July 26th, 2014

This is what I found on the news, this morning, “On Thursday, Sean Hannity invited Yousef Munayyer — a Palestinian-American who is the executive director of the Jerusalem Fund and who is a frequent guest on cable news . . . Hannity went ballistic after Munayyer’s first sentence and spent the entire segment screaming at him. Sample Hannity quote: “IS HAMAS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION?! WHAT PART OF THIS CAN’T YOU GET THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD?” . . . Sample Munayyer quote: “Do I get to say anything in this conversation?”

What Faux News audience has to understand is that Hannity does not have an education above high school or any relatively important successful personal experience or accomplishment either, so in this 21st Century, Hannity has to be considered relatively ignorant of world affairs and life in general.

Hannity is limited to three word, ‘talking point’, scripts. Same is true of Glen Beck, and Rush Limbaugh. The only talent you need, to have a program on Faux News, national television, is to hate your President who was duly elected by a vast majority of American voters (twice); so, just don’t expect Faux News to have educated commentators, be a reliable source of the news, or to be in any way, compassionate or truthful.

Hannity and Faux news are to be pitied.

Faux is owned, operated, and controlled by a corporate conglomerate CEO, Rupert Murdoch, that somehow became a naturalize American citizen in order to own Faux News (only American citizens can own a TV Network), and obviously not because he loves America or its government; no one knows how he got his American citizenship, there is nothing ‘natural’ about Murdoch’s naturalization; he certainly has proven that he does not have allegiance to his American President!

Every American should try to find a reliable source of news. Even then, everyone makes mistakes and be apprized that America’s ‘Freedom of the Press’ is not a right of the American People, it is a Right of the American media to lie and misinform.

America’s Freedom of the Press was written in 1787, when the only American media was home owned, home town newspapers; don’t blame the Founders.

Personally, I think all American news media is unreliable, it sucks, and it is not just Faux News; Americans are misinformed and “dumbed down”. Nothing has changed.

“We must be vigilant!”


July 25th, 2014

Today I’m reading about how Paul Ryan would resolve the problem of poverty and homelessness: “What we need to do is coordinate assistance to families in need. Get the public and private sector working together. That’s how we can smooth the transition from assistance to success. The fact is, each person’s needs fit into a coherent whole: a career. And each person fits into a coherent whole: a community. So if the public and private sector work together, we can offer a more personalized, customized form of aid – one that recognizes both a person’s needs and their strengths – both the problem and the potential.”

Basically, Ryan would provide the poor and homeless, a counselor to help them fit into the system; the problem is that the cause for being poor and homeless is actually, the system.

As an educator, I have done a lot of work with homeless and the poor since it would appear that they have the greatest need among Americans.

Based on my experience, I would have to conclude that Ryan just doesn’t know anything about the poor and homeless and I humbly offer an alternative to Ryan’s plan and thinking.

Some of the homeless I have known, have more college degrees and a higher IQ than Ryan; and, in general, the homeless just do not see how they can possibly fit into the American predatory capitalistic economy (the system). It just doesn’t provide a place for some ‘different’ personalities and the homeless just do not care to participate. In contrast the poor are poor for a very real reason that neither a life coach nor anything else is going to help.

The problem with the poor is that there are real reasons why Ryan would never want to employ them and neither would any other employers; there just is no cure.

Personally, I do not see any hope for a solution, since it would require an economic system that is neither capitalistic nor socialistic. It would require a society that provided a simplistic existence for those who do not qualify as a normal player. This is the actual problem, Americans just cannot perceive of anything but capitalism or socialism; in short, today’s American society (and politics) is just not creative enough for the 21st Century.

This is a solution that is not proven. And, those who say America is the best and wealthiest nation in the world, are the same adversaries who would say that America could not afford a solution such as I am suggesting; in fact they have already voted that America cannot even afford food stamps for the hungry or unemployment benefits for the unemployed.

Unfortunately, Ryan and Republicans seems to have a very simplistic resolution for budgets, poverty, and every other problem in society; for example, Republicans assured Americans that if government provides for the wealthiest Americans to be assessed lower taxes, then unemployment would go away (the so-called, Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy). It doesn’t work.

And, it seems to be that all of today’s Republicans in general, have Medieval, simplistic answers for every problem and they appear to have no clue about the problem’s actual cause. It is a current Republican disease that did not used to be, in the days of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

The GOP is simply not what it used to be! It needs to be replaced by a party with a more viable 21st Century thinking, in the same way the new Republican Party replaced the Whig Party.

Now I do not pretend to know everything, as some people have accused me, and here I am simply trying to make a point about a major American problem and provide an alternative to failure.

My concept is not for sure or proven but it does directly address the problem; is there a better idea?


July 24th, 2014

Here is what I am reading today, “The stage is set in Georgia” By Steve Benen:

“And then there’s the 10th district, where pastor Jody Hice is set to replace Paul Broun. In a 2012 book, that candidate Jody Hice – alleges the gay community has a secret plot to recruit and sodomize children . . . Hice also asserts that supporters of abortion rights are worse than Hitler and compares gay relationships to bestiality and incest. He proposes that Muslims be stripped of their First Amendment rights. . . . Hice also offers an extreme interpretation of the Constitution, claiming states can nullify federal laws and take up arms against the federal government if they consider a federal law unjust . . . In Hice’s view, the United States took a turn for the worse after the Civil War . . . Hice also compares reproductive rights advocates to Nazis . . . just last week, Hice suggested armed Americans should “step up” to defend the nation against unaccompanied migrant children. Given the makeup of the district, Hice’s general election victory is all but assured. He’ll be in Congress next year.”

I’m really quite old and remember almost everything I learned when I was young; all my life I have learned about Americans, reflecting on the fascist threat, saying, “It could never happen in America”.

Now, I contend that ‘it has happened in America’ and the American People are standing like ‘a deer caught in headlights’, not doing nor saying anything about it; our democracy is being eliminated in America.

These same American people insisted that the Communist Party be made illegal in America because it was a threat to take over America, and the Communist Party was made illegal; but, the Nazi Party was never outlawed because “an extreme right wing Nazi type threat could never happen in America”, they said.

American democracy is now threatened, and there are too many of the People in America who are voting for and electing these radical extremist Nazi-type fascist candidates for public office in America.

The reality is that ‘it can happen in America’ and it is happening in America.

There is already a five extremist majority of Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court that is approving of voter suppression, making Corporation Rights superior to the Rights of People, and allowing fascist political extremist plutocrats to buy American elections; democratic elections and democracy itself is being eliminated by America’s own U.S. Supreme Court, who Americans depend upon to preserve our American democratic Constitution.

Americans are not reacting or making any effort to preserve their Constitutional Rights of equality, fraternity, and liberty.

Georgia is part of the United States. The Reverend Hice will be Congressman Hice, in the Congress of all America; no man is an island, Hice will affect your freedom in California, believe it!

Where have all the flowers gone?


July 23rd, 2014

Today in the news, “Two Republican judges on the D.C. Circuit Court have ruled that the equivalent of a typo is enough to strip health care subsidies from up to 5 million people, dealing what would be a death blow to the Affordable Care Act if the decision is allowed to stand. The one Democrat on the panel dissented.”

The 2 judges who made the Halbig vs. Burwell Decision were Judge Thomas Griffith, appointed by President W. Bush, and Judge A. Raymond Randolph, appointed by President Papa Bush; and, the dissenting judge, who wrote a blistering dissent, was Judge Harry T. Edwards, appointed by President Carter.

The Corporate American owned and controlled news media never provide all of this information; American news is censored, of course.

And, the Bush vs. Gore Decision, of 2000, was actually a coup by the 5 extremist Republican majority of the US Supreme Court, which Made W. Bush President in spite of the vote and allowed W. to make 2 Supreme Court appointments and perpetuate the Republican Court’s extremist majority.

As of now, the US Supreme Court is a Junta that is running America, instead of Constitutional elected Congress and President.

The only way democracy can be reestablished in America is to impeach the Court’s Republican extremist majority for defiling the Constitution or, Armed rebellion.

However, the extremist John Birch Tea Party Republicans are already heavily armed with assault weapons to counter any attempt by the People to reestablish a democratic America of the People, by the People, and for the People.

Midterm elections in November is the last chance for democracy and the extremist Republicans have already moved to suppress the voters, Gerrymandered the Congressional Districts, fixed hackable Hart and Diebold voting machines, and control state governments and elections, by buying the State Governments’ elections with the Supreme Court’s, Citizens United Decision.

Fair elections in America are hardly possible in November. Prospects for our democratic Republic are grim.


July 22nd, 2014

If our World doesn’t come to realize that the world is really and actually unraveling, and finally do something about it, then this world is going to end up an unpopulated nuclear waste planet.

There is just no resolution for greed and corruption; this world of ours needs to discover the simple and inherent value of cooperation and the vicious threat to mankind of unrelenting competition.

Unfortunately and sadly, none of the world’s religions are contributing positively and effectively, to the health, happiness, and well-being of humanity; instead, the world’s religions have become corporate entities and are competing.

There appears to be paucity of love, compassion, and cooperation on the planet Earth.

Where have all the flowers gone?


July 19th, 2014

There is nothing wrong with an American economy, where a person has a Right to benefit from his own creativeness and ingenuity, and the US Bill of Rights pretty much provides for that; but the problem with America Predatory Capitalism is that it is based on competition to the death of the opposition and, it is based on a free market that does not exist, there are only monopolies in America.

Socialized institutions on the other hand, are based on cooperation and trust and it creates a free market price, based on need.

In America for instance, the fossil fuel ‘Oil Industry is subsidized by the US Government (socialism) and has a monopoly on the market (capitalism) and, Americans are gouged at the gas pumps because they will pay whatever that have to pay to fill the tank of their SUV; there is no capitalistic economic basis for the price of oil or gasoline. Only an idiot would believe a shortage of oil is the reason gas costs so much, when no gas station has ever refused to “fill up” your gas tank.

As a result of American predatory capitalistic economy, the American people are fiercely competitive and have no clue about how to cooperate.

Kids in school are taught to compete for grades instead of cooperating with each other to learn; kids should be taught that the Constitution does not mention or specifically approve of capitalism but it does provide for establishing a socialized Post Office, Art. I, Sect. 8.

American predatory capitalism is a pile of poop! Americans don’t know how to cooperate, they only start PNAC wars of aggression for the benefit of Corporate America. World Peace is bad for business!

Will Americans ever again cooperate with each other, instead of trying to eliminate each other. America leads all nations in killing each other with guns; Americans carry guns to political rallies. And, hatred appears to be politicians’ only strategy. The ‘American Dream’ has become, being as wealthy and powerful as our politicians.

Democracy is based on cooperation; democracy is about fraternity, equality, and liberty. Competition is the basis for authoritarianism. America, wherefore go thou?

Where have all the flowers gone?


July 18th, 2014

Today, I received a message through a friend, from the Dalai Lama, on facebook (not a form of the US news media); the message from the Dalai Lama was, “You have the opportunity to create better world.”

And, I agree and take that very seriously.

The Dalai Lama is my personal hero. To me, the Dalai Lama is the most Christian Person that I know, today; the Dalai Lama is more like what I perceive a Christian to be, than all or any of the Christian leadership in the United States of America associated with one of any of the many forms of a “Christian Church”.

American Christian leadership, apparently only speaks out negatively to condemn those of other faiths; either that, or they remain cowardly silent. That is what I get in the American media and this is my perception of American Christian Leadership; what is yours?

Also, I sincerely believe that ‘every being on earth’ has the opportunity to create a better world, no matter how insignificant the contribution; unfortunately, not every being makes the effort and, the American news media, never seems to mention any who do make that effort to create a better world.

When today’s American politicians speak of what would make a better world, it defies my concept of “better”; for example, politicians have assured me that the “American Dream “ is to be as wealthy and powerful as the politicians are!

Creating a better world evidently is obviously not news Americans want to hear, which is even more tragic than the news that does appear in American media.

Today I am thinking, do any Americans ever end their day by contemplating what they have done that day, to ‘create a better world’; do Christian Americans ever include this in their evening prayers to their God?

Personally, tonight in my end of the day meditation, I am going to include writing this post as my own effort to create a better world, even if no one reads it! Writing it became my obligation.

Bless the Dalai Lama. God is good!


July 15th, 2014

Today in the news, I read, “Women Bishops Approved By Church Of England… Finally”

“The General Synod of the Church of England voted Monday that women can be consecrated as bishops, 18 months after a similar measure was controversially rejected. The vote required passage by a two-thirds majority in the synod’s three houses of bishops, clergy and laity. The House of Bishops approved of women bishops 37 to 2 with one abstention, the House of Clergy approved 162 to 25 with four abstentions, and the House of Laity approved 152 to 45 with five abstentions.”

Even as a child, I wondered why women didn’t hold any office in my church; I always thought that my mom explained things better than our male preacher.

First my mother and then my minister told me that’s the way God wanted it. Even as a child, I wondered ‘what in the name of God’, was God thinking when She banned women from any leadership in Her church?

All of my life, I was taught that the Bible was written by God, and that it was God’s word through the pen and paper of ‘men’ inspired by God. And, God required inspired writers (and translators since God did not speak English) to write her Bible, and I was to revere the Bible (but only the King James version, because that’s the only one that God actually, really wrote).

One important thing that I was to remember, was that God ordered, women should never be allowed to preach in God’s Church; She would not allow it. So, now the Church Of England has voted that God changed Her mind and will allow females to even be Bishops.

I’m confused and want to know why God changed Her mind.

Oh yes, as a child, I was taught that God was of the male gender, and of course I pictured God having male genitals, like Michael Angelo’s paintings of God flying overhead in the Sistine Chapel; but more recently I heard God was female.

It seems that once upon a time, astronauts in space actually saw God and unfortunately right then their radio broke and NASA lost contact. So when the space craft landed, people gathered around the space craft to hear what God was really like. And when the astronauts emerged their space craft, the people shouted, “What is God really like?”

“First of all,” one of the astronauts responded, “She is Black!”

From that time on, I have been convinced that God is feminine; this made me feel better because if God is love, then God has to be very much like my mother.

Not that my father didn’t love me; he did. Actually, my father loved both me and my mother and my dad loved my mother for the same reason I did: my mother was naturally a very loving person and she was very lovable, too.

The big question in my mind now, is why God first said in Her Bible that Women should not be a leader or minister or Bishop in her church and has she now changed her mind; or, was Her Bible originally, somehow wrong?

So now, I have a question for God, was She betrayed by an uninspired writer/translator of the King James Bible? And secondly, why didn’t God learn to write in English in the first place? I’m going to ask Her tonight.

God is good!

DISCLAIMER: The author means no offense to God or man by taking certain liberties with scriptures to make a point; there was no intent to change anyone’s religious beliefs nor is this piece intended to represent the author’s absolute religious thought; the author genuinely believes that his God has a sense of humor.


July 14th, 2014

Today, I was feeling rather pious and I thought I would share with you some of my favorite Bible passages; these words always inspire me to greater things. Here is our text for today:

“How graceful are your feet is sandals, O Queenly maiden. Your rounded thighs are like jewels, the work of a master hand. Your navel is a round bowl that never lacks mixed wine. Your belly is a heap of wheat, encircled with lilies. Your two breasts are like two fawns, twins of a gazelle. Your neck is like an ivory tower. Your eyes are pools in Hesh’bon, by the gate of Bath-rab’bim. Your nose is like a tower of Lebanon, overlooking Damascus. Your head crowns you like Car’mel, and your flowing locks are like purple; a king is held captive in the tresses. How fair and pleasant you are, O loved one, delectable maiden! You are stately as a palm tree, and your breasts are like its clusters. I say I will climb the palm tree and lay hold of its branches. Oh may your breasts be like clusters of the vine and the scent of your breath like apples, and your kisses are like the best wine that goes down smoothly gliding over lips and teeth.” Songs of Solomon 7:1-9

Further, “I am my beloved’s and his desire is for me. Come my beloved, let us go into the fields, and lodge in the villages; let us go out early to the vineyards, and see whether the vines have budded, whether the grape blossoms have opened and the pomegranates are in bloom. There I will give you my love.” Songs of Solomon 7:10-12

And, I think that is great and, I wish that I had written it!

When I discovered these passages, I was fascinated, got quite excited, and developed a real desire to get more religion; but my preacher told me that, “Solomon was referring to the church, as the ‘Queenly Maiden’.

Maybe, the Preacher is dyslexic, I was thinking.

But, I told my Preacher that I had never known a church like that except in some of the ‘R’ movies that I had seen; and, I would like to know where I could find a church just like that one?

The Preacher responded with something unintelligible and excused himself; he must have misunderstood what I said.

Actually, I appreciate these passages even more since I am quite old and alone. At my age, this is about as close as I can get to really appreciating a beautiful woman and understanding a woman’s appreciation of a good man.

God is good!


July 13th, 2014

In the news today, Fox’s Ablow Claims Gay Marriage Will Lead To Polygamy and Bestiality

As for me, I seldom agree with Faux News about anything; Faux News is biased, they lie, and they have a xenophobic tendency!

About bestiality in America, actually I have never quite understood America’s legal restrictions in bestiality law; is the law for the protection of animals or humans and where does ‘mutual consent’ become an issue?

Personally, I find it difficult to understand any laws that provide no Rights for People (or animals), but instead deny rights to certain classes of People (or animals).

In terms of marriage, if a cowboy loves his horse and wants to marry him (or mare), I don’t really, personally care’

If a shepherd loves his sheep and wants to marry a ewe (or ram), I don’t really, personally care.

If my ex-wife loves her dog and no longer loves me and has the desire to marry her stud (or bitch), I don’t really, personally care and I wish her great happiness.

In our American democracy and according to our Bill of Rights, we Americans have Rights that are limited only if those Rights infringe upon the Rights of others. In matrimony in America, the issue is never who or what the bride and groom are, but rather the only issue should be, mutual consent!

DISCLAIMER: The author has no intent to be offensive of prejudice in this post; the intent is only to have an intellectual discussion on American liberty, American democracy, and the sorry state of American News Media.