November 22nd, 2014

This is certainly a low point in American history for me. The American democracy is governed by a Republican Party government that only 16.6% of American voters approved.

And those same Republicans are calling the President of the United States of America who was elected by a large majority of all American voters, dirty names.

America is broken!

Americans did not vote in 2014 because they were not interested; they did not vote because they were disgusted with American politicians, nothing was being accomplished, and the voters did not have viable candidates, in either political party, to vote for that could fix America.

President Obama is a respectable, intelligent human being with an unimpeachable character; now take a look at how he is abused and called bad names by the entire Republican Party. Is there any respectable, intelligent and capable American who wants to subject their self to the public abuse heaped upon them by the members of the Republican Party and the American News Media, and run for the Presidency of the United States of America?

Can you imagine that for the Republican Party, the Presidency of the United States of America has become a monstrosity to be feared by American children?

President Obama has twice been elected President, because he promised the people universal health care and he was elected the second time because he delivered his promise; it is obvious that the President expresses the will of the People; and, the Republican Party responds to that by calling the President of the United States, dirty names.

There is only one explanation; times have changed and America needs to change our government to express the will of the People.

Today we have the electronic technology to provide for a national referendum by the People on the Nation’s most important issues, with each citizen standing up to be counted. I suggest that America take immediate means to provide for national referendums.

Each and every one of us who has had enough of the filthy, do-nothing, politics of today, must demand that our government change our Constitution to provide for the will of the People to be honored.

We need to demand of Congress and our State Governments that the Constitution be amended to provide for national elections and national referendums on the most important issues of State. Americans need to mend the United States of America and make serving the People as President of the United States an honor instead of a personality to be abused and vilified.

Please join me in making this come to pass.


November 21st, 2014

Today on ‘facebook’, I read of Speaker Pelosi’s comparison of President Obama to President Reagan in terms of using Executive Orders to fulfill their respective responsibilities as the Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America for administering the law.

Madam Speaker Pelosi, I dearly love and respect you as a fantastic responsible speaker of the House and being the First Female Speaker of the House which is a great honor; and, I do not disagree with you about the Gipper’s use of Executive authority, after all, the President is the Chief Executive of the United States of America. But, I respectfully believe that it is a bad comparison of, Obama and Reagan for other unrelated reasons.

In explanation, I personally have no ill feelings against President Reagan, he was an affable human being, however totally politically wrong for the USA, and then there was the Iran Contra affair which was impeachable, ‘as Republicans clamor about Obama without merit today’, but Reagan’s successor, President Papa Bush, pardoned President Reagan for the Gipper’s real impeachable sins (just as President Ford quickly pardoned Tricky Dick Nixon for his very impeachable sin of covering up Republican criminal activity); it is interesting that when a Republican President follows a Republican President guilty of criminal activity, the subsequent Republican President pardons the former of “any criminal act he may have committed”, just like God pardons every one of their sins, and suddenly the former criminal Republican becomes ‘Saint’ Ronald Reagan.

So that is why I question using St. Ronnie as a comparison to my present President, Barrack Obama.

As for me, I haven’t considered sainthood for President Obama as yet, though of all the Presidents he is in all probability going to be the most qualified for sainthood; he easily compares to Job in regard to suffering, and the President is presently suffering political sores and boils infected by relentless, ruthless extremist Neocon Republican opposition.

Never in my lifetime have I seen or read about a President more deserving of honor and respect for his suffering from discrimination against him for his compassion and concern for the common working People of the United States of America; and that is something Republicans can never take away from him.

President Obama is exceedingly worthy of these honors, in spite of and indifference to his being the First Black President of the United States of America, and regardless of cause!

Beyond his greatness for suffering, President Obama will forever be known and recognized for finally providing Americans with affordable quality medical care, also for eliminating the persecution of gay and lesbian soldiers in the United States military, some things that many other Presidents tried to do and failed miserably. Then, of course, President Obama did win the President W. Bush’s Wars, by apprehending terrorist bin Laden, after President W. Bush publically maintained that “getting bin Laden” was not important; this was a most important accomplishment for America, because bin Laden was the actual enemy perpetrating the heinous terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.

Personally, I am a common man and a professional historian, having studied history all my life and my chosen career was teaching history in the public schools; and, I do have my personal favorite Presidents, bias.

My all-time personal favorite Presidents have always been the ones that I most identified with, Presidents that were of common men, like me. I have pride in the common American and I have pride in myself as a common American being. Therefore, my all-time favorite Presidents were Abraham Lincoln, Harry S. Truman, and now, probably going to be Barrack Obama, whose presidency is not yet finished.

And so, I honor and approve of all three of these common Americans, ascending to the Presidency of the United States and caring for, more than anything else, the humanity abiding in the United States of America. In my sense of values, of all the issues of State, the one issue above all others is the welfare and being of the common People.

So I do not actually disagree with Speaker Pelosi’s comparison of President Obama’s Executive orders to President Reagan’s, it is just that I do not approve of associating President Obama favorably with the pardoned President Reagan of Iran Contra.


November 19th, 2014

Today I was reading about a study (Ipsos MORI, a leading research company based in the UK) that concluded that compared to other nations in the world, the American public was second to the most ignorant of all, in terms of knowledge of word affairs and news; only the Italian population was more ignorant. The Study concluded the reason was American politics of fear.

Personally I was not surprised to find that the people of America ranked next to the bottom of nations in terms of ignorance of world affairs, but for a different reason which I will explain. “Politics of Fear Causes an America of Ignorance, Says Study”, Blue Nation Review:

The study make findings that I actually learned in 2000-2005, while I was living in Europe; in Europe, I got the news from European sources and then read the news in the US on my Computer and the news was totally different and inaccurate. I was appalled.

And then, that was when I discovered and realized that 99.9% of American news media is owned by a very few Corporate America conglomerates that are not interested in informing the public but only in business to make profits from advertising Corporate America products; the American news media does not care about sale of newspapers magazines, or TV programs, only advertising profits.

Then I read of a famous news correspondent that had been in Iraq reporting the war, for over a year, and returned to the US and the reporter was appalled as I was at the misinformation in the US News Media; the reporter said, “Reporters accurately report the news but editors distort it and print whatever they want to print”.

When I returned to the US from Europe in 2005, I too was dismayed to learn what my friends and relatives did not know was going on in the world. One thing that particularly devastated me was that none of the Americans I talked to even knew that the reason bin Laden had for perpetrating his heinous attack of Sept 11, 2001, was an American military base that the USA put in Saudi Arabian Muslim Holy Land in 1991, and all Muslims believed that it defiled Islam; all the rest of the world knew it.

American news media is self-censored for the benefit of news media owners; for example, corporate America are the only entities in America that profit from war – Corporate America and the Corporate American news reported, reflects that interest. Americans are consequently “dumbed-down” by the media.

Many see this bias in Fox News, but actually all national news media self-censors news for their own benefit using American “Freedom of the Press”; “Freedom of the Press” allows American news media to lie and misinform with impunity.

Americans need to realize that the Freedom of the Press was written in 1787; the only news media then, were home town newspapers individually owned by one owner in that city. Newspapers existed for only one reason; inform the public and earn some profits for doing that. News media ownership and interests are much different today.

Regulation of news media today allows too few owners to control news in America; there is no competition for accurate news reporting and there is no free market. The consequence is censored news and a public ignorant of the facts.

Unfortunately, not many Americans will ever read or know about this study of American ignorance.

God bless America, Americans, and American ignorance!


November 17th, 2014

Today I was reading about complaints about gasoline prices; seems everyone is complaining except Rhett Butler! No one does anything about it, they just complain about gasoline prices.

Personally, I researched the problem, the State has researched the problem, and the Feds have researched the problem, economists have researched the problem, and none can find any legitimate reason for gasoline prices.

The words, “shortage of oil” has been closely investigated; however, there seems to have never been a time when the local gas station failed to fill the tank of someone’s SUV because there was a shortage of oil.

Gas prices are whatever the oil industry determines they will be; the oil industry has a total monopoly, there is no free market, and foreign oil and American oil are the same price. So, there is nothing controlling the price of oil or gasoline, except the love of profits for those people selling oil and gasoline.

Mexico’s government owns and controls Mexican oil production; in order for the Mexican people to afford gasoline, the Mexican government subsidizes Mexican gasoline sales. There is an interesting side note here, I once had a wealthy American Republican acquaintance who owned a big Mercedes; he would drive across the Mexican border here in San Diego, just to fill his tank and buy Mexican subsidized gasoline. And, he vehemently supported America’s subsidies for the oil industry in which he invested.

Oh yes, in addition to gouging the American People, the oil industry also receives subsidies from those same American taxpaying People; that appears to be ‘adding insult to injury’.

Fossil fuel is killing the planet, and Americans do nothing about it, but fill up the tanks of the SUVs!

America leads the word in consumption of fossil fuel; they lag far below all other civilized nations in public transportation, bullet trains, and alternative forms of energy. The auto industry and the oil industry obviously do not mind America’s lack of public transportation, it contributes to their meal ticket; the only people who are disadvantaged by American Automobile Culture, are those who can’t drive, those who can’t afford an automobile, or that vast number of Americans who are under sixteen and have no way to get to their music lesson.

To Americans, the U.S. Government not providing public transportation is not an political or humane issue. The U.S. Government prefers to subsidize the oil industry rather than subsidizing public transportation or providing food stamps for the twenty percent of America’s children who are living in poverty.

It totally amazes me that Americans take such great pride in their automobiles; probably it is because they spend so much time in their cars, sitting on the freeway during the commuting hours each day.

Gross ignorance is incurable.


November 17th, 2014

What I don’t understand about the Republicans and the 2014 elections, is how when they won the election they started screaming threats at their President, who won two elections by a great majority of all of the American people; Republicans won both Houses of Congress in 2014 in a close race where 2/3 of the voters did not vote, and Republicans are saying they have a mandate.

Now I am wondering why the Republicans seem not the least bit concerned that in 2014, actually, 83% of the American people did not vote for Republicans and didn’t want those same Republicans to be elected and to be in charge.

Republicans it seems, just can’t take the hint; neither can they do math, nor are they very intelligent, and they seem to have no conscience at all.

It is times like these that I become terribly ashamed of my beloved United States of America!

But I am waiting for that one American to rise up and save America, someone like George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, or Harry Truman.

It’s going to happen. It has happened before!

That man could even be President Barrack Obama! He currently has the most votes!


November 16th, 2014

If a person, or a corporation, wants to go into business in the United States of America, they must first get the approval of a business license from the government “of the People, by the People, and for the People”; because, America belongs to the People.

If a television station wants to broadcast over the air waves, it must first get a license from the government to utilize the air waves which are owned by the People, represented by the government “of the People, by the People and for the People”.

When internet providers wants to grant privileges for use of the ‘air waves’ for profits, by giving those privileges to corporate users, over and above the People, they will need the approval of the American People, who own the air waves, through their government ‘of the People, by the People, and for the People’.

Our Constitutional forefathers faced a similar problem when they wrote our Constitution in 1787. The Post Office was the only communication available in 1787. Our Constitutional forefathers resolved the issue, by writing in the U.S. Constitution, in Article I, section 8: “The Congress shall have the Power. . .To establish Post Offices and post Roads.”

In all their wisdom, our Constitutional forefathers believed that the Peoples’ communications were too important to trust to the private sector.

Republicans today, have had a change of heart, when it comes to internet neutrality.


November 15th, 2014

Personally, I have trouble with America’s “entertainment” and especially movies in recent years.

For many, many years, I had been a movie buff and never missed a show, but now I seldom watch today’s movies.

To me, a film like “50 Shades of Grey” is distasteful, simply because I believe Sadism is distasteful, so I am not expected to appreciate “50 Shade”; it would appear “50 Shades” is like making a movie of garbage, so people can artistically appreciate garbage.

My judgment regarding the movie is derived from reading enough of the “50 Shades of Grey” in book form, to understand what it was about. It left no questions!

Actually, if I want to experience sadism, all I have to do is turn on the TV and watch Republican politicians performing.

In all honesty, two thirds of American voters did not vote in 2014 primarily because the only choice they had was a sadistic Republican or a Democrat who was afraid to disagree with Republicans for fear of hurting the feelings of sadistic voters.

American is currently a mess.

Why is there no evidence of compassion in America, or its movies, or its politics?

The only compassionate national politician I see today, is President Obama and a few Senators, and the sadistic Republican Congress wants to sadistically impeach President Obama specifically for his compassion.

God bless America! And, “God damn the sadists, for what they have done for my People”.


November 13th, 2014

There is only one problem with Neocon Republican voters wanting to ditch progress and return to the “good old days”; these Republican voters are too young to remember the “good old days” were not that good if you were their mom and pop.
The 2014 election was a matter of ignorance for half the voters who voted and sheer disgust with the Republican Party and American politics by the two thirds of the voters who DID NOT VOTE.

Hopefully, from this will come an understanding by those two thirds of all Americans who did not vote in 2014 because neither candidate satisfied them; I agree, what that two thirds of the voters in America needs to do is either run for office or encourage someone with an unimpeachable character to run in 2016.

Twice, I voted for President Obama and I firmly believe President Obama is a fine man and compassionate man, who has had to compromise his principles in order to get into office and to achieve anything while in office.

President Obama has accomplished more than most Presidents and that is what history will record. America is the last Western Civilized nation to adopt a form of universal medical care, Obamacare; that is a great accomplishment. Obamacare has become President Obama’s signature accomplishment and he will forever in the future be remembered for it, just as FDR is remembered for Social Security.

Yet, never have I seen so much hatred directed at a President, and my current President’s life has been threatened more times than all other American presidents put together.

Of course, I recognize the obvious, the biggest issue is that he is of African heritage; I marvel at how President Obama has handled this race issue, and may God bless him for it.

Though I do not always agree with President Obama, I do tell him about it, and I do respect him in spite of our disagreement. Historically, he will be recorded as one of the greatest Presidents and absolutely the most tragic.

Now it is up to us the liberal voters of the USA who believe in democracy, equality, and liberty and are the majority in America, to pick up the pieces from the disaster of 2014 and find and encourage decent men to run for office in 2016.

God bless President Obama and God bless America.


November 12th, 2014

Today, I received a message from an old friend in politics, touting Bernie Sanders for Democratic candidate for President in 2016; this was my reply:

I agree Wendell, Bernie is a great prospective candidate, though we fortunately also have some other excellent candidate material in Sen. Warren, and still one of my favorites Gov. Howard Dean. I would be overjoyed to vote for any of those three; compared to the many Republican potential Presidential candidates already campaigning, of whom there are none that I could vote.

Personally, I am more of a patriot than political party advocate. If Obama had been Republican and Mitt Romney a Democrat in 2012, I would have voted for President Obama.

It hurts me to see the Republican Party deteriorate into an extremist John Birch, Tea Party, and Neocon political ideology. Abe Lincoln was my hero growing up and then Teddy Roosevelt the ‘trust buster” also moved me, and of course, there was the great Republican Justice Earl Warren.

But for Democrats in 2016, it will come down to who Democrats really want and even most important, which ones can get elected; the “Established Democrats” believing that a Democrat has to be a “Centrist” and lean Right to get elected is ridiculous. President Obama did not run as a “Centrist” which is why we all voted for him.

My dream candidates for 2016 are Sen. Warren for President (it’s time for a woman President and she is electable) and Gov. Howard Dean for Vice President of a supportive kind of VP, and who is a genius at developing a campaign; they are both of unimpeachable character.

The working American Middle Class want a progressive liberal and they are a majority in America and could elect any of these, given the opportunity. This is the time that we working liberal Democrats should seize power; the “Centrist” Democratic Party collapsed in 2014 Midterms.

The opposition to our liberal democratic base in the Democratic Party is unfortunately the “Establishment Washington Democrats” who are in power and are “Centrists”, politicians like Hillary and Kerry (who both voted for Iraq) and who both lost when running.

Kerry shot down Dean (who could have won election) in 2004 and Hillary tried to shoot down Obama in 2008, but the Democratic majority got it all together, thinking Obama was the progressive liberal to set the country straight.

Though Obama has failed Labor and Minorities (probably pressure from Centrist Democrats) he is still viewed as progressive liberal and he did succeed with Obamacare and bringing the economy back.

President Obama’s biggest problem unfortunately, is being Black; Republicans think because President Obama is Black that they are free to lynch him based on race alone.

We don’t know what is going to happen, but I am with you and I do have high hopes, because of Sen. Warren, Gov. Dean, Bernie Sanders, and other liberal candidates emerging like Senators Pelosi, Boxer, and Feinstein. I am hoping they will all work together and also find qualified Congressional liberal Candidates to run for Congress in 2016. This is what liberal Democrats want and what America needs and this is who can get a majority vote.

Keep the faith Wendell; we should do lunch. Thanks for the Bernie post.


November 10th, 2014

If President Obama would have retained Howard Dean in his Administration, instead of placating Hillary, Kerry and those Democrat “Centrists” he defeated in the primary, and the President had retained a liberal progressive Party Chairman like Dean who managed and won the 2008 election for Obama, Democrats would have done better in 2010 and 2014.

Howard Dean’s progressive liberal working person’s appeal to voters, attracted voters who ordinarily stayed at home because they never had a viable liberal Democrat to vote for; those one third of voters who normally do not vote, are liberal working American people who want a liberal candidate to vote for like Obama (in 2000, many of them voted for Nader instead of Bush or Gore).

Working people want candidates that represent them and not “Centrists’ like Hillary who think they have to lean Right in order to win the votes; it was working liberals under the leadership of Howard Dean who defeated Hillary in the primary in 2008 and won the election of Obama, who working Americans believed represented them.

When will the stupid Democrats wake up and discover that most of the American people are workers, who want candidates who support workers’ rights to organize into unions like the corporate wealth organizes into trusts, chamber of commerce, and Republican Party.

Want to know why all the people who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 didn’t vote in 2010 and 2014; it was because they didn’t have any labor liberal candidates to vote for.

In 2014, the Democratic candidates ran away from Obama, who the working Middle Class voted for and reelected just two years before.

What we working middle class voters want is candidates who support working middle class people and their labor unions, which is the only voice working middle class have in national affiars.

The Democrats just don’t get it! America needs a Labor Party, because a majority of Americans work for a living. Small business owners and independent contractors are workers too, they just don’t want to admit to it (it’s apparently degrading).

America is made up of a few employers and a multitude of employees (called workers). In order for workers to retain their job and feed their family, they often have to grovel and beg employers, like Wal-Mart, for an opportunity work to support their family. What those same workers do not have to do is vote for candidates who feel required to toady up to wealthy employers. And they don’t vote, for the most part. Without a liberal working man’s candidate representing their interests, they simply do not vote at all.

In a democracy, voters are supposed to have the power of the ballot; in America, working voters have no candidates that represent their interests and hence no power.

American democracy is broken! Republicans are elected instead. Republicans, who vote for subsidies to the oil industry and vote against food stamps for the twenty percent of the America’s children who are living in poverty, govern America. The American democratic nation is indeed broken.