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Election 2008: Letter to My Cousin About Politics Today Compared to the Good Ol’ Days!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Hi Cousin,

    Good to hear from you.  From the sound of your message, you must be in the same mood that I am.  It is so depressing to see such exhibitions of ignorance in the people who touch our daily life and especially in this Presidential election.  It rather makes one want to ‘bonk’ a few heads!

     No my dear Cuz, things will never be like they were when we were young.  I am not  sure that we would actually want the ‘good ol days’, if we had the chance; I would always like something better than that. 

     However, I do agree that President George Woeful Bush has managed to regress our formerly beautiful American democratic Republic into a society of bitter, frightened lemurs, heading for the cliffs.  Surely, we can do better.  I have chosen to follow the Obama dynamics of hope and progress and cannot for the life of me figure out why everyone else is not!  I am sick of the garbage spewing from the mouths of Clinton and McCain exaggerating their competence and intellect; if they were that good, someone else would be saying it and those two would not have let Bush get away with destroying American values.  Where the hell have Clinton and McCain been the last eight years?      

     I like Obama’s message, “I can’t do it, but WE can do it!”  While Hillary and McCain keep trying to convince us that they are going to do everything for us.

     Yes, the world is constantly changing but not necessarily making progress.  And no, Americans never seem to learn from the past.  We spank a two year old to keep them from running into the street a second time, because we are unable to reason with a baby; spanking doesn’t often help but when he is old enough to reason for himself that he may get hit in the ass by a car, then he learns to keep out of the street.  There was an analogy there somewhere; I think the moral of the story is that it is too bad 2-year-olds are not allowed to vote.

     It all means that I must never take myself too seriously.

     Cuz, you and I are both aware of what Jesus would think about America today because you and I have those intellectual discussions with Jesus every day of the week, including Sunday; and Sunday you know, is that day when those “other poor dumbed-down people” wearing a cross on one lapel and and flag on the other are kneeling and praying in those expensive commercial God-houses called churches where they are told by their ‘salaried clergy’ to vote for George Bush because he is a good Christian.

     My answer is no, there will not be fair elections in Ohio or Florida because the Diebold voting machines are programed to be hacked and President Bush has declared that he has the ‘war power’ to secretly tap any American phone lines during the war on terror, including the phone lines relaying electronic voting results.  Of course we need to be reasonable in our assessment of George W. Bush and what he is capable of doing but we have no obligation to be stupid.

     After 1968, I lost interest in politics and ignored the political scene because I lost all hope when Robert Kennedy was assassinated while celebrating a primary election victory.  As you know, Richard Nixon was elected and an age of cynicism followed.  Obama is the first candidate since to inspire me or provide a possibility of hope.  However, I am tempered by the disappointment that I suffered when Adlai Stevenson lost the election to Ike; I had to suffer through two terms of President Ike, who never uttered a quotable phrase during eight years in office. 

     Ike’s election was the end of the era of FDR and Truman.  You realize of course that when you yearn for the days when we were young, you are talking about the era of FDR and Truman?  Ironically, it was also a era of the Great Depression and WWII, however, it was also an era of ‘morality’ and ethical behavior and a time that we could take pride in, despite the adversity.  We had Presidents that we could love.  When an American President is elected 4 times, there is good reason for it.  How many Presidents have you ‘loved’, since FDR and Truman?

     Please don’t take me too seriously; I don’t.

     See you later Cuz.



Do the People of America Care About the 4,000 Dead American Soldiers Killed in Iraq?

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

       From sixty to eighty percent of the American voters oppose the American invasion and occupation of Iraq; yet, President Bush insists that  the War in Iraq is not a disaster and America should ‘stay the course’ (continue to accept the increasing number of deaths of American soldiers, the increasing number of American soldiers wounded, the killing of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women, and children,  and the high costs of the war in dollars, to the detriment of America and society.

     Perhaps it is only me who has had the experience of having those around me bitterly expressing their disapproval of the war and President Bush.  However, I am prone to believe that most Americans are ashamed of America’s torturing of prisoners, the killing of innocent Iraqi citizens by American military action in Iraq for the past five years, and President Bush warning or threatening both friends and enemies, making America hated by foreign people allover the world for his battle cry, “Bring them on!”

     Unfortunately, the good People in America are continuing to ‘sit on their hands’ and waiting for the opportunity to passively cast their ‘opposing vote’ against President Bush and the horrors that he represents in the November election.  Needless to say, this attitude provides President Bush nine more months of ‘power’ before he is replaced as President, allowing him to bomb or invade Iran, magnifying and intensifying the debacle of Iraq and his presidency.

     Politics are not simple.  However Americans should consider some accepted facts when deciding what political action that they should take, whether passive or active:

(1)           There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when America invaded and occupied it.

(2)           Saddam Hussein had no part in the terrorists attack on Nine-Eleven.

(3)           Osama bin Laden attacked America on September 11, 2001 in retaliation for the United States intrusion into Saudi Arabia and Muslim religious lands by building a military base in Saudi Arabia in 1991; this was the stated bin Laden incentive.  Bin Laden’s reasoning, did not justify his horrendous terrorist act, of course but it was the ‘reason’ for his attack..  (Bin Laden’s motivation for attacking America is the accepted fact, by the National Commission on 9/11 and bin Laden’s own words.)  President Bush has consistently and wrongly maintained and stated that bin Laden and the terrorists attacked America because, “They hate our freedom”; the Bush statement is unacceptable at best, at worse a lie, and there is absolutely no evidence it is true..

(4)           Based on general consensus, the controversial ‘First Gulf War in 1991’ by President Bush, the senior, and the current invasion and occupation of Iraq by President Bush, junior,  are both ‘all about oil’.  Both wars were controversial and neither war was unanimously approved by Congress, despite the fact that Americans have come to believe that ALL of congress approved these wars.  All of the American people have not approved of these ‘oil’ wars either.

(5)           America cannot be protected by military force alone; America must have the trust and friendship of the sovereign nations of the world, to live in peace.  President Bush boycotting, threatening, and warning other sovereign nations and putting sanctions on other sovereign nations does not improve the security of the United States, it threatens it.  American religious bigotry against Islam and other religious beliefs detracts from American security and interferes in diplomatic solutions for world peace.

(6)           Giving up or surrendering one Constitutional Right, by the people of America, will not  defeat ‘Terrorism’; people giving up or surrendering their Constitutional Rights thinking that it will aid in the elimination of terrorism defeats the ONLY legitimate purpose for opposing ‘Terrorism’ (preserving our democratic Constitutional Republic).  Every American soldier, including the Commander-in-Chief, takes an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution; that is what American soldiers are supposed to do.

    The American political ‘establishment’ and the media have reduced the 2008 Presidential elections to a travesty.  The dead American war heroes of the Iraq War are forgotten; they have died in vain, when considered in context of the 2008 political campaign.   Voters are being convinced by questionable politicians and an unethical news media to choose their President by the secular beliefs of the leader of the candidate’s Christian church, or by how many sniper bullets the candidate dodged in Bosnia, or by how many years the candidate was captive in another immoral war that ended decades ago.  American morals and values have become a travesty, a comedy of political leaders taking pratfalls, each trying to assassinate the character of the other; the war, the economy, world peace, human rights, and the freedom of expression has been reduced to minutia by the political community that has made the media a whore to trivial sensationalism.

     Do the American people care about the 4,000 plus dead American soldiers, killed fighting an immoral American oil war in Iraq?  Are Americans aware of what it was that  these courageous military heroes sacrificed their life.  Perhaps, Americans will make their notions known in November, provided that the hackable Diebold voting machines, or absence thereof, will permit it, in some of the selected United States.  Americans earn their Presidents, of course.  There is no guarantee that America or its people will win the Presidential election of 2008.

And That’s The Straight Poop, Jack!

Friday, April 4th, 2008

     Today the headline of an article on page eight, in the Decatur Illinois, “Herald and Review” newspaper caught my eye; the headline read, “Fossil poop rewrites American prehistory”.  Now personally, I believe that ‘poop’ jokes are a cheap laugh and are disgusting but after reading the article, I found that it is a serious story about an archaeological discovery that has a special interest for me.

      “New evidence shows that humans lived in North America more than 14,000 years ago . . . ”, the story reads.  “Discovered in a cave in Oregon, fossil feces yielded DNA indicating these residents were related to people living in Siberia and East Asia . . .  Humans are believed to have arrived in North America over a land bridge between Alaska and Siberia during a colder Period.”

      The reason for my interest in the story is that in my genealogical research, I discovered that my own great-great-grandmother was a Native American, Cherokee Indian; also, I discovered that my mother’s Irish maiden name, Moore, was actually derived from the word Moor, meaning ‘an African’.  Therefore, if the ‘poop research’ is correct, my Native American relatives could have been derived from Asians.

      Consequently, I am beginning to feel like a United Nations jigsaw puzzle and a little less racially bigoted every day, though I have never really considered myself even remotely a racial bigot; perhaps there is a good reason for that.

      Years ago, I read a history book where the historian pooh-poohed the concept of Royal Blood, explaining that mothers of royalty could not always be trusted to have fidelity to their spouse; the historian made a good point.  That might explain why I never had very good rhythm, never liked planting corn, and am not known for being inscrutable.   However, I do admit to having more than a little interest in African, Native American, and Asian culture.

     There is one characteristic of which I can be proud, though; I would certainly never ever stoop to make ‘poop’ jokes for a cheap laugh.