December 21st, 2014

Today, I read about President Obama’s legacy and what the President will be doing with a Republican majority in Congress during his last two years as President: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/12/obama-midterms-political-enemies-113704_Page2.html#.VJZ1Hd0MBg

It was an Interesting article by Glenn Thrush, and I especially liked this, “and, most importantly, he’s (Obama) increasingly untethered from what he views as a petty, geriatric Democratic establishment he originally crusaded against as a presidential candidate in 2007”.

For what it’s worth, I agree and am excited about it; President Obama’s appeasement of the petty, geriatric Democratic establishment has irked me and other liberal progressives since he first took office.

At first I thought the President’s concern for Establishment Democrats was a mistake and was disappointed, but of course, then I came to realize the President had to have the Democratic vote for Obamacare to become a reality; he ate his pride to get Obamacare for the People. Otherwise, his Obamacare legacy would have ended in the first days of his term. And, for that I have always believed the Democrats were their own worst enemy.

As I see it, the day that Obama drives home from the inauguration of the new President in 2017, is going to be one of the happiest day of the President’s life. A legacy isn’t worth it. And I disagree that Obama is all about his legacy; I just don’t believe that.

On Inauguration Day in 2009, his legacy as the first Black President of the United States was established; he needed nothing else for his legacy, but that didn’t stop him from creating Obamacare, as the law of the land.

With Obamacare the President became the First U.S. President to succeed in the impossible by getting a form of universal health care for Americans. Obamacare was huge, but it was only the ‘icing on the cake’ to the miracle of Obama becoming America’s First Black U.S. President.

It would not appear to me that President Obama is nearly as concerned about his legacy as he is concerned about accomplishing positive things for the benefit all of the ‘People’ (now, including Cuban People) and believes the accomplishments of the United States of America is more important than his own legacy. As President he has been consistent in use of the pronoun ‘we’ instead of ‘I’, as many other Presidents have.

Further, the rest of the World looked at America in a different light, when America elected a Black American to the Presidency; and the rest of the Civilized World loves President Obama as much as the majority of Americans who elected him twice, do. And, foreigners are aghast at the vile Republican opponent’s rhetoric directed at the President; it actually appears, un-American to them.

And, it is my guess that President Obama’s legacy in the future will be established by his foreign policy, which Americans and Republicans appear to either dispute or ignore entirely.

As for me, President Obama is about a close to being “Superman” as any American President.


December 18th, 2014

Today, I was greeted with breaking news of President Obama announcing an effort to create new and normal relations with our North American neighbor Cuba.

For many years, I have advocated establishment of normal diplomatic relations with Cuba for the benefit of the Cuban People and based upon the compassion of the American People.

Today, my prayers were answered.

Personally, I have had too many bad experiences over the years, with America’s absence of normal diplomatic relations with Cuba and which I cannot defend as an American citizen; further, I personally have had issues with some Dictator Fulgencio Batista supporter, refugees in America.

Therefore, today I emailed this letter to President Obama:

Dear President Obama,

Thank you, Mr. President, for coming through with your previous promise of creating a more positive viable relationship with our neighbor Cuba and especially the Cuban people.

The Cuban people desperately need America’s friendship and commerce and should not be deprived of it by any dissidents or radical politicians of the USA.

And, I fully realize that this improved relationship has nothing to do with approval of Cuban government ideology or Communism; this is strictly a Cuban People and American People issue with the diplomatic cooperation and approval of the two governments.

America today has relationships with all manner of dictators in Saudi Arabia, China, etc,, and certainly the Cuban dictatorship is no worse and it is certainly no worse than the Cuban Fulgencio Batista dictatorship that preceded it and with which America had normal diplomatic relations.

As for me, I resent Cuban refugees of the Fulgencio Batista ilk, some even ‘elected’ to Congress, condemning your announcement; I personally have issues with many of these Batista ‘Cuban Refugees’.

Know that I wholeheartedly approve of your efforts to improve our relations with our Cuban neighbors; it is the Right thing to do, it is the compassionate thing to do, and it is the neighborly thing to do.

Thanks you again.


December 17th, 2014

Today I’ve been reading about the demise of America’s working Middle Class majority power in American politics; and, how today’s extremists are buying elections wrought by the five extremist Neocon Republican Justices on the US Supreme Court and their “Citizens United Decision”, allowing the wealthy and Corporate America to ‘buy’ candidates and elections and establish a plutocratic oligarchy in America.

A majority of American voters are working Middle Class and poor and they are “liberal progressives” out of incentive and necessity; unfortunately, America has not had a true liberal progressive candidate for President, since President Harry Truman who won hands down over Republican opposition to everyone’s surprise except mine in 1948. Consequently, liberal progressive working Middle Class and poor have become the one third of America voters who are disillusioned and do not vote (or vote for third party candidates like Nader) in American Presidential elections.

Today, extremist Republicans are expressing extreme hatred for all liberal progressives and, the Democrat Party Washington DC Establishment, ‘Centrists’, are convinced that a candidate must be a ‘Centrist’ candidate, leaning Right, in order to appeal to moderate conservatives in order to be elected. And of course, Gore, Kerry, and Hillary in the 2008 primary discovered that was not true but the Washington DC Establishment seemingly continues to control the Democratic Party and lose elections as in 2014.

If the new American liberal progressive, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, runs or is drafted in 2016, she will win hands down and beat Hillary (if she runs) just as President Obama did; she will also win the Presidency. But, as President, Elizabeth Warren will not give in to Centrist pressure or extremist Republican extortion, as President Obama has. Warren has more faith in the People!

With the total working Middle Class and poor backing Liz Warren, she will need nothing else to get elected; she has an unimpeachable character and record that the working Middle Class and poor believe in. Elizabeth Warren as President, will become the Twentieth Century President Harry Truman (where the buck stops and the buck doesn’t elect).

Liz Warren could be the savior of American democracy, despite plutocratic oligarchic Republican wealth driving elections; however to win, working Middle Class and poor Democrats must say, “Screw the monetary contributions”, provide and elect liberal democratic candidates for Congress that are definitely liberal progressives, organize and unite, campaign word of mouth, gumshoe the precincts, and America will have its democracy back by ‘power of the ballot’ (because, in union there is strength).

Gov. Howard Dean could help make this happen and he would make a great ‘working’ Vice President and not a figurehead VP and excellent campaigner with his ’50 State campaigning'; Sen. Elizabeth Warren for President (it’s time for a woman in the White House) and Gov. Howard Dean for Vice President (women first) and making it work.

We certainly can’t do it alone, but in unity, the working Middle Class and poor can win.

It is a fact that we working Middle Class and poor are the majority; we can win and defeat the plutocratic oligarchy with union, hard campaigning, Warren, and Dean!


December 15th, 2014


My Version of The Night Before Christmas, with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
There was no one but me to rouse;
My stockings were lying right there on the floor,
In hopes they would air out, smell better than before.
My children were nestled all snug in their beds;
Spread over America, I was here alone instead.
I was in bed, in my BVDs
Snorting and snoring with great ease.
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
There was raccoon in the garbage can
I knocked on the window, away he ran.
The moon on the breast of the California dew,
Gave a lustre of midday to objects anew.
If you thought I’d see Santa, take another think,
Because last night, I didn’t have that much to drink.
Tis Christmas Eve, and though my mind’s full of clutter,
I still have sense enough to mutter,
Merry Christmas to all of you from me
Now I’m going back to sleep, soon as I pee!


December 12th, 2014

Torturing prisoners of war is not in any sense protecting American troops, it is potentially subjecting them to the same treatment by the enemy: that is why we have International Law; it is for the sake of humanity. And people who violate International law are convicted of violation of human Rights.

Nothing justifies sadistic torture of humanity; there is no defensible principle that can justify sadistic torture.

Whoever could personally be a party to sadistic torture, has to lack soul; soul is essentially, a matter of conscience and morality.

In the study of history, the most prominent historical past where sadistic torture was used with impunity, was the Christian Inquisition; and, who can find anything Christian about the sadistic Christian Inquisition. And where pray tell, are there any modern day Christian Churches bragging about the Christian Inquisition or defending it in any way.

However, this might be a excellent idea for some so-called American Christians today to be reminded of the Christian Inquisition, in relationship to the American sadistic torturing of prisoners of war by barbarian American politicians who like to call their self, ‘Christians’.

President Bush and his defenders of barbaric and sadistic torture of prisoners of war are not American Christian heroes, in any sense of the word; and, they are simply barbarians of the Twenty First Century.


December 12th, 2014

“If we didn’t need torture to defeat the Nazis or win the Cold War, what does it say about us that we need it to defeat the enemy of our time?” Bill Mayer

As for me personally, I am want to think, “God, don’t bless America, we are not worthy, Lord; for we have gravely sinned and sadistically tortured our neighbors. America is not a Christian nation!”

Would someone please pass this on to Mike Huckabee of Faux News?


December 11th, 2014

Today, I am reading about the United States of America sadistically torturing their prisoners of war, during the Afghan and Iraqi Wars, beginning without a Declaration of war by Congress, during the PNAC Republican President W. Bush’s Administration, 2001-2009; these are two wars that I as a patriotic American citizen, refused to support because neither sovereign nation, Afghanistan nor Iraq, were responsible for the terrorist bin Laden’s heinous attack on America, nor did either sovereign nation represent a threat to the United States of America and, also, because the terrorist bin Laden was a citizen of Saudi Arabia.

Personally, I had two grandsons serving in combat in Afghanistan; I am proud of their service to their nation, despite my opposition to these wars.

That said, I was intrigued by this article regarding the American sadistic torture of prisoners of war since 2001, in violation of International Law that was approved as treaty by the U.S. Government and by the U.S. Congress. As such, International Law is by Article VI of the US Constitution, American’s “Law of the Land”.

The reason this particular article struck me as totally bizarre, is because, “Two psychologists were paid $81 million by the CIA to advise on and help implement its brutal interrogation program targeting detainees in the war on terror, according to the Senate torture report summary released Tuesday. Published reports dating back to 2007 . . . identify the two men as James Elmer Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, both former members of the military.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/09/cia-torture-contractors_n_6296758.html

This article is of particular interest to me, not because the high cost use of my tax dollars, for the government to learn how to sadistically torture prisoners of war, but because of my own experience as a draftee serving in the United States Air Force.

In 1949-50, as a draftee I served for a short time during relative peace, in the service of my country, specifically to learn how to kill the enemy and how to react if I were ever captured and a prisoner of war; I had always realized that my sole purpose of serving in the military, was to learn how to kill the enemy and how to behave if captured by the enemy.

Feeling my service was a moral responsibility of mine as a citizen, I tried to be the best student possible. I loved America!

What my Air Force superiors taught me, and what Army Regulations taught me, was that if I became a prisoner of war, I was protected by the International Law; and, all I was required to tell the enemy captors, was my name, rank, and serial number and the enemy was prohibited from mistreating me or torturing me in any way.

This military stuff was serious business about me killing other human beings that are America’s enemy (perhaps enemy soldiers conscripted just as I was) and how to remain faithful to American and survive being killed or tortured by the enemy if captured.

So, I wondered about myself and my sanity, when I discovered that I was laughing out loud all alone, because it appeared laughable that my U.S. Government was spending $81 million of my tax money, to hire two psychologists, to teach the American military how to sadistically torture enemy prisoners of war in violation of International Law and human decency.

Surely, no one else was laughing; surely, no one else found this funny!

So I decided that I was laughing “because I was too big to cry” and my reaction to this story was based on my own experience of serving in the military.

Americans who have not served in the military must look at this story differently. But I can only explain my own reaction based solely on my own personal experience.

Specifically, I was not eager to serve in the military, because I would find it difficult to have to kill another human being, even if it is an enemy of my government who spent $81 million of my tax dollars to teach soldiers how to sadistically torture prisoners of war in violation of International Law; now this does sound morbidly funny! But, morbid!

Actually, I was not eager to serve in the military because I would find it difficult to kill another human being, even in self-defense; but I am confident that I could and that I would and I consider my service in the U.S. Air Force was a moral responsibility owed to my beloved America.

However, I question whether I would feel the same today, knowing what I know?

Therefore, writing my words here now is important to me, because I want to make my position clear; as a result of my personal experience serving in the U.S. military, I cannot in any way condone or approve of America sadistically torturing enemy prisoners of war.

Further, I need no other excuse to come to my conclusion and I need no other excuse to absolutely disagree with any American including all members of American government or military who thinks differently, and I could not possibly support any of these political and/or military entities.

My conscience is clear. And, thank you for hearing me out.


December 10th, 2014

“Peace can only last where human Rights are respected” the Dali Lama.

But Americans will never learn; most Americans are still not even aware that the rationale for bin Laden’s heinous attack on the United States was because America, under President Papa Bush, did not respect the human Rights of Saudi Muslims and in 1991 built a military base in Saudi Muslim Holy Land, defiling Muslim Holy Land, despite opposition for the U.S. military base from all 1.7 billion Muslims and particularly Muslim clergy.

Of course, that does not excuse bin Laden’s heinous attack but if the US would have respected Muslim human Rights and not built the military base in Saudi Muslim Holy Land, would the US have suffered the 911 Tragedy? Just think about it!

That is something I think about every day and unfortunately, no other Americans ever seem to think about it and too many Americans just spew hatred for Muslims, whose human Rights America violated.

“Peace can only last where human Rights are respected” the Dali Lama.

Americans will never learn!


December 10th, 2014

Torture of Prisoners Of Wars is sadistic behavior; it is a crime based on International Law, approved by treaty approved by Congress in the USA, and as such is the law of the Land (See Constitution Article VI).

Sadism is never acceptable, justifiable, nor beneficial to a democratic Republic like the United States of America.

If any elected or appointed U.S. government official, or citizens (Republicans or Democrats) are sadistic, they are a detriment to the American democratic Republic.

A Nation can apologize for sadistic behavior just as Germany apologized for fascist genocide, but hopefully Nazi Germany will never ever be forgotten OR denied. America can (and should) apologize for the sadistic torture of POWs but “the moving hand writes and having writ moves on, nor all thy piety and wit can erase a word of it.”

America shamefully, sadistically, and officially tortured prisoners of war. Now America must deal with it.

Personally, I cannot defend any Americans, Republican or Democrat, who justify, defend, or condone sadistic torture of another human being nor can I respect them, and that includes President George W. Bush. I do not hate President W. Bush, but I have no respect for his sadistic behavior and he has been proved, beyond a doubt, to be a sadistic human being by his approval of torturing American Prisoners Of War.

As for me, I have felt the shame for my beloved America; as a citizen, I answer to my conscience and personally apologize for my country’s sadistic behavior by torturing Prisoners Of War. May God forgive us!


December 8th, 2014

Jeb Bush, along with Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz was a member of the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) that maintained the USA should use its military superiority for the benefit of Corporate American foreign investments and demanded President Clinton invade Iraq (he didn’t).

As such, Jeb was a more ruthless architect of the aggressive and disasterous invasion of Iraq than his brother, Ole W.

President Papa Bush pardoned all of the Republican Iran Contra criminals and put the military base in Saudi Arabia, defiling Muslim Holy land in 1991, that bin Laden used as an excuse for 911: President W. Bush maliciously and aggressively invaded Iraq and tortured Prisoners of war for corporate America’s benefit; and now Americans are faced with Presidential candidate Jeb Bush who believes American soldiers should fight and die for Corporate Americas profits abroad? I think not!

How can anyone be stupid enough to vote for another Bush.

Holy Crap!