September 17th, 2014

Today, there appeared on my facebook page, a very nasty condemnation of anyone of the Muslim Faith, from a radical extremist Christian Website,

On my facebook page (and many others, I’m sure), these extremist Christians described Mohammad thus, “. . . he was a Jihadi warlord, a thief, a slaver, a rapist, a pedophile and a mass murderer.”

Immediately, I wondered how that group of extremist Christians would react to a site that describe Jesus Christ as a 33 year old man who had never married and wandered around the countryside with twelve male companions?

Then there was the Christian Inquisition and the Christian Crusades to consider: how would these radical Christians describe and defend these very Christian events, featuring sadistic torture and tormented death for Muslims and other non-Christians.

Today’s Christians in America that are extremely vocal Muslim haters like are today’s reincarnation of the Christian Crusades.

And of course there is that great Biblical passage, Deuteronomy 17:2-5: “If there be found among you…[a] man or woman…[who] hath gone and served other gods and worshipped them…then shalt though bring forth that man or that woman…and shalt stone them with stones, till they die.”

Of course Deuteronomy is Old Testament, I am not a theologian, and I don’t want to get into the Christian, Muslim, Jewish wresting match over Yahweh. Of course, I’ll let Yahweh handle it himself, but He and I do joke about when we talk privately.

Eight million Americas are of the Islamic faith; these Muslim Americans serve in America’s armed forces, some are elected by American voters to Congress, they go to work every day to earn a living like I do, they love their kids and families, and they appear to be protected under the First Amendment but not under Christian Canon Law. However, Christian Canon Law has no more legality in democratic America than the Koran and Christian Canon Law fails miserable as far as exhibiting any compassion whatsoever for Americans or anyone else of another faith.

These radicals at are simply extremist Christians attempting to incite American Christian militias and Christian terrorists to violence against Muslims and they operate in America as a legitimate tax exempt non-profit corporation by the IRS, just like a Christian Church.

There is one sentence (disclaimer) on the Islamic hate website that make absolutely no sense at all to me, “There is a distinct difference between Islam (macro-level) and individual Muslims (micro-level), and Islam Exposed does not discriminate against Muslims; nor do we condone any acts of it by others.” Their facebook page makes this statement total BS and a lie.

Their disclaimer is for one purpose only, to protect their non-profit, tax exempt status and the disclaimer appeared no where on their facebook entry.

This is available to be read by all Muslims in this world, in even the most remote parts of the world by satellite; and, this is the impression Muslims get of American Christians and Americans in general.

Web sites like is what makes Muslims and every other person in the world that does not share this kind of Christianity, fear and hate America and the American People; it is the kind of thing that actually creates terrorists.

If American Christians want to do something positive to stop fanatic Islamic terrorism, they can start by not giving those terrorist a reason for terrorism. Some bonefide Christian leader needs to stand up exhibiting Christian love of neighbors and compassion for enemies, and try to convince people of other faiths that does not represent the bulk of American People.

Christian fanatic extremist spewing hatred for Muslims are not just the enemy of Islamic Terrorists, they are the enemy of America and the majority of Americans who want world peace.

It is time for reasonable American Christians to speak up and denounce religious hatred and American extremist Christian terrorist like the U.S. American Army General Boykin. Rest assured that all the Muslim world knows about Gen. Boykin. As an American, you need to know about Boykin and his works.

Find out for yourself?


September 15th, 2014

Today, I read an interesting news article about Hillary not running for the Presidency in 2016:

This was a very interesting article describing Hillary Clinton not running for the Presidency, because Hillary always makes a very good perennial candidate for becoming the first female President of the United States, which would certainly be an interesting bit for historians and a first.

Hillary always offers engaging competition in the Democratic Primaries every four years; and, she has the distinct advantage of being married to the only former President who actually was the recipient of oral sex in the Oval Office (the name, ‘Oral Office’, has nothing to do with former President Clinton accepting oral sex from an intern).

Republicans however, are laughing at the prospects of facing a female Democratic candidate in the Presidential Elections of 2016; one highly regarded Republican who asked not to be identified commented, “Hillary is hardly legitimately a ‘woman’, since she is neither pregnant nor barefoot nor does she carry a gun; she is absolutely no match for Sarah!”

An unidentified Democratic Party strategist contends, “How can Hillary possibly hope to beat Sen. Warren in the primary; Sen. Warren is a true female liberal candidate that wears dresses and talks back ‘nagging’ Senator Cruz, and when Hillary in 2008, could not even beat a Black lawyer that wears a beige suit, for the nomination.

Hillary always adds a lot of color to the Democratic nomination for the Presidency, only being outdone in 2008, by her last previous opponent, Barack Obama; however, Hillary will not have Obama to contend with in 2016. President Obama is a “Lame Duck” President, or “Lame Turkey” depending on the season or the President’s favorability rating.

Mrs. Clinton does have a lot of experience as a wartime political entity; she responded very well to the Monica Wars at the end of the last Century and of course as Senator, she did cast her favorable vote for the Iraq War Resolution. As a result, Clinton could possibly be the recipient of the exceedingly valuable contributions and endorsements of the powerful military industrial complex.

Hillary has beat all other potential Democratic candidates for the Presidency, to being the first to not run for the Democratic Presidential nomination.


September 14th, 2014

Flash! Hillary is running! Holy crap!

All due respects to Hillary Clinton, the last thing the Democrats need in 2016, is a centrist and a former Sen. who voted for the Iraq Resolution, like Hillary, running for President; even I will have to force myself to vote and choose between Hillary and the Devil, it will be hard to do.

But then the Clintons lost track of reality when they tried to be progressive and lost when Bill became President.

Bill Clinton had an exceptional Presidential career with Monica, Hillary will not be so blessed. Hillary is a centrist, establishment Democrat, the same as Gore and Kerry, both of whom lost their elections, of course.

Gore rejected liberal progressive Naderites and lost because of it, and Kerry threw Howard Dean under the bus and lost because of it.

Right now the working Middle Class and poor do not have a candidate other than Sen. Warren that is a viable liberal progressive candidate. And the working Middle Class and poor are liberal progressives and a majority.

Hillary, of course, still does not understand why she lost in 2008; Holy crap! Hillary, let me say that a lawyer just does not understand the working Middle Class and you are not sexy and charming like Bill; forgive me, but no one is dying to give you oral sex sad, and capture the public’s interest.

One third of the population that does not vote in a Presidential election is progressive and liberal Working Middle Class and poor; they do not vote because they have never had a truly liberal, progressive candidate to vote for. They won’t vote for Hillary even if she wins the nomination.

In 2008, Obama gave the impression he was different from Hillary and won because no one of the traditional non-voters, had ever had a progressive, liberal candidate to vote for before, since Adlai Stevenson.

Of course, neither Adlai nor anyone else could have defeated Ike, the WWII savior of humanity, who chose to run for President and serve the Military Industrial Complex that he said the People should not support.

Ike of course, was the oldest doddering President ever elected and he ran as a Republican only because he was upset at Truman for firing MacArthur for disobeying orders. It pissed Ike off for a mere President and Commander in Chief to have the balls to fire a four star General who thought he was God.

Ike was unfortunately militaristic, and didn’t know what the hell a civilian was or what a civilian had to do to earn a living. But everyone loved America’s hero, Ike, even when he was sober.

Unfortunately, all Hillary can think about is making Bill relegated to first hubby of America with her in charge, and she doesn’t have a clue as to what an employer is or how to raise a family on wages (and particularly on minimum wages).

If Warren is not the Presidential candidate and Howard Dean is not the Vice Presidential candidate, democracy and the working Middle Class are dead in the water and we Americans will revert to a 21st Century Feudal Plutocratic Oligarchy, with Sonny Boy Gov. Walker of Wisconsin as Lord of the Flies (if he can stay out of prison), and there will be only peasants and Corporate CEOs existing in America; no working MiddleClass will exist, only Corporate CEOs and Americans in poverty.

Currently, in 2012 ‘only’ 16% of Americans are living in poverty and 20% of America’s children are living in poverty. If you are not good at math, that is about 1 in 5 American children are living in poverty.

Hey, is anyone still reading this???

Hey, are you going to take the time to vote?


September 14th, 2014

Americans have always been afraid of bin Laden and yet President W. Bush said, “Getting bin Laden is not important”; President Obama said, “Getting bin Laden is my priority.”

Getting bin Laden became President Obama’s priority in 2008, he was elected, and he got bin Laden on his watch; but his political opposition did not want to give him credit. In reality, credit for ‘getting bin Laden’ wasn’t really important in itself, but what was important was that bin Laden paid the price for his heinous terrorism that engulfed the world.

Bin Laden of course, was a religious fanatic who believed that America, by putting an American military base in Saudi Arabian Muslin Holy Land in 1991 for Desert Storm, had defiled Muslim Holy land; actually, all Muslims believe the American military base defiled their Saudi Muslim Holy Land, but it was bin Laden who made the heinous terrorist attack September 11, 2001 on America, for defiling Muslim Holy Land.

However unfortunate, bin Laden claimed to attack America in the name of the Muslim God and President W. Bush said his invasion of Iraq was a “Crusade”. Most people would contend in neither case was the person’s evil act justified by their different Gods. However, the world is presently involved in a world-wide devastating religious conflict because of it.

So, it was important that bin Laden was killed, however the most important thing about 911 was actually “why” bin Laden attacked America, which in turn was second only to why America was militarily in the Mid East and on a military base in the Saudi Arabian Muslim Holy Land, in the first place.

It is an accepted fact that America’s military presence in Saudi Arabia Muslim Holy Land was solely for the benefit of Corporate America and their American Oil interests. America was not threatened by what was going on in the Mid East; America’s governmental leaders created America’s own problems in the Mid East, America’s leadership created America’s own enemies by being in the Mid East, and America’s governing officials created America’s own world-wide disaster.

Make a note here that America’s eligible voters either voted for these government leaders or they neglected to vote and in doing so neglected to oppose those government leaders. So, ultimately the electorate must assume the responsibility for the behavior of the American democratic Republic. You the American voter has a huge Responsibility; and too many are not meeting their responsibility.

For Americans own sake, the American People should look closely at history and realize that the enemy is truly us; America is its own worst enemy and it is Americans who caused our current American disaster. It was the American People who voted for the government who intervened in Mid Eastern affairs for the benefit of Corporate American oil and who in the process, deliberately and negligently defiled Saudi Muslim Holy Land; it was a duly elected American President who believed Saudi Muslim Holy Land was not an important issue in 1991, and defied the bin Ladens of the world.

In the world community, America’s Mid East debacle was considered the American People using our wealth of resources and our military superiority for the benefit of Corporate America that caused the rest of the world to want to terrorize America; actually, it was not just the American People, but it was the American voters that voted for or did not take the opportunity to vote against the elected politicians that were responsible for the cast of characters who created America’s worldwide disaster in the Mid East.

Unfortunately, the American electorate have supported Corporate America in its attempt to dominate in the world and it is the American People who are paying the price; corporate profits in America are at a record high. But the People of America are suffering unemployment and a lower Average wage at the hands of those same politicians that Americans elected.

And, America in the process has made America feared and hated in all of the rest of the world for their terrible aggressive warlike policy and by electing the politicians who were responsible for that policy.

In one word, America’s foreign policy, America’s trust by the world community, and America’s image in the rest of the world has been destroyed by American corporate “greed”, empowered by politicians elected by the People and the votes ‘not cast’ by eligible American voters who “did not vote” against those politicians responsible for satisfying American corporate greed!

In essence, the world holds the American people responsible because they democratically elected their own government who was responsible for the American wars of aggression, the consequential international terrorism, and the political and religious hatred predominant in the world today. America is infamous!

America’s enemies in the World look at our American people, as the “Fat Americans”; strangely enough the Americans living in poverty would be flabbergasted if they were actually aware that they were being considered “Fat Americans” by the rest of the world. (“In November 2012 the U.S. Census Bureau said more than 16% of the population lived in poverty, including almost 20% of American children.” Wikipedia.) Oh, if only Americans living in poverty were informed and allowed to vote instead of being misinformed and having their vote suppressed.

Take a good look in the mirror America, while you are complaining about your government and your plight. Think about it when you decide ‘not to take the time to vote’ when November rolls around, when you refuse to read the newspaper because all the news is bad, when you cover your ears when your favorite TV program interrupts with a news break, with breaking ‘bad’ news. Don’t blame foreign terrorists and tell your children that your vote doesn’t make a difference anyhow, and besides, you ‘don’t know any of the candidates’!

Today’s America that is broken tattered and torn is not the fault of Corporate America, it is not the fault of a particular political Party, it is not the fault of greedy Corporate America, it is not the fault of a demented sadistic terrorist, it is the fault of the American electorate and the vote and what they voted for and it is the fault of the voter who did not vote to oppose the villains. You the voter are responsible for your own destiny and that of America. You are responsible for voting for the worst of candidates or you are responsible for not voting and not voting against the worst of the candidates.

America, you either believe in democracy or you don’t and you are irresponsible if you believe in democracy and do not take the effort to vote!

Too often, American soldiers pay the supreme sacrifice for protecting our democracy; think of what the world and America would be like, if you had to pay a huge price for not accepting your civic responsibility by “voting”!

There are no excuses America. America is what we vote for. Rest assured, that every person you call an ‘idiot’, a crackpot, or a villain, and an enemy of the American democratic Republic will be at the polls in November and they will be voting on election day.

If you were drafted into the American military and sent into battle as an American citizen, you would have to pay the price; when the polls open on election day, you are given a choice of letting the minority crack pots rule in America, as they have been in the past, or you can vote the bastards out of office.

Yours is not just one vote, it is just one vote among millions of votes.

It you claim to be a patriot, if you realize that you benefit at all from the American democratic Republic, then you owe me and the rest of the Americans your measly little one vote on election day, regardless of your political party!

Those ‘idiots’ that you say are screwing up America’ are counting on you……not to vote!

God Bless America!


September 13th, 2014

As a public school teacher and/or a public school administrator, I have often been told that I was overpaid for what I contributed to society, and sometimes told only the incompetent become public school teachers and ‘live off the taxpayer’; when this happens, I try to walk away. A teacher can teach, students can learn, but in the end you have to accept the fact that there is no cure for blatant stupidity. But that doesn’t make it easy.

Today, I was reading about sadistic male suitors who brutalize women; all I could do was reflect on my past experience and responsibility as a public school teacher, because that has been the life I chose and I chose my profession solely to contribute to the welfare of students. In a word, I sought to provide love for students, they otherwise would not experience with many other teachers.

It was then that it struck me, one of the worst nightmares of a public school teacher is to deal with a young woman who is threatened by a sadistic, brutal, killer, ‘suitor’.

There is no law to cover the situation and absolutely protect the victim. A teacher cannot tell a student that they will protect her; you cannot protect her.

The victim is helpless; the interventionist teacher is helpless!

There is absolutely no way that you can legally protect the victim.

In a war, on a battle field, it is legal to kill the enemy. In a school house, there is no such justice, in these circumstances.

Your conscience is haunted by nightmares; you feel deserted by God!

And, it is a most horrible experience for a teacher to have a young female student, become a victim of this brutality, shot and murdered on your school campus by one of these sadistic brutes.

Then in the aftermath, far too often some few of the public, will ultimately blame the teachers and the schools for the murder!

So, you think it could never happen in America? You are wrong! You are so terribly wrong!


September 12th, 2014

The anniversary of bin Laden’s heinous terrorist attack on America, is an anniversary that I do not celebrate.

At the time of Bin Laden’s attack, I distinctly remembering that it struck me as hard as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; I immediately remember making the comparison of the two attacks on America. In retrospect, I am struck by the distinct differences in the two as well as differences in the response by the American Government and the American People.

The Bin Laden attack was the attack by Saudi Arabian terrorists on New York City; it was not the sovereign nation of Saudi Arabia attacking the sovereign nation of the United States of America and therefore it was not a conflict of one sovereign people against another sovereign people. It was not an act or war. Bin Laden’s terrorist attack was actually a terrorist attack on New York City and similar to the Timothy McVeigh terrorist attack on Oklahoma City.

There is no similarity at all to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor I experienced in 1941.

As a consequence of the difference to Pearl Harbor, I opposed and was appalled by the American carpet bombing and invasion of the sovereign nation of Afghanistan and the sovereign and innocent people of Afghanistan that I deemed innocent of any wrong doing and totally innocent of bin Laden’s terrorist attack.

Afghanistan was at this time, engrossed in a civil war and was still suffering from a previous invasion by Russian troops, neither the Afghan people nor the sovereign State of Afghanistan had any control over the acts of the Saudi terrorist bin Laden, who was in hiding in a remote inaccessible area of Afghanistan.

The oppressive Taliban invaders of Afghanistan, controlled most of Afghanistan at the time, but bin Laden was in a remote area of the nation where he considered himself safe from attack; and, bin Laden was not a Taliban nor did he subscribe to Taliban ideology. Bin Laden was a rogue Saudi terrorist in hiding.

Personally, I believe that in any terrorist attack, the terrorist is trying to make a statement and that is the sole purpose of the attack; in the case of the American Timothy McVeigh attack in Oklahoma City, I heard McVeigh interviewed on television, before his execution. And I heard McVeigh state that the tyrannical Federal Government attack in the Waco Siege and the Federal Government’s attack on the Rosie Ridge extremists was his (McVeigh’s) sole purpose in his terrorist attack on the FBI in the Oklahoma City bombing. In his reasoning, McVeigh sympathized with religious militia extremists.

McVeigh was a US Army Veteran of Desert Storm (a controversial U.S. war in itself); McVeigh claimed the killing of children in a day care center in the building with the FBI was simply collateral damage. He felt no remorse.

In the case of bin Laden’s terrorist attack on November eleventh in 2001, his incentive for the attack was ‘never even discussed’ before the United States of America carpet bombed (there were no military targets in Afghanistan) innocent Afghanistan and the innocent Afghan people, killing and maiming thousands and tens of thousands Afghan men, women, and children.

The Afghans opposing American military forces invading Afghanistan were defending Afghanistan from aggressors who destroyed their homes and killed and maimed their family for no explainable reason; Afghans posed no threat to the United States of America. That is the history of the American invasion of Afghanistan; it is not an opinion and it certainly is not just my opinion.

When I opposed the Afghan invasion in 2001, I was castigated, hated, and threatened for being unpatriotic and un-American; neighbors have not spoken to me since.

In all the time since the terrorist attack in 2001, never has the American government discussed the incentive for bin Laden’s attack, except at the US 9/11 Commission hearings; bin Laden’s incentive for his attach received practically no publicity in the news media.

Personally, I consider bin Laden’s purpose for the heinous terrorist attack to be the most important factor to consider in avoiding subsequent attacks, not that bin Laden’s incentive excuses him in any way. But government effectiveness in preventing terrorist attacks is best served by preventing them than going to war over them after they happen.

And to this day, most Americans are not aware of bin Laden’s incentives; those incentives were censored out of the American news media.

It is important for me to make it clear that I had two grandsons serving in the US military in mortal combat in Afghanistan and I am exceedingly proud of them and all of the American soldiers who sacrificed so much in protecting America and we the People. Our servicemen had no part in making the decision to invade Afghanistan or Iraq, or for the previous controversial wars of Desert Storm and Viet Nam.

And it is important to note that those in our American Government, who were responsible for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, were never investigated nor questioned, nor held responsible for their acts. However, history will hold them responsible; just as the rest of the world now holds America responsible.

Thus it is that I do not celebrate or commemorate on September 11th; that day in 2001 invokes exceedingly painful memories for me.

However, seven October of 2001 was, for me, also a day of infamy of a different kind. The reason is best expressed by Wikipedia rather than me: “U.S. President George W. Bush demanded that the Taliban hand over Osama bin Laden and expel al-Qaeda. The Taliban requested that bin Laden leave the country, but declined to extradite him without evidence of his involvement in the 9/11 attacks. The United States refused to negotiate and launched Operation Enduring Freedom on 7 October 2001.”

I will never forget, but I don’t choose to commemorate or celebrate.


September 11th, 2014

Today, I read about American women’s perception of their own breasts:“In ‘Bare Reality,’ 100 Women Share How They Feel About Their Breasts”:

Personally I have also, always had a clinical interest in society’s perception of women’s breasts and the perception of women of their own breasts, as well; further, I have always believed that women’s perception of their own breasts was determined by the male species perception of the female breast and I believed that male concept was ridiculous and ignorant.

Also, I believe that society’s perception of women’s breasts and society’s distinction between male nipples and women’s nipples was totally wrong and unconscionable. Personally, I abhor seeing women’s nipples blurred out in nude scenes on TV and men’s nipples always exposed; that practice is petty, unreal, and has no substantial purpose in any society that I can see.

In fact, society’s mores in respect to nudity are unreal and is most probably, in my own opinion, the real cause of rape and other sexual perversion; it is unnatural, to me.

Question, if America was a nude society would Americans still become victims of rape and perversion? Would the sight of genitalia be sexually sensitive if it were not normally hidden from sight?

Even today’s society’s perception of the prehistoric cave men, has humans covering their genitalia and women’s breasts with animal skins in warm weather; that in itself appears perverted to me.

On a related matter, I always also had an interest in why the Bible never described the clothing of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; what is fashionable attire with triune Gods?

When I visited Paris, I was really confounded by the clothing required to enter the Sacre Coeur basilica in Paris where a “God cop” actually throws people out of the basilica and denies them access if they are not “properly” attired. (And, how does the “God cop” determine what is proper attire, is he ordained by God to do that); there was always a concern in my own mind if God really approved of denying naked people into the church of God?

Has anyone noticed that God the Father (not a Mother) is presented nude on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with a penis and everyone (including the Pope) seems to approve of God’s exposed penis (courtesy of Michelangelo).

Why is nudity, never intellectually discussed today as an religious topic? Why are people embarrassed by even speaking about nudity?

Why aren’t Muslim men required to wear a Burka; why aren’t Christian women required to wear a Burka?

Oh, my god!

My apologies for getting carried away on this subject and talking ‘dirty’; no offense intended.


September 9th, 2014

Why is it that the working Middle Class in America just do not understand what happened?

Holy crap! You working people have been had because Corporate America Republicans made you think wealth, instead of a good life, is the American Dream.

The Neocon Republican Prophet and actor, President Ronald Reagan, bought your souls with Reaganomics! And that is the culprit today, though it is now called, the ‘Inequitable Distribution of American Wealth’ which resulted in the 2008 Depression of the Working Middle Class and affects only working Middle Class and poor Americans; the wealthiest 2% are enjoying record high corporate profits and the working Middle Class and poor are suffering unemployment from out-sourcing jobs and lower average U.S. wages. It’s a matter of records.

The American working Middle Class is disappearing and those Americans living in poverty are increasing; this is evident in the latest U.S. statistics.

It happened because the two percent bought you working Middle Class Americans, they bought your vote, they bought and outsourced your jobs, and they bought your life; American plutocrats now own and rule in America. Labor and their unions (the only voice of working Middle Class Americans) along with American democracy has been bought, paid for, and eliminated by the Neocon Republican plutocratic oligarchy that now rules America and controls the House of Representatives, the U.S. Supreme Court, the media, the economy, and the minds of the People.

And, you working Americans either voted for them or they bought or stole your precious vote; you have been disenfranchised and no longer have your power of the ballot. Radicals now control the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Further, let me be the first to inform you that the first Black President, Barrack Obama, was NOT responsible for any of this and, neither was it the Grand Old Republican Party of Trust-Buster Teddy Roosevelt; it was plutocratic Reagan Neocon Republican Charlatans that did it.

President Reagan was the Anti-Franklin D. Roosevelt; FDR fed the American People when they were hungry, and President Reagan took the food right out of the working Middle Class’ mouths.

God is good; Neocon Republicans and their inequitable distribution of wealth in America are not! What hath God and Ronald Reagan Tea Party Republicans wrought?


September 8th, 2014

I saw thE interview of Sen. Warren with Moyers on Public TV today. I don’t think any other network would have shown it; Warren was fantastic. She talked of nothing but the best interests of working Americans.

Warren’s appeal is to the common man, and as the Republican Abe Lincoln once said, “God must love the common People because he made so many of them”; we are the majority. Don’t ever forget it and we deserve a candidate who serves we the People’s needs; we do not need a Centrist candidate, because we working Americans are the majority; we need a working Middle Class candidate, not a candidate indebted to plutocratic campaign funds.

Finally, I see hope for the working Middle Class and poor. And I see hope in Warren for President; if only the working Middle Class can see it, we can survive and revive if we stick together and we all go to the polls and vote in 2014 and 2016, disregard plutocratic money, know the candidates, and we the People regain the power of the ballot. Be sure your co-workers vote and vote for the right candidates.

Votes are our power; we are the majority. There are no Neocon Republican Safe Districts, ‘if everyone one votes’; we working Middle Class and poor voters are the majority everywhere. Don’t ever forget it; but, ‘we have to vote’!

Usually, one third of American voters do not vote; that one third is the working American Middle Class and poor who can make the difference. Normally, neither party has a working Middle Class candidate; Republicans have a plutocratic Corporate America candidate and Democrats have a Centrist candidate. What we the People need is a People’s candidate, we can have Warren for President in 2016; meanwhile we need a Democratic Congress in 2014 for the sake of Warren’ agenda, for the sake of the Peoples agenda, and to keep Republicans from shutting down government and shutting out the People.

Listening to Warren today, brought back memories for me, good memories for the working Middle Class; Liz Warren could become the 21st Century Franklin Roosevelt. She is amazing, she is like one of us, and she should be our Presidential candidate in 2016; and, Liz Warren is a woman! This is a New Age political movement!

Unless the Neocon Republicans corrupt the election again, 2014 and 2016 could be the resurrection of the working Middle Class. Be sure you vote!

Warren is not a centrist Democrat; she is a People politician who deserves the vote of not only Democrats, but true ‘Trust Busting’ Teddy Roosevelt and Abe Lincoln, Republicans as well.

We the People must eliminate the plutocratic Democrats and Republicans alike; 2014 and 2016 will not be a party election, it will be a Peoples election, one of the People, by the People, and for the People. But we the people all have to vote; we are the majority all we have to do is vote for the well being of the working class, our country, and our families. Vote for all People’s candidates for Congress in 2014, Liz Warren Democrats!

Senator Liz Warren for President; Gov. Howard Dean for Vice President in 2016. The perfect dream ticket!


September 2nd, 2014

Of course, I am visiting my native land, Decatur Illinois.

Took in a little of the Decatur IL culture scene yesterday; Millikin University’s Symphony Orchestra played their ”Annual Labor Day Pops Concert, in the Park” and I got an invitation to go from one of my high school classmates. As luck would have it, we met another one of our classmates there and enjoyed the music with them.

Of course, I thoroughly enjoyed it. What made it super nice, was that Millikin University is my alma mater and has a highly regarded School of Music, and the concert was in Nelson Park that is only a couple of blocks from the house where I was born and raised until the age of twelve, when my family moved to the country. It was ‘Old Home Week” and wonderful.

Labor Day Concert in the Park

Among other selections, the program included “Irish Tune from County Derry” (“Danny Boy”) which made me cry and “Music from South Pacific” which made me laugh.

Nelson Park is the most beautiful of all the many, many parks in Decatur that is known for its parks and recreational programs; and, Nelson Park is where I played as a kid.

The concert was supposed to be in a bandstand in the park, but because of the threat of rain, it took place in what we always called the “Big Pavilion” in the park (as opposed to a smaller one in the same park). The weather turned out to be a beautiful Labor Day evening, with lots of sunshine.

It was a fantastic day. God is good! (And so is Decatur.)