May 5th, 2016

All of my life, I have wanted to be a good American, glad to live in a democratic Republican and the comforts of the United States Constitution, and I felt a moral obligation to serve my country when drafted into military service; however, the 2016 Presidential election has left me in a state of depression! Does anyone else feel this way?

Unfortunately, this Presidential election in 2016 appears to be all about “sex organs” rather than any other issues, like war.

More and more the election appears to indicate that Hillary Clinton will be President because she has a “vagina”, and because there are more women voters than men, and because it is time America has a female President; and, as President Hillary Clinton, she will be the first American female President to lead America into a war with Iran, because as President, Hillary seems to need to prove she has the “testicles” to wage war against Iran!


Through all of this, I have remained loyal to a little Jew candidate with a penis (circumcised I assume), Bernie Sanders, who agrees with me about avoiding wars and doing something for the benefit of the People, who are basically working American Middle Class and Poor majority, who suffer from American wars of aggression for the benefit of Corporate American foreign investments and the inequitable distribution of wealth that favors the independently wealthy one percent.


Both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party “Establishment” appear to oppose both me and my candidate Bernie Sanders, a male candidate who is a Jew and presumably is owner of a penis and testicles.


Hillary and the Democratic Party “Establishment”, keep wanting Bernie and me to give up our conscientious campaign, and insist we instead support Hillary Clinton as the FIRST AMERICAN PRESIDENT WITH A VAGINA, “AS FAR AS WE KNOW”?

The Democratic Establishment doesn’t seem to think other issues, like war, are important, but insist that electing a Democrat with a vagina is the better of two evils, the two evils being the hawkish Republican Donald Trump with his testacies and the hawkish Hillary Clinton with her vagina but showing she has the testicles to wage war with Iran. Personally, I see little difference and object to idiotic wars; I prefer and desperately want peace in the world, regardless of sex!

So, I’m going to send Bernie another $27 contribution for his campaign for peace, and hope for the best.


May 5th, 2016

Today I am reading, “Donald Trump Just Won Indiana — And The Republican Nomination“: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-indiana-nomination_us_57291ad7e4b016f378940229

Donald Trump is Corporate America, only in his own image; Hillary Clinton is a pawn of Corporate America. There is more similarity than difference.



America is having a coup; actually it is a multiple coup, one against the Republican Party and one against the Democratic Party. Both are legitimate and both are real.

Here is the cause of the problem and the basic issue.

The extremely powerful and wealthy Corporate America, and the fascist John Birch Society element in America (see John Birch Society manifesto, “John Birch Society Blue Book”) have taken over America and seek to eliminate every socialized American institution, every democratic institution, and every Labor organization in America (read their manifesto) (and the Republican platform).

These wealthy extremists seek to eliminate America’s Post Office, Public Schools, Social Security, Medicare, universal health care, and all labor organizations in America.

Basically, this has become the platform of the Republican Party that has been “bought” by this extremely wealthy sinister, anti-democratic element of American Society.

The evidence, is their control of the Republican Party, their control of the U.S. Supreme Court and “Citizens United” and other asunder like decisions of the Neocon Republican Supreme Court majority, and their control of news and the main-stream news media.

How could this happen? It all began with President Reagan’s Administration, when he demanded that all government regulation of banks and businesses, established during the Great Depression, be eliminated; President Reagan said, “The Depression was over!” When actually, the Great Depression was over because of the regulation, and the prosperity of Corporate America came from manufacture of war supplies for World War II.

Unfortunately, the centrist, moderate Establishment of the Democrat Party did not resist President Reagan, and in fact collaborated in eliminating government control of banks, business, and industry; and unfortunately, that has not changed today.

And with the Reagan Administration, the Republican Party, through their appointment of radical members of the U.S. Supreme Court, was able to begin to gain a Court majority and maintain it, primarily with the questionable election of W. Bush in 2000, and who did not have the support of American voters, but appointed two new extremist members of the Supreme Court.

And during the administration of Democratic President Bill Clinton, Corporate America was able to eliminate the government regulation and control of ownership of America’s main stream news media, having been given Democratic Party approval.

This allows a very few Corporate Conglomerates to own, operate, and censor all the news in America; Corporate America is not dependent upon customer (consumer) satisfaction with the American main stream news media for profits, the People are not the source of profits; the owner operators need only satisfy Corporate American advertisers who do provide all the profits for the News Media.

Consequently, Corporate America ownership and Corporate American advertisers censor the news and totally control the minds of all America, including all working Middle Class and Poor Americans.

This is evident and obvious in the current election; both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump represent Corporate America, who are their major support and contributors.

And, Corporate America also makes use of the “Freedom of the Press” to misrepresent the news, the Freedom of the Press was written in 1787, when America’s only communication was village newspapers, owned and operated by one citizen of the village.

Today, “The Freedom of the Press” and America’s ineffective libel law, allows newspapers and television news media to lie with impunity.

It is very difficult for Americans to know what is going on in both their own society and economy and abroad, because they are basically ignorant of what is going on in America and the rest of the world; in other countries of the world, the People as customers buying newspapers, provide the profits for the news media, but not in the United States of America, profits come from advertising for both newspapers and television. I discovered this when I lived abroad for five years and there were few if any commercials there then and commercials were not the primary source of profits for corporations owning news media; I was aghast to discover the truth about news media in America.

This post is written to try to get the People to think about the issues differently; if you agree, please pass on the post. If you disagree, call me names you want, I’ve been called a lot of names, but I prefer “liberal progressive”.

The Lana Clarkson That We Knew!

May 4th, 2016

It was December 20, 1991, and my wife Marlisa, her sister Beatrice, and I were alone in the compartment of a night train leaving Paris for Zürich, when we became acquainted with Lana Clarkson as a result of a series of somewhat unusual events.

That evening, the train had left Paris and shortly after departure, our party of three was all asleep. Suddenly, an obese, rude, and loud French conductor abruptly awakened us. He spoke first to Beatrice and me; since neither of us spoke French, we put on our most innocent-looking face and pointed in unison to Marlisa, our French interpreter. Marlisa and her sister are both Swiss, however, only Marlisa speaks French fluently.

The conductor spoke gruffly; he complained that ‘yet another American’ had tried to ride his train without paying. The man remembered that I had an American passport and asked if we wanted to help another American on the train who was in ‘bad’ trouble. Marlisa, who is always kind, compassionate, and ready to help a traveler in distress, volunteered to determine the nature of the problem.

She found the American-in-trouble, to be a beautiful young woman dressed in an eloquent evening dress, crying pitifully into a handkerchief. The woman was of such striking beauty, that Marlisa had remembered seeing her board the train dressed in jeans and casual clothing. Marlisa sat down beside the weeping American and asked the woman what had happened to her. The sobbing woman introduced herself as Lana Clarkson, a name Marlisa had never heard before. Lana then poured out her story.


It seems that Miss Clarkson was traveling from Paris to meet friends in Zürich, where they would then proceed to travel on to St. Moritz, Switzerland, the famous ski resort. She was traveling, First Class, and on a Eurail pass that expired on that particular day and that she believed was still valid.

When the French conductor came to take tickets, he informed her that the Eurail pass was not valid, on the day of expiration, and she would have to pay the fare. Lana then produced a credit card to pay the fare and the conductor informed her that payment must be in cash, either French francs or Swiss francs, and Lana did not have that much cash with her.

At that point, the conductor told her that if she could not pay, he would notify the police and they would put her in prison.

The sobbing Lana was caught in an impossible situation. She had credit but no French cash, she was in a foreign environment where a foreign language was spoken, and she believed the cruel conductor was going to have her imprisoned.

“My grandmother,” Lana told Marlisa, “whose name is also Lana, like mine and Lana Turner’s (the famous movie actress), once told me that if I ever had to go to jail that I should dress in my best clothes, just like Lana Turner did in one of her movies.”

“My grandmother was a big fan of Lana Turner’s. So, when the conductor told me I had to go to prison, I went to the rest room and changed into these clothes,” she said, adjusting her lovely evening wear.

Marlisa was impressed by Lana and her story of the conductor’s rude behavior. Graciously, Marlisa offered to loan her the money for the ticket. Lana was stunned and could not believe that this Swiss stranger, who had never heard of her, would offer to help her out of her predicament. .

“Keep my passport till I repay you,” she told Marlisa and handing her passport to her. “My friend will meet me in Zürich,” Lana explained, “and if she does not have enoough money with her, I promise you that we will bring it to your house, in Zürich!”

When Marlisa did not return right away, Beatrice and I went to look for her and found her sitting with Lana. Marlisa introduced us and told us that she would sit with Lana for a while, until Lana had regained her composure from her recent ordeal, now resolved.

After a while, Marlisa returned to our compartment and showed us Lana’s passport. Marlisa said that Lana had told her some bizarre stories, about being an American actress, living in Hollywood California, and being in Paris to discuss making a Fellini film.

None of us recognized the name, Lana Clarkson, on the passport, and were somewhat skeptical of her story about being a famous actress.


“Lana is a very nice young woman,” Marlisa told us, “and she had a very bad experience in a foreign country that speaks a foreign language, through no fault of her own. I feel sorry for her and want to help her. I like her”

“Lana showed me pictures of her home in California and her horse. She gave me her address and invited me to visit her there.”

“What I told her was that I was helping her because I was also a woman and that we women had to stand together and help each other, when we have problems. I told Lana that I wasn’t helping her because she was a Hollywood actress.”

Interestingly, when the train reached the Swiss border, a much more polite Swiss Conductor, who had taken charge of the train, notified Lana that the French conductor had only collected the fare for the train traveling in France; the fare from the Swiss border to Zürich had not been collected. Again, Marlisa, in shining armor, came riding to Lana’s rescue.

When the train arrived in Zürich, all of us left the train together: Lana, Marlisa, Beatrice and I. It was snowing. To get to the station, we had to walk outside, in the snow, for the length of the train.

Now that she wasn’t going to prison, Lana was dressed in a miniskirt, fur jacket, and high heels and was pulling a huge suitcase through the snow on a leash. It made an interesting picture.

In her triumphant arrival as a heroine in Zürich, Lana led a parade. Lana was leading, followed by Marlisa, who was followed by Beatrice and me bringing up the rear. We had the distinct feeling that the eyes of the crowd were on Lana’s entourage. Near the end of the train at the doors to the station, stood another beautiful blonde woman, dressed in a white miniskirt, white fur jacked, and heels, and holding a leash with a white miniature poodle at the end.

“Guess which one is Lana’s friend,” I discreetly whispered to Marlisa.

“Oh! I am so glad to see you!” Lana told the lady who had been waiting for her, hugging the woman.

Taking Marlisa’s hand, Lana told her friend dramatically, “This is my fairy godmother! She saved me from going to prison!”

Then with a great deal of emotion, Lana related the story of the nasty conductor and Marlisa coming to save her from a fate worse than death!

Lana’s friend quickly repaid Marisa for the train fare and both women thanked Marlisa profusely.

We left the train station, never to see Lana again. Over the years, we told the story, over and over, about how Marlisa had saved a Hollywood actress, who no one recognized as an actress. It was a wonderful story that we enjoyed telling and Lana had become a real friend, a nice young woman that truly appreciated Marlisa’s generosity and compassion, and really believed that she was a Hollywood star. We would never forget that name, Lana Clarkson, although we never saw it in print or heard of it for over a decade.

In 2003, while visiting the USA, I picked up a ‘Vanity Faire’ magazine. On the cover was a murder story highlighted, “Lana Clarkson, Hollywood Actress, Murdered in the Hollywood Mansion of Phil Spector”


To me, Lana’s death was a horror story. When I informed Marlisa, she wept. Beatrice was stunned. Until the moment that we heard of her death, Lana Clarkson had played the lead in our often-told story of, ‘The Train From Paris.’ Now, our shining star had gone out!

The Lana Clarkson that we knew was a charming, warm, and gracious human being. Coincidently, we now knew that Lana really was a Hollywood actress. However the void in our lives, left by her death, is the absence of the Lana Clarkson that we knew!

NOTE: When I published this on my blog, Quixotic Tales, I received this comment on my post:

“Very interesting article showing the good character of a lovely human being that has graced human society and our world. You are fortunate to have met her. Thank you for sharing this story of Lana Clarkson. It is a change from the usual meaningless rants from hiding bloggers and the occasional meaningless media talking heads.”
Edward Lozzi, former publicist and longtime friend of Lana Clarkson


April 30th, 2016

Today, I received another aggravating email from San Diego Gas and Electric about how much more energy I use than my neighbors, they send these periodically; but today, I finally sent a reply. For your reading pleasure here is their email and my reply.


Acct # ******5950 You used 7% more energy than your neighbors.
Efficient Neighbors 185 kWh
All Neighbors 347 kWh
You 370 kWh
Mar 19, 2016 – Apr 19, 2016 This comparison is based on approx. 60 nearby homes that are most similar to yours. Efficient homes include the most efficient 20 percent from the “All Neighbors” group. Learn more. Ways to Save: Turn off lights when not needed; Use and switch off power strips; Replace your old refrigerator.

ME BACK AT THEM: To the President of SDG&E: Take all this bull____ you emailed me and stick it up you’re a__; yes, I burn more energy than my neighbors you jackasses, I’m 86 years old, spend all day at home in my lousy cheap apartment with a cheap refrigerator, while my neighbors are at work burning their employers energy, and I am home alone at night, when they are out burning up energy of the bar, where they are drinking.

So yes, I’m burning more energy than my neighbors, and I am paying a premium because I use more than the average energy burned in my neighborhood based on the fact I live alone.

I also leave the bathroom light on all night and the thermostat turned up at night because I get up to pee ever damn hour during the night because of my 86 year-old prostate.

And the only help I get from you, my energy provider, are higher rates, and idiotic letters about how I use more f___ing energy than my neighbors.

Please leave me the f___ alone, quit sending me stupid emails about how much energy I AM PAYING FOR and count your blessing that I do not have a government owned energy provider that understands my problem as a citizen and a customer and provides for my needs without your damn profits, your crooked lobbyists, and your waste of money writing me stupid emails.


April 29th, 2016

Today I received a nice email from a good friend, citing things doctors say that keep people healthy and let them live longer.


This was my reply:
It seems to me that most of the doctors that I know who have plans to keep people alive, have died and I am 86 and still living.

Every time I go to see a doctor, they take my blood pressure. At 86 years of age, my blood pressure has always been “normal”, except when my appointment required that I drive to the doctor’s office in the morning commute; then it will be high, but it always goes back to
“normal” when the morning commute resides.

I never really needed medication for high blood pressure control, instead I just needed a later appointment.

I have always wondered if the nurses are really taking my blood Pressure or giving a report on the morning commute traffic.

It seems to me that doctors have a pill for everything and they always prescribe it for me, no matter what; I read what the effects of the pill are, then wonder if the cure is going to kill me, and I ultimately decide that I wasn’t really sick in the first place.

To remain healthy, I have decided that it is often necessary to change doctors.

It is extremely difficult to remain healthy in this world of wonder drugs and technical advancement!

I choose my doctors very carefully, based on their biography; the last wonderful genius of a doctor I chose, I chose him because of the first sentence of his biography, which read, “I was born on a farm in Iowa, and when I was little, I liked to read books about science,” and ended with, “I just want to help people.” Immediately after reading his biography, I made an appointment and he has medically improved my life and longevity ever since then.

God is good; what the hell, God is sane!


April 29th, 2016

Today, I am doing too much thinking!

And, my analysis is that there has been too much lying, cheating, and corruption in today’s elections.

The real problem with today’s election, is that the cheating, lying, and corruption have been by Debbie’s DNC, the Centrist Democratic DC Establishment, Hillary’s corporate America super PACs, and the corporate America main stream news media.

The Democratic Party Establishment is determined to eliminate any liberal progressive candidate from getting the nomination, they are determined to have no more 2008 and Obama, and want to go back to 2000 and 2004 elections.

Personally, I don’t support a Party but only a candidate, and I am a registered Democrat only to support a Bernie Sanders type candidate; and I am a liberal progressive.


Hillary is “moderate” Republican-Lite, not liberal progressive, and if she loses the General Election, the Democratic Establishment are already blaming liberal progressive Democratic voters for voting against Hillary; this election is so unreal and insane that I have come to believe there is no hope for America at all, because liberal progressive is what American democracy and U.S. Constitution is supposed to be all about, and with Hillary, neither party will have a liberal progressive candidate . . . . again!

This election will be like 2000 and 2004 all over again. In the 2008 General Election, the independent liberal progressive working Middle Class and Poor voters, not the Democrats alone, elected Obama; in 2016 with Hillary, liberal progressives have no candidate again and many will stay home, vote third Party, or write in a candidate to salve their conscience.


When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?

It is a fact that I am, of course, only one insignificant vote. However, independent and Democrat liberal progressives are millions of votes.

The DNC and Hillary think because Bernie beat both Democrat and Republican candidates to get elected Senator as an independent, he is not legitimate Democrat enough to be the Democratic candidate. So what are other liberal progressive Democrats and independents to think when Hillary and the DNC want them to vote for Hillary in the General election?

Unfortunately, Hillary and the DNC want their cake and eat it too at the expense of liberal progressives; then they blame liberal progressives for not voting in 2000, 2004, and perhaps 2016, and costing the Democratic Party those elections. Do they think Trump is not enough like W. Bush to win an election in 2016; in 2014, 2/3 of the voters didn’t vote, because those voters didn’t have a suitable candidate to elect.

There is definitely something rotten in Denmark?

Where have all the flowers (and brains) gone?


April 26th, 2016

Today I am reading, Sanders reflects on Dem race, says poor people ‘don’t vote’”: http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/sanders-reflects-dem-race-says-poor-people-dont-vote?cid=sm_fb_maddow

When Bernie Sanders was asked why he lost elections in States with the highest degree of income inequality, he answered saying, “Well, because poor people don’t vote. I mean, that’s just a fact. That’s a sad reality of American society. And that’s what we have to transform. We have one – as you know, one of the lowest voter turnouts of any major country on Earth. We have done a good job bringing young people in. I think we have done – had some success with lower income people. But in America today – the last election in 2014, 80% percent of poor people did not vote.”

Personally, I have had the experience of living in another country where that never happens, they have equality in real terms of actual legal equality, and I am aware of why America does not provide equal opportunity for poor people to vote, and it should shame Americans, but it doesn’t because Americans don’t know squat about their own country! No offence and pardon my frankness.

First of all, the United States of America does not know, who its citizens are or where they live; this should be a terrible revelation to Americans and it is absolutely true!

Our American forefathers provided in the Constitution for America to establish records of their people, requiring a census every ten years; in 1787, that was about the best America could do. Unfortunately too many Americans today, actually avoid the Federal census entirely.


But with today’s electronic technology, the United States of America could have electronic records of every citizen and non-citizen living in America, where they live, who they are married to and who their children are; this would be done by an impartial independent government agency, a National Identification Agency. This kind of information is essential to provide information absolutely necessary to a democratic government, but it hasn’t happened because too many Americans claim this is, a “violation of their privacy”.

Note; the U.S. Constitution does not provide governmental privacy for Americans, and particularly no prohibition on the Federal Government knowing who is residing in America, who are citizens, who are legal residents, who are authorized to be employed in America, who is eligible to vote, and who are visitors?

Every person living in American should be required to have their National Identification System information registered in the county where they are living. Today, that is electronically possible.

Other civilized democratic nations have National Identification Systems; in those countries it is illegal to employ anyone not authorized to work and they must be authorized by the National Identification System before they can be paid. If an employer hires a person not qualified to be employed, they are severely punished. These countries have no severe immigration problems or illegal employment problems like those of America.

When there is an election, the National Identification System mails a notice to all citizens eligible to vote, advising them when and where they should vote, and what the issues are they are voting on; it is not possible for a political party to enact voter suppression legislation!

With a voting system implemented by a National Identification System, it would be possible for America to have direct elections for all political candidates and it would be possible for American to have a national referendum on important issues, which would put an end to political infighting within and between the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches of American government; the People would not be totally dependent upon “representative” governance; more power would be with the People.

Please Americans, rally the American government to establish a National Identification System that will eliminate Illegal Immigration, voter fraud and voter suppression, illuminate the need for a further census every ten years, and provide our Federal Government with adequate information about our population. The truth and electronic technology would set the People free, and all people, rich and poor, would be able to vote!

Our Constitutional forefathers created the best democracy possible for the times and technology; but they also had the foresight to provide for changes and amendments to the Constitution, based on the culture and technology of the future. Today America desperately needs to change our Constitution for the Twenty-First Century society and technology.

God bless America!


April 25th, 2016

Today, I’m reading that John Birch Society billionaire Charles Koch, endorsing Hillary Clinton for President among other things: “Charles Koch: Clinton Might Make Better President Than Republican Candidates”: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/koch-clinton-president-republicans_us_571c35c5e4b0d912d5fee371

In case voters of both party’s missed the interview with the John Birch Society Charles Koch, they might find this interesting:

“Asked if he could support Clinton over the Republicans, Koch responded, “We would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric. Let me put it that way.”


In fact, Hillary is a self-professed “moderate”, meaning she is NOT a liberal progressive and she is NOT a conservative, Hillary is in fact a “Neither-Nor” or a Democrat Republican-Lite!

So as President, anything Hillary actually does, or decision she makes, will depend upon whether or not she finds it personally rewarding, like when Mrs. Clinton was a Senator and was voting for the W. Bush Iraq Invasion Resolution in 2002, with other Republican Senators.


“Billionaire industrialist Charles Koch, in an interview to air on Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” program, said that in some respects Bill Clinton had been a better president than George W. Bush, who Koch said had increased government spending. Then when asked if Hillary Clinton would be a better president than the Republicans currently running, he said, “It’s possible, it’s possible.”

Of course, President Bill Clinton signed into law the NAFTA Trade Treaty sending jobs to Mexico and cheap labor, and being Bill’s wife is Hillary’s basic asset.

So, all those Republicans, have been bad-mouthing Hillary for naught! Pity.


April 23rd, 2016

Today, I’m reading, “Bernie Sanders Talks Conceding, Uniting Democratic Party”: http://realtimepolitics.com/2016/04/22/bernie-sanders-talks-conceding-uniting-democratic-party-video/

This is what Bernie said, “Well, first of all, I’ve got to find out what her platform is, what the views are that she is going to be bringing forth, to what degree she will adopt many of the ideas that I think are extremely popular and I think very sensible. I want to see the Democratic party have the courage to stand up to big money interests in a way that they have not in the past, take on the drug companies, take on Wall Street, take on the fossil-fuel industry, and I want to see them come up with ideas that really do excite working families and young people in this country.”

Hillary cannot and will not meet those demands, she and the Democratic Party “owe” Wall Street; so, Bernie isn’t actually conceding!


Bernie just gave his demands; he doesn’t want to be Secretary of State or Vice President; he wants justice and equal opportunity for the American working Middle Class and Poor People and Hillary and the Democratic Party are obligated to Wall Street!

No other candidate of the Democratic Party could have done what Bernie has done; that’s why Bernie had to defeat both Democrat and Republican candidates for Senate to win his seat in the Senate as an “Independent”. The two American political parties are corrupted!

It appears to me, that if Hillary wins the nomination and loses the election for President, there will be a total realignment of political parties in America, and both Democratic and Republican parties will be history, like the Whigs. For example, I refer you to the birth of the GOP and election of Abe Lincoln, the first Republican President, and he was from my home town in Decatur Illinois where he was first nominated for President.


Meanwhile, 2016 to 2020 is going to be devastating for America! Prepare for the worst!


April 23rd, 2016

Today American voters are totally ignorant of American and world history and the advancement of oligarchy (fascism) in the United States of America. As a retired public school American history teacher, I accept the blame, except it wasn’t me, I really tried to do my part. Where incompetent American history teachers left off, the corporate controlled main-stream censored news media took over, and now control American minds.

Unfortunately, too many of my history teacher colleagues were either ignorant of issues, afraid of the anti-Communism social movement, or intrigued by White Supremacist President Andrew Jackson, responsible for the “Trail of Tears” of Native Americans, and believed the only good Indian was a dead Indian; I apologize for my colleagues.


My teacher colleagues were constantly warning me that I would be “fired” for teaching actual history, like the Labor Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, and the John Birch Society!

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Communism was the only issue, and the result was: “The Communist Control Act (68 Stat. 775, 50 U.S.C. 841-844) is a piece of United States federal legislation, signed into law by President Dwight Eisenhower on 24 August 1954, which outlawed the Communist Party of the United States and criminalized membership in, or support for the Party or “Communist-action” organizations and defined evidence to be considered by a jury in determining participation in the activities, planning, actions, objectives, or purposes of such organizations.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communist_Control_Act_of_1954.


And thus it was that Communism, which was never a real threat in America; became illegal and American John Birch Society fascism won a toe-hold in America that has blossomed in 21st Century American plutocratic oligarchy. It never entered the mind of Congress, to make fascism illegal in America.

Today we have the W. Bush Wars of Aggression for the PNAC and Corporate America, the Citizens United decision by the Scalia Neocon Republican majority of the Supreme Court, Court approved voter suppression, elimination of civil rights legislation, a fascist takeover of the State of Wisconsin by the John Birch Society Koch brother’s lackey Gov. Walker, and today’s herd of fascist Republican war monger Right Wing gun-toting candidates for President.

Presently, America’s herd of war mongering Corporate American super PAC Republican Presidential candidates and a Republican-Lite super PAC “moderate” Democratic Hillary Clinton is running for president, and liberal progressive democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders being thrown under the bus by the Democratic Party, the DNC, and centrist DC Establishment Democrats. America is damned!

The American People appear to be lemurs, leaping from the cliffs of American Constitutional democracy into the abyss of American White Supremacist Fascism. Pity.

“Where have all the flowers gone?”