered that the Afro American sub-culture is decidedly different from the White sub-culture but God’s people are the same and unfortunately the same when it comes to human faults like racism and bigotry.  In my work, education, Black racism was a problem to overcome and worked to my disadvantage on many occasions.  Because I am White, I found it necessary to recognize Afro racism and bigotry and work around it.  To succeed in this life as an American, you have to forgive Black racism as well as White racism.  A rose is a rose is a tulip! 



     Some have the audacity to ask if I support Obama only because he is ‘Black’?  I forgive them!  Actually, I would not only vote for Obama if he was White, I sincerely earnestly wished at times that he was White because his chances of fulfilling his prophecy would be more ‘electable’.  The truth is that he is half White, or half Black depending on the person looking at him.  Likewise, the glass is half empty or half full. As an American, I would be most proud of Obama as an Afro President of the United States; I believe it would be a sign of progress in America



     However, as a matter of fact, I supported John Edwards for President, originally, because I thought that his message was similar to Obama’s and being White would make Edwards more ‘electable’.  In retrospect, I say, “Goddamn that kind of America that would cause me to vote for a White candidate because he is White and has a better chance of getting elected than the Black candidate I would prefer to be my President.”

America’s Road to Hell Defined in Childish Gibberish!

Friday, May 16th, 2008

     Today, for the umpteenth time, I received a ridiculous email blaming the pitiful state of the American democratic Republic on the highest 545 elected and appointed Federal Government Officials.  It is a disgusting simplistic approach to the serious matter of Americans responsibility to their nation.

     Basically, it sounds reasonable to hold the 545 elected officials of the US responsible for the plight of our American democratic Republic; however, that concept does not do justice to some courageous elected individuals who find themselves in the minority.  Though these heroes of the minority are helpless to stop immoral brutal wars, like Iraq, promulgated by a majority serving their self interests, these stalwarts of the minority do not resign and run but instead become the conscience of the nations denouncing the disastrous acts of the majority.

     The reality is that the people apparently get what they deserve, since they elected the bastards.  However, we currently suffer from a sadistic arrogant President that the people actually voted against in 2000, when the Supreme Court, who are not elected by the people, threw out the vote and declared the loser the prize, the Presidency of the United States.  At the time, cowardly people in authority accepted the undemocratic pronouncement of an illegitimate President, because they feared rebellion by the common voters; shame on that leadership, America now realizes that revolution was exactly what the nation required at that time.  A revolution would have saved the lives of 4,000 brave soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslim men, women, and children.

     Certainly, the reelection of the Marquee de Bush is also questionable, since the American electorate was casting their votes on Diebold voting machines, produced by adherents of the incumbent President Bush to, in the word of the Diebold Corporation Chief Executive Officer, “deliver the Ohio election for President Bush.”

     It is a child’s game to try to blame the 545 or the American people who cast votes for them; it is a game for Americans to use to try to hold themselves blameless.  When Thoreau was asked why he was in jail for protesting what he considered immoral government, he answered the question of responsibility by saying, “Why aren’t you here with me?”  Indeed!  In the Civil Rights rebellion, Martin Luther King answered those who questioned his protest and incarceration with Thoreau’s same words.   These are hero American patriots.

     Protesters are NOT unpatriotic despite the Bush Administration insistence that they are; quite the opposite; we have come a long way from referring to those revolutionaries who founded this American democratic Republic, as “patriots”, have we not!

     We can sleep with a clear conscience if we revolt and protest the immorality of our governance; however, if we don’t watch the news because it makes us feel bad, if we turn off the TV when the President is speaking because he upsets us, then it is possible that we need to question our conscience and our patriotism.

      In retrospect, if we condemn a Presidential candidate for mere association with a revolutionary who violently opposed that immoral debacle of the Vietnam War so many years ago, we may want to reconsider our own judgment.  It is quite ironic that the other Presidential candidate who suffered intolerable imprisonment during the Vietnam conflict would condemn the Presidential candidate who has a mere association with an American revolutionary who risked his all to protest that same unjustified and immoral Vietnam War responsible for the candidate’s misery.      There is in reality, more to being an American patriot than wearing a flag pin in your lapel or casting your vote in a questionable democratic election.  About one third of the registered American voters do not cast a ballot on Election Day, when they have the clear option of writing in the candidate of their choice, even it is their own name or a choice of Mickey Mouse.  Pity!      Instead of placing blame on some one else, if an America has any love at all for the American democratic Republic, they have the moral obligation to act.  If the democratic mechanism is broken, fix it.  If protest and revolution is required, “let it begin with me!” 

     “Power to the people!”

Prognosis For The Presidential Elecdtion 2008!

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

       Just received an inquiry from a friend on how the Presidential Election of 2008, is going to ‘come out’?  Since I don’t often get requests for my opinion, I took full advantage of my friend’s request.  This was my reply:


Hi Friend,


     Thanks for your email and inquiry.


     You asked if Obama would consider having Hillary as a running mate?  Of course, I do not know but I think he would be insane to do it.  I am sure that he will have to make some concessions to her for unity and would want to, as a concilliator (maybe he would consider making Bubba, head of the ‘Department of Transpiration’).  I am sure Gov. Richardson would be in the Obama administration, but then, Hillary now considers him to be a Judas.


     As far as John McCain is concerned, the poor guy has been kicked around by Bush for so long that I think he must be punchy.  He was so respected as a military hero for so long, it is sad to see him in the condition that he is today.  I would not at all be suprised to see the Republicans replace him before the elections, but I really think Republicans know that they are going to lose and decided to make American voters vote against a military hero if Democrats are going to win any way.  When a party is doomed to lose they often put up a meritorious candidate to LOSE; that candidate is called a ‘White Crow’.


     On the other hand, I don’t think the Repubiicans have a decent Neocon candidate that could possibly win.  Did you notice in the last Repbulican Primary that McCain received only 70% of the vote of Republicans and other candidates got the rest (including Ron Paul who got over 7%)  That tells you something about McCain’s status as candidate.


     I am not satisfied that this election is nearly ‘over’.  Remember that Rober Kennedy was assassinated in 1968, celebrating a big, over the top Democratic primary victory.  Do not underestimate the neocons; they (and/or, or through Hillary) will try to involve Obama in a scandal or find some way to eliminate his candidacy. 


     To me, the assassination of Bobby Kenney was the opening of the Nixon/Bush/Neocon Era.  Obama is a ‘Hope’ to end the era of American Neocon fascism.  I think every effort will be made to eliminate Obama (Hillary is only one part) as a candidate.


     After Bobby Kennedy was killed in 1968, I became exceedingly cynical of American politics.  It was as though the assassiantion of Bobby, JFK, and MLK were all part of the movement that ultimately became the reign of George W. Bush (the end result, the Fascist American Era).  I will not believe that era has ended until I see more positive results than just the election of Obama.


     Before that I believe American fascism has lost control of our democratic Republlic, the Iraq War will have to end; outsourced American jobs will have to be restored for American workers; the American government will have to intervene in the economy to protect the consumers, the American people; and America will have to regain its reputation as a compassionate democracy in the world community.


     This is only my opinion, of course, and what do I know?


Your friend, Richard 

America Needs Presidential Elections Like It Needs a Hole In The Head; America Needs Impeachment!

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

      American voters are crazy to think that they have the time to wait until next January for President Bush to be voted out of office; President Bush still has adequate time to attack Iran to further shame and devastate America and chances are good that he will do it.  George W. Bush has nothing to lose.  We the people and America have everything to lose.

     Tuesday, May 6, 2008, I did not watch the primary elections in Indiana and North Carolina; instead I tuned in at 10PM to get the results.  I was surprised that Obama did as well as he did after Hillary and the Republicans crucified him so for his church affiliation, the last few weeks.

     To me, after suffering through the last eight years of war, shame, and economic disaster, Sen. Barack Obama is America‘s only hope.  I said so, posting it on my blog, before he became a candidate and I also noted that because he had an African father, racist Americans would reject him.  Americans would vote against Jesus Christ if his face was black enough (and who knows?).

     Opponents say that Obama is not specific in what he will do as President.  Senator Obama says that the only reason he is running is to restore the government to the people.  To me that is quite specific, in light of what the Bush government represents today.  Obama wants a COMPLETE CHANGE and I believe Obama when he says that is his only reason for running; what else is there worth running for, if you are Barack Obama?  What other American would tolerate the crap that was dumped on Senator Obama the last few weeks, for anything less than a sacred cause; Sen. Barack Obama has everything else and he doesn’t need the money.

     Remember that Franklin Roosevelt was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he certainly did not need to become President of the United States during the Great Depression.  Yet when I was hungry as a child of the Depression, Roosevelt fed me.  If feeding me was his reason for becoming President, in my estimation he deserved to be voted President FOUR TIMES.  President Roosevelt regulated corporations, banks, utilities, and public transportation to protect the common people; Republicans and President Bush deregulated America for the benefit of the corporations.

     Remember Abraham Lincoln, a humble rail-splitter that did not need to become President.  Lincoln freed the slaves for the integrity of the common people.

     Barack Obama has a wife, children, money, and a reputation that will outlast the Clinton and Republican smears; he has nothing material to gain from becoming President except that he can change our America to be of, by, and for the COMMON PEOPLE.  It is God’s secret, why he has not won in a landslide; for as our Abe Lincoln said, “God had to love the common people because he made so many of them.”

      To belabor the obvious, Obama wants to become President to restore American Government to the people and his opponents Hillary and McCain disagree with him.  What else needs to be said?

     Sen. Obama wants to end the war in Iraq immediately and open diplomatic discussions with America‘s enemies to end the killing and eliminate the cause of the war; his opponents, Hillary and McCain disagree.  What else do voters have to know?

     Personally, I don’t need a primary election and I don’t need to wait till November to make up my mind, I can vote today.  Unfortunately, November just might be too late. 

The Perils of Deciding the Race and Gender of the 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate

Monday, May 5th, 2008

      For those seventy percent of the American voters, who according to polls believe that America is definitely headed in the wrong direction under the present President, George Bush, selecting a candidate to succeed the Republican President is a serious matter in the two-party political system of the United States.  For the Republican and Democratic parties, the selection of opposing candidates for President in 2008, has taken a comedic turn resulting in a script for a feature film combing elements of “Keystone Cops” and “Titanic”.

     Republicans found themselves facing an angry electorate, two-thirds of whom are poised to vote against any Republican who has even a passing affinity to incumbent President George W. Bush.  From a number of Republican clowns running around the country bumping into each other and trying to convince Americans that the last eight years of Bush drama represented the glory of American heritage and success, the rank and file Republicans subtly chose the only Republican in the bunch who had actually opposed, at one time, the current Republican President (in the 2000 Republican primary).  Republican voters chose Senator John McCain to be the Republican candidate.

     The advantage that Sen. McCain had was that most Americans knew him because he is a Vietnam War hero that has been around so long; in fact, Sen. McCain had been around so long that he is now a seventy-one year old ‘war hero’ candidate who has senior moments when he does not know a Sunni from a Shiite and has difficulty remembering whether he is for or against the Iraq war.  Ironically, the great 2008 Republican hope is a bit of an embarrassment for Republicans to explain.

      The Democrats on the other hand, appeared to shun any politically-correct ‘shoo-in’ candidate and instead have boiled down the candidate ‘stew’ to two questionably electable ‘firsts’ in American politics: Sen. Hillary Clinton, the potential first female Presidential candidate or Sen. Barack Obama, the potential first Presidential candidate of partial Afro heritage. The Democratic Party’s campaign to unite America behind a ‘savior of democracy’ has turned into a competition between Democratic feminists and Democratic integrationists.  The Democrats have chosen a challenge to change and win the hearts of America’s male chauvinists and racists.  The results have sometimes been hilarious.

       In the May Fourth political news, Democratic Party political pundit James Carville did not appear to help his Party’s Cause by saying, “If Hillary gave Obama one of her Cojones, they’d both have two.”

     This appeared to be a lame and crude attempt to indicate that Carville’s feminine candidate, Clinton, was ‘more of a man’ than was her male Afro opponent, Barack Obama.  Apparently, the Democrats cannot decide whether or not they want a woman Presidential candidate that acts like a man or an Afro male candidate who behaves like a woman; this doesn’t seem to be at all related to committment to a candidate who can beat the elderly and confused Republican war hero candidate.

     As if the racial and gender issues in the Democratic Primary are not frustrating enough, the contest has deteriorated further to include religious bias; candidates are being evaluated based on the church and preacher of their choice. 

     Oddly enough, the Democratic candidates have implicitly failed, in recent days, to discuss with voters those issues that make the Republicans the most vulnerable in 2008: the bitter, drawn-out Iraq War and the failing American economy.

     The 2008 Presidential elections in America will at least be historically recorded as ‘unique’, assuming the Republic survives.  However, the word on the street today is that voters have tired of race and gender controversy and are serious only about which of the clowns, because of or in despite ‘cojones’, if elected, will end the Iraq War and restore the economy.


Notes From My Desk (and spleen), #4!

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Note to President Bush: Eliminating terrorists using 500 pound bombs, turns parents of children killed as collateral damage, into terrorists.


Note to Hillary Clinton: There actually is something more important that winning the Democratic nomination for President; it is called, integrity!


Note to American voters: Yes you can have a compassionate responsible President of the United States who is a Christian, but the cost is that you have to vote for a candidate who is only half white and attends a Congregational Church with an overzealous preacher.


Note to drivers of gas-guzzling SUVs: President Bush is not going to do anything about exorbitant gas prices and huge wind-fall profits for oil companies; only President Truman would have established gasoline price control and taxed wind-fall profits of oil companies and he died a long time ago.


Note to the American people: The War in Iraq is all about oil and President Bush and the oil companies only concern about American soldiers killed in Iraq, is that there are still enough American soldiers left alive to ‘stay the course’!


Note to fanatic American chauvanist  flag-wavers: The reason the other nations of the world perceive America as a ruthless aggressive imperialist nation that violates International Law and tortures prisoners of war, is that it is true!


Note to the American strategists: The only effective way to eliminate terrorism is to eliminate the cause and that does not mean kill all the Muslims in the world; Muslims are not the cause of terrorism, American policy toward the Muslim world is the cause!


Note to American Christians: Actually, the United States Constitution does not specify that Christianity is superior to any other religion. 


Note to American war mongers: A preemptive war, like the War in Iraq, is uncivilized and a violation of International Law and consequently the U.S. Constitution!


Note to Fox News: If you are so confident that Sen. John McCain will win the November Election, why are you obsessed by who the Democrats nominate?


Note to Hillary: What if the red telephone in the White House rings at 3AM, to report that Bill received another blow-job from an intern and Barack Obama has to answer the phone?


Note to Barack Obama: What if the American people vote against changing the American government into to a compassionate, honest, fair, and caring American Government of the people?


Note to Californians: The reason the State is bankrupt, the cities are unsafe, and the California public schools have gone from first to last is that Proposition 13 eliminated the property tax base as the primary tax for supporting public schools and funding municipal fire and police protection.


Note to American Christian voters: Jesus demands that you love your neighbor and your enemies; get with the program!


Note to Sen. McCain: “They went that way!”


Note to Republicans and the manufacturers of Diebold voting machines: Pray to keep American voters computer-illiterate!

Flushing Democracy Down the Toilet: American Lunacy in the Twenty-First Century

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

      In retrospect, the promise of American progress in the opening year of the Twenty-First Century, 2001, was one of the cruelest ironies of all times.  America was drooling with hope and expectation.  The explosion of American inventiveness in field of electronic, digital communications promised a ‘modern’, enlightened electorate in the democratic American Republic: the internet; TV; the blackberry and cell phone technology; satellite communications; wireless technology.  Finally, after two hundred twenty-four years of the American democratic Republic, there would no excuse for any ignorance of the issues among the American electorate.  Instead, what actually occurred was the ‘dumbing down’ of American population.

     The ‘dumbing down’ of Americans can be ascertained easily by casually questioning friends, neighbors, family, or the man on the street.  Ask a simple question and get a ‘dumb’ answer; it is amazing and appalling!  The American people are not retarded, stupid, naïve, or disinterested; they are simply ignorant of the issues through no fault of their own. 

     For example, ask an American what the incentive was for the horrible 9/11 terrorist attack and nine of ten will tell you, “I don’t know,” or, “They hate our freedom”; neither of which is an acceptable answer.  The conclusion of the ‘National Nine-Eleven Commission’ and the admission of Osama bin Laden, himself, was that the motivation for the attack was America putting a military base in and intruding upon the Muslim Holy Land of Saudi Arabia (in 1991).

      If asked if Saddam Hussein was responsible for the Nine-Eleven Terrorist Attack on the United States, six of ten Americans answer, “Yes”.  However, the best possible intelligence reporting finds absolutely no evidence that Saddam had any knowledge of the Nine-Eleven Terrorist Attack.  Saddam had no part in the Nine-Eleven Terrorist Attack on America.

      Many Americans currently believe that the military “Surge of 2007” was a huge success, yet the American military casualties and Iraqi civilian deaths in the most recent month (April 2008) was the highest of the last seven months.

       The reason why Americans are so misinformed on these issues is that no less than the President and Vice President of the United States have publicly provided them with this misinformation through the highly sophisticated electronic media and repeated that misinformation for days, weeks, months, and now years; meanwhile, evidence refuting this misinformation is published once, often innocuously, and forgotten.  Foreign cultures are more accurately informed of American issues than most American citizens.  Thus, the American public is ‘dumbed down’!

      The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or preventing the free exercise thereof . . .”  Yet a huge number of Americans believe that the United States of America is a ‘Christian’ nation.

      The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution reads: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”  However, many Americans believe that President Bush has the power, without obtaining a warrant,  to secretly read their email, tap telephones, or know what library books they read because of President Bush’s “War on Terror”.  The Constitution makes no provision for the President to violate  the Constitutional Bill of Rights during war time.

      Many Americans believe that President Bush’s declaration of a “War on Terror” is an actual war.  Yet the very definition of war is a conflict between sovereign nations and terror is simply ‘a state of fear’; also, the Constitution states that only Congress has the power “To declare war . . .”.  Congress has not and can not declare war on ‘terror’, a state of fear, and Congress has not and has specifically refused to declare war on both Afghanistan and Iraq; the reason is obvious.

      Despite living in the ‘Electronic Age of Enlightenment’, Americans seem to have ‘no clue’ relative to their Constitution which is the bulwark of America’s democratic Republic; Americans appear know little or nothing about the nation to which they routinely swear allegiance.

      Apparently as a result of the ‘dumbing down’ of America, the 2008 Presidential Election is taking on a bizarre appearance for a democratic election.  Despite the fact that a candidate’s religion is not a factor in the Constitutional eligibility for the office of President, the religion of Sen. Barack Obama seems to have been a most important issue in opposing his candidacy; first, he was purported to unqualified because he was a Muslim and then the remarks of the minister of his Christian, Congregational Church, was considered a reason to disqualify him.

      Regardless of the fact there is no Constitutional requirement for a Presidential candidate to have executive experience, a primary issue in the 2008 Presidential Election appears to be each candidate’s executive experience; Sen. Clinton’s outré claims to have had such executive experience by virtue of being her husband’s wife during his Presidency and her ‘misspoken’ dodging of snipers bullets while acting as his envoy in Bosnia defies reason.

     Some Republican candidates campaigning for office, including the current President, are consistently guilty of referring to ‘liberals’ as though they are an evil, immoral, and  illegal cult, to be disenfranchised and deported.  The dictionary definition of a ‘liberal’ is a person “holding, expressing, or following views or policies that support civil liberties, democratic reforms, and use of government power to promote social progress.”  In the light of this definition, what in the world does smearing liberals make Republicans out to be?  After more than two hundred years of history of the American democratic Republic

      How can Americans not be distressed and disgusted, when catching the latest headlines news to discover that the most recent scandal concerns a Presidential candidate that does not wear an American flag pin in his lapel, or to discover that Nelson Mandela and Sen. Ted Kennedy are on the governments list of terrorists on America’s ‘Do Not Fly List’?   Meanwhile, news of more Americans Soldiers killed in Iraq is relegated to incidental reporting; the hated war in Iraq has become a non-issue in the election.  

      The American media continuously and repeatedly bemoaning and giving credibility to these farcical issues makes the American electoral process appear to be ludicrous, ridiculous, and demeans the intelligence of the American voters.  That candidates’ participation in this circus of piddling ‘political’ debate belittles America’s reputation as a responsible democratic Republic.

       Because of America’s reputation as a military power and world leader, other nations of the world follow the American Presidential Elections carefully; will other nations of the world ever again have any respect for American government?