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America, Mexico and Immigration

Saturday, April 8th, 2006
Listening to Americans discuss illegal immigrants and immigration problems in respect to Mexican nationals crossing the border to work in America, is totally disgusting to anyone familiar with the problem and anyone who has lived on the US-Mexican border for any length of time is familiar with that problem.   

The problem appears simple enough. Mexican workers illegally enter the United States to find employment that pays in excess of what they can earn in Mexico. It is against the law for American employers to hire illegal Mexican immigrants. However, the illegal immigrants have no problems finding a job in America; in this scenario, the employers of illegal immigrants are the more serious criminal. Without employers willing to hire them, illegal Mexican immigrants would not enter the United States.

There is no justice in America’s immigration policy, no justice at all!

Illegal immigrants are exploited by American employers, from former California Governor Pete Wilson who hired an illegal immigrant, to be a nanny for his children, to Wal-mart, who ‘contracted’ with a janitorial company who used illegal immigrants to clean Wal-mart’s huge discount stores. There is a myth spread by employers of illegal immigrants that the destitute Mexican immigrants only take menial jobs in the farmers fields, cleaning hotel rooms, or washing dishes in restaurants; jobs that American workers will not do. This is absolutely not true.

Many illegal Mexican immigrants are skilled labor: plumbers, carpenters, tile layers, electricians, and mechanics. If you spend enough time in the local Home Depot in Southern California, you will see the illegal immigrants on the periphery, making their trade skills available to independent contractors entering the store. Most California residents have at some time or another made a deal with an Anglo Contractor to do some work, only to discover that when the skilled workers, the workers speak no English.

It is also a myth that Americans will not do menial labor. Americans may require a livable wage in order to work at cleaning other peoples’ toilets, but certainly a number of American workers have cleaned toilets at some point in their career, in the absence of illegal Mexican workers to do it. It is high time for those elite Americans, who would never stoop to cleaning a toilet, realize that there are many American workers who have done it.

Then there are also American housewives familiar with cleaning toilets, but that is another story! Perhaps, America needs a Constitutional Amendment that prohibits any Congressman, who has not cleaned someone else’s toilet, from voting on immigration bills.

Sorry, but the hardened criminals are not the industrious, desperate, penniless, and illegal Mexican immigrant workers, instead the congenital criminals are the employers who continuously exploit the illegal immigrant workers for greedy profits and unfortunately, many times they turn out to be the communities most respected, wealthy citizens, like the Governor or the proprietor of the largest chain store in the world. Surely, if the hiring of illegal immigrants was a capital offense, there would be no illegal immigrant workers crossing America’s borders.

America need look only at the nations of Western Europe to see a solution to the illegal worker immigration problem. Travelers can cross borders in Western Europe easily and often never even have to show a passport; however the same travelers cannot get employment there because to be gainfully employed you have to provide proof of citizenship or permission to work. Those European nations have national identification requirements for all citizens; the government keeps records of each individual citizen and immigrant, from birth to death, and that includes their employment records. Employment, in those countries, is dependent upon the employee having those personal legal documents filed in the town hall where he resides.

Americans would never approve of such a system, falsely claiming it was invasion of their privacy. In fact, many Americans oppose the requirement that they have a social security number.

Employers in America have no fool proof means of proving that their employees have a right to employment in the United States. Therefore, it is easy for employers of illegal immigrants to plead ignorance and avoid prosecution. Consequently, it is too often that the illegal Mexican worker is apprehended and the employers are not prosecuted. Those employers simply find another illegal Mexican immigrant to employ.

The employers of illegal immigrants are ‘outsourcing jobs’, without having to go outside the borders of the United States!

All the fences, all the border patrol officers, and all the ‘Minutemen’ in the USA will not keep out illegal immigrant workers. Preventing unscrupulous employers from hiring illegal immigrants, would discourage all illegal immigrant workers from entering America. It is obvious that if Immigration and Border Patrol officers did not have to apprehend illegal immigrant workers, they would be able to concentrate entirely on keeping foreign terrorists and drug smugglers out of America.

Will the President, Congress, and other politicians in general ever be honest with the American people and address the real immigration problem? The solution is to control American employers and not apprehending illegal Mexican workers!

America’s present and proposed immigration policy is an affront to our Mexican neighbors and American workers!